March 31, 2012

Zimmerman update

This Daily Caller story sheds some new light -- doubts -- about George Zimmerman's claims of self defense for his shooting of Trayvon Martin.

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Jane Valez-Mitchell could work for the News Journal

Valez-Mitchell is another example of the descent into outright idiocy that the Trayvon Martin case has brought us. Watch as she wonders why police need to know what race a suspect is:

Valez-Mitchell would be extremely proud of our own Wilmington News Journal for its policy on the reporting of police/criminal activity, eh?

Also laughable is her contention that we "have to move beyond" race. But this is precisely what the Left demands, Jane -- looking at people in terms of their race! One will go insane attempting to figure out just what the Left actually desires when it comes to discussing race matters. Color-blindness is great when it suits them; it is racist at other times.

Basic logic simply cannot be applied to the Left and race -- period.

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Piers Morgan shows some spine

The CNN host takes it to the budding Al Sharpton replacement who can't afford a last name, Touré:

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Tweet of the Day

Left tries to get Rush "Fired" and his ratings go up. Conservatives ignore Olbermann and he gets himself fired all by himself.


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March 30, 2012

Out -- again

Couldn't happen to a bigger a**hole: Keith Trayvon Martin Olbermann is axed from Current TV.

Current TV said Friday afternoon that it had terminated its relationship with its lead anchor Keith Olbermann, scarcely one year after he was hired to reboot the channel in his progressive political image.

In a letter to viewers, the channel said Friday, “We created Current to give voice to those Americans who refuse to rely on corporate-controlled media and are seeking an authentic progressive outlet. We are more committed to those goals today than ever before. Current was also founded on the values of respect, openness, collegiality, and loyalty to our viewers. Unfortunately these values are no longer reflected in our relationship with Keith Olbermann and we have ended it.” (Link)

To add insult to injury, disgraced former New York governor (and failed CNN gabber) Elliot Spitzer will replace KTMO.

In a word: Heh.

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How liberals think

Gotta laugh -- sadly -- at this classic from Governor Moonbeam, aka Jerry Brown of California:

Brown also defended calling his proposal a “millionaires tax” on his initiative campaign website, even though the income threshold would be $250,000.

“Anybody who makes $250,000 becomes a millionaire very quickly if you save it. You just need four years,” Brown said. “It is a millionaires tax. It taxes millionaires, right? And it’s for schools. And it protects public safety.”

To which John J. Pitney right retorts:

Of course, the governor is assuming that people with an annual income of a quarter million do not buy any goods or services (including food, clothing, and shelter) and do not pay any federal, state, or local taxes. Apart from that minor caveat, it’s a perfectly reasonable assertion.

Is Brown really that stupid??

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Zimmerman update

The shooter of Trayvon Martin, "white Hispanic" George Zimmerman, was a "Jekyll and Hyde" sort of character says a former co-worker:

A report on Friday contrasts the (Zimmerman's) brother’s story, citing one of Zimmerman’s co-workers. While usually “cool,” he said, Zimmerman was like “Jekyll and Hyde. When the dude snapped, he snapped.”

He had a temper and he became a liability. One time this woman was acting a little out of control. She was drunk. George lost his cool and totally overreacted. It was weird, because he was such a cool guy, but he got all nuts. He picked her up and threw her. It was pure rage. She twisted her ankle. Everyone was flipping out.

But, the source says, “Still, I could never see him killing someone. Never.”

Never? After he threw a drunk woman which twisted her ankle? Hmm ...

The story continues ...

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Watcher's Council results

The non-Council winner was Sultan Knish with It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Black or White.

Full results are here.

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Tweet of the Day

Hey, remember when Rush tweeted the address of Sandra Fluke and her parents?


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March 29, 2012

The L.G.O.M.B. and the Trayvon Martin case

The coverage of this tragedy has been pretty much what you'd expect from the Local Gaggle of Moonbat Bloggers, Pandora; however, today she uses a video from MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell show, along with accompanying commentary from "progressive" websites, as definitive "proof" that George Zimmerman is lying:

Ever since the press started reporting on Zimmerman’s injuries I fully expected to see pictures of a bloody nose, a bleeding gash on the back of his head that his attorney said should have required stitches. I expected to see George Zimmerman looking like he was beaten up.

Watch the video. We get to see Zimmerman’s nose, back of his head and the back of his jacket. I can’t really tell if there are grass stains on his jacket, but at this point I’m tossing out Zimmerman’s version of events.

This is why the new media -- those who do not (rightly) trust the mainstream media -- is needed. The Daily Caller:

At the scene of the incident, according to a three-page preliminary police report, Zimmerman was given “first aid” by Sanford Fire Department paramedics. It is unclear what that treatment consisted of, and how much time elapsed between the paramedics’ intervention and Zimmerman’s arrival at the Sanford Police Department.

Perhaps this first aid given by the fire dept. cleaned up Zimmerman's bloody nose and laceration on the head?

Does anyone see this gash? Lord knows, we’ve heard enough about it.

Here, maybe?

Pandora goes on to call law enforcement authorities "liars," and then says "given all this I’m ready to charge certain members of the Sanford Police and other law enforcement officials as accessories to a crime."

Isn't it just wonderful how "progressives" see no need for detailed investigations or a grand jury (which is scheduled to weigh evidence in this case on April 10) when they have networks like MSNBC? Y'know, the same network that allows one of its hosts to actively participate in protests in Sanford, FL, and purposely doctors quotes so that people will derive a preconceived opinion about the whole case.

Again, it is hilarious to watch "progressives" like Pandora -- so incredibly vociferous about granting terrorists Miranda rights and the like, and decrying waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation methods -- being so cocksure about Zimmerman's (and the Sanford police's) guilt that she, before any trial, declares them all criminals.

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V.D.H.'s 10 Things That We’ve Learned from the Trayvon Martin Tragedy

That's Victor Davis Hanson, and here's the article. I like #9 in particular:

Most who editorialize so passionately on this case, black and white, live in cities, but most likely as far away from those neighborhoods and inner-city schools where murder is an epidemic as they can. They are engaging in de facto profiling in every aspect of their and their childrens’ lives, based on general perceptions, personal experience, and statistical data. Profiling and stereotyping are for others; a “good” or “safe” area is for the more sensitive and educated.

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Dopey Letter of the Week 2

One wonders where Lora Neal of Philly gets her information:

TRAYVON MARTIN was an innocent black youth, minding his own business and returning from the store to the house where his parents lived. Trayvon only looked suspicious because he was in a community where he is not supposed to live. The only crime he committed was walking while being black. Please give us a break with the self-defense when the people in their homes heard Trayvon screaming for help. George Zimmerman is a murderer and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

1) Trayvon "wasn't supposed to live" in the community? Why not? The community is quite diverse, racially speaking.

2) It's not clear just who was "screaming for help." Zimmerman says it was him; Trayvon Martin's family say it was their son.

3) Why isn't self defense a legitimate claim if Zimmerman was indeed attacked by Martin, as he claims?

4) How is Zimmerman "a murderer" when the public doesn't know exactly what happened that night, and the authorities are still piecing it together?

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March 28, 2012

And to lighten things up ...

... in this time of racial tension, hopefully we can all take a second and chuckle at this classic SNL bit featuring Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo as Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra ... singing "Ebony and Ivory":

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Two days ago I wrote:

I'm not a lawyer, but it's fairly clear to me Zimmerman should be charged with something, at least perhaps 1st or 2nd degree manslaughter.

