January 05, 2007


"Christina public forum draws one parent" is a headline in today's News Journal. One parent. OK, the Christina School District has had a lot of problems of late, but inviting public input is just what they should do -- and have done -- and look at the result. Now, imagine if they held a closed-door session on the matter. Angry parents would be calling local talk radio to rip the district. In this, WDEL's Gerry Fulcher (whom I've criticized often in the past) was dead-on in some of his commentary yesterday when he lectured his listeners that THEY have the power to change things they do not like -- all THEY have to do is show up, make THEIR voices heard, and get active. In this case Ger was referring to the state legislature; they same principle certainly applies to public school districts.

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Attending Red Clay School Board Meeting for the last 10 years parents tend to come and speak up for their child however, very seldom does anyone come along a speak up for the all students.

PTA / PTO are too busy baking cookies and doing fundraiser. For the life of me , I donít understand why each school PTA donít send a representative to each board meeting. I am hoping with school in Red Clay going to K-5 , K-8 and 6-12 grade configuration parents with get more active in the important issues.

After many years bitching at Red Clay for not having a district level parent advisory board, finally this year we have a Consolidated Grant Parent Advisory Council. I happen to be the community representative. We meet every other month to network and learn about the various federal and state supplemental grants. Each district school sends at least 2 parents. The goal is to have these parents bring back information to their PTAís and other parents.

Christina has a few strong parents but they canít carry the load. Who can trust the current board because the district administrator plunged the district into financial crisis under their watch? I hope each time a board member seat comes up for reelection, they are voted out. However, board member terms are 5 years and staggered. The bottom-line is how can you trust a board that canít comprehend school finances.

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