December 09, 2006

MSNBC: Wants it both ways

I was perusing the channels at around 9:30 Thursday evening when I came upon Joe Scarborough's show. Joe and a couple guests were discussing the latest dust-up between NBC's David Gregory and White House spokesman Tony Snow. Scraborough, being the usual even-handed person that he is, stated he saw nothing wrong with Gregory's question to Snow about the Iraq Study Group report -- to which Snow took exception, claiming Gregory framed the query in a "partisan" manner. I watched the clip, and I too saw nothing wrong -- or "partisan" -- with Gregory's question.

But MSNBC -- defending tough questions from a reporter to an administration official?? The same MSNBC (especially Keith Olbermann -- who pounced all over Fox News' Chris Wallace for "biased" questions to former president Bill Clinton a month or so ago? Hah!

I must say, though -- it's obvious that MSNBC is trying to become the liberal yin to Fox News Channel's conservative yang. Which is a shame for guys like Scarborough, who are very fair and open-minded. More and more on his show he seems like he winces at segments which take "cute" little potshots at FNC -- nitpicked portions of some of their competitions' programming. I've seen numerous segments like this on other MSNBC shows, notably Olbermann (virtually everyday) and Tucker Carlson's show, which is also surprising since he's supposed to be a conservative. Contrariwise, FNC hardly ever reciprocates from what I see. Which, actually, is wise since their ratings still clobber those of MSNBC. What FNC may do is nitpick media segments in general which may include an MSNBC bit. (FNC's "Fox & Friends" ripped David Gregory's questioning of Tony Snow the other day -- wrongly, in my opinion -- for example.)

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Couldn't disagree more. MSNBC and NBC in general are, behind Fox, the least liberal and even balanced networks. They're not perfect but Brian Williams, Tim Russert, Chris Matthews, and David Gregory are some of the best commentators around. They are very fair and even handed. Gregory can be a little whiney and opinionated at times, but at least he is not the anchor (Couric and Gibson are partisan hacks.) As for cable networks, I can't stand either CNN or FoxNews on the whole. MSNBC would do us all a favor by getting rid of Olbermann, who is scab upon an otherwise promising network.

Posted by: lingerer at December 10, 2006 08:41 AM

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