January 11, 2007

Comment rescue -- or, Delaware Liberal is a bigot

Is he? You be the judge:

It seems some have taken offense to my calling minute men armed redneck racists? I apologize for that. I should have said "armed redneck CRACKER racists" which is the consensus term that last time I checked in with Barney Frank.

Rational and thinking people would recognize the above for what it is: A hateful and bigoted statement. But it probably isn't so for DE Liberal's readership. After all, remember -- liberals are permitted to utilize such bigoted language because, after all, their intentions are good -- and conservatives are evil. In this case, this mindset says "It can't be bigoted when the Minutemen are mostly a bunch of white guys who are 'adversely affecting' Mexicans (i.e. 'people of color')."

Posted by Hube at January 11, 2007 05:58 PM | TrackBack

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I wonder -- what would jason's reaction be to someone referring to "armed subhuman N!GGER racists" in a post referring to the Black Panthers, a group with many murders to its credit? You know, since he is willing to use such inflammatory and intolerant language towards members of a group that has not one murder or documented act of organized violence in its history.

And let me remind jason that the Minutemen are a group made up of white, black, Asian, and Hispanic individuals -- a true rainbow coalition of patriotic Americans.

Not, of course, that Jason would want to allow a little thing like THE FACTS get in the way of his hate speech.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at January 11, 2007 06:09 PM

I've made that point before, people who think about dumb southerners, or think in broad terms of "Jesusland", are bigots. They'll never admit it, but they are.

Posted by: The Unabrewer at January 11, 2007 09:27 PM