January 31, 2014

Let's check in with the moonbat comicbook creators again!

Our pal Gail Simone retweets the following:

However, if you take the time to check the link, here's what it actually says:

No school board or school administrator may prohibit a teacher in public or nonpublic school from providing instruction on intelligent design or other related topics.

Now while I agree that public schools shouldn't be teaching this stuff, this bill, however, also states that non-public schools shouldn't be hindered from teaching such. Although I'd be curious why such a bill would be needed to ensure that non-public schools can teach I.D. Is some state law prohibiting such?

Elsewhere, Ron Marz is still obsessing over acquitted [WHITE HISPANIC] George Zimmerman:

That second one being snark about Amanda Knox. Why does Marz obsess so about [WHITE HISPANIC] Zimmerman? He's tweeted "gotcha" tweets every time he supposedly had threatened his girlfriend (the girlfriend, who seems to have a screw loose, has backed off from her complaints/charges each time), tweeted when [WHITE HISPANIC] Zimmerman might get in trouble for copying someone's photo, and now ...? Because Amanda Knox made the news?

We're not here to defend [WHITE HISPANIC] Zimmerman by any means. The guy certainly appears to have some issues, to be sure. But the "progressive" obsession with the guy is bizarre. Guys like Marz keep it alive ... why? To [re]establish their bona fides as "one of the ["progressive"] team? To keep alive the idea that "racism is just as bad now as it was in, say, 1954?" I mean, if [WHITE HISPANIC] Zimmerman's case is such an "example" of never-dying racism, what explains Roderick Scott?

And, sadly again there's Kurt Busiek, who seemingly has no problem at all with the Lie of the Year from our president, yet is so miffed at the GOP for apparently hyping up a not-quite accurate anecdote that he's compelled to retweet it:

Earth to Busiek: Try counting the number of whoppers President Lemon told you in the SOTU. That is, if you can manage to get past your dogma.

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In case you didn't hear the news

... we'll let comicbook moonbat Ron Marz fill you in:

Yep, walking epitome of the modern "progressive" female (one who cannot bear to shell out ten bucks for the Pill, even with a law degree) may seek retiring gargoyle Henry Waxman's House seat this fall. And considering the moonbattery of Waxman's district (the dude was in office for 40 years), unfortunately, Marz may be right.

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January 30, 2014

Tweet of the Day

Tighten your colon, folks, 'cuz this one's gonna make you physically ill:

Murray is NBC's political director. Remsburg is the ten-times deployed soldier who Boss Obama highlighted near the end of his State of the Union address the other night.

Check it: Murray is actually comparing Remsburg's struggles -- he was left for dead in a ditch in Afghanistan and has had numerous operations to give him back some semblance of a normal life -- to Obama's. HE IS COMPARING REMSBURG'S STRUGGLES ... TO OBAMA'S. The political director of NBC News, folks.

God help us all.

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The decline of American higher ed continues

God help me, as my daughter is a college sophomore: Rutgers University course uses Beyoncé as a tool to discuss race, gender and sexuality

The class instructor, Kevin Allred, is a white, male PhD student and lecturer in Rutgers’ Department of Women’s and Gender Studies. “This isn’t a course about Beyoncé’s political engagement or how many times she performed during President Obama’s inauguration weekend,” he says. “Rather, the performer’s music and career are used as lenses to explore American race, gender, and sexual politics.”

Wait a second -- Allred is a white male?? How dare he presume to instruct others about a black woman!!!

Considering Allred’s race and gender, he often gets questioned for his ‘lack‘ of qualifications. “Of course, there are people who’ll say, ‘You’re not black. You’re not a woman,’” he says. “It’s something I’m always questioning and staying aware of so as not to overstep any bounds or make any claims for a group that I don’t belong to. It’s a fine line and I want to remain respectful of that.”

Oh, I bet you do, Kev. In the "progressive" (and academic) world of group-think, you'd better always be cognizant of that. I'm still amazed you've been permitted to teach the damn "course" in the first place, considering your gender and hue.

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January 29, 2014

A trip back in time (moonbat hypocrisy alert)

I was rereading the comment section of this post yesterday whilst adding it to this one regarding comics writer Mark Millar being a socialist. Keep in mind the first link is from 2006, a little over seven years ago, to be more specific. One of things I complained about in the post was how Millar had Captain America kill his opponent, Colonel Abdul al-Rahman, who's basically an Iranian counterpart to Cap. (In my original post, I referred to al-Rahman as the "MCA," or "Muslim Country Analogue.") And who commented about this? None other than Delaware Liberal's Jason "Trust Fund" Scott:

This is an intersting [sic]post. You seem to be doing the kind of thinking that the writer hoped for. Without any trace of irony you say:*

...but certain characterizations are (or, should be) maintained. Like Cap's purity (or attempted purity) of purpose. Anyone who's anyone would simply not have Capt. America killing a person in cold blood. Unless, of course, he wanted to disparage a certain country!

How much more does it disparage out [sic] country to torture confessions out of people or hold them in solitary confinment [sic] without charging them with any crime?

How is Capt America different from our America when he kills in cold blood? Shouldn't we be more mindful of our national "purity of purpose"? Isn't that the very thing we chucked out the window when we decided that premptive [sic] war was okay? When we decided that Iraqi civilian deaths did not count as much as American civilian deaths?

Some of the "Terrorists" in Gitmo are called "Terrorists" because they are in Gitmo. It is supposed to be the other way around.

If, like Capt America, we set aside our principles for the sake of security, we are no longer America. I know you don;t like to face this reality, but the new habeas corpus rules mean that you are I could be held without being charged is Bush decided that our blogs were threats to national security.

I know you have a lot of faith in Bush not to grab you off the street and toss you in jail - but I don't.

You can see my responses to this at the original link; however, let's talk about *"traces of irony." When this original post was written, George W. Bush had two years left in his presidency, and in one month the Democrats were elected back into the majority of the House of Representatives. In two years, Boss Obama was elected president promising to end much of what Trust Fund complains about above. After five years of Boss Obama's presidency, what have we seen with regards to the above?

Words. Not actions. Words. He. Has. Done. Nothing.

In fact, in many areas, he's upped the ante from the Bush era: Unmanned drone strikes in sovereign countries. Drastic expansion of NSA wiretapping. Continuation of "black site" interrogations. Gitmo still wide open for business. And Trust Fund had "no faith" that Bush administration operatives wouldn't "grab you off the street and toss you in jail"? Tell that to Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. Or, most recently, Dinesh D'Souza. And have I yet mentioned Boss Obama using the IRS as his personal vendetta team?

The DE Liberal (aka the LGOMB, or Local Gaggle of Moonbat Bloggers) site was fledgling in October of 2006, for what it's worth. But head over there now (if you can stand it) and search the archives for Trust Fund's strongly worded complaints about Boss Obama and his continuation of Bush presidency policies. If you can find any. Best of luck.

RELATED: I saw Zero Dark Thirty this past weekend. If you don't know, this is the film that documents the behind-the-scenes machinations in the hunt for Osama bin Laden. Despite what myriad "progressives" may say, the film is fairly plain in stating that the few waterboarded captured terrorists led to valuable information ... and it takes a jab at Boss Obama for ending the practice. However, don't think that G.W. Bush escapes unscathed; when the protagonist (Jessica Chastain) is growing weary of waiting for action to be taken on the bin Laden compound, her CIA boss confronts a Boss Obama official about the delay. The official, and administration, want as precise as possible intel. When the CIA boss says "It's as good as it's gonna get," the official says, "Sorry -- you gave us better odds on WMD being in Iraq."

As for the scenes featuring the waterboarding, if they were designed to elicit sympathy for the victims, it was a failure. Chastain is noticeably uncomfortable in the first of such instances (much less so, if at all, later on), but even then I, and those watching with me, didn't feel unease at all. And why should we? I know I've debated this issue at times very heatedly with folks like my friend Steve Newton; my stance hasn't changed. I often think of films like Taken when "enhanced interrogation" of terrorists is discussed. Why are films like the Liam Neeson actioner so damn popular? Would you do what Neeson did (given the skills) to rescue your own flesh and blood? I would. Most everyone I know would. Then why would you hesitate to discomfort a few barbaric individuals whose only goal in life is to kill as many "infidels" as possible?

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Three University of Delaware basketball players suspended for one month.

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Thanks, Jack

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell will seek a ten cent hike in the state's gas tax for road and bridge improvement.

Gee, thanks man. Considering the problems with DelDOT in the past, not to mention some of their ridiculous choices (repaving the already-newly repaved Naamans Road in the early 2000s and making the road worse, the new Route 1 overpass by Christiana Mall which inexplicably still merges into one lane after about a quarter mile, to name just two), who the hell wants to add a dime per gallon to their fill-up? Especially in this economy??

But hey -- that's what you get, folks, in a one-party system. Remember -- this is the government that spent eight million of your tax dollars to bail out the state casinos. But Joe Six Packs have to shell out an extra buck-plus every fill-up.

Democrats: The "party of the working man." Chee-yeah, right.

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January 28, 2014

We knew this already

Bleeding Cool details writer Mark Millar's foray into the political realm. The first paragraph states "Describing himself as a lifelong socialist ..." Well, duh! Just take a gander here, here and here.

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Spoiler of the Day

Don't dare peek at this still from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 if you don't wanna be, well, disappointed.

(h/t Nate)

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Must read of the day

John C. Wright's The Restless Heart of Darkness, part 1.

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January 27, 2014

Let's check in on the moonbat comicbook creators!

