December 21, 2006

Delaware Today names Colossus as one of state's "must read" blogs

Alerted to the article by DE Liberal's Jason, the recent edition of Delaware Today has "10 Delacentric Blogs You've Got To See." (Free registration required.) Colossus made the "cut," so to speak, but numerous worthy blogs did not. And I actually -- and mark this down -- agree with Jason that it's an outrage! For at least pure entertainment purposes, I would have included DE Liberal on the list. And what about Dave Burris' excellent First State Politics? And for at least a good gawk at piteous layout and lamentable grammar, what about Nancy Willing's Delaware Way? And Jase and Mike Matthews are both right -- what the hell is Tom Carper's blog doing in there???

Speaking of Matthews, here's his post on the matter.

And here's DT's Colossus summary:

Bloggers: Self-proclaimed culture warriors with an ersatz ne'er-do-well attitude.
Subject matter: Politics, Delaware culture.
Description: These denizens of the "Delaware Conservative Bloggers Alliance" love taking shots at tinfoil hat-nutjob lefties and regularly unfurling a Dopey News Journal Letter of the Week. (Y'know, I like that. A lot!)
Recent excerpt: "Yet another reason to laugh hysterically at the United Nations, especially at its 'Human Rights' Council which presently includes those paragons of human rights Cuba, China, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Nigeria and Pakistan." (Recent? That was from September!)
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I think it is funny how they call DWA's language "bordering on PG-13" and Paul's blog about religion. Sheesh. And these guys are the professionals?

Posted by: Ryan S. at December 21, 2006 08:51 PM

That's great! Congrats!

Posted by: Anna Venger at December 22, 2006 12:22 PM