January 30, 2011

What doesn't fit

Six Shot at Bowling Alley in Delaware.

New Castle County police, New Castle City police and Delaware State Police responded to a report of shots fired at First State Bowling Alley in the unit block of Kiwanis Drive at 11:41 p.m., according to county police.

Shots were fired during an altercation inside the bowling alley, police said.

Six people were shot. Five of them were from Chester, Pa. Chester High School's Class of 2002 was having a reunion at the bowling alley.

Shots fired at that bowling alley? No surprise.
Those involved were from Chester? No surprise.
A nine-year class reunion? WTF?

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So when does a Yank get the role of James Bond?

Brits cast as the new Superman and Spider-Man.

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Now that's a dunk

Via Ace:

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A "shut up and write" protest doesn't quite work, but ...

One of my favorite comics writers of all-time is the "Modern Master of Continuity," Kurt Busiek. Possibly the single greatest comics story I've ever read is the spectacular Superman: Secret Identity (and I'm not even much of a DC fan). Not to mention, Kurt's Marvels, Avengers Forever, and various Astro City books are nothing short of sensational. Not only are Kurt's yarns first-rate, but unlike so many other of his contemporary peers he doesn't inject a whole lot of blatant politicking into his stories.

But that being said, Busiek isn't exactly mum about politics on various social media outlets. Back during the Ground Zero mosque controversy, Busiek (on Facebook) wasn't exactly ... accepting of the view of the protesters -- those who preferred the mosque/cultural center be built elsewhere -- some 70% strong nationwide at the time. He voiced the usual concerns about "intolerance" and the like, and on one occasion I attempted to engage him (and others) in a rational discussion about the dual nature of "intolerance" and "sensitivity." Although Kurt still strongly disagreed with me (and the protesters), at least he was more civil than many of his like-minded supporters on the thread.

Even further back, many years ago I had an e-mail discussion with Kurt about not patronizing creators who show an open disdain for a good portion of their audience by being outspoken regarding a particular political point-of-view. If memory serves, writer Mark Millar played a prominent role in that back-and-forth. Kurt was -- and is -- contemptuous about "boycotting" a creator (in the comics field or otherwise) simply due to political disagreement. My view was (and is) that it is pretty darn presumptuous to expect [some of] the public to continue to support you (financially and otherwise) when you continually trash their political views and opinions -- in effect, calling them stupid. I'm not referring to organized boycotts against creators who do this, just personally not purchasing anymore of said creator's work. But even so, I'm not a complete ideologue when it comes to this; I've still purchased stories from creators whose outspoken political views and statements I find rather risible -- such as the aforementioned Millar and artist/painter extraordinaire Alex Ross -- when those stories are top notch and mostly apolitical. (Millar's Superman: Red Son, though not exactly apolitical, maintains enough of a "gray" political outlook so as the overall superb story can be enjoyed to the fullest. Ditto for Ross' work on Kingdom Come and the previously mentioned Marvels.)

I mean, look -- these creators make hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions -- but Busiek and others would expect your average Joe Six-Pack to continue to shell out $3.99 per issue ... even though they're essentially being spit in the face?

What prompted this post are recent comments made by Busiek on his Facebook page following the shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Avi Green at The Four Color Media Monitor opined on Busiek's remarks, while I provided the screen shots of them as well as a lengthy comment in the comments section. Shortly after the news reports of the shooting, Kurt had immediately pointed out the Sarah Palin "crosshairs" ad which "targeted" Giffords for potential electoral removal. A bit later he mocked Palin for speaking out against the unfair treatment she (and other conservatives) were getting in the press with regards to the whole incident. Now, I'm not a very big fan of Sarah Palin, but she indeed was treated ridiculously unfairly by the MSM, along with conservative pundits and Republicans in general. (Many of the reasons why have been documented right here at Colossus since the Tucson shooting.)

Does Busiek not realize that a lot of his fanbase just might be comprised of right-leaning individuals? He's certainly not a dumb man, so of course he does. So what does he expect when he makes such politically skewed comments? No reaction? People not to get pissed off when he's essentially parroting what the vacuous MSM puts out there? For example, why didn't he note that the other side did, and does, precisely what Sarah Palin did with her "crosshairs" ad?

I titled the post what I did because as a writer, Busiek can certainly touch on matters political ... and really should to a degree given his field. Again, as I noted, he's never been very overtly outspoken in his comics. And it's not a situation like I encountered about six years ago at a Jimmie Dale Gilmore concert where the singer, instead of doing what we paid him to do -- SING -- constantly rambled on and on about the supposed ills of the Bush administration. Even regular Colossus commenter, "cardinals fan," who is a huge Gilmore fan but is farther to the right than I, openly voiced his displeasure to Jimmie Dale at said concert smack dab in the middle of one of his soliloquies! In other words, with apologies to Laura Ingraham, shut up and sing! It's simply a matter of respecting your entire fanbase, whether you agree with them, but especially if you don't.