News is now available showing that Sanford, FL police initially wanted to charge George Zimmerman with manslaughter for the killing of Trayvon Martin. The Seminole County State Attorney’s Office is now declining comment on whether someone there declined to seek charges against Zimmerman; however,

Multiple ABC News sources claim that investigator Chris Serino was “instructed to not press charges against Zimmerman because the state attorney’s office headed by Norman Wolfinger determined there wasn’t enough evidence to lead to a conviction. (Link)

We should all know on April 10 whether Zimmerman will be formally charged. That's when a grand jury convenes to determine whether to bring charges which could include second-degree murder or manslaughter. The Dept. of Justice's Civil Rights Division is also investigating, as is the FBI.

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Tweet of the Day

Remember, the same people looking to lynch Zimmerman right now were all upset that KSM was waterboarded. FYI.


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CNN anchor: "Yeeeahhh, uuuhhh" on Spike Lee tweeting shooter's address

Watch as CNN's Don Lemon doesn't agree with his [very reasonable] guest about Spike Lee tweeting the [incorrect] address of Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman. He mumbles "Yeeeaahhh, uuuuhhh, alright ... I know, I know, I know ... let's move on." (Sounds just like his CNN colleague Soledad O'Brien, eh?) Watch his dismissive demeanor toward clip's end:

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Dopey Letter(s) of the Week has already -- and predictably -- opined on the Trayvon Martin case, thus opening the way for the expected dopey letter writers. First up is Scott Washburn of Philly who writes

If I understand the Florida "stand your ground" law correctly, if Trayvon Martin had been carrying a gun, he would have been perfectly justified in shooting George Zimmerman, just as Zimmerman claims to have been justified in shooting Martin ("Debating 'castle' doctrine," Tuesday). Martin's life obviously was in danger.

Well, you don't understand the law correctly, Scott. Martin would have a lot less of a justification for firing on Zimmerman than the reverse. Consider the relevant portions of the Florida law:

776.012 Use of force in defense of person.—A person is justified in using force, except deadly force, against another when and to the extent that the person reasonably believes that such conduct is necessary to defend himself or herself or another against the other’s imminent use of unlawful force. However, a person is justified in the use of deadly force and does not have a duty to retreat if:

(1) He or she reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the imminent commission of a forcible felony; or
(2) Under those circumstances permitted pursuant to s. 776.013.

Zimmerman merely following Martin hardly rises to the level of "reasonably believing" in "imminent death or great bodily harm." On the other hand, if current reports are accurate in that Martin attacked Zimmerman first, Zimmerman's claims of self defense may have merit -- based on the above ... and on this section:

776.041 Use of force by aggressor. —The justification described in the preceding sections of this chapter is not available to a person who:

(1) Is attempting to commit, committing, or escaping after the commission of, a forcible felony; or

(2) Initially provokes the use of force against himself or herself, unless:

(a) Such force is so great that the person reasonably believes that he or she is in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm and that he or she has exhausted every reasonable means to escape such danger other than the use of force which is likely to cause death or great bodily harm to the assailant; or
(b) In good faith, the person withdraws from physical contact with the assailant and indicates clearly to the assailant that he or she desires to withdraw and terminate the use of force, but the assailant continues or resumes the use of force.

Even if Zimmerman is considered the "aggressor" by his initial pursuit of Martin ("Initially provokes the use of force against himself"), there's that highlighted exception. Reports say that Zimmerman had ceased his pursuit of Martin and was returning to his truck. It is here that Martin allegedly attacked him. Part "a" above would appear to be what allows the action Zimmerman ultimately took -- shooting Martin because Martin was beating the snot out of him.

Next, Anthony J. Frascino of Swedesboro (NJ) writes:

African Americans must realize the sad truth. Old white men are passing draconian gun laws to protect their own. Florida adopted an NRA-backed gun law called "stand your ground" to make it easier for citizens to kill you if you're perceived as a threat to their survival. To many of these folks, any black face is intimidating. So any vigilante confronting you can murder you, even if you get the upper hand and don't possess a firearm.

Hmm. Usually when one says "draconian gun laws" he means gun control. Frascino seems to be saying that laws like "Stand Your Ground" are racist because it gives "old white men" an excuse to kill black people. Which is actually pretty hilarious since the aforementioned gun control actually has racist roots. "Stand your ground" applies to everyone, whereas gun control laws historically only benefitted the well-off and whites, and currently only benefit the lawless. Just take a gander at how "great" gun control laws work in big inner cities now. Whom do they hurt most?

As for the rest of Frascino's nonsense, I direct him to the appropriate sections of the Florida law noted above in response to the first letter writer.

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Just imagine ... aw hell, you know by now

Via the Daily Caller: College Democrats invite Louis Farrakhan to speak in Alabama.

Do I really have to explain just how ludicrous this is?? Perhaps I do, though, to Kris Taylor:

Kris Taylor, who leads the poetry club, predicted that there’s “going to be positive energy coming from this.” “I don’t believe he’s going to come here and bash the Jews,” Taylor said.

Farrakhan's history, however, proves otherwise, Ms. Taylor.

Now, envision the College Republicans inviting David Duke and someone like Taylor saying there's “going to be positive energy coming from this; I don’t believe he’s going to come here and bash blacks.”

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March 27, 2012

If you like Hunger Games, seek out The Running Man

The recently released Hunger Games is a big hit in the theatre, taking after its popular book of the same name. I haven't read Games nor seen the film (yet); however, based on having read its plot I was immediately reminded of the only book I ever read straight through without so much as budging from the couch -- The Running Man.

The Running Man is by Stephen King under his pseudonym Richard Bachman. Do not confuse this awesome novel with the cheesy Arnold Schwarzenegger film from 1988 -- they're nothing alike, really. In a dystopian future, we find Ben Richards, an unemployed father of a sick daughter who decides to try his hand at one of the games featured on the "Games Network." He's good enough to be chosen for the ultimate game, "The Running Man," where contestants are literally hunted down across the entire planet if need be. Survivors are rewarded handsomely (although not many know no contestant has ever "won"). It reads like one big car chase scene, and remains one of my favorite all-time scifi novels. If you're big into Hunger Games, I highly recommend Running Man.

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Reason #6492 MSNBC is a sad joke

It's bad enough that its anchors are going beyond reporting and even opinion but into advocacy; they're also doctoring quotes so as to make you agree with them:

Jake caught MSNBC Dowdifying the 911 call in the George Zimmerman/Martin Trayvon shooting. Here’s what MSNBC has George Zimmerman saying on the 911 call: "This guy looks like he's up to no good ... he looks black ..." Zimmerman told a police dispatcher from his car.

But here's how the call actually went:

ZIMMERMAN: This guy looks like he's up to no good, or he's on drugs or something. It's raining and he's just walking around, looking about.

911 DISPATCHER: Okay, is this guy, is he white, black, or Hispanic?

ZIMMERMAN: He looks black.

Just a little different now, isn't it? The MSNBC version paints Zimmerman as a racist for offering up the "he looks black" comment on his own. But, in actuality, he only did so in response to the 911 dispatcher's query.

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March 26, 2012

Tweet of the Day

I sure hope it's the same courtroom in which O. J Simpson was found not guilty. Only & Last time Blacks had justice. (Link)

Oh brother.

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How would you have liked Bob Hoskins as Wolverine?

Via Screen Rant:

Chris Claremont – probably the most renowned X-Men writer ever, having written everything from “The Phoenix Saga” to “Days of Future Past” – recently reflected on the potential X-Men film from way back when – the one produced by James Cameron (Avatar), directed by Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker), and starring Bob Hoskins (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) as Wolverine and Angela Bassett (Waiting to Exhale) as Storm.