Look! It's our old pal Ron "STFU" Marz whose mocking those who would mock the fact that Hillary Clinton hasn't driven a car since 1996:

Yeah, because we all know that an example of being "out of touch" in the early 1860s was "not driving a car in some time," right? At least, if the GOP makes this an actual issue, it'll be based on something real, unlike this perpetual lie. And Marz ain't done -- he then goes on to mock Benghazi:

Stay classy, Ron.

Marz also perfectly demonstrates why he, like so many other insulated "progressives," lives in a bubble:

It's bad enough he cites the ever-predictable Frank Rich, but as if Fox News is unique in being a sort of "echo chamber." Only one as comfortably (by choice, natch) isolated as Marz would think FNC stands alone in that regard. As with many others, he's just miffed that there is a [lone] network that grinds against the liberal MSM behemoth. That's a cryin' shame, Ron.

Lastly, he tweets:

And the last part is stupid, isn't it? Having to be 21 to buy a beer, that is. Yet, you only have to be 18 to die for your country. Who knows, maybe Marz would like to raise that to 21. But if that's the case, then we should repeal the 26th Amendment, right? Because that was a big reason (only having to be 18 to be drafted, but 21 to vote) that amendment was ratified.

Next, Gail Simone is upset because a plaque of Boss Obama in Eugene, Oregon (a very "progressive" enclave, mind you, but she skips that part) has been vandalized including -- gasp! -- racial slurs:

While this is certainly not a very pleasant happening, I wonder how many tweets Simone offered up when likenesses of George W. Bush were vandalized -- including her peer Erik Larsen's [never published] cover of his character Savage Dragon punching out the former president. So, break out the small violins, everybody.

Elsewhere, Simone is so LIV-ish, she is clueless as to why the store Hobby Lobby doesn't want to provide certain aspects of health insurance to its employees:

Here's why, you dope. Because before the clusterf*** known as ObumbleCare, entities like Hobby Lobby didn't have to go against their religious conscience for things like including contraceptives in their health plans. I wonder how'd Simone would feel if a Muslim-owned restaurant was mandated to serve pork products.

Aaaaand then there's our bud Dan Slott who retweets the following:

*Sigh* First, that actually is freedom. The essence of a free people means having the means to defend yourself. Second, it is beyond hyperbolic to say you cannot go out in public without fear of getting shot. But gun grabbers do this routinely. Even though so-called mass shootings have actually declined over the years.

Here's something to consider, Dan: How about actually enforcing the gun laws already on the books? I mean, our VP, Joe "Plugs" Biden, actually said that "we simply don’t have the time or manpower to prosecute everybody" who breaks various gun laws. So, naturally, we need more gun laws! Or, how about doing something about the lenient judges who let people serve ridiculously light sentences for using a gun in the commission of a crime?

Nah. Much easier to f*** with law-abiding citizens who are totally responsible with their guns.

Remember, it's easy to shrug off what these dopes say, and ultimately in the big picture, their opinions mean little. But keep in mind they have thousands of LIV Twitter followers who hang on every word they say. Reminds me of a certain White House occupant and those who voted for him ...

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"No gay people in Sochi," mayor claims

Good to know post-Communism Russia is just like Iran when it comes to homosexuals, eh?

Good gad.

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Mall shooter's journal could provide clues to motive

ABC's Brian Ross reportedly scouring said journal for anything remotely Tea Party related.

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Not any different from what "progressives" do, but ...

... if you're on the other side, the MSM will cover it (negatively, natch):

A billionaire and Silicon Valley pioneer, Tom Perkins, warned of a "dangerous drift" in American thinking from the left in a letter to the Wall Street Journal.

Perkins writes, "I would call attention to the parallels of fascist Nazi Germany, to its war on its one percent, namely its Jews, to the progressive war on the American one percent, namely the rich."

CBS News contributor and analyst Mellody Hobson told the “CBS This Morning” co-hosts that this is not the first time something like this has happened and it is “completely inappropriate.”

Well sure it is, Ms. Hobson; however, where the hell are you and your fellow MSM contributors/analysts when "progressives" make similar inane comparisons, hmm??

Cry me a river.

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White man's fault hip hop lyrics are vulgar

So says Harry Belafonte while on -- you guessed it -- MSNBC:

“[T]hey’ve gotten distracted by the gold,” Belafonte said. “Wall Street that invested so much in the hip-hop culture gave it a lot of gold, a lot of cars, a lot of flavor and that flavor was abused. The lyrics became very anti-woman. They became very anti-black. They used language that constantly diminished us as a people and as a country."

*Sigh* Yet another example of the 'ol "soft bigotry of low expectations." In this case, young rappers were "seduced" by whitey Wall Streeters flappin' Benjamins around. Is there anything for which the white man is not to blame?

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January 26, 2014

Don't say the following anymore:

"Thug" and "street cred." Especially the former, because that is the "new 'N word.'" And of all people, Bill Maher says so:

"I think it's a very creative way to point out that racism has really kind of gone underground in this country," Maher said. The comedian then said he believed that whenever whites "see a black guy they don't like: thug."

"Because it's socially unacceptable now--unlike when it once was--to say the 'N-word,'" he said. "So that's sort of the word that they use instead."

Charles Barkley said that "street cred," as noted, is a racial slur, too. But it's Maher who has one big pair of stones to say what he did. This -- from the guy who has used some of the vilest language imaginable to trash people he doesn't like. Anyone recall him calling Sarah Palin a "c**t"?

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Greg Abbott truthers have emerged

Wendy "Abortion on Demand" Davis, the Democratic candidate for Texas governor whose sugar daddy paid her way through college and law school (and whom she promptly divorced when she was through), has -- rightly -- gotten flack from various (mostly right-of-center) media sources for the embellishment of her résume. Her challenger, Republican Greg Abbott, has been questioned as to whether ... his disability is legit:

Remember, folks -- lunacy on the left is either accepted as mainstream and/or even rewarded (like MSNBC's Touré and CNN's Van Jones who are known 9/11 Truthers), but if you dare to question something like our president's birthplace (because he himself and those around him were so nebulous about it in the first place), then you're a raving psychopath.

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January 25, 2014

Saturday quick hits

-- Al Sharpton thinks voter ID laws are a "poll tax." (The 24th Amendment abolished poll taxes fifty years ago.)

Even while acknowledging that the IDs are generally issued by states for free, Sharpton cited Attorney General Eric Holder and Georgia Democratic Rep. John Lewis in complaining that simply having to travel to obtain the free ID amounts to a tax.

We've been through this sort of bullsh** before. WTF is next -- a stamp on an envelope to get a voter registration form is a "poll tax?" Why yes, as a matter of fact according to Florida Rep. Alcee Hastings. Unfortunately for both Hastings and Sharpton, even the left-leaning PolitiFact (see last link) rates as "mostly false" that voter ID laws amount to a poll tax.

Elsewhere, race-obsessed Attorney General Eric Holder spoke out (again) against voter ID laws. “They’ve come up with a remedy in search of a problem,” Holder told MSNBC on Friday. “I think it is being used in too many instances to depress the vote of particular groups of people ..." He also said that in a "vacuum" he would support such laws ... Cheeyeah, sort of like he would support school disciplinary measures "in a vacuum," eh? Puh-lease.

-- New York City's new [communist] mayor, Bill De Blasio, agrees with the recent "F*** you, Righties" sentiments of New York Governor Andy Cuomo. Is that surprising??

-- Did I mention Eric Holder already? Well, he is sticking by his "nation of cowards when it comes to race" comment from 2009. “Certain subjects are off-limits and that to explore them risks at best embarrassment, and at worst, the questioning of one’s character,” he said. He's certainly right about that -- but not in the way he thinks.

-- The MSM keeps George Zimmerman in the news, this time because George -- gasp!! -- did a painting based on an AP photograph. The photog is threatening to sue Zimmerman. This is big news, folks.

-- Lastly, io9 has a list of Marvel comics the company probably wish they'd never had published. Included are "winners" we've covered previously like U.S. 1 and NFL Superpro.

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January 24, 2014

Watcher's Council winners

*First place with 4 votes!-Joshuapundit-Senate Intel Committee: Benghazi Was Preventable,Al Qaeda Was Involved, And The White House Knew It
*Second place with 1 1/3 votes Simply JewsBedouins of Negev
*Third Place *t* with 1 voteThe Right PlanetHegelian Dialectics for Dummies
*Third place *t* with 1 vote The Noisy RoomBolstering the Marxist Vote
*Fourth place *t* with 2/3 voteLiberty’s SpiritNot Surprisingly US State Department Agrees as UNESCO Cancels Jewish Cultural Exhibit…(Update) Oopsie Foggy Bottom Says “My Bad”
*Fourth place *t* with 2/3 vote Bookworm RoomBleeding heart liberal misses football’s important lessons for our boys
*Fourth place *t* with 2/3 vote The RazorFacebook’€™s Culture of Like Breeds Conformity
Fourth place *t* with 2/3 voteNice Deb Analysis of Rocket Used in Syria Chemical Attack Shows “Administration Narrative Not Even Close To Reality”
*Fourth place *t* with 2/3 voteVA Right!We Can Pay For an Unemployment Extension with a Day for a Day Delay in Obamacare Mandates
*Fourth place *t* with 2/3 voteRhymes With Right Does Barack Obama Seek To Reduce Americans To A State of Slavery?
*Fifth place *t* with 1/3 voteGrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnDCastle Strat
*Fifth place *t* with 1/3 voteThe Glittering Eye -Out Of Sight
*Fifth place *t* with 1/3 voteThe Colossus of RhodeyArrow gets it right

The non-Council winner was Neo-Neocon with “Wendy Davis: ‘empowerment’ and the poor little woman; 'struggle' and the man.”

Full results are here.

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Surely just a coincidence

Via CBS News.com:

Does anyone actually believe this is just a coincidence? Anyone? I'm sure these are, too:

Dare I ask if all this occurred to "progressives"/"progressive" groups during a Republican administration?

