December 19, 2006

Black candidate reports that "Democrat [Barack Obama] argues the case that a black candidate can win the White House."

Well, duh. The real question is, can a liberal Democrat black candidate win the White House? It sure could happen, but is Obama really the one to do it? He has virtually no political experience, and the US Senate isn't really a great place to prove one's managerial skills. The MSNBC article argues that "Obama could increase black Democratic turnout in states such as Missouri, Tennessee, Ohio, and Virginia, all of which have significant black populations and all of which Bush carried in 2004." That's undoubtedly true. However, again, his politics could turn many potential [white] voters away from him and to the GOP candidate.

Right now, Obama looks great to many people ... and why not? He hasn't had to answer a single tough question from anybody and he's been allowed to spout feel-good generalisms all over the place. Just wait until he has to answer questions about specific policies, his voting record, and go through a primary. Then tell me how "great" he looks.

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