Hoskins? It sure is hard to imagine that after the svelte, buff Hugh Jackman assumed the role. But Claremont saw Hoskins in Lassiter (starring Tom Selleck) and thought he'd "be perfect" to play the Canuck X-Man. Here, you decide:

Bassett I can totally see as Storm. She's a better actress than Halle Berry, but certainly not as hot. Big-time blockbusters tend to go for the latter.

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Where I agree with Rich Lowry (and Al Sharpton)

As I noted in my post about the Trayvon Martin case yesterday, some facts are not in dispute. The biggest of these is that Trayvon's killer, George Zimmerman, pursued Martin as he was walking through the neighborhood. Lowry writes:

Zimmerman claims Martin attacked him from behind, and he fired in self-defense. But while he was on the line with 911, Zimmerman was the one chasing Martin. At the same time, Martin talked on his cellphone to his girlfriend, complaining of a man watching him. She told him to run away, which he apparently did during the interval Zimmerman was on with 911. The girlfriend claims she heard Martin say, "What are you following me for?" before the call went dead.

The tape of another 911 call from a neighbor has yells of "help" in the background before the gunshot. We may never know what exactly happened in the altercation. We do know this: Through stupendous errors in judgment, Zimmerman brought about an utterly unnecessary confrontation and then — in the most favorable interpretation of the facts for him — shot Martin when he began to lose a fistfight to him.

The "self-defense" defense shouldn't apply because Zimmerman initiated the confrontation. Martin did not know who Zimmerman was. If a stranger was running after you, what would you do -- especially if he caught you? Fight back? Most probably.

As for agreeing with Al Sharpton, let Lowry explain it:

What is true of the stopped clock is also true of the perpetually aggrieved, shamelessly exploitative publicity hound: Through sheer chance, he occasionally will be right. The Trayvon Martin case appears to be one of those instances for Al Sharpton.

Sharpton shouldn't be lauded at all for his current stance on the Martin matter. As I also noted in yesterday's post, Al's racial huckster baggage/history invites suspicion from the outset, and this makes it much more difficult for people to take him (and others, like Jesse Jackson) seriously when they do have a legitimate gripe.

I'm not a lawyer, but it's fairly clear to me Zimmerman should be charged with something, at least perhaps 1st or 2nd degree manslaughter. And, once again as I noted yesterday, it's all fine and good to point out how ridiculous the mainstream media is being during this whole sordid affair; however, people aren't doing anyone any good by digging up nuggets that show Trayvon somehow wasn't a "model citizen," etc. The kid was killed because the neighborhood watch guy refused to listen to law enforcement, and initiated a confrontation which never should have happened.

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This doesn't surprise me in the least

'Aggressive' parents force cancellation of Colorado town's Easter Egg hunt

Why doesn't it surprise me? Try teaching for over 20 years.

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Iron Man 3 described as "Clancy-esque"

Via Big Hollywood:

“The storyline is being described by writer-director Shane Black as being a Tom Clancy-thriller, with Iron Man fighting real world villains. Black stated, “the studio wasn't happy with the result of Iron Man 2, as a result that pretty much came about due to a rushed production schedule in an attempt to hit a release date rather than simply make a good film, but I digress. Iron Man 3 will not be another, 'two men in iron suits fighting each other.’”

I'm not certain what "real world villains" could mean; it could mean introducing what many consider to be Shellhead's greatest enemy ever, The Mandarin, into the mix. Recall that the head terrorist who captured Stark in the first film headed a group called "The Ten Rings." This is a quite obvious reference to Mandarin, although certainly a name change would be necessary as the film terrorist is Afghan/Muslim, while the comics bad guy is Chinese. IM3 could have the Golden Avenger battling radical Islamic terrorists dispatched by Mandarin (or whatever his name would be) across the US (and world).

I just hope, as Big Hollywood's John Nolte does, that "Stark's unabashed love of country and capitalism continue."

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March 25, 2012

Media again goes to bat for Obama re: gas prices

We never saw this in the last few years of the last administration now, did we? Of course not.

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As the Trayvon Martin case proceeds ...

As you would expect, the media has been covering this sad story of a 17 year-old Florida teenager who was followed, and then shot by, a neighborhood watch "supervisor." There are myriad aspects to the case -- involving the actual incident and the media coverage of it.

--- Based on the facts we know at present, it appears that the neighborhood watch guy, one George Zimmerman, acted inappropriately. He not only violated the tenets of his Neighborhood Watch manual (which states, “it should be emphasized to members that they do not possess police powers, and they shall not carry weapons or pursue vehicles”), but also the instructions of the 911 operator whom he called. Martin is also a habitual caller to 911, having contacted them 46 times in the last fifteen months.

--- The police acted questionably in the case initially. They failed to administer a drug and alcohol test on Zimmerman. They also did not run a background check on him. And, they missed an apparent racial epithet uttered under Zimmerman's breath during the 911 call. Philly's Michael Smerconish on WPHT 1210 AM a few days ago played that portion of the call and it indeed does seem like Zimmerman says "f***ing coon" as he's chasing Martin. Smerconish had to filter the sound and up the volume substantially for it to be heard; nevertheless, if he could do it, the cops couldn't?? But the reason Zimmerman may have remained free that fateful day is that a witness has stated that Martin attacked Zimmerman and was beating the crap out of him. But ... if Zimmerman had followed the 911 operator's instructions at the onset, there would have been no confrontation in the first place, right?

--- The left-leaning media predictably has dissected the race aspect of all this immeasurably. This is not to say there isn't such an aspect, of course; what it does, though -- for them, at least -- is confirm everything they believe about race and how it affects life in these United States. Which, of course, is mostly so much nonsense. We now see articles like this asking if black males wearing hoodies is a "recipe for disaster." (Geraldo Rivera takes a slightly different tack in that hoodies are associated with "gangsta" life and do indeed invite suspicion.) What this fails to note is 1) how many other cases are out there like the Martin-Zimmerman case (wouldn't we have heard about them, especially given the quick furor over this one?), and 2) even noted civil rights individuals like Jesse Jackson have come right out and stated that he fears a group of black men walking down the street. What could possibly give Jackson that trepidation?

--- Why has the mainstream media been referring to Zimmerman as a "white Hispanic?" Would they have referred to him thusly if his last name was "Rodríguez?" What if he was a black Hispanic? Either this is to further sensationalize the racial angle of the case, or the media is obtuse in thinking that someone with the last name "Zimmerman" could not possibly be Latino.

--- The conservative media has been reporting this fairly; however, too many commenters at various right-leaning news sites and blogs are making ridiculous points and statements which belittle the tragedy of this case. I read one yesterday at The Blaze which questioned why the media constantly uses images of Trayvon which show him to be quite a bit younger than 17 ... as if all 17 year-olds "look older." While this may be the case (these photos of Martin have since surfaced; he still doesn't look much older than in the photos the MSM have used, though these are certainly more "sinister"), ultimately, as one conservative commenter rebutted, such complaints are unproductive. He said he's against fake racism complaints and racial huckstery as much as the next guy, but when there's a fairly clear cut case of wrong, people have to be willing to say that's what it is.

--- But, then again, the main media figure in all this now is Al Sharpton. Not only is Sharpton one of most racially polarizing figures in the country, he was the ringleader of one of the biggest racial hoaxes of all-time -- the Tawana Brawley case. Once he's involved, immediately [mostly white] suspicion ensues. Sharpton's involvement, among others', brings to light the issue of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Aside from the Brawley (and other) hoaxes, with Barack Obama's election in 2008 accusations of racism have become so commonplace that it's causing people to yawn and say "Yeah, right." Then there's Louis Farrakhan chiming in and the Black Panthers have now offered a bounty on Zimmerman.

