October 31, 2012

Disney Star Wars update

Spinoff reports that Episode VII will be an original story -- no basis on anyone's novels or anything else.

“Forget the Star Wars novels. Forget the graphic novels. Forget everything you think you know about what happens to Luke Skywalker. According to my sources, Episode 7 will literally be nothing you’ve ever seen or read before from the Star Wars universe.”

Flashbacks featuring Luke-Yoda love scenes
were ruled out for
Episode VIII.

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Idiot Touré falls for a way-obvious photoshop

What a maroon: "This is the most incredible Sandy pic I've seen yet. A scuba diver in the subway."

The pic?

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Obama inauguration reverend: "All whites are going to hell"

Of course, if this was Mitt Romney's LDS pastor (do they call them "pastors?"), the mainstream media would pound this for days. As it is, a small outlet in Georgia reports the following (via the Georgia Tipsheet):

[Dr. James] Lowery said that when he was a young militant, he used to say all white folks were going to hell. Then he mellowed and just said most of them were. Now, he said, he is back to where he was.

"I'm frightened by the level of hatred and bitterness coming out in this election," said Lowery.

Reverend Wright, Dr. Lowery, Father Pfleger, Bill Ayers ... yeah, we're all supposed to believe that Boss Obama shares nothing in common with what these folks fundamentally believe.

Yeah. Again, just imagine if Romney had even the remotest connection to someone like them on the other side of the poli spectrum.

Boss Obama presents Dr. Lowery with the
Presidential White Cracker Medal.

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What the Right constantly has to deal with

Headline today on MSN News: Obama visits storm victims, Romney campaigns. The actual article is more fair; however, in the lightning fast world of Internet news, that headlines are all.

Elsewhere, MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell slammed Mitt Romney for -- wait for it -- collecting storm supplies during Hurricane Sandy. Another MSNBC idiot, Martin Bashir, did the same thing, emphasizing that the Red Cross wanted monetary donations and not food or supplies. He (and Mitchell) must've missed the way-too obvious large television screens where Romney was asking people to donate to the Red Cross.

It truly is head-scratching how the MSM can turn something so innocent (and charitable) into something so "sinister." All the while blatantly -- in a fit of journalistic malpractice, really -- ignoring the cover-up that is Boss Obama and the Benghazi terrorist attack non-reaction/lie.

Bill O'Reilly once posited that the bias of the MSM gives the Democrat presidential candidate (in this case Boss Obama) a three-to-five percent bump in poll numbers. Frequent O'Reilly guest Bernie Goldberg thinks it's worse:

I tend to believe that number is much larger. After all, we’re not just talking about the media promoting Obama and disparaging Romney. We’re talking about the stories the media chooses to hype and the ones they choose to downplay. We’re talking about the information they willfully omit, and the partisan assertions they fail to challenge. We’re talking about the narratives that they help the president advance, and the messages from the Romney campaign that they work to bury. We’re even talking about the entertainment industry and late-night comedians, who by their own admissions can’t bring themselves to make sharp jokes at the president’s expense.

Again, if a Republican was president and something like what happened in Benghazi, Libya occurred, it would be endless headlines day after day -- especially if the prez offered up the excuses and lies that Boss Obama has. Hell, just look at the much less severe Valerie Plame story, for example. The MSM was determined to find a link to Pres. Bush for the supposed "outing" of a "covert" agent (who was stationed comfortably in Washington, DC), yet it now could care not at all that Boss Obama has offered up numerous conflicting stories about what happened in Libya, most especially why his administration pushed the now-false narrative that a ridiculous YouTube video was responsible for the carnage at our consulate there. (The video whose maker remains in jail, by the way!) Four people, including our Libyan ambassador, were killed, and the reason for these deaths pushed for a week by Boss Obama is a known LIE. And only Fox News and various right-leaning media outlets report on it.

It's beyond disgusting.

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October 30, 2012

Star Wars Episode VII coming in 2015

Disney has just acquired the rights to Lucasfilm (George Lucas' film company, natch) and promises a brand new Star Wars flick in three years:

For the past 35 years, one of my greatest pleasures has been to see Star Wars passed from one generation to the next… It’s now time for me to pass Star Wars on to a new generation of filmmakers. I’ve always believed that Star Wars could live beyond me, and I thought it was important to set up the transition during my lifetime. I’m confident that with Lucasfilm under the leadership of Kathleen Kennedy, and having a new home within the Disney organization, Star Wars will certainly live on and flourish for many generations to come. Disney’s reach and experience give Lucasfilm the opportunity to blaze new trails in film, television, interactive media, theme parks, live entertainment, and consumer products.

Ms. Kennedy will serve as executive producer on new Star Wars feature films, with George Lucas serving as creative consultant. Star Wars Episode 7 is targeted for release in 2015, with more feature films expected to continue the Star Wars saga and grow the franchise well into the future.

I've never read any Star Wars-related novels, so I've no idea whatsoever what a sequel would entail. A continuing battle between Rebel forces and those of the Galactic Empire leading to a restoration of the Galactic Republic? An all-new force of Jedi Knights? The execution of Jar Jar Binks?

Here's some of what Lucas had originally planned. Think Progress has further ideas. Or, maybe there will be more of this:

Whatever the case, I'll be there come 2015.

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Post Sandy Roundup

So how did it go? We had lots of wind and rain but that's about it. Some water in the basement but nothing damaged. Sound off in the comments.

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Go, Kilroy!

From the inimitable Kilroy today:

The appointment of Mark Murphy as Delaware’s Secretary of Education has been a train-wreck. Three years of teaching experience in physical education and two years experience as school administrator is poor qualifications for such a position.

And this, in a nutshell, is a big problem in education today: Woefully inexperienced administrators appointed/hired for the most head-scratching of reasons. In Gov. Markell's case, though, the reason is pretty obvious -- the need for a head-nodding "yes" man that the guv knows he'll always have in his back pocket. Just do us all a favor, Murph -- don't show up in a 20+ year teaching veteran's classroom to offer any "advice" based on your "vast" amount of experience, hear? That, or don't act surprised if you're met with eye-rolling chuckles if you do.

(I know Kilroy blasts Murphy for other reasons, but this needed to be said!)

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October 29, 2012

Delaware's own Joe Biden

Here's "Plugs" claiming that nasty Mitt Romney wants to give the wealthy a "one point trillion" dollar tax cut (whatever the f*** that is):

Maybe he was trying to up himself after stating that the GOP gave a "$500 trillion tax cut to the rich":

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The eye of the storm

Yep, we're in Hurricane Sandy's direct path. I mean direct. We'll keep blogging as long as there's power!

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Isn't that special?

Boss Obama has canceled an event in Florida to head back to DC so he can monitor Hurricane Sandy.

Funny how he didn't do precisely that when the whole Benghazi, Libya thing was going down, eh?

Be sure to check Insty for all sorts of Boss Obama-Benghazi attack story links ... the vast majority of which, natch, say that the president is an incompetent boob.

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New at the Watcher's Council

Watcher's Council Forum: Is DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) Unconstitutional?

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The conundrum (and hypocrisy) and education liberals

The ('unbiased" according to Mike Matthews) National Education Association has endorsed Barack Obama for president to no one's surprise. However, with the debacle that is Race to the Top, it almost defies reason that such an endorsement was given. Many have dubbed RTTT as No Child Left Behind on steroids. Yet, as anyone who received the NEA's monthly, NEA Today, during the eight years of the Bush administration, NCLB was regularly pilloried -- lambasted by magazine and letter writers alike. So, if RTTT is NCLB (see all the silly little acronyms us educators have to deal with?) on steroids, why is the NEA so in love with Obama?

I know, I know, it's ultimately a silly question. It's ultimately about unions, after all. Nevertheless, the vitriol with which Bush's NCLB was met by NEAers is now making these same folk out to be ridiculous hypocrites. And no more so than in the First State, Delaware. Governor Jack Markell is running TV ads touting Race to the Top, knowing full well it has been a clusterf*** of unimaginable proportions to the state's teachers. (Check out what Matthews thinks of it.) If you don't believe this right-leaning person, then merely venture over to the aforementioned Mike Matthews' blog, or that of John Young, a Delaware school district school board member. The so-called "Component 5" of the state's teacher evaluations is a sad joke: hastily assembled and rolled out by the bloated bureaucracy that is the state Dept. of Education (and the dept. is even more bloated since RTTT funds came rolling in), teachers having no idea what to do or what's expected of them, and possibly worse -- administrators not knowing what to do or what's expected of them.

Again, don't believe me? Ask virtually any state teacher or administrator. It's very simple.

