December 06, 2006

They might actually have to dip into the munitions fund

And here I always thought the Palestinian "humanitarian crisis" was their unwillingness to think of Jews as human.

U.N. aid groups are asking for a record $450 million to staunch a deepening Palestinian humanitarian crisis, saying Wednesday that international sanctions and Israel limits on Gaza exports have devastated the Palestinian economy.

Despite that gloomy assessment, a top minister in the Hamas-led government offered a rare upbeat economic picture Wednesday, saying increased aid from Arab countries had allowed the government to stay afloat. But independent economists and analysts said the government was still deep in crisis.

Sounds terrible. Why would the West ever impose such sanctions? Oh wait, now I remember: "Much of the economic damage stems from the international boycott that Israel and Western nations imposed on the Palestinian Authority after the militant Islamic Hamas won Parliamentary elections and took office in March." If a people freely elect a group whose self-proclaimed goal is genocide, who are we to judge? I mean, sure every other country on the planet is completely justified in frustrating American policy because we elected Bushitler, but we can't impose our Western values on others.

According to the U.N., 65 percent of Palestinians were living in poverty and 29 percent were unemployed. The Palestinian health care system was running out of medicine and on the verge of collapse, and nearly 50 percent of Palestinians did not have reliable access to food.

... Many had expected the international sanctions to force the government to moderate its views toward Israel. But nine months after taking power, Hamas refuses to accept international demands that it recognize Israel and renounce violence, and negotiations over the formation of a national unity government that could sidestep the sanctions have stalled.

Which speaks volumes of the PA's priorities: when it comes to Palestinian livelihood or Israeli deaths, Hamas is willing to sacrifice the former for the latter. Some might argue that this shows the government doesn't really represent Palestinian views, but I suspect if you asked the average Mohamed-on-the-street in Gaza, they'd be favor of more jihad. That's the mindset that has to be changed.

If the Palestinian electorate is on some level rational, then if it's made clear to them that supporting terrorists means starvation, they will be less likely to support terrorists. If they are irrational, then they need to be punished until their will to fight is broken. Either way, the only thing giving aid ensures is that Palestinians are insulated from the repercussions of their actions. This aid would simply subsidize the Palestinian war effort by preventing the hurt that's necessary to force a change in the behavior and the value system of the genocide-supporting population.

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