UPDATE: Regarding D'Souza, anyone recall what the Boss Obama campaign did in 2008? Namely, accepting untraceable credit card donations where the donor's ID could not be determined, and choosing not to utilize basic Internet security measures to prevent "potentially illegal or anonymous contributions from flowing into its accounts"?

I do. I also recall no one being indicted or arrested for it, too.

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Gail Simone still doesn't get it

As we posted back here, some fans of Simone's comic The Movement were miffed that the TV show Arrow (based on the DC character Green Arrow) utilized a group by the same name who were a bunch of terrorists. We wrote "Isn't that pretty much the case?" and posted several images from various Occupy Wall Street demonstrations exhibiting violence, clashes with law enforcement, and holding up placards advocating violence and anti-Semitism. It seems The Movement aficionados are still miffed:

So, Simone believes the feds view Occupy Wall Streeters as "terrorists?" Hmmm, well the head of "the feds" is a guy named Barack Obama, and here's his view on the Occupiers:

President Obama on Thursday called the "Occupy Wall Street" protests a reflection of a "broad-based frustration about how our financial system works" and pledged to continue fighting to protect American consumers.

"I think it (Occupy Wall Street) expresses the frustrations that the American people feel. I think people are frustrated."

Does that sound like the feds view "The Movement" as "terrorists?" Quite the contrary, actually. On the other hand, again, look at how comics treated that other protest movement known as the Tea Party:

“A grassroots anti-government army”

“I don’t exactly see a black man from harlem fitting in with a bunch of angry white folks…”

And our president's view on them? Well, let's see: The IRS targeted the Tea Party and similar groups for years. Powerful Obama allies even actively advocate this action. Obama thinks race plays a "key component" in Tea Party protests. And -- wait for it! -- the White House itself used the term "terrorists" for Republicans and groups that agree with them ... because they want federal spending cuts. Numerous Democrats have repeatedly used the term "terrorist" to describe Tea Party Republicans. And lastly -- are you ready for this? -- Obama supporters view the Tea Party as a bigger terror threat than ... radical Islamists!

All this, and the Tea Party has never engaged in the sorts of actions that the Occupy Movement has. Violence. Rape. Depravity. Property damage. Anti-Semitism.

But ... Gail Simone thinks our government views the Occupy Wall Street Movement as the "terrorists." Still yet another example of a "progressive" living in "the bubble" where The NarrativeTM never changes.

Wait a second -- you once voted for a Republican???

UPDATE: It's entirely possible Simone, in her tweet above, is referring to the feds of Arrow and how they view The [fictitious] Movement. But considering how the comicbook version is based on OWS, one would have grant us some leeway if we mis (or over) interpreted Simone's remarks.

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January 23, 2014

Uh oh -- Texas' Wendy Davis being compared to Christine O'Donnell

And that can't be good.

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January 22, 2014

The "progressives'" ever-increasing penchant for outright make-believe

I would ask "Is it me?" but I know it's not. Becoming ever-more commonplace is "progressives'" predilection for outright invoking pure fantasy in place of actual fact. Months ago (and perhaps still) the most egregious example was Boss Obama's oft-repeated LIE that "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." You all (meaning, rational, clear-thinking folk) then saw how quickly the "progressive" minions took to media to defend -- defend -- this complete falsehood. It was hysterical ... and pathetically sad.

More recently, now-Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis (most "famous" for last year standing up against that state's proposed more restrictive abortion law) has been caught red-handedly LYING about her past, and her supposed "hardships." Among these are how she was a "struggling" single mom who picked herself up by her bra-straps and made it to Harvard Law School. Except ... the FACTS say otherwise. She essentially married a "sugar daddy" who paid for her schooling, and whom she promptly divorced as soon as she got her degree. And this ex got custody of their (and Davis' from a previous marriage) children child (the other child was already an adult).

"... and get your soon-to-be
ex-husband to pay for it!"

But does Davis acknowledge any of this? Aside from a very lame "my language could have been 'tighter,'" absolutely not. In fact, she's doubling down against people bringing this up, calling it a "personal attack" and bringing up the ridiculously tiresome "war on women." But worst of all, she blamed her opponent for much of the attacks, and stated that challenger Greg Abbott "hasn’t walked a day in my shoes." Aside from the FACT that this implies that FALSE hardship Davis "experienced," it's insanely insulting since ... Abbott has been in a wheelchair for 30 years.

Good luck, sweetie.

Elsewhere in the Empire State, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pulling a Davis-esque maneuver in blaming everyone else for his own stupidity. But mainly that dastardly New York Post because it called the gov out on his ridiculous lingo when he said that "extreme" conservatives (what conservative isn't, really, to a "progressive?") "have no place in the state of New York." To him personally, "extreme" apparently means "right-to-life (against abortion), pro-assault-weapon (believe in 2nd Amendment), [and] anti-gay (believe in traditional marriage)." I can give Andy some leeway on that last one as there surely are "extreme" rightists who detest gay Americans, and maybe that is indeed what he meant. But I doubt it, given the other two on his list. I mean, really -- "pro-assault weapon" is just silly. "Progressives" believe any gun is an "assault weapon." There are so many examples of these idiots getting the definition wrong you can't keep count. But worst of all -- being pro-life is "extreme??" So much so that you shouldn't step one foot in Andy's state?

Cuomo said this. Instead of issuing a statement saying something like "he didn't mean it as it came out," his office hits back with FALSEHOODS: that original NY Post article author "Fred Dicker is an extreme conservative." That "Fred Dicker(!!) has angered many with what has been reported as 'hateful' comments." That the gov meant "New York is a politically moderate state and an extremist agenda is not politically viable statewide." And most hilariously of all, a plea to "Let's discuss relevant issues rationally."

(Democrats and other "progressives" would like to remind you, also, at this time: "CHRIS CHRISTIE!!!")

I sure hope the GOP (and others) are taking notes and paying close attention. In fact, if I were running for office I'd openly mock these two lemons and others -- and the liberal press -- by making a statement, and then immediately claiming I didn't say what I said. And then I'd get angry at any reporter for claiming I did say what I said. And then I'd issue a press release clamoring for "civility" and "rational discussion."

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Villains now becoming heroes

DC Comics is making a "move" with many of its most popular villains joining hero teams. Lex Luthor becoming a member of the Justice League is the latest. You may recall that Marvel had Peter Parker's (aka Spider-Man, natch) body taken over by his arch-nemesis Dr. Octopus.

'Ya gotta like how comics' modern creators believe their most base villains can get a shot at redemption. I mean, it's not as if Luthor or Ock have ever plotted massive, Hitler-esque genocide, right? The funny thing is, just imagine if Luthor or Ock was a member of the NRA ... or was against gay marriage! Then they'd be relegated to some interdimensional hoosegow for the rest of their natural lives!

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Black and white vs. color

(h/t: The Watcher)

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January 21, 2014

Good job, Wilmington

Who to invite to the 30th Annual MLK Breakfast? Why, none other than Boss Obama's "spiritual mentor," the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. And, as could easily be predicted, the rev couldn't resist his usual ridiculous antics:

Tell your children we have some unfinished business on the agenda with the voting rights bill gutted by a right-wing dominated Supreme Court … with mass incarceration robbing black and brown communities of any positive future … with jobs being shipped overseas … with one branch of the tea party being nothing but a 2.0 upgrade of the lynch mobs … with some folks doing everything they can to get that black man out of their White House.

When he was done, the rev got a standing O, and was "swarmed" by an adoring crowd.

Meanwhile, the city continues to suffer from out-of-control violence, not to mention family and societal breakdown, but Wright thinks one of the biggest threats to black Americans is ... the Tea Party. But hey, WTF can one expect from the guy whose church put out a pamphlet which stated

... Israel was the closest ally to the White Supremacists of South Africa. In fact, South Africa allowed Israel to test its nuclear weapons in the ocean off South Africa. The Israelis were given a blank check: they could test whenever they desired and did not even have to ask permission. Both worked on an ethnic bomb that kills Blacks and Arabs?

Wright doesn't seem to like Jews much. When asked if he had spoken to Boss Obama a few months after the latter's 2008 election, he said, "Them Jews aren't going to let him talk to me." He's also the guy who used the anniversary of the Dec. 7 Pearl Harbor attack to rip the United States for using its A-bombs to end the war which the Japanese started. Oh, and don't forget his praising of the "no-nonsense Marxism" of the communist FSLN (Nicaragua) and FMLN (El Salvador).

RELATED: After a mere year on the job, the Wilmington Chief of Police (the first woman appointed to the gig) is retiring. I don't blame her one damn bit.

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January 20, 2014

The last refuge

You've probably seen this by now: Obama blames racism for poor poll numbers.

President Barack Obama said that racial tensions may have softened his popularity among white voters within the last two years, according to a story posted on the New Yorker magazine’s website today.

“There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president,” Obama said in the article by David Remnick, appearing in the magazine’s Jan. 27 edition.

Hmm, this guy gets elected twice but NOW when his poll numbers begin to really tank it's racism? It just couldn't be, y'know, the unbridled clusterf*** that is ObumbleCare, right?

Buuuuut, let's not be too hard on Prez Lemon; he did tell us to consider the "flip side": "Now, the flip side of it is there are some black folks and maybe some white folks who really like me and give me the benefit of the doubt precisely because I’m a black president.” "Some" to Boss Obama must mean (in certain cases) "over 95%" since that's the rough percentage of blacks who voted for him.

All in all, this little anecdote should be no surprise whatsoever. It's meant to evoke [white] guilt and [black] "I told you so's." And, like pretty much everything else in his pathetic administration, it puts blame everywhere but on him.