Moreover, Gov. Markell has also vigorously touted his financial incentives to teachers who "raise test scores" (with the help of state news monopoly News Journal), granting up to $10K in bonuses. What's not mentioned, of course, is that "only six of the original 30 schools chosen to participate actually accepted the offer."

So, again, why are Markell and Obama so supported by the NEA? The programs they tout are traditionally loathed by teachers (and their unions), especially the so-called "pay for performance" rewards. George W. Bush's No Child Left Behind was chided constantly by liberals as an "unfunded mandate" and not having realistic [mandated] goals. It was chided by conservatives as an unnecessary federal venture into what is supposed to be a state/local matter. I agree with both of these complaints; in addition, I believe it was a brutally political move by Bush to co-opt a traditionally Democrat issue. (The one plus about NCLB, in my opinion, was that it did focus in on raising the achievement of traditionally lower socio-economic status groups, and special needs children. How it measured these groups [and others] was the problem, though.)

Consider this when you wonder how Delaware's teachers union agreed to all the RTTT stuff a few years back: the former president of the Delaware branch of the NEA -- Diane Donohue -- was hired in 2011 by the state Dept. of Education to "oversee teacher evaluation changes." Yep. Which led to the way-too obvious:

House Minority Leader Greg Lavelle said in a statement that the hiring would create "an unfortunate public perception" that it was "more about political payback than educational excellence."

Needless to say, First State edu-blogger Kilroy wasn't too happy about this job offer, either.

So, as the First State continues under one party (Democrat) rule, it seems its union will merely continue its usual Democrat-backing ways, with the Markell administration continuing its phony political ads touting the charlantry that is its "winning" Race to the Top application, and the financial incentive program for teachers that only 20% of the chosen schools agreed to be part of.

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A liberal who gets it

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October 28, 2012


(Via Insty.)

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October 27, 2012

Sci-fi Saturday

(h/t to RWR.)

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October 26, 2012

Watcher's Council results

The non-Council winner was Bing West with First, Aid the Living.

Full results are here.

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October 25, 2012


I tweeted this right after I heard it last night: Fox News contributor Bob Beckel was serious when he told Bill O'Reilly that "it doesn't matter" that all the major networks' talking heads are liberals and/or Democrats. Check it out:

This is "progressive" elitism (and delusion) in the proverbial nutshell -- these anchors et. al. "are beyond" taking sides. Right. Somehow, though, it doesn't apply to Fox News' straight news folks ... y'know, the network which the Boss Obama administration attempted to boycott and ostracize early in its term. (That worked out really well, huh?)

"Doesn't matter?" Let's see:

  • A check at ABCNews.com an hour or so ago found no mention of Boss Obama and Benghazi. Maybe this explains it.

  • MSNBC has a total blackout on coverage of the Boss Obama-Benghazi cover-up.

  • The Washington Post buries the latest Benghazi revelations on page A9.

  • The NY Times puts the Benghazi e-mail revelations on page A5.

  • Politico thinks Senate hopeful Richard Mourdock's controversial abortion comments are more important than Benghazi-gate.

  • The AP ignored the fact that Boss Obama knew about the nature of the Benghazi attacks.

But perhaps most damning:

  • CBS's "60 Minutes" did not air proof that Boss Obama knew about the nature of the Benghazi attacks the day after they happened -- thereby indicting Boss Obama, but also itself being in on the deception!

It truly is remarkable how totally in the bag for Boss Obama our dinosaur media is. 30 years ago they'd get away with it and we'd probably never know. But it's a whole new media world now. Which makes comments like Beckel's the essence of pure, unadulterated fantasy.

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October 24, 2012

Iron Man 3 trailer

In case you're wondering:

  • Yep, that was Tony Stark remotely controlling his armor. Recall that we reported that IM3 is supposed to incorporate elements from the "Extremis" storyline from volume 4 Iron Man. In it, portions of the Iron Man armor technology become part of Tony Stark via nanotechnology. Stark summoning his gauntlet -- check. And that scene where "Iron Man" confronts Pepper while she and Stark are in bed ... and the armor confronting Stark himself? Is that a touch of ...

  • ... Joe Quesada's "Sentient Armor" storyline? It and the "Extremis" arc are similar enough that the movie script could easily incorporate both. Former Marvel EIC Quesada's brief tenure on Iron Man featured the pathetically awful "Sons of Yinsen" story arc, but the "Mask in the Iron Man" (Sentient Armor) idea (aside from the overly-hyped Y2K "bug" being the catalyst for it) and subsequent stories were pretty well done.

  • The Iron Patriot is Rhodey's new armor. He ain't War Machine anymore, folks!

  • That was Ben Kingsley as Iron Man arch-nemesis The Mandarin. Nice look! And the RINGS!! YES!!

Ben Kingsley as Mandy.

Comicbook rendition of the Mandarin.

And ever wonder just what Mandarin's Ten Rings of Power can do? Wonder no more:

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He would find a race angle in a discussion about outer space

Racialist Michael Eric Dyson on why Boss Obama (and, presumably then, most blacks) like the government:

The reason Obama knows that the government is not the enemy is because he comes from a people who were owned, and it was a government-sponsored project. If the government sponsored your ownership, the government has to step in. Now, that’s 100, 200 years ago, but we’ve seen the legacy of slavery, economic inequality, Jim Crow laws, all of that stuff operates in our own time.

But, as you can see, Dyson basically contradicts himself by stating that slavery was a "government-sponsored project." So, uh ...?

Look, I understand one big reason African-Americans aren't as distrustful of big government as others (mainly whites) -- because if the feds didn't step in during the civil rights era of the mid-20th century, then certain [Southern] states would have crapped all over their basic rights and freedoms. But just as most blacks once voted GOP (the party of slavery abolition), the very structure of government has evolved to insure that states cannot do what Mississippi and others did 50+ years ago. Believing that government (at all levels) will do what you cannot (or refuse) leads to debacles like, to name a few, the trap that is public housing, failing [public] schools, and natural disaster imbroglios.

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How d'ya think this would go over w/"progressives" if ...

... George W. Bush was president?

How Team Obama Justifies the Killing of a 16-Year-Old American: "He should've had a more responsible father."

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Devastating Ad

I don't know if this is running anywhere but it should be. This is one they don't have an answer for. This ad alone crushes any hopes of Hillary running. Ever.

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October 23, 2012

Oh, THAT war on women

Feminism, I am told, is about giving women choices. It isn't. It's about making sure women make the correct choices. Remember when Hillary Clinton said she wasn't going to "stay home and bake cookies"? I do. My mother, a lifelong democrat was livid. She said that was a slap in the face to her and every other woman that put their children ahead of their career. Here is the latest incarnation of that same line of "thinking"

Remember this ad next time you hear someone say feminism is about giving women choices.

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October 22, 2012

Boss Obama courting the illiterate vote

Nice t-shirts there, ladies:

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Civilization continues to crumble

Italian scientists thrown in jail for not warning of pending earthquake.

If I was a weatherman over there, I'd find another line of work, quick.

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Bob Schieffer's greatest examples of bias

I told you I don't know why Republicans/conservatives agree to let the people they do moderate their debates! Michelle Malkin serves it up today:

1. Schieffer penned a book in 1989 titled The Acting President: Ronald Reagan and the Supporting Players Who Helped Him Create the Illusion That Held America Spellbound. Nope, no bias there! Newsbusters reported that 23 years after it was published, Schieffer finally acknowledged that it was “not entirely true.”

2. In June, Schieffer hosted RNC chair Reince Preibus on his “Face the Nation” program, and lambasted Republicans for focusing on “silly and petty” things — like the $500 million Solyndra bankruptcy. No, really. Preibus held his own.

Be sure to check out the rest. Tonight ought to be interesting.

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October 21, 2012

Dopey News Journal Letter of the Week

Is there a bigger Boss Obamanaut than this dope? Probably not ... the letter's dopiness surpassed only by, perhaps, the letter writer's own name. (Reminds me of the "Seinfeld" episode featuring Todd Gak.)

Oh, and this letter is chosen with the tacit approval of Hoagie, who believes it deserves a Pulitzer Prize for dopiness.

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Next X-flick to be "Days of Future Past"?

