January 26, 2007

Watcher's Council results!

I got second place again!

And now...  the winning entries in the Watcher's Council vote for this week are On the Possibility of an Embargo of Iranian Oil by American Future, and “Because the Language They Use Is Killing” by INDC Journal.  All members, please be sure to link to both winning entries (and to the full results of the vote) in a post.  Thanks to everyone for all the great entries this week...  I'm eager to see next week's entries!  Here are the full tallies of all votes cast:

VotesCouncil link
2  2/3On the Possibility of an Embargo of Iranian Oil
American Future
2Teacher Merit Pay
The Colossus of Rhodey
1  2/3Iraqi Refugees
Done With Mirrors
1  1/3‘Moderate’ Abbas: “Aim the Guns Against Israel!”
1  1/3A Mandatory Disaggregation
Eternity Road
1Too Much Munich?
Soccer Dad
1D'Souza and the Illiberality of Criticism
Right Wing Nut House

VotesNon-council link
4“Because the Language They Use Is Killing”
INDC Journal
2  1/3The Blitzing of Haret Hreik
Michael J. Totten
1  1/3Make the Child Pay
Baytown Bert's Blog -- The Way I See It
1To the Shores of Tripoli
The Belmont Club
2/3Maliki's Other Mistake
Captain's Quarters
2/3IQ and the Educators
Mean Mr. Mustard
Big Lizards
1/3Collateral Damage

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