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New at the Watcher's Council

Forum: What Are Your Five Favorite Movies?

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January 19, 2014

Steve Newton on the issues

Steve Newton, candidate for 22nd District Delaware State Representative, on the issues:

Education: Give resources to teachers and students, not high-stakes tests or punitive assessments; set up an elected State Board of Education that appoints a State Superintendent of Education to replace the now-very partisan Secretary of Education; school districts themselves should become the primary grantors of charters; DOE should be converted into a service and support organization rather than a supervisory one; the feds pay only about 6-7% of the cost of Delaware public education, and that’s about how much influence they should have.

Budget: It's time to end corporate welfare, risky investments and bail-outs; we should use those tens of millions for education and infrastructure improvements instead, and let those attract new business; we should reduce the bloated budget of the Department of Public Safety and Homeland Security (see below); the state should take care of state employees before you pay off CEOs; we need to prove that the General Assembly can manage the money it already has before there is a press for new revenue.

Homeland Security: We need a citizens’ oversight board and fiscal accountability for the Delaware Information Analysis Center [DIAC—fusion center]; we need to scale back the rapidly ballooning budget of Public Safety and Homeland Security, to include repurposing some of the savings into fixing Wilmington; and, why does the DSP have a navy?

Government transparency; End the practice of secret AG opinions to run organizations like DNREC or DPH; end the practice of illegal task forces (charter school task force); or the stacking of membership on boards like the hospital approval board;

Campaign reform: Let’s require real-time identification of donors and work toward only allowing individual donors; despite Citizens United there are ways to get PACs and 504s out of our state races, or at least hobble their anonymity; let’s require any debate or forum sponsored by an organization that accepts State funding to invite ALL ballot qualified candidates; let’s restore fusion candidacies and allow more voices (Green, Libertarian, etc.) to be heard in the political process.

Marijuana: Decriminalize it immediately; we should move expeditiously toward legalization; this will to reductions in violent crime and prison costs; the state should treat real substance addiction as a medical not criminal problem; legalization will lead to potential new revenues (a la Colorado).

Personal Liberty; Fix the absurd laws that prevent Certified Professional Midwives from attending home births; allow the sale of raw milk and other products of small farms under a “cottage industry” statute; relax or eliminate many small business licensing requirements and taxes to encourage “micro-businesses,” especially in Wilmington; stop the blanket collection of license plate images and other intrusive, unsupervised surveillance of law-abiding citizens by Delaware law enforcement

Gun Control: We should revisit previously passed legislation to remove sections that exempt current and retired police officers; if you have only one issue and it is gun control, then I’m probably not your guy.

Steve Newton for State Representative.

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January 18, 2014

"No idea why he did it"

"Rescuers have freed a man who had been stuck for hours in a pipe at a water treatment plant in New Jersey." The dude's name is Asef Mohamed. So, naturally, the report adds this: "United Water officials said they have no idea why Mohamed did it."

No. Idea. Not one clue. Not even a guess.

But of course. I mean, we can't upset that idiot Eric Holder now, can we?

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Watcher's Council winners

The non-Council winner was Amil Imani with An Open Letter To The God Of Islam.

Full results are here.

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Help illegal aliens instead!

Had to laugh at this Washington State legislative effort: Helping the NSA could become a crime in Washington state:

In response to national security leaks by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden about the agency, two Washington state lawmakers introduced a bill on Wednesday aimed at denying any help to federal agencies engaging in warrantless electronic surveillance.

Called the “Creating the Fourth Amendment protection act,” the bill would make providing any type of assistance — including “material support,” state funds, and services — a misdemeanor for corporations or person acting as state contractors, and a gross misdemeanor for state employees.

Violating the act could land a state employee up to a year in county jail with a $5,000 fine. In addition, they would lose their job and be barred from public service.

State contractors caught violating the act could face up to 90 days in jail with a $1,000 fine and forever lose the state’s business.

What a riot. Washington's largest city, Seattle, is a "sanctuary city" -- it offers just what the term means to illegal immigrants. The entire state of bordering Oregon is a sanctuary to illegals. So, let's understand this: Washington will throw you in jail if you somehow assist the NSA in, say, tracking down some terrorist communications, but you're perfectly safe if you harbor those in the country illegally. Got it.

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PA judge strikes down state's voter ID law

Yeah, I pretty much think it's nonsense, and the fight will continue as high as it'll go, but I was struck some months back listening to Dick Morris on Philly's WPHT radio when he had on an architect of the law. Morris -- rightly, in my opinion -- pushed the guy on the matter of how easily accessible the places one had to go to get an ID in the state truly were. In some instances, one would have to drive over an hour to get the necessary type of ID.

Why not just allow people to do what they do to get a passport -- mail in a certain size photo of themselves along with any necessary paperwork (which can be mailed to them). The person can mail all the stuff in, and in a week or so their legal photo ID is mailed out to them. Free of charge, natch. Would this not rectify the plaintiffs' beefs in the Keystone State? (Well, probably not ... they'll probably complain that the price of a freakin' stamp amounts to a "poll tax" or some other such BS, but legally it should hold up. Unless you're an idiot Eric Holder-type judge.)

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January 16, 2014

Steve Newton for for 22nd District State Representative

Citing an atmosphere of “politics as usual rather than public service” afflicting the Delaware General Assembly, Dr. Steve Newton today announced his candidacy for 22nd District (Pike Creek) State Representative. “Over the past few years our legislature has spent tens of millions on corporate welfare and casino bail-outs, while cutting State funding for transporting homeless students to school,” Newton said. “The priorities are clearly wrong.”

Newton, a Professor of History and Political Science at Delaware State University, believes he will bring critical public service experience to the General Assembly. “I’ve spent twenty years in the military, six years as a union president, and more than two decades working to improve public and higher education. I’ve served on task forces and commissions, and I’m tired of seeing that hard work watered down or ignored by State government.”

Fighting for a return to local control and pulling back from high-stakes testing in Delaware schools will be a priority, Newton explained. “We need to support students, parents, and teachers with resources, not new tests or punitive assessment models.” He also cited increased transparency and campaign spending reform as essential steps toward a better functioning government. “We’ve had an illegal charter school task force, secret Attorney General’s Office opinions, and a bipartisan atmosphere of ‘pay to play’ accepted as the status quo,” Newton asserted. “That’s got to change.”

Newton has lived in Limestone Hills in Pike Creek since 1997; his wife Faith is also a DSU Professor. They have three children and one grandchild. He is running as a Libertarian: “I won’t waste your money, I won’t try to run your private life, and I’ll be answering to voters, not party bosses.”

Steve's candidacy website is here. His political blog is The Delaware Libertarian.

Contributions to Steve can be sent to:
Friends of Steve Newton, 189 Fairhill Drive, Wilmington DE 19808.
(Make checks out to Friends of Steve Newton.) I'll be contributing! Yours truly is a big fan of Steve and his writings; I hope you'll join me in supporting his run.

There will certainly be more forthcoming! Stay tuned.

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Get the Offend-Bore Matrix ready!

Furious D's The Offend-Bore Matrix: "The use of insulting portrayals of politically correct targets to give a project more appeal to critics and within Hollywood, but fails to sell tickets because it offends a large swathe of the audience while boring the rest. The use of insulting portrayals of politically correct targets to give a project more appeal to critics and within Hollywood, but fails to sell tickets because it offends a large swathe of the audience while boring the rest."

Cut to movie maker Harvey Weinstein who says the National Rifle Association (NRA) will "wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them.”

[Howard] Stern asked Mr. Weinstein on Wednesday whether he owned a gun. The Hollywood heavyweight replied that he did not and never would. “I don’t think we need guns in this country. And I hate it,” the producer said. “I think the NRA is a disaster area.”

The movie mogul said his vision was to scare people away from firearms. He foresees moviegoers to leave thinking, “Gun stocks — I don’t want to be involved in that stuff. It’s going to be like crash and burn.”

Mr. Weinstein thinks guns are necessary for self-defense, but only in other countries, during genocides and if the weapon is not personally owned.

Uh, what? Weinstein says he thinks it would have been right for Jews to have guns during the Holocaust (no sh**) ... seemingly ignorant of the fact that the Nazis purposely confiscated firearms from them.

It may surprise you that Weinstein is behind such movies as Pulp Fiction, Rambo 6, Jackie Brown, Planet Terror, and the Kill Bill series. And yet he said "his vision" is to "scare people away from firearms." As long as it doesn't interfere with his making some major cash, though, right? (And hey, you can hear his excuses already: "Well, I did say guns were OK for genocides and in other countries [Rambo, Planet Terror] and Kill Bill relied on knives, not guns. He'll purposely avoid the other two flicks, natch.)

But back to the Offend-Bore Matrix: You can bet your bottom dollar his coming anti-NRA film will do precisely what the Matrix states. Which means, it ain't gonna do anything to "bring down" the gun-rights group. If anything, it'll have the reverse effect, just like we witnessed in Colorado with the recall elections of various gun control state legislators.

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Arrow gets it right

Some fans of comics writer Gail Simone and her comic The Movement (sort of a superhero version of the Occupy Wall Street Movement) are miffed -- miffed, I tell you! -- that the WB show Arrow featured a group by that name in the recent episode. They're miffed because this Movement "is apparently an anti-government terrorist organization."

So? What's the problem? Isn't that pretty much the case? Let's take a look at some images from a few years ago:

Not only does Simone glamorize "Occupy" with her comic, there was also an anthology of "Occupy" stories in comicbook form. This, despite the myriad instances of violence, depravity, rape, trashing of property, and littering. But the Tea Party? First, it's a miracle Arrow didn't make its "Movement" some sort of Tea Party analogue. (Maybe I'm jumping the gun and they still might. I don't watch the show.) But secondly, comics didn't waste any time condemning the TP with its partisan vitriol, despite there being absolutely NO reasonable comparison between it and Occupy when it comes to causing disruptions and crime.