Spinoff says that the new X-Men: First Class film (due in July 2014) will be based on the classic early 80s "Days of Future Past" story by Chris Claremont and John Byrne. If true, this could be the blockbuster of all comics films, at least in terms of plot. The comics detailed a dystopian future where the Sentinels have killed just about every superhero in North America and basically rule the continent, dividing people into three distinct groups -- human, mutant potential, and mutant -- and are preparing to spread that rule elsewhere. Other countries have warned that if this happens, they'll unleash their nuclear arsenals against them. To prevent worldwide nuclear holocaust, a few mutant survivors -- Magneto, Kitty Pryde, Colossus, Storm, and Wolverine among others -- concoct a plan to have Kitty exchange minds with her younger self in the early 80s to warn the X-Men about the "catalyst moment" that led to the bleak future: The assassination of Senator Robert Kelly. (He was featured in the first X-Men film -- captured by Magneto and turned into an "artificial" mutant who then subsequently died.)

Spinoff reports that the sequel "might" feature the giant robot Sentinels; if it doesn't, it'll be lame, quite frankly. But Mark Millar in the article mentions "time travel" and "robots," so who else would these robots be? Not only that, fans got a tantalizing taste of the Sentinels in X-Men 3's Danger Room scene, and the mutant-hunting robots have been an X-Men staple villain since the mutants' earliest adventures. It just makes pure sense to feature them.

Panels from Uncanny X-Men #141, "Days
of Future Past."

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Hey! These sound familiar!

Check out how "tolerant" "progressives" express themselves regarding a possible Mitt Romney victory next month.

Sounds eerily like Delaware's own moonbat "progressives," doesn't it?

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(via Insty.)

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October 19, 2012

Laugher of the Day

Michelle Obama on her husband, Boss Obama: “See, but your president, he didn’t point fingers. He didn’t place blame. Instead, he got to work, because he was thinking about folks like my dad and like his grandmother.”

Be sure to check here for a pretty comprehensive list of blame-placing and finger-pointing.

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MSNBC "tough guy" wants to fight Romney's son

"Crazy" Larry O'Donnell, who's SOOOO tough he refuses to criticize [radical] Islam for fear of his safety/life, goes instead after another easy target -- Mitt Romney's son:

Showing how much MSNBC is in the tank for Barack Obama, Lawrence O’Donnell put on a rather unprofessional tough-guy act and challenged Tagg Romney to a fist fight on Thursday night's edition of his program.

“So, you want to take a swing at someone for calling your old man a liar? Take a swing at me. Come on. Come on,” he said, responding to Romney's statement that he felt like taking a swing at Barack Obama for calling his father a liar in the second debate,

Romney said that he wanted to "jump out of [his] seat and … rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at [Obama].”

Ooooooh, what a "tough guy" admitted socialist O'Donnell is. Wants a scuffle with Mitt's son, but pees his f***ing pants when it comes to criticizing something like al Qaeda.

No word on whether on whether this pu**y had a similar reaction when Michelle Obama said she "wanted to rip [Bill Clinton's] eyes out" after the former president said Boss Obama's position on the Iraq War was a "fairtytale."

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Thanks for the black eye

Two tales of educational nuttery today courtesy of Rhymes With Right. First up, a teacher in Indiana accidentally uploads a topless pic of herself onto an iPad used in the classroom ... and then a couple students -- who're using the device for a class activity -- happen upon the image. And guess what happens? The students get suspended ... with a possibility of expulsion!! Can you say "WTF??"

Next, we have a teacher in Chesapeake, VA who cut open a student's hand while "yanking her arm aggressively while trying to teach students an 'Islamic hand sign.'” The mom of the young girl said that the teacher "has a disturbing trend of 'indoctrinating' students with Islamic teachings," and that "the teacher openly campaigns for President Barack Obama in the classroom."

Surprise that. This teacher apparently has had her employment terminated.

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Watcher's Council results

The non-Council winner was Lara Logan with We’re Being Lied To.

Full results are here.

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Boss Obama's applause-generating second debate "zinger" about Romney's pension backfires -- the president's pension is quite a bit more substantial than the challenger's!

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America's most dangerous city

It's Detroit. "I'm shocked!" said no one. Of course it's D-town. What did you expect? Unexpectedly, neither Philly nor DC cracked (pardon the pun) the top ten.

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Your Stimulus money at "work"

If you're wondering where the trillion dollar stimulus went watch this:

Volt no jolt: LG Chem employees idle

Do you want four more years of this? I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

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There's no crying in politics

Come students, witness the master at work. Throw Hillary under the bus for Benghazi and you get Bill on the campaign trail with the complisult.

When the dust settles and the history books are written 50 years from now, we will still be talking about Clinton's political acumen.

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October 18, 2012

Oh, great

CBS's Bob Schieffer is moderating next Monday's presidential debate on foreign policy??

Here are some of Schieffer's no-so unbiased moments. Again, I can't grasp why any Republican/conservative would agree to "moderators" such as Candy Crowley or Bob Schieffer. You think "progressives" (and the Obama campaign) wouldn't complain about FNC's Brett Baier moderating a debate?

If not, you're delusional.

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Update to Education Notes post

John Young of the Transparent Christina blog commented on my Education Notes post from a few days ago noting that the First State is doing just what Florida was noted implementing in the post -- namely, measuring student progress by race:

So the U.S. Department of Education, through the waiver process, shifted the focus to closing achievement gaps between groups of at-risk students. And so while Handy and other critics are focusing on that end number—and how those numbers differ by race and ethnicity—it's important to look at the number at the beginning, and the resulting rate of growth. Those numbers also differ by race and ethnicity—but because they demand that schools show more growth in learning for the kids farthest behind.

In my example above from Delaware, the rate of growth for white students would be 12 percentage points, while the rate of growth for black students would be 26 points, and special education students would see 35 points of growth.

To me, this is mind-numbing. Not only is SES (socio-economic status) apparently ignored (a black student from a wealthy family would be expected to show more growth than a white student from a destitute background), but again we see so-called "progressives" clamoring to make more palatable the "message": "As the Center on Education Policy's Maria Ferguson told me, the problem is one of 'optics.' In other words, the messaging is problematic."

This is the conundrum "progressives" put themselves into. It's as I noted in my previous post: Remember -- "progressives" want you to consider skin color. That is, for anything with a positive connotation. It's "palatable" in this case to weigh students differently on their [academic] growth because, well, minority students apparently are "starting out behind." It's just head-scratching, then, that these same folks (the "progressives") cannot take into account that the same factors that cause these students to be behind academically are frequently the very same ones that result in disparate discipline stats in schools/districts. But in the latter case, schools/districts hold workshops that inform educators that their own latent, inherent racism is to blame, and our US Dept. of Education is going after districts for their racial "imbalance" of student discipline.

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Hollywood working on 9/11 Truther flick

Woody Harrelson, Martin Sheen, and Ed Asner are among those signed on to the project.

No word yet on whether trust funder Jason "Reasonable People Can Disagree About Whether or not George Bush Had Prior Knowledge of the 9/11 Attacks" Scott of the Local Gaggle of Moonbat Bloggers will help bankroll the film.

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October 17, 2012

That's funny ...

... Colossus has stopped getting e-mail campaign letters from the Sher Valenzuela campaign after I questioned the accuracy of her claims about "many" school employees making more money than Delaware's governor.

Campaign spokeswoman Kim Hoey Stevenson said she'd "recheck" the figures I presented to her. She must still be checking. It's been one month. Not only haven't I gotten any response from Ms. Stevenson about the matter; again, the Valenzuela campaign has ceased sending our blog any campaign announcements.

I guess they thought that since we're a conservative-leaning blog, we'd accept anything they put out without question. Unfortunately, with regards to education matters, we more-than-usually know what we're talking about. And the Valenzuela campaign's claim that "many" (we counted six) Delaware education employees make a bigger salary than the governor just didn't cut it.

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Check out what Boss Obama told the guy who asked the question about Libya last night (that moderator Candy Crowley injected herself into):

President Obama, though, wasn’t done with Kerry Ladka. “After the debate, the president came over to me and spent about two minutes with me privately,” says the 61-year-old Ladka, who works at Global Telecom Supply in Mineola, N.Y. According to Ladka, Obama gave him ”more information about why he delayed calling the attack a terorist attack.” For background, Obama did apparently lump Benghazi into a reference to “acts of terror” in a Sept. 12 Rose Garden address. However, he spent about two weeks holding off on using the full “terrorist” designation. The rationale for the delay, Obama explained to Ladka, was to make sure that the “intelligence he was acting on was real intelligence and not disinformation,” recalls Ladka.

Of course, he and his administration wasted absolutely NO time naming the culprit as the ridiculous anti-Islam YouTube video!!

Cripes, Romney is far from the ideal candidate, but how anyone can take the current guy in White House even remotely seriously anymore is beyond me.

