May 31, 2015

Blame John Scalzi and the SJW's

Tweet from comics guy Kurt Busiek:

Yep. See the title of this post.

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May 30, 2015

Civics 101

Comics guy Ron Marz, Bill of Rights expert:

Wrong. (Spoken) Hatred doesn't "try to pass itself off" as free speech in the United States. It is free speech. (The Chaplinsky standard being an exception, which doesn't apply here.)

As with the Marz-ian crowd who were apoplectic about George W. Bush's "shredding" of the Constitution but are now virtually silent about that of Barack Obama, "progressives" really need to be careful in what they wish for when it comes to free expression, and lack thereof.

What speech they like may be what a right-leaning leader doesn't. And what will Ron Marz and crowd yammer about then when said leader says "Hatred trying to pass itself off as free speech is still hatred" ... and should be thwarted?

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May 27, 2015

Ron Marz miffed at the one conservative teacher who goes too far

But you can bet that if this teacher was a "progressive" (and make no mistake, most teachers fall into that category) and said something like this about George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan, well, then, you can bet the tweets would be lauding the guy.

Oh oh! It's the LAST STRAW for big 'ol RON MARZ, folks!

A few thoughts here:

-- As a trained social studies teacher myself, IF what Marz's 6th grade son told him is accurate, then the teacher was way out of line. A social studies/history teacher's job, when covering politics and/or controversial topics, is to be as fair as possible, covering -- and allowing -- multiple perspectives to be voiced.

-- Marz's son is in 6th grade. What are the chances he might -- just might -- be exaggerating? Especially if he knows dad's politics pretty well? Middle schoolers never lie or pump up a story, right? Is it possible the teacher examined ways in which some people view Obama's actions as "tyrannical?" Y'know, like how guys like Marz viewed (many of) G.W. Bush's actions?

-- At least Marz didn't name the teacher or the school publicly. Anonymous complaining via Twitter is fine, and if he decides to go in and discuss the matter with the teacher as a first step, that's the right course of action.

-- As noted, you can bet your bottom dollar Marz would have NO problem with a left-wing instructor involved in a similar situation.

Be sure to read the comments at the tweets above to get a good laugh. It's a perfect example of the "progressive" "It's OK when I do it, but don't dare you do it!" mindset.

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May 24, 2015

The last of Letterman

Ace sums up my feelings pretty much.

Letterman was at his best in the mid-late 80s (thankfully, my college years) when he was following Carson at 12:30. His bits were so stupid, so outlandish, and so silly that they were gut-bustingly funny.

Who else would have a camera follow a line of people for over a minute, moving towards the front of the line ... only to discover that folks were waiting to pay $5 to have their picture taken with Will Lee, the bass player in Paul Shaffer's band??

And remember the Late Night Bookmobile? How to Play Guitar in Your Bare Feet by then-band guitarist Hiram Bullock and You Too Can Do Haiku by Lee Majors (complete with Six Million Dollar Man glamor photo) had me laughing so hard I almost lost consciousness.

But once Dave got the CBS 11:30 gig, he got boring and let his politics show (liberal, natch). Rival Jay Leno's "Headlines" and "Jay Walking" were much funnier, and Leno was middle-of-the-road with his politics.

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May 23, 2015

This is how Democrats view Memorial Day

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May 15, 2015


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May 11, 2015

This is what we're dealing with

Majorly f***ed up comparisons, that's what.

Just look at what Osama Siblani, publisher of the Arab American News -- "the largest and most widely circulated Arab American publication in the United States" -- said recently:

Yes, you heard that right -- Pamela Geller is worse than ISIS for hosting that Mohammed cartoon contest (among other things).

Let that insanity sink in for a moment: Worse. Than. ISIS.

And Siblani is supposed to be one of those "moderate" Muslims we hear the administration (and many other lefties) talk about?

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Accommodate me, cater to me, it's your fault, don't expect me to plan ahead ...

"Big" story today about a mom getting irked at United Airlines because the captain made an emergency stop at Salt Lake City en route to Oregon. Why?

Because mom warned that her daughter might have a "breakdown" and go berserk.

Here's why:

An Oregon mother has claimed that her family was forced to leave a United Airlines flight last week due to a misunderstanding involving their autistic daughter.

Donna Beegle told KPTV that her family was flying back to Oregon from a Disney World vacation this past Tuesday when her 15-year-old daughter, Juliette, began to get hungry during a layover in Houston.

"I asked the flight attendant if they had anything hot, because Juliette is very particular about her food," Beegle told the station. "If it's warm she won't eat it, if it's cold she won't eat it, it has to have steam rolling off of it."

Beegle says the attendant told her that warm meals could only be served to first class passengers.

"The flight attendant said, 'There's not anything we can get you,' so I said, 'Well, how about we wait for her to have a meltdown, and start crying and she tries to scratch, and then you'll want to help her.'"