--- Ace [rightly] points out that the Duke lacrosse team scandal, among other things, shouldn't be forgotten.

Mark Steyn's article at The Corner a couple days back dealing with how the media reacts to [obvious] radical Islamic terror actions can be similarly applied to the Martin case ... and incidents of politically-oriented violence in general. Stage One involves blaming right wing conservative "extremists." Conservative lawmakers in Florida were quickly culpable for the state's "stand your ground" law, as was the NRA for supporting such laws. Others, like MSNBC's Karen Finney, made connections to voter ID laws and blamed Rush Limbaugh for the shooting. The same network's Mika Brzezinski also blamed Limbaugh.

Stage Two would work in the opposite manner of Steyn's thesis. With Islamic terrorists, the media quickly goes into "it's a lone wolf" mode, wanting to downplay the radical Islamist angle. With the Martin case, George Zimmerman is not just one overzealous individual with a wannabe cop fetish. The "real" issue is continued, systemic racism which is still "endemic" in contemporary America.

Steyn then posits that Stage Three has the media grudgingly admitting that it really wasn't a "lone wolf" scenario, but radical Islam still has nothing to do with a terrorist incident. In the Martin case, the elite media and its "progressive" allies generate criticism towards those whom they feel traditionally downplay or ignore the "epidemic" of racism in America which, of course, is the "actual" culprit behind Trayvon Martin's death. The liberal Daily Beast blasted Fox News for its "delay" in covering the story. Buzzfeed produced a graphic which supposedly depicts Fox only airing one story on the Martin through March 19 ... despite the fact that up until that point the story wasn't very widespread at all. The underlying message to these criticisms is, of course, that Fox News is "anti-black" and/or "racist." It's sort of understandable that these "progressive" outlets have to resort to this type of nonsense, because at present no major right-leaning media outlet has in any way defended Zimmerman or his actions. That's what really grates at them.

Lastly, there's Stage Four -- the "backlash that never happens." With reporting on radical Islam, it's the fear that Muslim communities will suffer retribution from the community-at-large after a terrorist attack. With the Martin case, you won't hear about media fears of a [black] backlash against the white (or should I say "white Hispanic") community.

I'd offer the advice to allow the authorities (state and federal) to do their jobs and [hopefully] bring about the right -- and just -- remedy. But I doubt that will make much of a difference.

UPDATE: My Watcher's Council colleague Greg at Rhymes With Right has two superb posts on this subject.

UPDATE 2: A commenter at Legal Insurrection points out that the second of the more "sinister" Martin photos noted in the fifth bullet point paragraph above was referenced on its original Twitter posting as not being Trayvon. (The Twitter photo is now listed as "unavailable.")

UPDATE 3: It seems Zimmerman did not call 911 forty-six times in fifteen months. He called 46 times since 2004. Big difference, that.

UPDATE 4: Leonard Pitts is here to remind us that George Zimmerman is white, dammit. Just don't try to point out that Barack Obama is, though. Or something.

UPDATE 5: Heather Mac Donald has an excellent column on the case today.

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March 24, 2012

What's wrong with this picture?

Police to ignore California impound law amid concern of fairness to illegal immigrants.

The Los Angeles Police Department will soon start ignoring California state law, which requires police to impound the vehicles of unlicensed drivers for 30 days. The majority of unlicensed motorists in Los Angeles are immigrants who are in the country illegally and have low-income jobs. The LAPD says the state's impound law is unfair because it limits their ability to get to their jobs and imposes a steep fine to get their car back.

As long as drivers can produce some form of I.D., proof of insurance and vehicle registration, they'll be allowed to keep their car. Police Chief Charlie Beck insists that it's simply leveling the playing field.

"It's about fairness. It's about equal application of the law," Beck told a Los Angeles TV station earlier this month.

Now, try to reconcile those two statements. The majority of unlicensed motorists are are here illegally, but impounding their cars because of that isn't an "equal application of the law."

Right. Got it.

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Watcher's Council winners

The non-Council winner was Bristol’s Blog with Mr. President, When Should I Expect Your Call?

Full results are here.

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March 22, 2012

A word from the Angry Left

Via the Newsbusters tip line (which goes out to many contributors, not just me). Extreme profanity (spelled out in the original e-mail) has been edited:

Fu** You!

We will take you treasonous bastards down just like we will take down the treasonous bastards at Fox News. I myself want all the lying piece of shit mouth pieces for the corporate puppets known as the Republican party tried for treason, and if I get my way, conspirators of those treasonous fu**ing Republican bastards who have hijacked the taxpayers money into private pockets will be tried for treason as well!

The violations of our Constitution in the laws written by the Republican party will no longer be tolerated, and any further enforcement of such laws will also be counted as conspirators of treason, as every public official takes an oath to the Constitution and the people, not to the Republican party, and the corporations that buy them! You better know that if you treasonous bastards try and take out Obama, America will take you out immediately! IMMEDIATELY!

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Thanks for the black eye

A Virginia middle school teacher has his students do opposition research on the GOP presidential candidates and to find weaknesses in their positions ... which they'll then send on to President Obama:

The assignment was for students to research the backgrounds and positions of each of the GOP candidates for president and find “weaknesses” in them, the parent explained. From there, students were to prepare a strategy paper to exploit those weaknesses and then to send their suggestions to the Obama campaign.

Liberty teacher Michael Denman, who declined to comment, unveiled the assignment in mid-January when he broke the Civics Honor’s class into four groups, one for each Republican candidate. The students were then to collaborate as a group and research the backgrounds of their assigned candidate.

Denman assigned two kids to write a paper revealing the identified “weaknesses,” two to write the attack strategy paper and two others to locate an individual inside the Obama campaign to whom they could send the information.

No similar assignment was given to research Obama’s history, identify his weaknesses or pass them along to the Republican candidates.

I'm a trained social sciences teacher and nothing infuriates me more than reading about stuff like this. I don't care what your own beliefs and biases are; what right do you have to indoctrinate students to those beliefs? Your job is allow students to examine both (or more) sides of an issue, no matter how much it may pain you to do so.

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Battlestar Galactica prequel Blood and Chrome ditched by SyFy

Spinoff Online has the story:

Initially envisioned as a 10-episode webseries, Blood & Chrome made the jump in October 2010 to full-fledged television pilot, chronicling the adventures of a young, brash William Adama (played by Skins star Luke Pasqualino) during the10th year of the First Cylon War. In contrast to the other Battlestar Galactica prequel, Caprica, Blood & Chrome relied heavily on special effects — in addition to the battle scenes, many of the sets were virtual — leading delivery to the two-hour pilot to be delayed until last November.

Since then, Syfy executives apparently have been trying to iron out a workable budget for such an effects-reliant project before ultimately determining there’s no way to make it work as a television series. However, the cable channel there’s still a chance Blood & Chrome could return to its roots, airing as a webseries.

Makes sense to me; the original 1979 Battlestar series, after a huge debut, quickly fizzled as its reliance on FX at the expense of story was just too much. That, and do we really care what happened in the Cylon Wars now? We know its outcome, after all. The Star Wars prequels, you may argue, are similar; however, there's always a chance for Star Wars sequels, too. No such luck with Battlestar. Its ultimate conclusion was already [lamely] played out.

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Here's what we do about high gas prices

Immediately decrease state and federal taxes on each gallon of gas:

The state figures take into account the federal 18.4 cents per gallon excise tax. If the feds/states cut these taxes in half, you're looking at a reduction per gallon of some 24 cents. With prices approaching $4.00/gallon, that makes a heck of a lot of difference to the average American.