So, pardon me if I don't get all huffy about The Movement on a DC Comics-based TV show more accurately depicting the real thing than the wanna-be fantasy of the Tea Party in past comics.

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January 15, 2014

Remember -- these are the "tolerant" ones!

Fox News reporter Adam Housley is married to Sister, Sister star Tamera Mowry. So, what is the big deal? Well, Housley is white, and Mowry, [half] black. That is a problem in this day and age? Apparently so. If you're a "progressive" reading this, I'm sure you're all upset about those evil, racist Tea Party types for making an issue of this couple's marriage, Correct? Not quite:

In a recent interview with OWN, an emotional Mowry said she has “never experienced so much hate ever in my life.” She said she gets called “white man’s whore” and receives comments like “back in the day you cost $300, but now you’re giving it to him for free.”

She added that an especially hurtful remark she saw online involved her twin sister, Tia who is married to actor Cory Hardrict. 'They say, 'Oh, Tia's a true black woman because she married a black man,' Tamera said. 'Oh – I'm less of a black person because I married white?' (Source, source.)

Maybe it's because Mowry married ... someone who works at Fox News.
As Michelle Malkin (who has endured her own fair share of racial epithets at the hands of "tolerant progressives") notes, "We’re leaning backward in the regressive Age of Hope and Change." She reminds us of the racial hatred exhibited in the mainstream media over notable black-white marriages -- where at least one party is conservative:

  • USA Today columnist Barbara Reynolds ripped Clarence Thomas and his [white] wife: “It may sound bigoted; well, this is a bigoted world and why can’t black people be allowed a little Archie Bunker mentality?"
  • Russell Adams, Howard University’s Afro-American Studies chair, accused Thomas of racism against all blacks for falling in love with someone outside his race. “His marrying a white woman is a sign of his rejection of the black community,” he said in the Washington Post.
  • Democratic California State Senator Diane Watson made "fun" of University of California regent Ward Connerly: “He’s married a white woman. He wants to be white. He wants a colorless society. He has no ethnic pride. He doesn’t want to be black.”

And remember -- if a [black] student says something like the above in a public school, forget about any disciplinary measures for harassment/bullying/etc. That would be discriminatory.

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Just when you thought that idiots at MSNBC couldn't get any dumber ...

... there's this:

When MSNBC boasts that it is the "progressive" network, it's really more like the "radical deconstructivist" network. I mean, this sh** is out there, people. As The Right Scoop notes,

So Wagner thinks that our laws should create gender parity in Congress. I wonder what those laws would be. Would she have men barred from running for Senate in a state that already has a male Senator? What about in congressional districts? What about people who run unopposed?

Or perhaps she’d rather have the laws create parity after the election. Once we see who got elected we just, what, have a committee pick gender appropriate replacements for the "incorrectly" elected?

Congress, MSNBC, isn’t about parity. It’s about representation. And that representation isn’t determined by demographic percentages, much as you would prefer it. It’s determined by the represented. That’s kind of a founding principle of our entire system of government so, you know, sort of a big deal.

Truly amazing this even had to be said.

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January 14, 2014

Obama likes Los Spanish Speaker-os (or so he says)

This bunch of complete inept bunglers never ceases to amaze. But you can bet some higher-up in the administration is laughing his ass off saying, "So? Who the hell are they gonna vote for? Republicans??"

CuidadoDeSalud.gov was, however, the brainchild of the Obama White House, so these fundamental truths escape the Democratic political class and their allies in the press. This latest insult has led in the minority community, even those who charitably describe the Spanish-language federal insurance exchange site as having been translated into “Spanglish,” to ponder just how pivotal they really are to Democrats’ political futures.

New Mexico University political science professor Gabriel Sanchez told the Associated Press that Hispanics are unlikely to shrug off the insultingly ignorant website. “They will look at this, and think, ‘Man, they really don’t care about us,’” Sanchez said. (Source)

I kind of doubt that, as I noted above. Nevertheless, just consider how this was even remotely possible. A friggin' translation engine to build the Spanish version of the ObumbleCare site?? In a country where the second most common lingo is Spanish? A language which has tens of millions of speakers?? In addition, the site's instructions page link to English forms. The details of the health plans aren't all written in Spanish. ObumbleCare "navigators" end up having to translate for potential customers.

Me no hah-blo Espanish bwayno.

You can bet if the GOP created such a farce, Democrats would be spending endless hours preening about how Republicans, "as usual, are out of touch with minorities" ... and how they "could care less about Hispanics."

Just keep this yet-another ObumbleCare website hilarity in mind the next time you hear a "progressive" bitch about voter ID. Remember, to them, mandating such is "discriminatory," "hateful" and causes an "undue burden" on minorities and the poor. But three years to develop a Spanish-language website so Hispanics could sign up for healthcare -- with the above result -- and this is ... what? Empathetic? Helpful? Caring? Enabling?

One can only hope that Latinos will see the light, as Dr. Sanchez alluded to above.

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New at the Watcher's Council

Forum: How Would You Change Public Education in The U.S.?

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January 13, 2014

An idea all GOP-ers should get behind

Insty notes how Republicans should get behind silly federal mandates such as those like the 21 year-old drinking age:

Republicans are supposed to stand for limited government, freedom and federalism, but it was under a Republican administration—and a Republican transportation secretary, Elizabeth Dole—that states were forced to raise their age limits or face financial penalties. That was before the tea party, though. Perhaps today, when Republican leaders across the board are singing the praises of limited government, it is time for them to put their money where their mouths are and support an end to the federal drinking-age mandate.

The "financial penalties" noted were basically denial of federal highway funds. The feds typically do stuff like this to force states to comply with their wishes. Look at education, for example, with No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top. Regarding the 21 year-old drinking age, frankly, it's stupid. I hear kids in school year after year (when they're doing the Constitution unit in History) say, "Hey, how is it that you only have to be 18 to vote and even die for your country in the military ... but you gotta wait three more years to buy a beer??

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Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week

Wilmington's John Dente covers all the bases in his 2006-ish rant against that evil of evils, George W. Bush:

One might have more success in reanimating the dead as opposed to rehabilitating the younger Bush’s reputation as the worst president in the history of the United States, one who fought unnecessary and illegal wars, whose economic policies combined with his military misadventures to cause [sic] financial collapse, and who disgraced and made a hypocrisy of the American concepts of morality and jurisprudence with his creation of the surveillance state, torture, and total disregard for the law.

Man, if I didn't know better, I'd swear John was talking about Boss Obama! Dente's real beef is with former Defense Secretary Bob Gates' book Duty, and how Boss Obama and "Plugs Biden" don't come off so well in the Secretary's opinion. As noted, it's as if Dente was plucked straight from an anti-war demonstration of the mid-2000s; let's see, we got "unnecessary" and "illegal war," "hypocrisy," "surveillance state," "torture," "total disregard for the law," used war "only to enrich themselves," "gun-toting," "Bible-banging," "lunatics," "bigots," and finally, "Teapublican Party."

But ... what about Obama and his continuation of the [evil] Bush policies? "... if they are to be condemned at all, it is for the fact that Obama and Biden continued, and even expanded, the disastrous policies of Mr. Bush," Dente says. Now let that sink in for a moment. After his epic rant about Mr. Bush, all we get about his successor and his not-only continuation, but expansion, of Bush-era policies is a lame "If they are to be condemned at all??

You can argue about the rightness of Bush's invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq 'till the cows come home, but at least Bush was committed to it. If Boss Obama really didn't believe in the Afghanistan mission (the "good war," as he called it), then why commit more troops to it? If Bush's economic policies were detrimental, what the hell can one dub Boss Obama's? "Catastrophic?" "Cataclysmic?" Regarding Bush's surveillance state, at least GW only snooped on foreign calls where one party was located overseas. Obama is snooping on everyone, including allied leaders. And lastly, "total disregard for the law?"

OK, I'm done laughing now. See 'ya.

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The continuing saga of racial Catch-22s

A woman was shocked -- SHOCKED, I tell you -- that the term "Negro" was an option for "race" on a juror form:

Raeana Roberson, 25, who is black, received the form on Monday from the Queens County courthouse when called in for jury duty. 'I felt shocked and upset and totally disrespected,' Roberson told The Huffington Post.

Roberson shared her anger on Facebook, snapping a picture of the form and writing the caption 'REALLY? "Negro"...that I am not. Hello 2014? ...jury duty..'

No word on whether Roberson has sent a letter of complaint to the NAACP -- National Association for the Advancement of Colored People -- or to the United Negro College Fund.

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The NY Times supports racial quotas in school discipline

This should come as little surprise, nor should the paper's lies:

For example, African-American students represent only 15 percent of public school students, but they make of 35 percent of students suspended once, 44 percent of those suspended more than once and 36 percent of those expelled. Statistical information does not in itself prove discrimination. But research has shown that black students do not engage in more serious or more frequent misbehavior than other students.

Just don't ask they Times about that research. Because it's nonsense. As a former Education Dept. lawyer rebuts:

The Supreme Court ruled in United States v. Armstrong (1996) that there is no legal “presumption that people of all races commit all types of crimes” at the same rate, since that is “contradicted by” real world data. For example, blacks, who are only 13% of America’s population, commit nearly half of all murders — four times the general rate.

[As] Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute has noted, black teenagers are 25 times as likely to get arrested in Chicago as whites, and the black homicide rate for teenagers is 10 times higher nationally than for whites.