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Top Ten Obama Lies of the Second Debate

Via Breitbart.com:

10. "I told you I would cut taxes for middle-class families, and I did. I told you I’d cut taxes for small businesses, and I have."
9. "...[H]e was asked, is it fair for somebody like you, making $20 million a year, to pay a lower tax rate than a nurse or a bus driver....And he said, yes, I think that’s fair."
8. "He called the Arizona law a model for the nation."
7. "I want to make sure our timekeepers are working here."
6. "They rely on it for mammograms."
5. "You can ship jobs overseas and get tax breaks for it."
4. "And the production is up....What you’re saying is just not true."
3. "In what new ways do you intend to rectify the inequalities in the workplace, specifically regarding females making only 72 percent of what their male counterparts earn?"
2. "He wanted to take them into bankruptcy without providing them any way to stay open."
1. "He did call it an act of terror."

Be sure to click the link to get the specifics on each one.

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Candy Crowley as N.F.L. replacement ref

Though I [purposely] didn't watch much of the Boss Obama-Mitt Romney debate last night, I did catch several instances which made me wince. The biggest of these was idiot moderator Candy Crowley "correcting" Romney when the challenger said that Boss Obama did not refer to the Benghazi, Libya terror attacks on 9/11 as "terrorism." Now, while Boss Obama did use the generic phrase "no acts of terror ..." the day after the attacks -- and, obviously, which Crowley immediately backed him up on -- let's be freakin' real here: The president and his surrogates immediately went with the narrative that the Benghazi attacks were the direct result of that silly anti-Islamic YouTube video. As we now know, this was totally false. The attacks were a planned effort by the usual radical Islamic dolts.

In other words, Romney was absolutely correct. And Crowley had to correct herself later in the debate. It was too late for the challenger, however. His momentum of the moment was gone -- and Crowley's interference did nothing to dispel the notion that the mainstream media is definitely left-leaning. In addition, Boss Obama spokesmouth Jay Carney essentially affirmed that the administration did not refer to the Benghazi attacks as "terrorism," making Romney's position correct:

Q: Can you -- have you called it a terrorist attack before? Have you said that?

MR. CARNEY: I haven’t, but -- I mean, people attacked our embassy. It’s an act of terror by definition.

Q: Yes, I just hadn’t heard you --

MR. CARNEY: It doesn’t have to do with what date it occurred.

Q: No, I just hadn’t heard the White House say that this was an act of terrorism or a terrorist attack. And I just --

MR. CARNEY: I don’t think the fact that we hadn’t is not -- as our NCTC Director testified yesterday, a number of different elements appear to have been involved in the attack, including individuals connected to militant groups that are prevalent in eastern Libya, particularly in the Benghazi area. We are looking at indications that individuals involved in the attack may have had connections to al Qaeda or al Qaeda’s affiliates, in particular al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

The second instance that caused me to scowl was a moment when Boss Obama attempted to intervene in what Romney was saying, and the challenger pointed to the president and said "You'll get your chance." When Obama continued, Romney emphasized "That wasn't a question -- that was a statement." Now, I use some mocking, and yes, demeaning, terms to refer to the current administration in many of my posts, but I would never, ever consider speaking (in person) to the President of the United States that way ... even if I was running against him in the election, and especially in front of a large audience. A simple, "With all due respect, Mr. President" preface easily would have lessened the unnecessary sharpness of Romney's statement, not to mention granted the respect the leader of our country rightly deserves. Regarding this, I saw a Tweet last evening indicating that many in the audience audibly gasped at this statement from Romney.

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October 16, 2012

Well, duh. That's because the theory is bullsh**

University of Rochester Professor Stephanie Li claims Romney is successful "because he is white."

The Romney’s [sic] shortsightedness on this issue demonstrates their ignorance of one of the central ideas in the field of critical race studies, the unearned privileges accorded to whiteness. In her foundational essay, “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack,” Peggy McIntosh likens whiteness to “an invisible weightless knapsack of special provisions, maps, passports, codebooks, visas, clothes, tools and blank checks.”

Oh gee! The Romneys are ignorant of Critical Race Theory! What a shame! As if there is something wrong with ignoring a theory that is, for all intents and purposes, post-modernist bullsh**. Whoopee-freakin'-do.

I had to read McIntosh's essay for grad class way back when. The [graduate student] instructor didn't like it much when I questioned it and pointed out its shortcomings.

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Liar. Or, how times change

Boss Obama in 2010:

(h/t to The Right Planet.)

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Hillary Clinton has more balls than Boss Obama

Has there ever been a bigger pu**y to hold the office than our current "commander-in-chief?" Someone who perpetually accepts all the accolades when something goes right ... yet constantly points his finger to someone else (usually George W. Bush) when something goes awry?

This time, Hillary Clinton proves she'd be a better prez than Boss Obama: Hillary Clinton takes responsibility for Libya US deaths.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she takes responsibility for the security failure at the Benghazi consulate that led to the killing of four Americans in Libya last month.

Mrs Clinton said ensuring the safety of US diplomatic staff overseas was her job, not that of the White House.

US Republicans have strongly criticised President Barack Obama over the attack.

And Republican challenger Mitt Romney is likely to raise it again in the second campaign debate with Mr Obama.

"I take responsibility," Mrs Clinton told CNN. "I'm in charge of the state department's 60,000-plus people all over the world [at] 275 posts."

It seems Mrs Clinton is trying to draw criticism away from Mr Obama, who needs a strong debate performance if he is to recover his lead in the polls, says the BBC's Adam Brookes in Washington.

Mrs. Clinton has much bigger balls than Boss Obama. And Team Obama really wonders how Mitt Romney has closed the gap among women??

The Harry Truman placard truly is dead with this inept bunch of bunglers. I can't wait to see how this is handled at tonight's debate, especially since the State Dept. has denied that that anti-Islam YouTube vid had anything to do with the attacks of 9/11/2012. Y'know, the video which Boss Obama and his cohorts for up to a week claimed were responsible for the attacks.

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Education notes

Via Insty comes word that French President François Hollande has proposed banning homework from all French [public] schools. Why? Because "some homes are more conducive to homework than others." If you think that's silly, well, it is; however, sadly, I've heard similar stories (just not on such a scale) from districts across our own country. It's in the name of "social justice" and "fairness," dont'cha know.

Speaking of our own beloved United States, in Florida controversy has arisen as that "anointed" educational establishment has come up with the "terrific" idea of measuring student progress by race:

By 2018, Florida’s Department of Education wants 90 percent of its Asian students to be reading at or above grade level, compared to 88 percent of white students, 81 percent of Hispanic pupils and 74 percent of African-American children. In math, state educational officials want that figure to be 92 percent for Asian students, or 18 percent higher than that of African-American students and 11 percent higher than their American Indian counterparts.

“Separate but equal is not,” said Kris Amundson of Education Sector, an independent education think tank based in Washington. “I understand that this is recognition that students are beginning at different places — and that’s honest — but I think it is, at best, ill-advised to set different learning standards for students based on the color of their skin.”

*Sigh* Remember, though -- "progressives" want you to consider skin color. That is, for anything with a positive connotation. But while we're lumping students by racial group, perhaps these educational simpletons could recognize -- honestly -- just why certain groups do better than others. Nah ... because that would have to venture into the realm of the negative, and that is only reserved for the racial majority.

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Delaware's own Joe Biden!

"Plugs" indulges in a favorite pastime -- hyperbole (and this is being nice) ... this time about supposedly playing on our very own University of Delaware Fighting Blue Hens fotball team:

Ryan’s counterpart, Vice President Joe Biden, has plagiarized both campaign speeches and academic papers. And now, he’s spinning yarns about his glory days as a college football player. Both Gateway Pundit and Breitbart have noted his remark, during a campaign speech in Athens, Ohio back in September:

Well, I wanna tell you, I came, I was a football player, I came, I came here in 1963, and I had to go back, I just double checked my memory – you know, you get my age and you’re not so sure of it, you know, your glory days look more glorious than they really were and all that, so we went back on the Internet and I just want you to know, I came here in October 1963, and we beat you Bobcats 29-12…

The University of Delaware did play and defeat the University of Ohio in 1963, but Joe Biden wasn’t on the team. In his memoir, Promises to Keep, Biden recalls quitting the football team in the fall of 1962.

…I realized that if I played football, my weekends were taken.

Biden goes on to recount telling the coach he wouldn’t be playing. Gateway Pundit, however, dug up Biden’s University of Delaware “prominent alumnus” profile, which notes that he played flag football.

I don’t think the resounding victory he referred to in his stump speech was that of the University of Delaware’s flag football team, though.

Remember, though -- Paul Ryan's embellished marathon time is of prime importance.

Biden WAS on the sidelines, however, when UD won the I-AA championship
in 2003. Maybe that rattled his memory.