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Just remember, though -- the Tea Party is mean-spirited and nasty

Yeah, this is the way to "stand with the working man" -- by dumping a garbage can full of urine and feces in front of an ATM:

Jordan Amos of Philly is the dude charged with this nastiness. But hey, he ain't all bad -- in the past Amos hauled food for the OWSers! Such a caring, thoughtful individual, he.

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Watcher's Council nominations

Honorable Mentions:

And the non-Council nominations are here!

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March 21, 2012

Rise in cavities

Is bottled water the culprit? Or, have people begun listening to Frank Burns?

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Oh, joy! Occupy Comics anthology due late this year

Think this will be fair and balanced? Hardly, if the sample artwork is any indication:

Awww, look at the poor widdle protester who got roughed up by those nasty, mean policemen ...!

Please. Personally, I wonder if there'll be any panels of Occupiers taking a sh** on a police car, of Occupiers doing drugs, OWSers getting raped, and OWSers generally wreaking havoc upon their squatted territory. But I won't hold my breath.

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Congressman reveals he's a member of Delta Tau Chi

Minesota Rep. Keith Ellison (D) says that Germany bombed Pearl Harbor:

Of course, who can forget this classic moment from "Animal House":

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What liberal media?

Who knew? CNN Money says "Rising gas prices aren't as bad as you think."

In 1981, when oil prices spiked following the Iranian Revolution, gasoline represented nearly 5% of the nation's spending, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In 2011, only 3.7% of spending went to gas, even though prices averaged at their highest level ever that year.

In addition to spending less, we're driving more than ever -- 90% more than compared to the early '80s, according to the Federal Highway Administration.

Whoa! So all's wine and roses! But hey -- then there's this much-belated defense of, of all things, high gas prices under President George W. Bush:

For example, in 2008 gas prices were all over the news when they hit their all time high. But in 2010 when prices fell people barely mentioned them. Yet spending on gas totaled only $12 more per week in 2008 than in 2010, according to numbers provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That $12 per week is roughly the same amount that BLS figures show people spent on "pets, toys, hobbies and playground equipment."

Where was this defense when Bush needed it, eh? Oh, right -- CNN Money was running stories like this. And, we got all this. Ah well, this sort of media defense of Obama certainly isn't new -- just over one year ago we saw very similar headlines going to bat for The Messiah.

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March 20, 2012

Standards are now rock bottom

Energy Secretary Steven Chu gives himself top marks for controlling gas prices:

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Today in "Imagine if a Republican did it"

Via the Daily Caller: Tom Hanks and Glenn Frey involved in blackface and racial jokes in 2004.

Video footage obtained by The Daily Caller shows Hollywood screen legend Tom Hanks and Eagles musician Glenn Frey at a 2004 fundraising auction, playfully interacting with a white man dressed as an African native, complete with blackface makeup and a giant Afro wig.

Hanks most recently provided the narration for ”The Road We’ve Traveled,” a 17-minute-long campaign video meant to help President Barack Obama win re-election in November.

The fundraiser, held March 13, 2004 at St. Matthew’s Parish School in Pacific Palisades, Calif., featured Hanks and Frey as co-emcees. Children of both men attended the school. The event’s theme, “Castaways,” evoked memories of the 2000 film “Cast Away,” in which Hanks starred.

The 2004 auction’s routine included a white man in blackface, identified in the footage as investment banker James Montgomery, CEO of the Santa Monica, Calif., firm Montgomery & Co. In addition to blackface makeup and the wig, Montgomery wore a leopard-print toga and an arm band made to look like it consisted of animal teeth.

During a lull in the auction, Frey refers to Montgomery and comments, “See how boring money management and stock investment is, people? It’s not nearly as much fun as, like, professional basketball.”

There's all sorts of little "ha ha" race jokes throughout. And, as noted in the quote, Hanks recently did the voice for The Messiah's new campaign video. Wonder if he's seen this vid! Ah well, y'know -- it doesn't matter anyway. Liberals are allowed to do such stuff because "deep down" they "mean well."

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March 19, 2012

Vice President Jackass

Delaware's own Joe Biden on the Osama bin Laden raid:

You can go back 500 years. You cannot find a more audacious plan. Never knowing for certain. We never had more than a 48 percent probability that he was there.

To bring up other much more audacious plans would insult your intelligence. Just like Joe insults all of ours.

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But of course

What to do when you suck and you're frustrated? Yep -- blame Fox News.

[David] Corn writes that after the midterm elections, Obama told labor leaders in December 2010 that he held Fox partly responsible for him “losing white males.”

“…Fed by Fox News, they hear Obama is a Muslim 24/7, and it begins to seep in…The Republicans have been at this for 40 years. They have new resources, but the strategy is old,” Corn recounted Obama as saying.

"Hear Obama is a Muslim 24/7?" I watch FNC fairly regularly and heard that maybe a few times -- during the 2008 election and not from any show hosts. It was from some invited [nutty] guests. FNC's "Special Report" host Bret Baier notes, "For the record, we found no examples of a host saying President Obama is a Muslim."

*Sigh* What freakin' baby. Any GOP president has every mainstream media outlet in his face, and that occurs 24/7. Obama has one network that dares to question him, and he has a royal cow. Someone give him a hug -- quick.

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Oh, look!

It seems Rick Santorum was in attendance when a "fiery" pastor made some rather unsettling remarks:

Rick Santorum attended a revival-type church service on Sunday night in Louisiana, where the Rev. Dennis Terry, pastor of the Greenwell Springs Baptist Church, offered some fire and brimstone in a videotaped sermon that on Monday was going viral because of his fiery comments.

“I don’t care what the liberals say, I don’t care what the naysayers say, this nation was founded as a Christian nation,” Mr. Terry said.

“There’s only one God, and his name is Jesus,” he continued. “I’m tired of people telling me that I can’t say those words. I’m tired of people telling us as Christians that we can’t voice our beliefs or we can no longer pray in public. Listen to me. If you don’t love America, if you don’t like the way we do things I have one thing to say — get out!”

Santorum stood and applauded after Terry was through.

The lefty blogs are obviously all over this -- and I don't blame them. It's pretty incendiary stuff. And, yes, just wrong.

But ... these are the very same folks who said our current president -- after sitting in the pew for twenty years in the church of one Jeremiah Wright -- can't be tied to his inflammatory remarks.

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March 18, 2012

Next job: Brainwash people into thinking Obama has been a good president

Attorney General Eric Holder in 1995: "We must 'brainwash' people against guns."

Now, while the intent of the idea -- using guns isn't "cool" -- is obviously laudable, this attitude of Holder's goes a long way in explaining "Fast and Furious," doesn't it? And, we all know what the saying is regarding intentions, right?

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Latest Prometheus trailer!

As previously noted here several times, Prometheus is the highly anticipated "prequel" to Alien and opens June 8th.

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As if we needed proof

... here's yet another example of how the Left doesn't want a debate on anything -- they want to stifle debate by silencing the opposition, period:

From yesterday's edition of radio's syndicated Keeping It Real With Reverend Al Sharpton, the excerpt below is quite frankly unreal. Guest hosts Dominique Sharpton and Andre Eggelletion happily allowed a number of callers to demand opposition heads on a platter.

Known mostly for an ugly 2009 altercation, Dominique is the reverend's daughter. For his part, Eggelletion has been active in free speech suppression efforts in Southern California, working to remove KFI's top-rated John & Ken from Los Angeles airwaves. (Link)

Listen to the audio here.

There really is nothing more hysterically hilarious than to hear well known haters like Al "Resist We Much" Sharpton passing judgment on, and demanding restitution from, anybody, let alone having his very own show on a major cable network to do it.

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March 17, 2012

Matthews is BACK!