Yet, incredibly, the Education Departments treats that false presumption as fact, and insists that there is no evidence of “more frequent” misbehavior by some groups, and that ”research suggests that the substantial racial disparities of the kind reflected in the CRDC data are not explained by more frequent or more serious misbehavior by students of color.”

And check out where the Times says that there are "two kinds of discrimination": "... and cases where policies — like mandatory suspension, expulsion or ticketing — are administered in a race-neutral manner but have a disproportionate and unjustified effect on students of a particular race." This is pure Orwellian nonsense at its finest. How is it "discrimination" when the policies are administered in a RACE-NEUTRAL MANNER?? How, and on what basis, is this "unjustified?"

As previously noted, two US Supreme Courts cases -- United States v. Armstrong and People Who Care v. Rockford Board of Education -- have established that what the Dept. of Education plans on doing in our schools is clearly unconstitutional.

There's a lot more here.

RELATED: The Wilmington (DE) News Journal agrees with the Times ("The statistics are on [the Obama administration's] side. Minority students and students with disabilities suffer more and greater discipline for transgressions than white students do. It is happening across the country, but a handful of states standout. Unfortunately, Delaware is one of them."); however, they offer this common sense caveat:

The trouble with the Holder-Duncan order is that the federal data is incomplete and the policy offers schools little help in fixing the problem. We are afraid it will merely create another federal mandate to fill out more paperwork merely for the sake of filling an in-basket in Washington.

In addition, as we noted in our last post, the Journal recognizes the Catch-22 schools are in:

Only a few years ago, after the shootings at Columbine and again at Newtown, Conn., the public – and elected officials – demanded armed guards in schools and zero tolerance policies for transgressions. Now the complaint is that the guards are leading to more arrests and zero tolerance policies are mindless bureaucratic traps. The schools will be criticized no matter which way they turn.

Indeed. What this is, folks, is an edict for outright denial of reality. The feds are mandating that teachers and administrators live in the Land of Make Believe.

ALSO RELATED: Linda Chavez tears apart this nonsense.

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January 12, 2014

Some comics news

Well, who didn't see this coming? Peter Parker will be back as the Amazing Spider-Man in April. If you had no idea, for quite some time now, Parker's body has been taken over by his arch-nemesis Doctor Octopus. Ock has been playing the "hero" as the "Superior" Spider-Man. Writer Dan Slott had to endure "reaction ranging from death threats to Internet backlash to childrens’ tears while maintaining secrecy" of all this. Of course, death threats are beyond ridiculous; however, WTF does he expect to happen with regards to the 'net and social media? And why wouldn't young kids cry upon learning their favorite is "dead," and is now one of his worst enemies? (Hey, don't believe for a second that Slott was ever really upset about all that ... he loved every minute of it.)

Elsewhere, Image Comics' (and conspiratorial moonbat) Erik Larsen addresses the question of whatever happened to the title Image United -- the book where all the supposed hotshot creators' characters are all featured together. Issue #s 1-3 came out (with a wacky schedule), but #4 has never seen the light of day. A #0 and Prelude came about ... "to fill the scheduling gaps." (If the word "schedule" actually means anything to these prima donnas.) At any rate, Larsen engages in a bit of honesty: "I think we should just say ‘You know what? It’s never going to happen. Sorry, but we’re a bunch of dicks’."

Some people find this offensive; I actually think it's pretty cool. And why not? Doesn't this embrace what America is all about -- a melting pot coalescing around a common [political] belief system?

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Latest global warming "concern"

It'll drive women to prostitution:

According to Democrats, climate change will affect women worse than men and could force poor women into the sex trade.

"[F]ood insecure women with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage that put them at risk for HIV, STIs, unplanned pregnancy, and poor reproductive health," the resolution says.

Hey, don't laugh. It's not any dopier than this insanity, is it?

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January 11, 2014

The hilarity continues

Meet the Press's David Gregory tweets about NJ Gov. Chris Christie:

Wow, not only is this silly because of having to prove the proverbial negative, even more telling is ... where the f*** was Gregory with this sort of question with Boss Obama and, say, the freakin' IRS scandal??

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Wilmington, DE is crushed by violent crime, but the community is up in arms about racial slur accusation.

And so it goes ...

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Schooling vs. chaos

The Obama administration is seeking racial quotas in the nation's public schools. No, not quotas for some perceived racial balance just for a school's population, but for the number of students disciplined. In other words, if the discipline figures for a school don't more or less equal that of the school's [racial] population ... then it's racist.

We've written about the danger of this previously; now the feds are making their move.

It’s part of a larger effort — backed by teachers unions, civil rights advocacy groups and other organizations — to combat the “school-to-prison pipeline,” in which minority students are disproportionately kicked out of school and subsequently end up in the criminal justice system.

But within its guidance, most of which is not controversial and merely reinforces existing nondiscrimination laws, the administration also declares that schools’ disciplinary policies cannot have a “disparate impact” on one particular group.

In plain terms, it means district rules, guidelines and enforcement cannot result in the punishment of more black students than white students for the same offense, for example.

With that in mind, school leaders surely will keep a close eye on whether the same number of children from given racial groups are disciplined in equal number and equal measure for the same behavior.

“You have to make certain that your school discipline cases match those percentages. If you don’t, you’ll have the feds on your doorstep,” said Joshua Dunn, a political science professor at the University of Colorado and director of the university’s Center for Legal Studies. “If they actually do enforce these guidelines, there will be unintended consequences. This creates some rather destructive incentives. I don’t think there’s any way around that.”

The feds are pushing methods "for creating safe and positive school climates, which are essential for boosting student academic success and closing achievement gaps.” In other words, things the schools should be doing that parents used to. Yet another thing on teachers' and administrators' plates all the while politicians clamor for accountability on the academic front. At any rate, you now can't just kick a kid out of the classroom for being a constant disruption; you have to find out why the kid is doing what he's doing, and then take actions to help "remedy" it. You know, while your 30+ other kids are still sitting in class awaiting instruction. Take a look at the doublespeak and wishful thinking on the part of the feds:

"Maintaining safe and supportive school climates is absolutely critical, and we are concerned about the rising rates and disparities in discipline in our nation’s schools,” said Secretary Duncan. “By teaming up with stakeholders on this issue and through the work of our offices throughout the department, we hope to promote strategies that will engage students in learning and keep them safe.”

Requiring racial quotas in discipline will make schools and classrooms anything but safe and supportive. Why in the world does the government care more about the chronic problem students than the vast majority of students who wish to ... learn?

Hans Bader, a former attorney with the [federal] Education Dept., notes that ultimately, this sort of federal "oversight" could get it into trouble:

“The only practical way for a school system to comply with the Education Department’s demands is to adopt a de facto racial quota in discipline. But this itself puts the school system in legal jeopardy, since at least one federal appeals court has said that schools cannot use racial targets or quotas for school discipline, since that violates the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause.”

Bader added that in the case of People Who Care v. Rockford Board of Education, the court ruled that “a school cannot use race in student discipline to offset racial disparities not rooted in school officials’ racism (so-called “disparate impact”).”

Bader adds that, regarding People Who Care v. Rockford Board of Education,

... it didn’t just strike down overt use of race to achieve a racial target or racial balancing. It voided even the requirement of racial balance, thus disposing of any potential argument by the Education Department that it’s OK to require racial targets or balancing, as long as the school is merely told to achieve the target, but not (explicitly) told to use race to achieve it.

So, maybe a school district that'd be willing to stand up to Eric Holder and Arne Duncan (good luck, though -- money, after all) can emphasize this case, among others. Others such as United States v. Armstrong (an 8-1 decision) which held that "crime rates are not the same for different races, and that racial disparities in crime rates and conviction rates are not proof of racial discrimination." Bader continues that not disciplining black students for misbehavior or some other violation just because some other black students were previously disciplined (more than white students) is "as crazy as ordering police to stop arresting black criminals just because they previously arrested more blacks than whites."

The feds state also that even if a school discipline policy "is neutral on its face," and "is administered in an evenhanded manner," if it has that disparate impact on students of a particular race, it's bad. Ironically however, policies like much maligned "zero tolerance" measures (those applied to whomever no matter what whenever the policy is violated) came about partly because school officials were fearful of "lawsuits charging that principals disciplined unequally based on race or other factors." Setting straight, specific guidelines enabled administrators to say "Look, you did this. This is the consequence. It's written right here." Schools set up their own codes of conduct which did the same thing. But then ... the racial numbers still weren't "balanced" after the implementation of these measures! B-b-b-b-but ...! (Also take a look at Kilroy's coverage of Delaware's Christina School District's intervention by the feds regarding disparate disciplinary measures. One of the points of contention was that, yes, the district was using terminology that was too subjective, thus making the point about the origin of zero tolerance policies. What a Catch-22. A school board member even noted that the district's definition of "inappropriate behavior" needed to be "thoroughly defined.")

Let's cut to the chase: As was alluded to above, if law enforcement was required to arrest people in proportion to their numbers in the general population, the result would be chaos. Crime would be beyond rampant and society would crumble. (UPDATE: Has this already begun?) Why should we expect schools, then, to follow such a ridiculous idea? Would you want your child to attend a school where the most chronically disruptive students weren't only not removed from your kid's class, but weren't even disciplined period?? What do you think that class would be like? What do you think that school would be like? It seems that when consultants, lawyers, advocates, and school officials ask why there may be disparate disciplinary rates among races in schools, the reasons bandied about rarely, if ever, include the obvious: that maybe, just maybe, students in certain [racial/ethnic] groups actually misbehave more often than others. And then consider this: should we do away with penalties things such as lateness to school and/or class? If there is a preponderance of students of a particular race coming late to class, how would that be evidence of teacher/administrator/institutional racism? Would clocks now be considered prejudiced? (Well, yes, actually. Because staff would be treated to something akin to this, where they'd be "educated" on how certain groups are different, and that "linear time is an inherently Caucasian-Western concept." And, hence is discriminatory. Or something.)