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The Five Worst Sounds in the Universe

According to Time magazine, they are:

1) Knife on a bottle
2) Fork on glass
3) Chalk on blackboard
4) Ruler on bottle
5) Nails on blackboard

Personally, I'd add a #6: The guy who had his arm and leg chainsawed off in Scarface.

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Hube's Movie Lemon of the Week

My bud Carl over at Carl's Comics was the inspiration for this idea, especially since he recently wrote about one of the biggest sci-fi lemons of all-time. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, from the year 2000, Battlefield Earth.

Star John Travolta apparently wanted to make this film since he is a well-known Scientologist and B.E. was written by the cult's founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Based on Hubbard's book of the same name, it details an enslaved humanity (what few remain) ruled by the Psychlos -- approximately nine-foot tall aliens with six fingers, huge, hairly heads, and colorful eyes. The film doesn't even really try very hard to hide the ridiculous elevator shoes that stars Travolta and Forest Whitaker have to wear to "gain" such a height. These Psychlos apparently come from a different dimension, not just a different planet (according to the novel, that is; the film is cryptic about this), and they're basically like Star Trek's Ferengi species -- merciless capitalists who've ruined Earth for its supply of gold.

Which is stupid. Really. If you want gold then why not freakin' mine some asteroids, huh?

"No, instead we're gonna invade and destroy another intelligent species whose atmosphere is poisonous to us, and whose remaining population we need to mine our precious gold because radiation (radiation? That must be from the weapons we used against the humans) will ignite the gases we need to breath.

A sequel never got past the idea stage:
The Last King of Psychlos Colony Earth.

"Oh, and then we'll construct a glass dome over the city of Denver which will contain our natural atmosphere. Not something nigh-unbreakable like plexiglass or even, y'know, an advanced material since we're a dimension-hopping intelligent species ... but glass. That's not risky, right?

"Oh, and how did we become so developed when we can't even start a freakin' fire in our own atmosphere? One of those pesky human slaves, after all, managed to hop aboard one of our teleport machines with an atomic bomb ... and set it off on our home planet. One second later it was 'Goodbye, Psychlos.'"

Lest you think the silliness is solely the realm of the Psychlos, imagine a bunch of near-feral humans discovering a thousand-year old military depot -- with miraculously preserved equipment and devices -- and then operating what they find nearly flawlessly. Feral humans flying jet aircraft -- taking on and defeating Psychlos fighter craft. Y'know, the same sort of craft which Travolta brags about earlier in the film as destroying the world's greatest military in around twelve minutes. And those human aircraft were piloted by experts!!

So, if you're looking around for a delightfully dreadful scifi flick which will make you laugh quite often (and not on purpose, mind you), Battlefield Earth is for you.

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New at the Watcher's Council

Watcher’s Forum: What Effect Did The Vice Presidential Debate Have On The Election?

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Go big or go home

Romney wins in a landslide -- Las Vegas oddsmaker doubles down on prediction:

"For the past month, as Mitt Romney trailed badly in almost every poll, especially in the all-important battleground states, I continued to predict a big Romney victory. Today I’m making it official:

I’m doubling down. Mitt Romney will win the presidency, and it won’t be close.

I’m predicting a 5 to 7 point popular vote victory. Electorally it won’t even be that close. Romney will win many states that went to Obama in 2008. I’m predicting Romney victories in Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Virginia, Iowa, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Indiana. I predict a Romney victory by 100 to 120 electoral votes."

I have to hand it to him. He's swinging for the fences. Obama re-election was taking yesterday on Intrade. Will be interesting to see how this breaks.

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October 15, 2012

Layers of fact checkers


Light, sound, what's the difference. Somewhere Neil DeGrasse Tyson is weeping.

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There has been much ado about whether or not the government is operating without a budget. Whether a budget has been passed in the last 2 years or 3 and so on. This being the government this is not an easy question to answer though it should be. Right? Either you passed a budget or you didn't. Without getting too much into it, it has to do with how "budget" is defined. There are Continuing Resolutions, Allotments, Allocations, Appropriations and budgets. It would take far too long for me to explain them and frankly having spend the last few years going over this crap for various three letter agencies of government. To do so would sap my will to live. Seriously. If you ever think you're going to die, get invited to a government budgeting meeting. You'll live forever. Time absolutely stands still in those rooms. You thought 8th grade algebra was bad? That was a blink of a gnat's eye by comparison.

Anyway, how bad has Obama/Reid's leadership been on fiscal matters?

Obama, Democrats not serious about passing budget - CNN.com: "Even worse, President Barack Obama and his administration seem to view budgeting as just one more political maneuver. His efforts have been so completely unserious that the President's 2012 budget was rejected by a vote of 97-0 in the Senate. And three weeks ago, when Rep. Mick Mulvaney, R-South Carolina, sponsored a budget proposal based on Obama's 2013 budget plan, it lost in the House by a vote of 414-0."

Imagine, NOT ONE Democrat voted for this budget. NOT ONE of them thought it would be politically smart to do so. Is this the hallmark of serious leadership? No. If you cannot muster a single vote from your own party and you keep putting forth the same ridiculous budgets you are just playing games and have no intention of governing.

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Romney's Rapid Response

One thing for certain that has changed from the last election cycle: The GOP is much better at rapid response. Last time around they didn't really understand how to use social media to create these types of ads. Now they've clearly learned from their mistakes and have been responding very very quickly. This one is, I think, very good:

Who do you want? The laughing guy or the one who is serious that we have problems that are no laughing matter? YMMV.

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October 12, 2012

Two examples of Joe Biden lying

Joe Biden said last night that no employer would be forced to pay for abortions or contraceptives for their employees. Paul Ryan said they would and noted that they were being sued by a number of Catholic organizations. The USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) would be in a pretty good position to know if they're suing anybody. Let's see what they said:

USCCB Responds To Inaccurate Statement Of Fact On HHS Mandate Made During Vice Presidential Debate: "Last night, the following statement was made during the Vice Presidential debate regarding the decision of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to force virtually all employers to include sterilization and contraception, including drugs that may cause abortion, in the health insurance coverage they provide their employees:

"With regard to the assault on the Catholic Church, let me make it absolutely clear. No religious institution—Catholic or otherwise, including Catholic social services, Georgetown hospital, Mercy hospital, any hospital—none has to either refer contraception, none has to pay for contraception, none has to be a vehicle to get contraception in any insurance policy they provide. That is a fact. That is a fact."
This is not a fact. "

Emphasis added.

It's very easy to win an argument when you are not constrained by logic, reason and facts.

What about the claim that only people making $1,000,000 or more are going to have their taxes go up?

Administration Spokesweasel Jay Carney ran from that one this morning:

I have to hand it to him. He's very deft. He tried to reframe this away from the boldfaced lie and change it into an example of what sort of range they were talking about.

Biden's performance was designed to energize the base. We're 27 days away. If you're talking about energizing your base now I think you're in real trouble.

Don't get cocky. Stay focused and vote.

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Hans Bader's latest

Lawyer: Education Department ignored the law in pressuring Oakland to use race in student discipline.

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Vice President Bevis


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Seen on Facebook

(Don't click this image -- there's no "sign" link.)

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Watcher's Council winners

The non-Council Winner was Monkey In The Middle with Muslim Persecution of Christians: August, 2012.

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The Drug War

Forty Years of Drug War Failure Represented in a Single Chart

Horrifying. Imagine the amount of waste. Simply unconscionable. Think of what could have been done with that money. Think of the number of people who's lives have been ruined in the process. This is insanity.

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I am not making this up

Experts: Global warming means more Antarctic ice:

Heads I win, tails you lose. How long have we been hearing about the retreating glaciers and shrinking ice shelf and blah blah blah. Now it's the opposite. Next they'll tell us the ice caps staying the same size is the result of global warming. Oh sorry, Global Climate Change (TM). If somehow, the Earth were to cease changing it's climate there would be alarms about Global Climate Saming or something. I don't know. Can we stop giving these people any mention please? It only encourages them.

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The VP Debate

Biden is a seasoned politician. He's been in Washington for nearly 40 years. He can be affable and avuncular. His smirking and guffaws of incredulity belie any seriousness. It annoyed the hell out of me and it very likely stoked the base. As noted elsewhere, he was channeling Air America which was an entire network predicated on whipsawing between rage and sarcasm. Paul Ryan, to his credit, appeared much more serious and engaged. He ignored Joe's antics and pressed his points. About midway through I think Joe realized he needed to turn from that and tried for the smooth, serious and engaged. To me, Biden scored his best points on the abortion question. He made a logical case that his religious beliefs may often conflict with the law and he's obliged by oath of office to follow the law not his own worldview. Frankly, I'm relieved he waited until the very last question to take that approach. Had he been that way throughout, he would have made inroads with the swing voters.