Mike Matthews, formerly of Down With Absolutes! and Delaware Talk Radio, is back -- at the Mind of Mr. Matthews.

Welcome back, sir. Great to see you!

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March 16, 2012

If this was George W. Bush ...

... I wonder how dolt Graham Watson would spin this:

MVSU guard Kevin Burwell taunts President Obama and ultimately regrets it.

Mississippi Valley State guard Kevin Burwell learned a hard lesson Tuesday night that taunting the leader of the free world brings nothing but trouble.

Early in the second half of the Devils' "first four" game against Western Kentucky, Burwell dribbled to the corner where President Barack Obama and his guest, British Prime Minister David Cameron, were taking in the game and jacked up a 3-pointer. When the shot found the bottom of the net, Burwell turned to the president and taunted him.

Not a smart move with Secret Service hovering, but Burwell was responding to Obama's halftime comment that both teams were "shooting terribly." To Obama's credit, the two teams had combined to shoot 24 percent for the first half.

Not saying the president had anything to do with this cosmic karma, but you have to wonder. He is, after all, the most powerful man in the world.

Please. This is taunting? Sheesh.

But let's play that ever-fun game of imagining George Bush still being president. How would Watson have worded his article then?

"Burwell taunts the president like his black-ops guys did to prisoners at Abu Ghraib."

"Burwell mimics an anti-war protestor in getting is Dubya's face!"

"Burwell, maybe furious at Bush's trashing of our Constitution, stares down the president after making long-range jumper."


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Best Avengers lineups

As The Avengers movie gets closer and closer, Newsarama helps celebrate its release with their "10 Greatest Avengers Lineups of All Time." But, as you might expect, some of their choices are questionable to yours truly, and some are misplaced. Let's begin with the notable omissions:

  • The late Steve Englehart era. Beginning with Avengers #141, an artist named George Pérez came on the scene in what was one of the most memorable Earth' Mightiest runs ever. (Issue #141's cover also made immortality as it was featured on Marvel notebooks and folders in the mid-70s, and reprised in volume 3 #6.) Captain America came back into the fold, and new member (and former X-Man) Beast (in his new blue hairy mode) joined up ... alongside Iron Man, Scarlet Witch and The Vision. These five, along with Patsy Walker -- who would soon become Hellcat -- took on the Squadron Supreme, while soon-to-exit Thor and Moondragon went back in time to find Hawkeye and battle perpetual nemesis Kang. This is arguably Englehart's pinnacle, and after a weak debut, Pérez really hits his stride with simply gorgeous art by issue #147 (one of my fave single issues of Avengers ever).

  • The early Steve Englehart era. Steve took over the title beginning in 1972, and, though it wasn't as memorable (IMO) as his later work, it did include the Avengers-Defenders War, and the debut of Mantis aka the "Celestial Madonna." The lineup was a powerful one, including Thor, Iron Man, Cap, the Vision and the Scarlet Witch. Ever think Mantis could knock out Thor? Englehart made it happen -- and made you believe it.

What shouldn't be on Newsarama's list:

  • The West Coast Avengers (#10 on the list). The idea was a good one; however, Marvel never really committed to the title, especially in the art realm as the lame Al Milgrom had early pencil duties. Things got a lot more interesting (in a good way) when John Byrne took over in the late 80s with stories like "Vision Quest" where the Android Avenger was captured by the government and disassembled, and the [re]introduction of the Original Human Torch in issue #50. But the book only lasted barely over 50 issues more.

  • Young Avengers and the New Avengers. Sorry, but the cheesily-conceived former effort to "fill the void" after the original team was busted up earlier last decade just doesn't cut it -- never mind being placed at number 6. Give me a royal break. As for the latter which comes in at #4, Newsarama even admits it: that the inclusion of very popular characters like Spider-Man and Wolverine was basically a money-making scheme. Pure and simple.

Best call by Newsarama: Heroes Return Avengers (volume 3) at #1. After all the initial hype, but then quick disillusionment, of "Heroes Reborn" (volume 2) featuring the talent of Jim Lee and the hype (notice I didn't say "talent") of Rob Liefeld, Marvel had its marquee characters return to its universe proper. Kurt Busiek and George Pérez took over the title and quickly established it as their own ... and one of the best ever. The team was insanely powerful (Thor, Iron Man, Warbird/Ms. Marvel, Scarlet Witch, the Vision, and the return of Wonder Man), but more importantly the stories were killer! Busiek immediately morphed the team into medieval versions of themselves, had them battle the Squadron Supreme (in a clear homage to the late Englehart era), and scripted one of the all-time best Ultron yarns ever. Kurt's love and respect for Earth's Mightiest oozed through in each and every issue.

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Watcher's Council winners

The non-Council winner was Victor Davis Hanson with We Give Up.

Full results are here.

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If ever the UN was a bigger joke ...

... it'd be hard to remember. This time, at the behest of the NAACP, the UN is going to investigate -- wait for it -- US voter ID laws.

The United Nations Human Rights Council is investigating the issue of American election laws at its gathering on minority rights in Geneva, Switzerland. This, despite the fact that some members of the council have only in the past several years allowed women to vote, and one member, Saudi Arabia, still bars women from the voting booth completely.

Officials from the NAACP are presenting their case against U.S. voter ID laws, arguing to the international diplomats that the requirements disenfranchise voters and suppress the minority vote.

Yep. Countries like Cuba, China, Russia, North Korea.

Y'know, Mitt Romney would be a fool not to bang on this issue. 70-some percent of the American public supports voter ID, and a big reason for this is because folks just don't see the big deal -- especially when you need to show ID for so many other damn things like buying alcohol, getting a prescription filled, entering the Dept. of Justice, and getting on a plane. The latter being what the members of the NAACP will have to do when they jet off to Geneva.

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March 15, 2012

Next violent act can be blamed on ... The Boss

Bruce Springsteen has never been more overtly political than over the last decade or so. Now, as PJ Lifestyle notes, he's gone "all in" with the Occupy movement -- so far as to explicitly promote violence against those nasty Wall Streeters:

Now Springsteen evidently feels his dream has been betrayed, and instead of blaming Obama, the “you” he sang to in 2008, he blames…Wall Street. The new album quickly proceeds to a series of savage denunciations and explicit calls for violence.

On the second track, which is called “Easy Money,” Springsteen sings:

There’s nothing to it mister, you won’t hear a sound
When your whole world comes tumbling down
And all them fat cats they just think it’s funny
I’m going on the town now looking for easy money

I got a Smith & Wesson .38
I got a hellfire burning and I got me a taste…

I don't know which is more hilarious -- the fact that Springsteen believes he's "one" with the working man ... considering he's never held a real job, or the fact that Springsteen believes he's "one" with the working man ... when he's a multi-millionaire several times over.

Just imagine if some conservative music star (most likely of the country genre) put out an album with similar lyrics and gun fire sound effects ... about our current administration. HOOOOO BOY!

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March 14, 2012

Global warming now blamed for ... weight gain

Global warming is just like George W. Bush -- it can be blamed for anything! This time it's obesity.

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Numerous people complained about Florida Democrats using a version of Old Glory ... with The Messiah's image on it:

And think I'm joking about the title? Try again:

[Chairwoman of the Lake County Democratic Party Nancy] Hurlbert said Tuesday's incident was the first time anyone had complained about the flag, which she received as a gift two months ago. "It leads me to believe that it's not about the flag," she told "Certain elements cannot accept Barack Obama as president."

But of course.

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Watcher's Council nominations

Honorable Mentions:

And the non-Council nominations are here!

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March 13, 2012

Will the Left defend this guy?