Ultimately, this is all the product of the current Democratic-led Education Department which, as Bader says, "outsource[s] civil-rights policy to left-wing radicals" and leads to guidelines and interpretations "which were probably drafted by left-wing civil-rights bureaucrats with little understanding of how classrooms operate in the real world."

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January 10, 2014

Watcher's Council winners

The non-Council winner was Sean Davis/The Federalist with Sorry, Comrade, But You Didn’t Just Discover The Secret To Making Communism Work.

Full results are here.

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What'd we tell you?

The Boss Obama administration, which "won't tell Congress what resources it is devoting to the IRS probe" ... and "has also doubled down by expanding the political vetting of 501(c)(4) groups seeking tax-exempt status," wasted not a second in "leak[ing] to the media that the U.S. Attorney is investigating the [New Jersey] lane closures as a criminal matter." That's the scandal currently enveloping NJ Gov. Chris Christie.

The mainstream media has the sort of scandal it always desires -- one involving a high profile Republican. There's already been a ton more MSM coverage of Christie's issues than the last six months of the IRS matter. Yet, as the Wall Street Journal notes, "compared to using the IRS against political opponents during an election campaign, closing traffic lanes for four days is jaywalking." (For good measure, take a gander: There's CNN idiot Piers Morgan comparing "Trafficgate" to ... Richard Nixon and the original "gate" -- Watergate.)

The media -- which for seven years made George W. Bush's "transgressions" against the Constitution (Gitmo, "enhanced interrogation," NSA spying, black sites, etc.) appear to be evil incarnate, has said nary a word in the last five years about Boss Obama's continuation -- and expansion -- of same. That, along with the other abuses of power like the IRS targeting, changing ObumbleCare unilaterally, and lying for several years about it. Keep all this in mind the next time a Republican is in the White House: The current Chris Christie scandal is what we're in for. Boss Obama and his acolytes are so brazen these days (thanks to the complicit MSM) that instances like these -- where the Democrat Party chairperson says with a straight face that Christie's political scandal is worse than Boss Obama's scandals -- aren't guffawed at as they should be.

Remember: To the media and the Boss Obama LIV crowd, when a "progressive" like President Lemon is in charge, it matters NOT what they do. He MEANS well. Anything he does, no matter how outrageous, illegal, or scandalous, comes without consequences. Because, again, he's "GOOD." Republicans are, as noted previously, evil incarnate. Anything they do has malevolent intent.

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January 09, 2014

Look! A scandal the media doesn't have to cover for!!

By now you've probably heard about the [potential] scandal surrounding New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. If you haven't, you really haven't been paying attention:

From CBS News.com's main page this morning:

From ABC News.com's main page this morning:

From NBC News.com's main page this morning:

From CNN.com's main page this morning:

You can add to this mix MSNBC's (surprise, that) "Morning Joe," ("This Could ‘Kill’ Him Being GOP Nominee") and the Washington Post ("Bridge Scandal Engulfing Christie"). And check it -- There's already 17 times more coverage on Christie scandal than in last six months of the IRS scandal. SEVENTEEN TIMES!

Now, we're not saying that this matter should not be covered. Not by any means. What we are saying is ... the guy in the White House didn't get these sort of headlines (or nightly news lead-offs like NBC's last evening) when the Benghazi situation exploded, or especially when the IRS scandal and bungled ObumbleCare rollout unfolded. If he did, they were often defensive and included phrases like "the GOP alleges ..." To make the point, just take a gander at what the LA Times' Doyle McManus wrote about Boss Obama, for instance:

For many presidents — Richard M. Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton — this was the point when the scandals took over. President Obama has run into his share of controversies, but none that quite reached scandalhood. (Does anyone even remember the IRS flap?)

If not, Doyle, we have only people like yourself to blame, idiot.

I'm not a very big fan of Chris Christie; I happen to think this whole "traffic study" nonsense is just that: hooey. However, unlike President Lemon, the dude held a two hour press conference and answered every question put his way. And -- he actually fired some people. And sorry, this state matter is small peanuts compared to using the country's own secret police -- the IRS -- to intimidate and punish people, not to mention constantly lying about your major policy initiative which alters one-sixth of the economy and screws people out of their health insurance.

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January 08, 2014

Watcher's Council nominations

Honorable Mentions:

And the non-Council nominations are here!

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January 07, 2014

Indian group miffed at polling company for not engaging in push polling

The Oneida Indian Nation "is refusing to accept recent polling that finds widespread, bipartisan support for the Redskins’ name." Why? Because Public Policy Polling didn't indicate in their question that the NFL team's name was offensive. Here's what PPP asked: “Do you think the Washington Redskins should change their nickname, or not?”

What would OIN have the question ask instead? Apparently something like "The dictionary says the term 'Redskin' is a racial slur; do you support Washington keeping that name for its football team?" Yeah, nice push polling there. The dictionary also says "gay" means "happy." So? And the actual history of the term isn't exactly what OIN claims.

OIN is just miffed that the public doesn't see things their way (71% of those polled supported keeping the name), which includes their fellow Native Americans.

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Video of the Day

That'd be Dennis Rodman's epic rant on CNN after being confronted on palling around with North Korean leader Kim Jung Un.

"I don't give a rat's ass what the hell you think. I'm saying to you, look at these guys here, look at them ... they dared to do one thing, they came here."

Apparently referring to Kim, Rodman said, "I love my friend. This is my friend."

Regarding U.S. citizen Kenneth Bae, "who's been detained there for more than a year," Rodman said, "Kenneth Bae did one thing ... If you understand what Kenneth Bae did. Do you understand what he did in this country? No, no, no, you tell me, you tell me. Why is he held captive here in this country, why? ... I would love to speak on this."

As you might expect, moral giants like Jesse Jackson have chimed in to defend Rodman.

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January 06, 2014

It's true -- weather is not climate, but ...

Charles C.W. Cooke has a must-read today about climate hysteria. The sub-headline, in my view, says it best: "Antarctic ice doesn’t discredit the warmists, but they should dial down the death-cult drama."

You may have heard about the researchers on the 7th continent who are stuck in ice, some of whom are global warming scientists. Yeah, it's worth chuckling about, mostly because of what Cooke notes: It makes the perpetual hysteria we hear about regarding warming much more of a joke than it already is. And these two combined make those who are already skeptical about GW even more skeptical, which is a shame, really.

Let's take a gander at some of the reasons why skeptics are having a field day with this Antarctica story:

  • In 2006, Al Gore "argued that the breakup of the Antarctic ice shelves was imminent." (By 2013, "sea ice in the region had grown to a record level for the second consecutive year.")
  • Scientist Wieslaw Maslowski "anticipated in 2006 that that the Arctic’s summer ice would 'completely disappear' by 2013."
  • Al Gore predicted in 2007 that "the entire North Polar ice cap will be gone in five years."
  • Kenneth Watt in 1970 said “if present trends continue, the world will be about four degrees colder for the global mean temperature in 1990, but eleven degrees colder in the year 2000 . . . twice what it would take to put us into an ice age.”
  • James Hansen in 1988 said "New York City’s West Side Highway would be underwater by the year 2000."
  • The 1990 IPCC Report predicted sea levels would increase by around 120 millimeters by 2014. This was off by a factor of five.

"Progressives" who are vehement about global warming (now altered to "climate change") fail to realize that there are many folks (like me) who do believe the climate is changing ... just that there are way too many variables involved to somehow justify drastically altering my lifestyle in the name of "saving the Earth from imminent doom."

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New at the Watcher's Council

Forum: Whom Would You Least Like To See In A Presidential Matchup In 2016?

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January 05, 2014

Merely saying "I'm not gay" isn't enough

Related the former Minnesota Vikings Chris Kluwe matter noted most recently here, Hudson Taylor opines via CNN.com that heterosexual athletes who are questioned about their sexuality don't do enough if they merely say "I'm not gay."

While [Green Bay Packers QB Aaron] Rodgers effectively put an end to the discussion of personal life and vowed to "keep on trucking," what was left unsaid was any support for the LGBT community or contemplation of the broader questions such rumor-mongering raises about our sports culture and the specter of acceptance.

Why is it up to Rodgers to do that? Hudson notes in his article that Rodgers is "intensely private;" why does he have to do more than just answer the question of whether he's gay or not, let alone answer it at all? Y'see, this is where advocates for the LGBT community tend to ... lose many in the straight community who are otherwise if not completely sympathetic to their situation, at least understanding. It's not enough to just accept gay team/classmates; you have to be proactive about the lifestyle ... and even promote it. Rodgers, according to Hudson, should have added something like, "Yeah, I'm not gay but what would have been the big deal if I was?" Even though the Packers QB is, again, "intensely private."

A lot of the remainder of what Hudson says is certainly admirable: He's a [straight] college wrestling coach who has taken an active role in battling homophobia in sports. He speaks highly of the aforementioned Kluwe, but seems to take his side of the current squabble with his former team, despite the fact that the accused have vigorously denied Kluwe's allegations, and that there's little dispute that Kluwe's "outspokenness" on LGBT issues became a distraction to the Vikings when he was still on their roster.

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The country's in the very best of hands

Boss Obama, while on vacation in Hawaii, rips the GOP for "going home for the holidays" and "abandoning the less fortunate."

What, me worry?