I've always said that if I was ever fortunate enough to be in a position like Busiek, Millar or even Jimmie Dale Gilmore, I'd keep my freakin' yap shut on matters political while in the public realm. Because I know that my [financial] support comes from all across the proverbial spectrum, and alienating any segment of that is simply obtuse from a basic self-interest angle. Some may say that this is all a "free speech" matter; let's just do away with that silly argument right now. Nothing is preventing Busiek, et. al. from speaking their minds, and it is unfortunately too common a misconception that criticism of someone speaking his/her mind -- including a boycott, whether individual or organized -- "suppresses" that free speech. Baloney. Indeed, what is such a boycott other than free expression itself? If I did insist on opining on matters political and/or newsworthy at various social network arenas, I'd do my damndest to cover both sides of an issue as in-depth as possible. And, perhaps most importantly, I wouldn't presume that my position/status somehow makes me smarter than the next guy, merely because I've been fortunate enough to possess that position/status.

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January 29, 2011

The New Age of Political Civility in action

Man, remember just a few short weeks ago after the Gabrielle Giffords shooting in Tucson, Arizona that we were told we need to be "more civil." Hell, our representatives and senators all just sat together at the recent State of the Union address this past week as a symbol of this new "civility." But, alas, anyone with half a cerebrum knew that so-called "progressives" did not really mean it when they demanded this "civility." As we've noted here numerous here, these faux progressives only want their opponents to be more civil.

Because we haven't seen any indication that they're being any more civil. At all.

The latest examples:

* Nutjob Democrat Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia blames -- wait for it -- racism for his party's defeat in this past November's elections:

Speaking to Arab television network Alhurra, Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) said Republicans made big gains in November in part because “a lot of people in this country … don’t want to be governed by an African-American.”

Even more objectionable to some Americans, he said, is that Obama is a black president “who is inclusive, who is liberal, who wants to spend money on everyone and who wants to reach out to include everyone in our society — that’s a basic philosophical clash.”

Democrats, Moran said, lost for “the same reason the Civil War Happened in the United States … the Southern states, particularly the slaveholding states, didn’t want to see a president who was opposed to slavery.” Virginia, of course, is one of those Southern, formerly slaveholding states.

I'd bring up the 'ol "racism/last refuge/scoundrel" saying, but you knew that already. I don't know which is infinitely more risible -- Moran's disgusting attempt to equate those opposed to Obama's policies with slaveholders, or the fact that he made his remarks to an Arab TV network, whose societies actually still practice slavery let alone are preposterously socially (and politically) backward compared to our own.

(Of course, this cretin overlooks the insanely obvious: That somehow this "racism" ... elected a black man as president in the first place!!)

Worse still, Moran's pathetic spokeswoman defended his comments:

“With nearly 1,000 identified hate groups in the U.S. and recent studies showing a majority of Americans believe racism is still widespread against African-Americans, it is no secret that our country has and continues to struggle with racial equality,” Hughes said. “The congressman was expressing his frustration with this problem and the role it played in the last election. Rather than ignore this issue or pretend it isn’t there, the congressman believes we are better off discussing it in order to overcome it.”

Indeed. It probably played as big a role as the number of actual racists in the Tea Party. In other words, miniscule. But, as usual, it's the perfect scapegoat for dopes like Moran. And, ultimately, it will backfire on him (and the party). After all, the MSM and the frothing pundits at MSNBC day in and day out clamored about supposed Tea Party "racism," and the GOP still managed to gain more House seats than they did 16 years prior. If there really were racists throughout such organizations, the GOP never would have gained what they did. People recognize that it merely a false MSM NARRATIVE TM that is constantly forwarded ... exactly like the wait-no-longer-than-a-few-minutes-after-the-Giffords-shooting screaming that the shooter was a Limbaugh/Beck/Hannity acolyte.

* In New Hampshire, Belknap Democratic Chair Ed Allard recently said "[Republicans] are going to hang themselves. And we're going to help them do it."

Again, wasn't such rhetoric supposed to be halted after the Tucson shootings? We've just seen someone from the network that bitched the most about such metaphors use exactly that, not to mention a Democrat rep. going on a minutes-long rant comparing the GOP to the Nazi Party ... among many others.

So, in a word, screw these faux "progressives." You don't mean a single word you say when you claim you want "civility." Republicans should have laughed in your face before the State of the Union and insisted on the traditional seating instead the amalgam we saw.

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January 28, 2011

You want to see character?

Baseball Player Quits, Says "I Don't Deserve $12M"

“When I signed my contract, my main goal was to earn it,” Meche told the paper from his temporary home in Lafayette, La. “Once I started to realize I wasn’t earning my money, I felt bad. I was making a crazy amount of money for not even pitching. Honestly, I didn’t feel like I deserved it. I didn’t want to have those feelings again.”