After Juliette began to fuss, Beegle says the attendant brought her a meal as requested, and her daughter calmed down. However, that was not the end of the matter.

Right -- that's when the pilot made his unscheduled landing ... and had the family escorted off the plane.

A few thoughts:

-- Being a teacher I am well aware of -- and sensitive to -- the special needs of the different types of autism, so I certainly believe mom's warning about a "meltdown."

-- The mom is a doctor. (Not sure if that means MD or PhD.) Why would she not have something ready for her daughter to eat that, at the very least, a flight attendant could have zapped in a microwave? Why would she expect first class service while in coach?

-- The article says the daughter became hungry "during a layover in Houston." Didn't she get her "steaming" meal then? Why not?

-- Did she inform flight attendants about her daughter ahead of time? The article doesn't say she did. How come? Wouldn't that have made sense?

There certainly may be more to the story, but it appears this is yet another instance of someone wanting everyone to cater to them sans basic personal responsibility and preparation.

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May 10, 2015

You can bet this would never, ever happen to Boss Obama

Check out this example of contemporary "biting journalism":

Yes, that is "journalist" Mark Halperin grilling GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz on how "authentically Cuban" he really is.

Now imagine -- just imagine -- Halperin asking President Obama what his favorite soul food is ... and who his favorite rapper is. Not to mention, asking him to welcome a colleague in a "black dialect."

(FWIW, Cruz's pronunciation [and accent] of "picadillo" was pretty darn good.)

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May 07, 2015

Joe Haldeman's 'The Forever War' Ready for the Big Screen?

(Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.)

It looks like Warner Brothers has outbid everyone else to bring Joe Haldeman's classic The Forever War to movie theaters hopefully within a reasonable time-frame.

The Hollywood Reporter notes:

Making the package go supernova was the involvement of Prometheus and Passengers screenwriter Jon Spaihts and producer Roy Lee. Producing with Lee are Tatum and his Free Association execs as well as Film 360.

The package started to heat up last week but went fiery Thursday when Warners, Sony and another studio were all ready to write hefty checks. Warners won the project late afternoon paying low six figures against seven for the movie rights. Spaihts' deal to write the script topped seven figures.

Haldeman's 1974 novel offers a perspective on his experience as a Vietnam veteran. In it, humans have discovered how to use collapsars (mini-black holes) to travel instantaneously to other parts of the galaxy and beyond. However, the time spent traveling to various destinations (excluding collapsar-to-collapsar), most especially that at, and around. the black holes, makes our protagonist, William Mandella, a "man out of time" as a member of Earth's fighting forces via the Elite Conscription Act.

(This is sort of a bizarre reversal of what we saw in Vietnam: There, college attendees were exempt from being drafted; in TFW only the very intelligent and educated are conscripted into service.)

The alien enemy are the Taurans, so named because we encountered them near the constellation of that name. We're at war with them because one of Earth's ships disappeared ... and the Taurans were whom we named the responsible party -- because one of their ships was "close by." Gulf of Tonkin, anyone?

The entire planet Earth is on a war footing, and all resources go towards the war effort. Most of the population exists on subsistence living, and as such, crime is rampant. Mandella discovers this situation on his first excursion back to Earth years after a few interstellar battles.

The situation at home is so bleak that William decides to head back out to fight.

There is little-to-no communication between humans and Taurans; the latter, we learn, essentially have a hive mind and possess no concept of the individual. Humans win many battles, but the Taurans always catch up eventually.

So much time passes back home while Mandella is out fighting that humanity eventually forms a sort of hive mind of its own -- called, simply, "Man." Once this is achieved communication with the Taurans becomes possible ... and Man learns that, to its great dismay, that the "Forever War" was the sad result of humans presuming the worst -- because it simply did not understand something.

Mandella's love and fellow soldier, Marygay, has survived the long war too, and has been awaiting him on a "time shuttle" -- a craft circling a collapsar so as to keep passing time at a minimum.

The Forever War's sequel, Forever Free, details Mandella's and his family's life of planet Middle Finger and shows their eventual return to Earth. But the plot involves an annoying deus ex machina which results in a rather disappointing finale to The Forever War saga.

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May 05, 2015

Ron Marz: "Hard not to think ..."

Comicbook dolt Ron Marz says it's "hard not to think" that Pam Geller and the crew in Garland, TX were hoping for a (radical) Islamist attack:

Wonder what folks like him would say if someone tweeted those words after a comicon at which he was in attendance was attacked -- for some far-left quackery he inserted into one of his comics?

Not to mention, is good "progressive" Marz actually implying that Muslims had a right to be so angry that they should have shot up Geller's event? Is this the bigotry of low expectations -- that Muslims "just can't control themselves?"

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May 03, 2015