January 19, 2007

The Council has spoken!

And now...  the winning entries in the Watcher's Council vote for this week are MLK Day -- A Singular Holiday by Rhymes With Right, and A Framework for Thinking About Iraq Strategy by Small Wars Journal.  All members, please be sure to link to both winning entries (and to the full results of the vote) in a post.  I actually had to cast a tie-breaking vote in the non-council category this week...  I enjoyed Confederate Yankee's post about the ubiquitous Jamil Hussein, but Dave Kilcullen's look at the “wicked” problem of Iraq ultimately won me over.  Thanks to everyone for all the great entries this week...  I'm eager to see next week's entries!  Here are the full tallies of all votes cast:

VotesCouncil link
2MLK Day -- A Singular Holiday
Rhymes With Right
1  2/3The Beauty of "Fairness"
Andrew Olmsted
1  1/3Bush Speaks... and Belittles Us All
1  1/3Why It Could Work
American Future
1  1/3Chosen Icons
Done With Mirrors
1  1/3A New Standard for Political Hideousness
Eternity Road
1  1/3Running Out the Clock
The Glittering Eye
1James Traub Has a Semite Problem
Soccer Dad
1/3Is Oprah Right?
The Colossus of Rhodey
1/3Federally-Mandated Cheerleading: EduCracy Run Amok?
The Education Wonks

VotesNon-council link
3  1/3A Framework for Thinking About Iraq Strategy
Small Wars Journal
2  1/3AP: Discrediting Jamil's Sources
Confederate Yankee
2IRS Agents, May Every One of Them Burn in Hell
Dispatches from TJICistan
2No Word For Liberty
Classical Values
1  2/3War? -- What War?
Works and Days
2/3"I Said Oh Oh Domino"
Maryland Conservatarian
1/3Foreign Policy Last Week
Oliver Kamm
1/3Gordon Browned Off
1/3Crime in the UK Versus Crime in the US
TFS Magnum

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