I've never heard of this guy but this story makes me his biggest fan.

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Watcher's Council results

First place in the Council category was The Razor with Japan Will Not Be Saved Through Immigration.

First place in the non-Council category was Sultan Knish with Anglophobia or Islamophobia – What’s the Real Problem?

Full results are here.

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January 27, 2011

The New Age of Political Civility in action

Did MSNBC's Rachel Maddow just use the term -- GASP! -- "locked and loaded"?? Why yes she did! Scroll to about 4:05 in the video below:

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here's the relevant transcript:

[FORMER RNC COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR DOUG] HEYE: First, I thought you had a good pun when you said depending on what angle you looked at it. I actually watched it at the Tea Party Express webpage. She was looking at that camera. Apparently, the pool camera was a bit off center and was what most people saw, whether they watched it on CNN or on other networks that streamed it on their webpage.

There are two constants that we see, anybody who worked on Capitol Hill can tell you on State of the Union day. One is that Sheila Jackson-Lee, congressman from Houston, is going to be in a seat by probably 9:00 a.m., camped out to get a front row seat.

MADDOW: Eliot Engel, too, him and his mustache, right there, locked and loaded, ready to go. Yes.

I thought we were supposed to stop using such violent metaphors, right? And MSNBC was the among the most vociferous leading the way!

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How "Iron Man" should have ended

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The Human Torch will die

... but nobody really cares. "Death" in comics, after all, is just a money-making GIMMICK. PERIOD.

"Fantastic Four" #588, the series' final issue hitting stores February 23, is meant to serve as a good bye to the Human Torch as well as the idea of the Fantastic Four. "In this issue, everyone is struggling with Johnny's death. They're family. That's one of the reasons [we killed Johnny]. It creates even more tension within the family dynamic," [writer Jonathan] Hickman said. "Regardless of the situations that the group has found themselves in my run so far, they've remained a happy, loving family for the most part. Regardless of the external circumstances, they've had solidarity, but this is the kind of thing that can cause a schism within that."

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Remember - No. One. Cares. Anymore.

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Looks good to me!

Rand Paul's budget cut plan.

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January 26, 2011

Orwell at work

Check out this line from an article at Mercury.com about illegal aliens allowed to avoid impound fees for their cars if caught without a license:

The change in policy applies only to drivers who have never had a license because state law forbids it, and not to motorists whose driver's license has been suspended or allowed to expire. The new policy also does not apply to drivers who are putting the public at risk by participating in sideshows or speeding, have warrants or are driving while drunk or on drugs.

And there you have the insanity that is modern America: If you're a law-abiding citizen who may have overlooked the expiration date of your drivers license, you're sh** out of luck. You pay the impound fees. But if you're here illegally and get nabbed, well because "because state law forbids" that you cannot even have a license, you're exempt from paying the fees!

Just don't complain about this, 'tho. If you do, you're a "racist," "bigot," and "anti-immigrant."

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But we really already knew that going in, right?

Via The Corner -- Medicare’s Chief Actuary Rick Foster answers questions from California Rep. Tom McClintock (R):

McCLINTOCK: “True or false: The two principle promises that were made in support of Obamacare were one, that it would hold costs down. True or false?”

FOSTER: “I would say false, more so than true.”

McCLINTOCK: “The other promise…was the promise that if you like your plan, you can keep it. True or false?”

FOSTER: “Not true in all cases.


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"Iron Man" as Ayn Rand wet dream

Via Cracked.com:

In Rand's 1,200-page love letter to capitalism, Atlas Shrugged, you have a protagonist named Francisco d'Anconia, a brilliant businessman who runs his inherited family business. D'Anconia deliberately maintains an image as a worthless playboy in order to avoid the growing culture of government theft depicted in Rand's novel.

The protagonist of the Iron Man series is Tony Stark, a brilliant businessman who has also inherited his father's business. Until the end of the first Iron Man film, Stark deliberately maintains an image as a worthless playboy in order to hide his superhero identity.

Then in Rand's novel we have Hank Rearden, another protagonist who got super-rich by inventing a valuable metal alloy whose formula he continues to keep secret. The government, sensing the metal's usefulness, tries to forcibly take the rights to Rearden's alloy away from him.

Stark also gains massive amounts power by inventing, among other things, a gold-titanium alloy for use in the Iron Man suit, whose design he continues to keep a secret. The government, sensing its usefulness, tries to take the rights to Stark's suit.

In Atlas Shrugged, Rearden is hauled into court for breaking government regulations relating to his steel company. He gives a wildly popular speech in court about his property rights, telling his accusers: "I am fighting for my property!" He humiliates his opponents by winning over the crowd and concludes by telling them: "I work for nothing but my own profit."