The moderator did not moderate, she interjected herself and at times it was two on one with both of them interrupting and pressing Ryan for specifics and details. Ryan can be too wonkish and he overcorrected by not giving specific numbers on the tax cutting question(s).

In sum, I'd give it to Ryan but only slightly. Net/net that means a big win for Romney/Ryan. Biden needed to shine last night in order to bring his ticket back to the fore. That didn't happen. YMMV.

I didn't get to see the whole fact checking segment on CNN but I did find this snippet:

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October 11, 2012

Um, it is a public institution

What to do when political correctness collides with ... political correctness?

Case in point: The chief diversity officer at Gallaudet University -- a federally funded institution -- was put on administrative leave because she signed a petition against gay marriage. Here's the real conundrum:

[Dr. Angela] McCaskill was the first deaf African American female to earn a Ph.D. from Gallaudet, where she has worked for 23 years in various roles, including becoming the deputy to the president and associate provost of diversity and inclusion in 2011, according to her biography on the university website.

How dare the university president do that to a differently-abled black woman!! That normative-biased racist-sexist!!!

To their credit, those campaigning for gay marriage in the state have more sense than the idiot college prez. The Marylanders for Marriage Equality said

We strongly disagree with the decision to put the chief diversity officer on leave and hope she is reinstated immediately. Everyone is entitled to free speech and to their own opinion about Question 6 (the referendum on the ballot), which is about treating everyone fairly and equally under the law.

Yep. And since Gallaudet gets federal backing and funds, Dr. McCaskill should have greater freedom of speech protections than a private university. But she's finding out the hard way that "diversity" in campus-speak means only one thing -- and that doesn't include diversity of opinion.

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But they're the tolerant ones!

78 year-old leftist bus driver tells 12 year-old kid on her bus that “maybe your mom should have chosen abortion for you.” Why? His family has a Mitt Romney yard sign on their front lawn.


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That 3 AM phone call

A dispatch from Bizarro World (Delaware Edition) claims that the attack on the US in Libya was completely unpredictable.

No one could have seen it coming? Hmm. Odd thing that they were begging for more help and were refused:

State Dept. acknowledges rejecting requests for more security in Benghazi - The Washington Post: "The State Department acknowledged Wednesday that it rejected appeals for more security at its diplomatic posts in Libya in the months before a fatal terrorist attack in Benghazi"

and that the budget had nothing to do with it:

Top Revelations from Libya Hearing - By Katrina Trinko - The Corner - National Review Online: "But when questioned, Lamb denied that budgetary concerns had influenced her decision. committee “It has been suggested that budget cuts are responsible for a lack of security in Benghazi, and I’d like to ask Miss Lamb,” said Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R., Calif.). “You made this decision personally. Was there any budget consideration and lack of budget which lead you not to increase the number of people in the security force there?”

“No, sir,” said Lamb."

Who could have seen this coming? Hmm. Perhaps the man responsible for security on the ground?

Check it.

Nah, I'm sure he's just shilling for Issa, right?

Oh and that "classified" site you're blathering about on the other post was over-run on the night of the attack and still has not been secured. The NYT reported on this very site on 9/24/11

What was the plan prior to these attacks?

The plan was to "hope" things would get better. This is a theme for Obama. He didn't meet with his jobs council for a year in the midst of the worst economic crises in our lifetimes. Instead the idea was to use QE, stimulus, hope and unicorn farts to make things all better.

The US Ambassador to the UN is now cheerleading that the UN is slightly more inclusive of gay people. No, seriously.

Susan Rice (AmbassadorRice) on Twitter: "Susan Rice ‏@AmbassadorRice
Together with #LGBT allies & #humanrights defenders, we've made history. The #UN is far different than it was 4 years ago."

Our country is being run by total amateurs. The Middle East is in flames, a NATO ally is trading artillery shells with Syria and our embassy in Libya was over-run and four Americans are dead and she's banging on about this crap.

The 3 AM call came to Obama in the form of the economy and he had no idea what to do. The 3 AM call came to Hillary and she passed the buck to Obama who had no idea what to do. Clinton, in keeping with her name, lied about the reason for the attack, the nature of the attack and virtually everything thereafter.

The furious spin on this from the Left all circles back to the endless bleating about how Bush ignored the warnings before 9/11. Which is more damning? Bin Laden determined to strike US targets? Or the long line of ignorance and incompetence that we see listed above?

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A word from the racist and angry Left

Received via the Newsbusters tipline:

The Presidental race so far is about RACE and not about substance. The Republican party will come out of this as clear [sic] racist. Tare [sic] down the black President with all guns [sic] Is the President over rated? [sic] NO he is under rated [sic] and propagandized by the Republicans (who created another party call TEA party) who use all the negative mean tricks they can in congress and senate for the last four years and NOW. Whoever believe [sic] this party is looking for BACK TO THE FUTURE with the good old boys. We will see after the smoke how divided the country will be.

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But voter fraud isn't "significant"

Obama campaign staffer caught helping activist vote twice.

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Oh, so today's G.O.P. is pro slavery, then?

Yet another moronic article by Reuters, this time about the new Steven Spielberg movie "Lincoln." After mentioning how Spielberg sought to avoid political hassles by releasing the flick after the November election, we read this:

"Don't let this political football play back and forth," the Oscar-winning director said he urged distributors, noting the "confusing" aspect in the film that shows how U.S. political parties back in Lincoln's time "traded political places over the last 150 years."

In contrast to today, the Republican party to which Lincoln belonged was founded by anti-slavery activists and Republicans were often tagged "radicals."

"In contrast to today"??? WTF is that supposed to mean -- that today's Republican Party is (or would be) pro-slavery??

Unbelievable. And Reuters? The contemporary GOP is still referred to as "radicals." Or is your attention span much like your ridiculous anti-Republican bias?

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October 10, 2012

Strange bedfellows

Obama visted San Fran this week and met with critics from both sides of the political aisle. As it has often been said; politics makes for strange bedfellows. Zombie has a report at the link but to me, the strongest criticism is shown below:

Zombie » Left Hook, Right Jab: Obama battered from all sides at S.F. stop: "The radicals of World Can’t Wait had what I consider the best sign of the day, a 12-Step program for Obama voters:"

1. Admit you are in a self-destructive relationship with the Democratic Party.

2. Remove conflicting bumper stickers from your collection. “Shut Down Guantanamo” and “Obama 2012” are mutually exclusive.

3. Understand that kill lists and more unjust war is the wrong kind of change to believe in.

4. Stop lying to yourself. The President is not sucking up to the most powerful interests in the world because he loves you.

5. Cut off all contact with Obama, Holder, Clinton and Pelosi. No more phone calls or writing letters. They are aware of what they are doing and they just don’t care what you think.

6. Realize Obama is standing up and fighting. Unfortunately, he’s fighting Afghans, Pakistanis, Yeminis, Somalis…in your name.

7. No more excuses. The Republicans are not making Democrats increase domestic spying or deport record numbers of Latinos.

8. Get over your romantic feelings for Democrats and their supposed commitment to poor people. This election cycle, poverty is not on the agenda.

9. Make a list of all war crimes committed under Bush. Cross out “Bush” and write in Obama. Add support for indefinite detention without charge, expanded drone wars, and invasions of two more countries. It’s healthy to gag at it.

10. Come to grips with this: The only thing scarier than the Republican Party ( a party full of climate-change deniers, fundamentalist woman-haters and gay-bashers, election stealers and racists ) is a party who continually moves to the right to accommodate them and gets Americans to go along in that direction.

11. Forgive yourself for being taken in by promises that were not delivered, and for ignoring troubling signs, because you wanted to believe in change. But remember, insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.

12. As a result of these steps, you can now carry the message to those who still suffer from an addiction to the Democratic Party. Nothing is as liberating as resisting an evil when you know it’s wrong.

I can't really see any way his supporters can counter these allegations other than by saying either "Bush did it first" or "Romney will be worse". Neither of those are particularly compelling arguments in my view.

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October 09, 2012

Hey, remember Gabby Giffords?

Remember how the Left and complicit media blamed conservatives for "inappropriate" (and that's being kind) terminology and symbolism for her shooting -- stuff like the term "target"??

How quickly we forget, huh?


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What liberal media?

Just like the media had two completely different takes on ridiculously high gas prices for George W. Bush and Boss Obama, so too did they on jobs figures. Let's take a gander at the NY Times in September of 2004:

Employment growth in the United States slowed last month, falling far short of expectations, the U.S. government reported Friday.