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says that the accused killer of 16 Afghan civilians may face the death penalty for his crimes.

Now, let's see if the anti-capital punishment Left will rush to this guy's defense. Y'know, as quickly as they demanded that Gitmo detainees get all the accoutrements afforded those staying in luxury hotels. That all War on Terror prisoners get civilian trials. That secret-spewing Bradley Manning stop being "tortured" for not being supplied with a "soft pillow" and "soft blankets." Etc.

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F-U Chu

The Messiah has to get re-elected!!

In 2008, Obama’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that he wanted to ramp up gasoline taxes over the next 15 years until they eventually were consistent with Europe’s rates. “Somehow, we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,” he stated clearly.

Now, four years later, Chu has come remarkably close to achieving his goal (albeit a little too rapidly), and the American people are not pleased. With gasoline prices at record highs, and approval numbers at record lows, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) asked Chu at a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Tuesday whether he still wants America’s gas prices at Europe levels, which could more than double our current rates.

According to the National Journal, “Chu seemed to equivocate, pause, and stumble over his words when responding to Lee’s question about high gas prices,” but ultimately stated, “I no longer hold that view.”

When asked whether he regretted his 2008 statement, Chu said “let me not comment on that.” (Link)

Don't dare believe it. This douche is just saying this because Obama is getting hammered for rising gas prices -- and his (and Obama's) past words don't bring out a hell of a lot of confidence (as they shouldn't) from folks that they really care 'em. Because, frankly, they don't.

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March 12, 2012

One Million Pissed Off Women

... is only about 968,000 short.

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Chicago Bears coach: Don't look at prez's record, look at his race!

Lovie Smith Calls on Blacks to Back Obama.

Our future's looking bright, because I trust the man who’s leading us. And that man is Barack Obama,” Smith, 53, says in a new Obama campaign Web video to promote the group African-Americans for Obama.

“I have the president’s back, and it’s up to us as African-Americans to show that we have his back also."

I'm really curious as to what measure Smith is using to say "the future's looking bright." But ... does it really matter anyway for African-Americans given Obama's race? After all, Smith says right there: It's up to African-Americans to "have his back."

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The next time I'm asked to show ID for Sudafed or when getting lab work done ...

... I'm gonna scream "BIGOTS!!!"

Justice Dept. opposes Texas voter ID law.

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Farewell Enterprise

No, not the starship -- the aircraft carrier.

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Only part of the story

Kevin Williamson goes after Rochester, NY school superintendent Bolgen Vargas for an incident last week whereby a 13 year old student echoed the sentiments of Frederick Douglass

Mr. Vargas is fortunate enough to have in his charge one Jada Williams, a 13-year-old eighth grader who voluntarily took on some difficult extra work: reading Frederick Douglass’s Narrative of the Life and writing an essay on the subject. Frederick Douglass is dangerous reading, truly "radical" stuff. Miss Williams, like most of the students in her dysfunctional school, is black. Most of the people being paid to go through the motions of teaching them are white. Coming across the famous passage in which Douglass quotes the slavemaster Auld, Miss Williams was startled by the words: “If you teach that nigger (speaking of myself) how to read, there will be no keeping him. It will forever unfit him to be a slave. He would at once become unmanageable, and of no value to his master.” The situation seemed to her familiar, and her essay was a blistering indictment of the failures of the largely white faculty of her school: “When I find myself sitting in a crowded classroom where no real instruction is taking place I can say history does repeat itself.”

Williamson is spot-on in his criticism of Vargas because the reaction that followed in inexcusable: The teacher who received Williams' essay made copies of it and shared it with other faculty and administration. Williams shortly thereafter began to receive grades of "D" where she had previously been a straight-A student. Her mother got harassing phone calls from teachers. This is most certainly one big "WTF??" Williams had to leave the school and enroll in another.

But my gut instinct tells me that a lot on the right are jumping on this incident merely as a means to go after public schooling, teachers unions and Democrats in general, though this is short-sighted in many respects. The latter, of course, does hold a disproportionate amount of influence over the former two. But if such was written by a student in another arena -- one not controlled by liberals/Democrats -- would the Right be so vociferous in this student's defense? I tend to doubt it. Most of the time the Right [usually correctly] criticizes the quick use of the racism card when it comes to such matters. But if, say, Ms. Williams attended an affluent suburban school and used Douglass' essay to lament the lack of teaching African-American history as a component of an overall US history course? Would the Right then be as quick to take up her cause?

Again, since the Left does control so much of [inner-city] public schooling, they do share a disporportionate amount of blame for the state of these schools. But I wouldn't be so hasty to blame teachers for "not teaching" these children; I would place more blame on [liberal] administrators, politicians and like-minded teachers who believe the rights of chronically disruptive children are just as important as those of children like Ms Williams. That's the real problem with such schools -- teaching cannot occur if classrooms are too frequently zones of chaos. Teachers are told by administrators not to send kids out of class, and administrators want to keep school discipline figures down. So, it becomes a vicious circle whereby the misfits get away with [everything short of] murder. Young Ms. Williams, bless her, is very probably blissfully unaware about what really transpires in the school hierarchy ... and how "the game is played." Thus, she blames the only thing she deals with everyday: her teachers.

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March 11, 2012

Seventy years of American "progress"

Via First Street Journal:

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March 10, 2012


Via Patterico: Inconvenient Truth and Waiting for Superman director Davis Guggenheim believes our Dear Leader is ... flawless. Watch:

Gag me with pizza cutter.

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Investor's Business Daily via Insty: The media elite did in fact vet this president, but they covered up what they found. And now that citizen journalists are digging it up, they're trying to rebury it.

And Soledad O'Brien's tantrum the other day is a perfect example of the reaction to these citizen journalists.

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March 09, 2012

Watcher's Council results

The non-Council winner was Mark Steyn with ‘Die, Die, Foreigners!’

Full results are here.

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March 08, 2012

Why Andrew Breitbart was important

He did the job the old media refused -- and refuses -- to do. Like thoroughly vet our president. Below is a video which Obama advisor Charles Ogletree outright admits he hid from the public back in 2008. Why did he hide it? Because it shows Obama telling everyone to embrace the words of Professor Derek Bell, a far-left radical who helped invent "Critical Race Theory" (discussed here at Colossus previously), an idea so out-there even leftist judges won't give it any weight.

Bell also wrote The Space Traders, a science fiction story where aliens promise the United States enough gold to solve all of its monetary problems ... if only the country gives them all its black citizens. The US does just this (of course) and the story has a not-so-subtle anti-Semitic message as well. This story was turned into a TV drama in the early 90s. It's hard not to notice in this drama how the head alien looks and talks just like Ronald Reagan, not to mention the ridiculous caricatures that are the [GOP] US president and his advisers in this scene.

Bell is just like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright but with greater academic cred. And our president embraced him, literally. Can Obama say that, like he did about Wright, that he "didn't hear anything" vitriolic from Bell? He states outright that we should "open our hearts and minds" to Bell's words.

No wonder Ogletree had to hide that tape.

And from Hot Air, watch as CNN's Soledad O'Brien (among others) demonstrates perfectly why Breitbart's efforts are needed.

Y'see, if O'Brien had her way, none of this would have ever come out (well, it didn't until Breitbart got into the mix) because she has determined that it is all "no big deal." She has. She doesn't want to leave it up to you to determine that for yourself. And need I mention, this is the same mainstream media that sent an army of reporters to sift through Sarah Palin's e-mails, and determined that a rock on a hunting ground -- rented by former prez candidate Rick Perry -- that had a racial epithet on it was a major [negative] story against the former TX governor. Among many other examples.

