August 22, 2016

Marvel's latest attempt at shaming you

As reported by Doug Ernst, Marvel's latest way to shame you is by lambasting any objection you may have to the new Spider-Man movie Mary Jane being a black woman.

Once again, any objection to this, however innocent, means you're a intolerant racist.

The gnomish Dan Slott, of course, was one of those screaming "racist," playing "Captain White Privilege." Maybe Dan could put actions where his mouth is by giving up some of his privilege via giving his writing chores to a minority. Don't count on it.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn chimed in too, stating that if you complain about MJ's ethnicity, "your life is too good."

Cripes, at this point, it is surprising that Gunn hasn't changed his last name to assuage the perpetually aggrieved SJW crowd.

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August 09, 2016

Because the Occupy movement was such a success ...

... Marvel Comics is investing time and energy on yet another "Avengers" title.

The writing chores of -- wait for it! -- Occupy Avengers -- go to Nighthawk scribe David Walker. Which means right away you kinda know what to expect.

Hawkeye, or in this case, Clint Barton, and some non-powered heroes will be traveling across the country to help average joes with their problems. Like Flint, Michigan's water crisis, Walker says.

"Or, for lack of a better term," he says, "that 99 percentile that is sort of synonymous with the Occupy movement; the people who are often trod upon, can't protect themselves, and don't feel like they're being protected because of things like corporate interests or political corruption."

Like the Democratic Party-controlled city of Flint? (Shhhh! Don't tell Walker that!) Or, politicians like Hillary Clinton who get off scot-free while if you or I -- or anyone from the so-called 99% -- did what she did we'd be in the clink?

Don't count on it.

And don't expect this book to go anywhere sales-wise, even if artist extraordinaire Carlos Pacheco is doing the first quartet of issues. Walker's Nighthawk has proven to be a sales disaster after only a few issues, and disgusting Gail Simone's similarly-themed book The Movement barely made it to a dozen editions before cancellation.

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That's because no one cares about your views on politics

... and your opinion about it is in no way worth anymore than anyone else's:

Stick with what you're supposedly an expert at. Then again, given your "talents" in that regard, it's not at all surprising that your political/historical knowledge is laughable.

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Good thing she's not Jewish then, eh?

US Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad, the American athlete to wear a hijab, says she "doesn't feel safe" in her country:

“[I feel unsafe] all the time. I had someone follow me home from practice and try to report me to police,” she told the Daily Beast. “And this is right on 28th and 7th in New York City.

“I’m very vocal about these things because I want people to know I’m not a novelty, I’m not special in any way. I’m a woman who wears hijab and these are my experiences."

Yeah, it must be rough being a virtually instant celebrity because of what's on your head: Teaching the First Lady how to fence, an appearance on "Ellen," and an invitation to the White House. Not to mention, she was named one of Time's 100 Most Influential People because, as the magazine says, (she) "broke the rules, broke the record, broke the silence, broke the boundaries to reveal what we’re capable of."

Yeah, OK.

But it's a good thing Muhammad isn't a Jew. After all, anti-Jewish hate crimes are much more numerous than those that are anti-Muslim in nature. But that goes against THE NARRATIVETM.

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Comics industry legend tells why current comics suck

Long-time comics creator Chuck Dixon says what many of us have known for some time -- that "the rise of 'social justice' in comics and how DC and Marvel seem to be wanting to change genders or ethnicities of long-established characters just for political correctness’ sake" is helping with comicbooks' downfall.

Why aren't things getting better?

"Because they’ve chased so much of the readership away. People simply stopped reading comics when they voluntarily pulled comics off the newsstands in the 1990s and became a boutique industry exclusive to comic shops."


"Why don’t the comics sell more? Because they’re crap. That’s why they don’t sell more.”

Indeed. I really can't fathom why anyone, let alone conservatives, would shell out $4.00 for the stuff that's put out these days. When I occasionally get a current issue from a buddy it's incredible how creatively stunted the stories are -- especially compared to 15-20 years ago. Everyone talks the same, the characters are all seemingly really stupid as they're ultra-quick to start needless fights, and, of course, the forced political correctness is head-shakingly laughable. (Here's but the latest example.)

One thing Chuck forgot is what we, Doug Ernst, Avi Green, and others have documented for years -- the nasty, disdainful, and dismissive way modern creators treat fans (especially those who in any way question them) on social media.

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August 01, 2016

Because Hollywood is devoid of creativity

I don't know if you can really call this a PC move, but here's Tinseltown's latest brilliant idea: Redo the classic movie "Splash," but reverse the gender roles.

Channing Tatum will now be the merman (originally played by Darryl Hannah), while Jillian Bell will play the old Tom Hanks role.

Good luck with this. The 1984 version is one of the best films ever -- brilliant script and incredible (and funny) performances by Hanks, John Candy, and Eugene Levy.

And hey -- what is it with the year 1984? First "Ghostbusters" ... and now this?

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To dispel notions of 'sexism,' HBO considering showing more male rape scenes

In the category of "You Can't Make This Sh** Up," HBO's Casey Bloys -- in response to the question "whether we’ll see more rapes of men to balance out the gendered violence" -- said:

“I take your point—so far there aren’t any male rapes…. [I]s it something we think about, yeah I think the criticism is valid, you know ... so I think it’s something that people take into account.”

Welcome to the Brave New World.

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