The new jobs report cast doubts on the strength of the U.S. economic expansion and appeared to bolster Senator John Kerry’s case against President George W. Bush’s handling of the economy just hours before the second presidential debate.

The Labor Department reported that the U.S. economy added just 96,000 jobs in September, substantially less than the roughly 150,000 needed to keep pace with the expansion in the labor force and start absorbing the slack in the job market.

Fast forward to October 5, 2012:

The jobless rate abruptly dropped in September to its lowest level since the month President Obama took office, indicating a steadier recovery than previously thought and delivering another jolt to the presidential campaign.

The improvement lent ballast to Mr. Obama’s case that the economy is on the mend and threatened the central argument of Mitt Romney’s candidacy, that Mr. Obama’s failed stewardship is reason enough to replace him.

Employers added a modest 114,000 jobs last month, the Labor Department reported on Friday, but estimates for what had been disappointing gains in July and August were revised upward to more respectable levels.

Be sure to check out how PBS, the WaPo, and Chicago Tribune covered both situations. You shouldn't be surprised in the least.

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Hans Bader's latest

Deficit Exceeds $1 Trillion For Fourth Straight Year.

Sad reading.

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Is it realistic?

Our own Wilmington News Journal has a write-up today about the new NBC drama "Revolution" -- about life in a society where all electrical power has vanished. It takes place fiften years after the "event."

My question is: Is it realistic? I'm not watching because I've become so turned off by the "unrealisticness" of such programs. Most recently, I gave TNT's "Falling Skies" a shot, but frankly, it's terrible. I dropped it after the first season, and that was pushing it to the limit. Even decent actors Noah Wylie and Will Patton can't save the show from basic silliness and the crappy acting of the other stars. Recall that the re-imagined "Battlestar Galactica" fell victim to not being realistic even right off the bat; however, great stories and a good measure of conflict between the realists and "unrealists" on the show made it great until the middle of the third season or so.

I'm curious as to the explanation of how all power worldwide could suddenly be extinguished. It seems way too far-fetched. Even an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attack couldn't blanket the entire globe simultaneously. For a really realistic (and scary) look at what would happen after an EMP attack (on the United States), go read William Forstchen's One Second After.

If you're watching "Revolution," let me know what you think.

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October 07, 2012

Sad, but true

I know many educators will find this article quite truthful (including our own Hube). Here's a taste:

The American child has changed, and not necessarily for the better. Many shrill voices argue that teachers must change, too, by simply working harder. The favored lever for achieving this prescribed augmentation of the American schoolteacher’s work ethic is fear, driven by a progressively more precarious employment situation.

But teachers by and large aren’t afraid; they’re just tired.

Meanwhile, no one is demanding American non-teachers change anything. Michelle Rhee wastes none of her vast supply of indignation on American public policies that leave a quarter of our children in poverty while, not coincidentally, the profits of Rhee’s corporate backers reach new heights. And no one but Paul Tough dares to hint at the obvious-but-politically-incorrect reality that a swelling army of kid-whipped or addiction-addled American parents have totally abdicated the job of parenting and have raised the white flag when it comes to disciplining their children or teaching them virtues like honesty, hard work, and self-respect. Americans have explicitly handed off character education to schoolteachers. Such a practice says a great deal about our nation’s expectations of its parents.

The remainder is pretty in-your-face accurate as well.

I've often said that if parents expect teachers to essentially raise their children, then let teachers do almost all of it. I've heard clueless parents use the ridiculous line "But you're the educator -- you're responsible for what he does here" which means of course they're completely missing the point. Educators can't do their job if your kid is perpetually being an idiot in class ... and then the teacher has to listen mommy or daddy make excuses for their kid's misbehavior ... and then too often, too, the administrators who will back mommy and daddy up. Because, y'know, we don't bad PR for the school now, right?

As Hube might say, this is a recipe for chaos. And the slide towards that has been happening for some time now.

Why do you think there is such a demand for charters and magnet schools? Because the parents who do get it are fed up with the [way too many] who don't. And I don't blame them one damn bit.

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October 06, 2012


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October 05, 2012


Boss Obama supporter/faux objective news reporter Andrea Mitchell gave GOP pundit John Sununu a chance to "take back" his comments that the president is "lazy":

"Governor, I want to give you a chance to maybe take it back. Did you really mean to call Barack Obama, the president of the United States, lazy?" she asked.

Why should Sununu take it back? Boss Obama himself said he is lazy:


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Thanks for the black eye

Following up on the story of the idiot Philly teacher who compared a female student wearing a Mitt Romney campaign T-shirt to a KKK hood, it seems the parents of the girl met with the [idiot] teacher and the school principal about the incident. And it didn't go very well.

Richard Pawlucy said that during the meeting, the teacher insisted she had been joking, then stormed out and left the school. He said he was told he could file an official complaint with the district, which he said he planned to do Thursday. He said he was also given the option of letting the principal handle the incident, with the teacher getting some form of training.

When Samantha Pawlucy went back to her geometry class Tuesday, she said, she was shocked to find the teacher there. She claimed the teacher told the students she could no longer joke with them because a student had gotten her in trouble.

Verrrry classy there, teach. Not only do you not apologize for actions that were clearly over the line, but you up the ante -- twice. I mean, c'mon -- who "jokes" about the KKK?

Hopefully, this moron will get lectured by her fellow teachers about her idiocy. That is often good medicine.

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Watcher's Council winners

The non-Council winner was Ace of Spades with The Normative Power of Law and the Emotional Power of Drama.

Full results are here.

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October 04, 2012

Debate highlight reel

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And ...

... in the wonderful world of "diversity training" ...


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"Best" (and latest) invocation of racism (from last night's debate)

It comes from Harper's Kevin Baker who believes Mitt Romney is a racist for "slyly [finding] a way to call him a 'boy.'" Hmm. How/when did Romney do that?

He compared "Obama’s statements to the sorts of childish lies his 'five boys' used to tell."

It's been official for some time, but now racism is really not an issue in America anymore ... *shakes head*

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"Not in compliance"

TALLAHASSEE: Florida Supreme Court considers: Can immigrant illegally in U.S. practice law? - Florida - MiamiHerald.com: "It wasn’t illegal in the sense of being a criminal,” D’Alemberte said. “But it was not in compliance with the law.”

This man purports to be an officer of the court and does not understand the very definition of illegal. Either that or he is willfully distorting the meaning. Either one is grounds for revoking his law license in my view. Yes his client is entitled to a zealous defense but not at the expense of ethical obligations.

Can I use this defense? Can I go to court when I get a parking ticket and tell them I was not parked illegally, I was just "not in compliance with the law." Didn't pay your taxes that's ok, I was merely "not in compliance with the law."

No recipe for lawlessness now is there? Nah. Laws are for the little people.

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Inevitable post debate post

Romney won. Even his most ardent supporters think so. I suspect Obama is attempting some sort of rope a dope for the second debate. He's going to go all Chicago in the second debate and throw some red meat to the base. I still don't think it will work. Romney ought not to get cocky until the votes are counted and certified. Until then, act like you're neck and neck.

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October 03, 2012

What did the teacher do wrong??

He/She is only following the very standard established by "progressives" and the Boss Obama administration itself!

Philly Inquirer: Philly student's Romney T-shirt likened to KKK sheet.

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And Bush presided over an imperial presidency??


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Maybe someone will write a comicbook story about being killed by radical Islamists

Look, I am as pro-free speech as anyone (hell, moreso) but I have a difficult time dredging up sympathy for some of these entries from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. They've come out with their latest "Banned and Challenged" list of comics from around the country ... but you gotta take a look at the fine print.

Case in point: The story Bone was challenged by a parent (one!) because one character is "frequently depicted smoking a cigar, and his cigar butts are used to track him at one point." There's a beer selling competition between two of the other characters.

Now, in the link above, it (cleverly) doesn't mention the level of the school at which this book was available. You have to click on another link to the original story, and it's there that we learn the school is an elementary school. Now, personally, I wouldn't give a hoot if such a book was available at my daughter's elementary school (because my daughter knew better); however, is it really a big deal if some parent(s) do have an objection? It's an elementary school, for cripe's sake! Smoking and beer? Geez, heaven forbid a parent object to the age appropriateness of the book. The parent's objection was overruled by a vote of 10-1, by the way, which causes one to wonder if the CBLDF has too much time on its hands by making this case a cause célèbre when only one parent had an objection and said parent was heartily overruled. Indeed, it seems to make the case that freedom of speech is alive and well, don't'cha think??

