December 04, 2006

Desperate professors

9/11 conspiracy "professor" Craig T. Furlong just can't stand it. He can't stand it that even a pathetic, small niche blog like Colossus calls him on his bullsh, er, um, nonsense. So, he continues to comment ... that we're all stupid for not accepting what he "knows."

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Here is what Rodriquez was FIRST quoted as saying:

"William Rodriguez worked on the basement level of the north tower and was in the building when the first plane struck his building.

"We heard a loud rumble, then all of a sudden we heard another rumble like someone moving a whole lot of furniture," Rodriguez said. "And then the elevator opened and a man came into our office and all of his skin was off."

"Rodriguez, who had keys to the elevators, began climbing the upper levels of the tower with a police officer to help trapped people. He saw firefighters weighted with rescue equipment catching their breath on the 39th floor.

"Rodriguez escaped and said he later saw people who had jumped or fallen from the building embedded in the sidewalk. "There was a woman that looked like she had melted into the cement," he said.

It looks like this Craig T. Furlong character has a wild imagination to begin with.

Posted by: S. King at December 5, 2006 08:13 AM