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March 07, 2012

How predictable

The "brilliant, independent" minds at the News Journal "go out on a limb" ... and blast Rush Limbaugh.

How original! How inventive! How thought-provoking!

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March 06, 2012

"Brave" conversations about race don't exist

I read this report at several other sites (like this one) before happening upon Robert VerBruggen's piece at The Corner. He references the NY Times coverage of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights report on <"harsher" school discipline meted out to minority students. As you might expect (especially from the current Education Dept.), racism is heavily implied, whereas there is absolutely no mention of the possibility that minority students actually commit more [school] suspendable offenses than white students. (Asian students, by the way, aren't even mentioned as they frequently are not, mainly because they 1) do better academically than whites, and 2) are a minority that doesn't get into trouble a whole lot in school, making the "case" the Ed. Dept. wishes to make just a bit tougher.)

As VerBruggen writes,

Most liberals know that not all racial gaps are attributable to racism. At any rate, they should know this if they’re paying any attention to the facts; for example, scholars Glenn Loury and Bruce Western have conceded that the black-white gap in incarceration rates largely results from the fact that blacks break the law more than whites. Heather Mac Donald has made the case at length, which is almost a waste of her considerable talents, because the evidence is so overwhelming it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Yet we see this ridiculous spectacle in the Times: a story that reports the fact that black students are more likely to be disciplined in school, quotes some lefty sources about how this is a “civil rights” issue, and doesn’t even mention the possibility that black students might misbehave more.

Liberals always claim we need to have an open conversation about race in this country, but ignoring the reality of racial differences in behavior does nothing to move that conversation along.

We've long discussed the oxymoron that "brave" conversations about race are, whether they're called "Courageous Conversations," "Difficult Dialogues," or whatever. They're only "brave" insofar as whites must accept the blame for any and all racial disparities. There can be no other explanation permitted (and "Courageous Conversations" says this outright). Sorry, but if this is the case, then nothing will ever get solved.

But liberals will feel good about themselves. That's for sure.

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March 05, 2012

A tale of two apologies

When MSNBC's Ed Schultz called conservative pundit Laura Ingraham a slut, he later apologized. And Ingraham accepted.

Fast forward to today: Rush Limbaugh apologized over the weekend for his "slut" comments towards Sandra Fluke. Her response? Apology refused -- live on "The View," by the way.

So, not only is it acceptable for only leftist pundits to make vile comments about women (but not conservatives), it is also perfectly fine for leftists to refuse apologies -- if they from conservatives.

"Progressives" indeed. They're progressively more disgusting by the day.

UPDATE: All American Blogger has the perfect illustrated summary of this "progressive" hypocrisy.

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From the "imagine if this was the Tea Party" file

Three Occupy Oakland protesters charged with hate crimes.

Three Occupy Oakland protesters accused of surrounding and taunting a woman before stealing her wallet were charged on Friday with robbery and hate crimes, authorities said.

"She was surrounded by three protestors and battered as they yelled vulgar epithets regarding their perception of her sexual orientation," Oakland Police spokeswoman Johnna Watson said.

Well, I suppose that even lesbians can be part of that "evil" one percent and hence have to be punished!

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The new civility

Barely watched Cenk Uygur (how do you pronounce that?) of the barely watched Current TV issues a "challenge" to Rush Limbaugh to prove his high ratings. The fact that a nobody is making such a challenge isn't much of a story. However, what is is how Uygur ends his column:

Rush is a sad, old man that a couple of other sad, old men listen to. His days are numbered. Rush, it definitely wasn't nice knowing you. Tick tock, tick tock.

Is that ... a ticking bomb metaphor? Why else would Uygur say Rush's days are numbered, hmm? Even if that's not what Uygur meant, it could certainly be interpreted as a ticking bomb analogy, hence some mentally unstable person could see that as license to take action on Luimbaugh!


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March 04, 2012

Rush Limbaugh hypocritical criticism thread

The Tea Party is composed of violent-minded extremists, but the Occupy Wall Streeters are made Time's Person of the Year.

Right-winger "extremist rhetoric" is responsible for the dissolution of civil discourse and for incidents like the Gabby Giffords shooting, but far-leftist rhetoric -- arguably a lot worse -- is permissible because it's "based in reality" and because conservatives "deserve it."

And now the latest (predictably): the "progressive-sphere," local and national, is showing their hypocritical idiocy once again by foaming at the mouth at Rush Limbaugh's recent inappropriate comments to a college law student, yet have -- and had -- absolutely nothing at all to comment on when people like Bill Maher and Ed Schultz belittled women arguably more than Rush. Member of the LGOMB Pandora whines about the GOP's treatment of women (surprise). Our old friend Perry (aka Wagonwheel) has been practically rabid in demanding each and every conservative denounce Limbaugh.

You "progressives" really care about women? Really? Prove it. But so far all you've done is show you're silly, pathetic, partisan political hacks.

So I reiterate: So until you reconcile all this, "progressives," simply STFU about Limbaugh's comments.

UPDATE: Though I'm not that big a fan, Newt Gingrich shreds NBC's David Gregory on this whole silly matter:

"You know, David, I am astonished at the desperation of the elite media to avoid rising gas prices, to avoid the President's apology to religious fanatics in Afghanistan, to avoid a trillion dollar deficit, to avoid the longest period of unemployment since the Great Depression, and to suddenly decide that Rush Limbaugh is the great national crisis of this week."

They avoid it because they're on Obama's team, after all.

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Once a tool, always a tool

Delaware State Rep. John Atkins has already shown he's a major tool; now he's done it again.

The people who keep voting this cretin into office deserve all they get.

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March 02, 2012

Spare us all the self-righteous indignation

Woman called 'slut' by Limbaugh is 'stunned, outraged.'

Tell 'ya what, "progressives": You start blasting your own when it comes to outrageous and hateful statements towards those on the right, then maybe I'll give a sh**. But you don't and won't, so I won't.

Ever listen to HBO's Bill Maher, who just donated $1 million to President Obama's campaign? He regularly says things 100 times more vile than Limbaugh. I wonder if Obama will call those whom Maher's trashed (like Sarah Palin) to offer support, like he did the subject of Limbaugh's rant.

There's a lot more here. So until you reconcile all those, "progressives," simply STFU about Limbaugh's comments.

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Watcher's Council results

The non-Council winner was NRO/Andrew McCarthy with Why Apologize to Afghanistan?

Full results are here.

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March 01, 2012

Andrew Breitbart passes away

Story here. Let the "progressive civility" (you remember, right -- the "progressive" demands for more civility in our discourse?) begin. Comments from the story:

Praise the Lord, the King of Lies is dead.

Probably died of drug overdose or autoerotic asphixiation.

Apparently he was truly a sick man, not only his thoughts and actions but his physical health as well.


UPDATE: Commenter Dan in the comments points out that Breitbart thoroughly trashed Ted Kennedy after he passed away. The tweets weren't pretty. In fact, they were pretty damn vile. Given that, Breitbart doesn't deserve any special consideration in the manners dept. Nevertheless, my point about "civility" still stands. If the Left is the first and most vociferous about a "new civility" in our discourse, I'm still waiting for them to practice it.

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Why does anyone care what he writes anymore?

Ron Radosh dissects the idiocy that is Andrew Sullivan. This time it's his obvious anti-Semitism (the American media is controlled by Jewish interests? Then why are they so damn sympathetic to the Palestinians and other Israeli neighbors?), but I wonder -- would mainstream journalists give any credence to a well-known Obama Birther? No, Sullivan isn't one of them; however, he is a Trig Palin Birther, having spent a lot of time trying to prove that Sarah Palin's Down Syndrome baby wasn't actually hers.

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