In another case, Neil Gaiman's Sandman -- like Bone above -- is chided for being challenged as “unsuited for age group.” Again, why is this so hackle-raising?

Look, the CBLDF has a totally legit beef about the noted works being questioned for being available in general public libraries. They should be available there, since the entire public has access to them. (But they should be labeled and grouped appropriately, certainly.) Where they lose common sense is getting apoplectic about [parental] concerns over age appropriateness. Spare me. The current cadre of modern comics writers weren't so concerned about free speech andf censorship when they ripped Frank Miller for wanting to do a Batman story where he battled al Qaeda.

That's because they're "progressives" like our commander-in-chief who views only some speech worthy of general concern and protection. Let's test it by doing a comicbook parody of Islam and see how the CBLDF reacts. (There actually is someone who's more or less done that; I wonder how he's been treated. I'll check and let you know.)

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Photoshop of the Day

(h/t: Insty.)

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What'll happen: No care about content; just worry about "timing," "racism," etc.

You may have heard by now about the Daily Caller's revealing video of Boss Obama in 2007 saying (among other things) that the federal government "doesn't care" about [black] New Orleans, spends too much cash on the suburbs as opposed to the cities, and heaps praise upon his preacher -- the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. It's just yet more vetting that the mainstream media refused to do before the last election ... y'know, like the "progressive" JournoList got together to kill the Reverend Wright story in '08.

You can guarantee that the same MSM will now pooh-pooh this video -- it's "timing" is suspect, and the "inherent racism" of it is reprehensible -- so its effect on the coming election will probably be negligible. Nevertheless, it's just further proof of how radical our chief exec really is. If one honestly believes that a person can spend his entire life immersed in radicalism (political, social and racial) yet "suddenly" suspend those beliefs to mount a presidential campaign and subsequent administration, well, then, you ought to write a paper for Psychology Today explaining how such is possible.

The Crawdad Hole reminds us all of the Rolling Stone article from 2008 which points out Boss Obama's radical roots (and lauds them). An example (my emphases):

The Trinity United Church of Christ, the church that Barack Obama attends in Chicago, is at once vast and unprepossessing, a big structure a couple of blocks from the projects, in the long open sore of a ghetto on the city’s far South Side. The church is a leftover vision from the Sixties of what a black nationalist future might look like. There’s the testifying fervor of the black church, the Afrocentric Bible readings, even the odd dashiki. And there is the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a sprawling, profane bear of a preacher, a kind of black ministerial institution, with his own radio shows and guest preaching gigs across the country. Wright takes the pulpit here one Sunday and solemnly, sonorously declares that he will recite ten essential facts about the United States. “Fact number one: We’ve got more black men in prison than there are in college,” he intones. “Fact number two: Racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run!” There is thumping applause; Wright has a cadence and power that make Obama sound like John Kerry. Now the reverend begins to preach. “We are deeply involved in the importing of drugs, the exporting of guns and the training of professional KILLERS. . . . We believe in white supremacy and black inferiority and believe it more than we believe in God. . . . We conducted radiation experiments on our own people. . . . We care nothing about human life if the ends justify the means!” The crowd whoops and amens as Wright builds to his climax: “And. And. And! GAWD! Has GOT! To be SICK! OF THIS SHIT!”

This is as openly radical a background as any significant American political figure has ever emerged from, as much Malcolm X as Martin Luther King Jr. Wright is not an incidental figure in Obama’s life, or his politics. The senator “affirmed” his Christian faith in this church; he uses Wright as a “sounding board” to “make sure I’m not losing myself in the hype and hoopla.” Both the title of Obama’s second book, The Audacity of Hope, and the theme for his keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 come from Wright’s sermons. “If you want to understand where Barack gets his feeling and rhetoric from,” says the Rev. Jim Wallis, a leader of the religious left, “just look at Jeremiah Wright.”

Obama wasn’t born into Wright’s world. His parents were atheists, an African bureaucrat and a white grad student, Jerry Falwell’s nightmare vision of secular liberals come to life. Obama could have picked any church — the spare, spiritual places in Hyde Park, the awesome pomp and procession of the cathedrals downtown. He could have picked a mosque, for that matter, or even a synagogue. Obama chose Trinity United. He picked Jeremiah Wright. Obama writes in his autobiography that on the day he chose this church, he felt the spirit of black memory and history moving through Wright, and “felt for the first time how that spirit carried within it, nascent, incomplete, the possibility of moving beyond our narrow dreams.”

Obama has now spent two years in the Senate and written two books about himself, both remarkably frank: There is a desire to own his story, to be both his own Boswell and his own investigative reporter. When you read his autobiography, the surprising thing — for such a measured politician — is the depth of radical feeling that seeps through, the amount of Jeremiah Wright that’s packed in there.”

Does anyone seriously believe that Boss Obama meant it when he "disavowed" Wright for his incendiary comments during the 2008 campaign?? It was a ruthlessly and transparently political move, period. Wright claimed himself that Obama offered him "hush money" so as not to hurt his presidential chances any further. And does anyone seriously believe Obama is divorced from the legal precepts of Critical Race Theory? The unearthed 2007 speech is chock full of it.

*Sigh* No, this isn't going to be another lengthy treatise on Boss Obama's far-leftism. If anything, it's yet another excoriation of our media for its pathetic malpractice. And if anything else, it's a warning to the public -- you'll get what you deserve if you continue to elect people like Boss Obama. But don't be mistaken: It isn't a warning about race or racism (the sort that emanates from people like Wright); it's a warning about the changes Obama's legal theories represent to the structure of government as it's currently built. They're a departure away from the equal justice for all ideal to that of certain rights need to be curtailed for some and certain transgressions need to be overlooked for others ... all in the name of "righting" historical injustices. It's a transformation that would turn our system into one such as South Africa's with its emphasis on "positive rights" -- and the president has ideological buddies on our high court who share his views. Indeed, also in 2007 Boss Obama ripped the George W. Bush Justice Dept. for -- gasp! -- enforcing race neutral policies. The way he put it, of course, was via his usual lying self, stating,

The single most significant concern that this Justice Department under this administration has had with respect to discrimination has to do with affirmative action. That they have basically spent all their time worrying about colleges and universities around the country that are giving a little break to young African Americans and Hispanics to make sure that they can go to college, too.

Yes, the previous administration "basically spent all their time" making sure poor minorities had no shot at getting in to college. Uh huh. More like the case of Southern Illinois University which was handing out taxpayer-funded scholarships purely based on applicants' skin tone. Oh, and white applicants were excluded from them, by the way. So, the former DOJ was interested in that little previously mentioned item called "equal justice under the law." But Critical Race Theory feels differently about justice, natch.

FWIW, here's the full video of Boss Obama's comments:

RELATED: Jimmy Carter National Security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski said that

the makers of the [Mohammed parody] movie could be held "liable" for the deaths of the US Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans. He recommended that the United States should "investigate and crack down" on "evil forces" such as those people behind the movie.

Perfectly in line with what Critical Race Theory's stance on "free" speech.

ALSO RELATED: Elizabeth Price Foley:

I dare say that if this video had been played by the mainstream media and candidate Obama had been vigorously questioned about it, many Americans’ idealism about the post-racialism he purported to represent would have been irreparably shattered.

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But of course

Nancy Pelosi blames Republicans for the Libya attacks on 9/11.

There is NOTHING -- I repeat, NOTHING!! -- for which this idiot administration holds itself accountable.

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Watcher's Council nominations

Honorable Mentions:

And the non-Council nominations are here!

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October 02, 2012

About those tax cuts

I used to beat my head against the wall over at that liberal site I used to like. Some time ago the blogger went 'nanners and never looked back. He (sometimes he's a he and when convenient, she's a she) has a fundamental lack of understanding regarding market economics, capital markets, liquidity, fiscal policy, monetary policy and so on. For the last time, here it is:

The Bush Tax Cuts Did Not Cause The Economic Meltdown.

This isn't Reason, or Human Events, IBD or even The WSJ.

This is the Washington Post.

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So there's that

Obama's Best Insurance Against Assassination said today:

“This is deadly earnest, man. This is deadly earnest,” the vice president said. “How they can justify, how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that has been buried the last four years? How in lord's name can they justify raising their taxes with these tax cuts.”

Let's recap:

1. The middle class has been negatively affected by four years of Obama's policies
2. Tax cuts raise taxes.

This begs a few questions:

1. If the middle class has been screwed for the last four years by this administration, why exactly should they vote for him?
2. Please explain how tax cuts raise taxes. (I'm sure this makes perfect sense to Kavips)
3. Can anyone think of a reason Biden is still on the ticket?

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