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Laugher of the Day

Jesse A. Myerson's "Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should be Fighting For" in Rolling Stone. Here's what they are:

  • 1. Guaranteed Work for Everybody
  • 2. Social Security for All
  • 3. Take Back The Land
  • 4. Make Everything Owned by Everybody
  • 5. A Public Bank in Every State

Reason's Nick Gillespie's response is well worth your time. If Myerson's moronic column doesn't already give himself away, maybe the hashtag "#FULLCOMMUNISM" in his Twitter bio will.

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January 04, 2014

You can be shot by an unloaded gun

So says Sacramento City (CA) Councilmember Sandy Sheedy, District 2:

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Illegal immigrant gains law license

... and the LA Times never once uses the term "illegal." In fact, its headline merely says “California court grants law license to Mexican immigrant.” Like, so what if that's all there is to it?

Hey, it's certainly a debatable matter about this guy's case, being that he was brought to the US as a year and a half-old boy. But the Times doesn't want you to debate the matter. It's wants you to accept its point of view, which, natch, is all in favor of this guy getting his law license.

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Kevin Smith shows how "brave" he is

Via Douglas Ernst: Filmmaker Kevin Smith is going to demonstrate how ... "brave" of a guy he is with his next endeavor: A movie titled Helena Handbag, about "mankind teaming up with Hell to fight a rapturing giant Jesus."

Gee, how "edgy!" How "courageous!" How "daring!"


As Doug says,

If Kevin Smith wants a movie that no one else would make, perhaps he could write a film that pits Giant Muhammed against Mothra. Giant Muhammed could also have a harem of topless women the size of The Sacred Mosque Al-Masjid Al-Haram. But Smith won’t go there because it’s easier to needle Christians with “Christzilla” than it is to make a film that lands on the radar of the world’s nuttiest Islamic clerics. Just ask Mark Basseley Youssef (formerly Nakoula Basseley Nakoula), the director of “Innocence of Muslims.” He’s the guy the Obama administration couldn’t act fast enough to pull out of his home for a perp walk. Crime? Daring to criticize Islam.

Not to mention, there's the little tidbit about being scared shitless. Just ask MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell about that: In a rare moment of complete honesty, Crazy Larry admitted that "I would like to criticize Islam much more than I do publicly, but I'm afraid for my life if I do." When asked about, say, Mormons, O'D responded, "They'll never take a shot at me. Those other people (Muslims), I'm not going to say a word about them."

The ever-indignant Furious D has more. Which certainly makes sense since his Offend-Bore Matrix comes into play here. The OBM says

The use of insulting portrayals of politically correct targets to give a project more appeal to critics and within Hollywood, but fails to sell tickets because it offends a large swathe of the audience while boring the rest.

Furious adds,

So he makes films like Red State, a horror film about Hollywood's irrational fear of "psycho American Christians" inspired by America's craziest pseudo-Christian religious cult the Westboro Baptist Church which consists of 1 large family and approximately 5 other people, who haven't actually done any physical violence. In fact, all the Westboro dicks seem good at is attracting attention for being obnoxious.

It got him some attention, but the film wasn't the noble disaster he needed to bow out. So why not ... follow that up with an apocalyptic comedy about battling Jesus.

Indeed. And that's precisely the Offend-Bore Matrix -- it'll give more "cred" to Smith in the comfy bubble of Hollywood, but he won't make squat at the box office. And, Smith won't have a damn thing to worry about safety-wise, despite the "message" of flicks like Red State.

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January 03, 2014

Watcher's Council winners

The non-Council winner was Sherri Mandel with I’m Glad My Son’s Murderers Have Not Been Found.

Full results are here.

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Now he says something

Contradicting what he had said earlier last year as noted here, former Minnesota Vikings punter and outspoken gay activist Chris Kluwe now says his special teams coach is a "bigot," and the former head coach and general manager are "cowards."

Kluwe says too he believes he was let go from the Vikes "largely because of his social activism, specifically his outspoken support of same-sex marriage." He also says he didn't say anything until now because, he notes, "I wasn’t going to bring that on the team during the year."

Oh, but is this the real story? "Now that it’s pretty obvious that I’m not going to get another shot in the NFL, I feel like it’s a story that needs to be told.” In other words, "I need money (and another shot at relevance)"?

The notion that the Vikings dismissed Kluwe because of his outspokeness has already been debunked:

  • Kluwe finished 2012 ranked No. 31 among NFL punters in a statistic the Vikings value highly: punts downed inside the 20. Of Kluwe's 72 punts, 18 settled in what the league considers poor field position.
  • Kluwe set a career high with a 39.9-yard net average, but that mark still ranked in the lower half (No. 18 overall) among punters.

And the current article notes this:

The Vikings released Kluwe in May after drafting Locke in the fifth round. Kluwe was 31 years old and was scheduled to make $1.45 million. He signed with Oakland but did not make the team out of training camp. He had tryouts with several other teams but was not signed.

The only team he could make was the lowly Raiders, and even they ended up not signing him?

Kluwe says he has witnesses to the [homophobic] incidents he described happening; nevetheless, numerous Vikings team members came forward on Twitter to defend the accused special teams coach. He also says he has "no idea yet" as to whether he'll take legal action (discrimination suit). Y'know, the cash thing again.

The Raiders, Chris, THE RAIDERS!!!! 'Nuff said.

(h/t to Minnesota native Carl.)

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Best article on Star Trek's trutherism yet

As we noted back in September, the writer of Star Trek Into Darkness is a known 9-11 Truther. This site does a terrific job of nailing down all the related nonsense. The conclusion:

While there have been Starfleet officials who have been bad guys in the previous Trek continuity, Marcus is special because he’s the very head of Starfleet. In the reboot universe Starfleet isn’t dealing with occasional bad apples, it’s rotten from the very top. It is an organization run by criminals, something that would not have fit in Roddenberry’s vision.

(h/t to Nate)

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Enjoyment and being an a**hole

Comicbook writer Ed Brubaker ironically tweets:

Some responses by some of our "buddies":

After many answers, Brubaker subsequently tweeted

To be fair, at least Marz (and Dan Slott) have stated that they are aware of the [business] chance they take by being outspoken on certain matters (usually political). But, once again, it's one thing to spout off on matters political, and another to be, as Brubaker pondered, a jerk about it. It would matter much less to me (and I'd be a lot more inclined to buy their stuff) if people like Marz, Slott and Simone tweeted left-wing politics ... but were a lot more gracious/respectful towards dffering opinions. Not to sound like a broken a record, but, y'know, Michael Jordan's 1990 comment about Republicans buying shoes, too, and all ...

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ObumbleCare update

Because you're too f***ing stupid: ObumbleCare regs require vending machines themselves to carry calorie info on them -- not just on the individual items (h/t to Geraghty):

Requiring calorie information to be displayed on roughly 5 million vending machines nationwide will help consumers make healthier choices, says the Food and Drug Administration, which is expected to release final rules early next year. It estimates the cost to the vending machine industry at $25.8 million initially and $24 million per year after that, but says if just .02 percent of obese adults ate 100 fewer calories a week, the savings to the health care system would be at least that great.

Yeah, because Boss Obama and crew have been soooo accurate and on the money with the healthcare projections thus far, right?

In Massachusetts:

Only 497 of the almost 50,000 applicants who filed online have a new ConnectorCare plan. The agency can't say how long it will take to finish processing the other 45,000 applications or bring 89,000 residents who have subsidized coverage, but haven't even started to re-enroll, into the new, post Obamacare plans.

In Minnesota, "the average wait time for people calling MNsure for help on Thursday was 62 minutes."

Meanwhile, the Boss Obama admin is busy bullying nuns about covering procedures that violate their faith.

Here in Delaware, even our local go-along-to-get-along daily can't ignore the obvious: Medicaid 'surprise' will prove costly to state.

Lastly, a Harvard study shows that Medicaid expansion -- oops! -- increases hospital emergency room use. Lovely.

UPDATE: Han Bader has more on the last item above.

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Headline from Ace

Surprise: 98% of Reports on the Ice-Bound Antarctic Expedition Fail to Mention They Were Researching "Global Warming"

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January 01, 2014

Line of the Day

Via Jim Geraghty's e-mailed "Morning Jolt":

OUT: MSNBC's prime-time lineup insisting every GOP position is driven by racial discrimination.
IN: MSNBC's prime-time lineup insisting every GOP position is driven by gender discrimination.

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NBC and comicbook creators -- keepin' it 'real' and 'classy'

"Comedienne" Natasha Leggero, appearing with Carson Daly during part of NBC's New Year's celebration, made a "joke" about Pearl Harbor survivors "gumming" their food now: "... it sucks that the only survivors of Pearl Harbor are being mocked by the only food they can still chew. It's just sad."

Wow. This, coupled with sister station MSNBC's mocking of Mitt Romney's adopted black grandchild, and the network is starting off the new year as the epitome of class. But to those living in the comfortable bubble of everyone-agrees-with-me "progressivism," such brazen insensitivity and offensiveness is to be completely overlooked and/or ignored. For example, here's what Superior Spider-Man writer Dan "Setting the Record Straight" Slott "humorously" tweeted last night:

Yeah, because, while using a hyperbolic term like "war" is a little over the top, highlighting inane instances that happen every year across the country where (typically) a few local school officials ridiculously overreact to the federal holiday of Christmas (usually in the name of the "progressive" religion of "diversity/tolerance") is, well, stupid.

If Slott somehow sees/hear about this post, he'll most likely stick to form as he did here and clamor that he is balanced, has conservative friends, yada yada yada. But he's already on record stating that Fox "has no equal when it comes to sleaze." Let's see: Using the term "War" on Christmas vs. mocking an adopted black grandchild, and Pearl Harbor veterans having to gum their food now. In Slott-world, the former has "no equal" in the sleaze dept.

It seems the new year certainly won't change the stupidity and knee-slapping hypocrisy of many contemporary comicbook folk and NBC talking heads.

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