In "Iron Man 2," Stark is hauled into a Senate hearing, during which a senator demands he hand over his designs.

Stark responds by giving a wildly popular speech about his property rights, telling his accusers: "You want my property? You can't have it!" He humiliates his opponents by winning over the crowd and concludes by telling them: "I will serve this great nation at the pleasure of myself."

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Watcher's Council nominations

* Rhymes With Right – About That Cohen Speech
* Snapped Shot – Fireworks
* Joshuapundit - Handling the Dragon Better – A Few Words On The China Visit
* Simply Jews – Hamlet – a Lebanese version
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* Bookworm Room – Comparing apples and oranges — federal projects old and new
* GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD – Boring!
* Right Truth – If you don’t want your daughters Westernized…
* The Colossus of Rhodey – Vision of the Anointed in action
* VA Right - America: A Nation of Losers, but We All Get a Trophy
* The Glittering Eye - Theodore Vail’s America

Honorable Mentions:

* Liberty’s Spirit - Obama, Islamists and a New Middle East
* The Political Commentator – State of the Union address: Send in the clowns

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January 25, 2011

New Spider-Man outfit

Unnecessarily in my view, Marvel is currently shooting a reboot of the popular "Spider-Man" movie franchise. Here's a sneak peek at the new Spidey outfit that new Peter Parker Andrew Garfield will be wearing:

And look! Mechanical webshooters:

If you're only a Spider-Man follower via the movies, the fact that he had "organic" webshooters in the films went against comicbook canon. In the comics (and movies) Peter Parker is one smart cookie. Once he realized the powers he had acquired, he put his genius to work and invented a chemical formula that acted like a spider's web. He then devised a means by which to shoot this web formula:

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Dopey Philly Inquirer Letter of the Week 2

James Price of Shillington notes a "connection" between the year Tucson killer Jared Loughner was born and ... the year Rush Limbaugh came on the air as a talk show host:

Loughner was born the same year Rush Limbaugh hit the airwaves, 1988. For all his life and for millions of others his age, this climate of hate has been ever-present. Perhaps none of it caused Loughner's lunacy, but only the least reading of the blogosphere shows there are legions of Loughners out there. When the next one will act up is anybody's guess.

Perhaps reading the Inquirer didn't cause Price's nuttery, but only the least reading of its ridiculous bias shows it must have a lot of stupid readers.

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Dopey Philly Inquirer Letter of the Week

Sheldon Latchiver of Philly blames the Tucson, Arizona shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on ... people's diet:

Yes, our diet. Desensitization to violence begins in the home, when parents assure their children that chickens "give" eggs, cows "give" milk, and that pigs "give" their flesh for us to eat. The daily violence visited on these innocent animals and subsidized by us at the checkout counter gets buried in our subconscious mind.

Would it be any better for our young'ins if they were treated to the "death" of a corn stalk, a bean plant, and a tomato vine? Wouldn't that be traumatic too? SHEESH.

But hey, Shelly does bring up something which "progressives" always excuse as a motivator for guys like Jared Loughner: violent video games. "How much of a stretch is it then to spend hours on violent video games? And will that experience govern how they resolve a social confrontation?"

So Latchiver gets a small point back on the Dopey Meter for that!

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Imagine this headline on abortion

"Life is the Better Choice" is an op-ed headline in today's Philly Inquirer. A column about the recent grisly discoveries of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell? Of course not -- it's a column about abolishing capital punishment.

Thanks to the increased use of DNA evidence, 265 people have been exonerated since 1989 of crimes they did not commit. Seventeen of the people who were wrongfully convicted spent time on death row.

Terrific! So let's increase the use of DNA testing to make sure we do have the right people ... and then execute 'em!

I changed my view on C.P. years ago based on just what the Inquirer puts in its editorial. Where I differ, however, is that if there is irrefutable evidence -- DNA and other -- then I've no problem with offing a murderer.

But back to the post title -- anyone think the Inquirer would use this headline about abortion? Heh, yeah right. Just take a gander of some of the first few comments under the article:

True to form, the Inky cars deeply about the right to life for a criminal. But when it comes to the life of an unborn (or newly born) baby - bring on the scissors. Typical Liberal hypocrisy.

WOW! Did the grabber headline ever fool me! I thought the Inky had seen the light regarding unborn human babies, instead they are talking about criminals! Got it!

How can a person be against the death penalty for murderers, but then SUPPORT the death penalty for six and seven month old babies kicking in their mother's womb? How does any sane mind come to that conclusion?

I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the headline, thinking the Inky might have finally had an epithany and changed its attitude towards abortion. Boy....was I wrong! It actually looks like they are taking a "tongue in cheek" shot at the March for Life in Washington and the "Right to Life" people.

Gotta love that Inquirer Editorial Board! A week after seven babies were murdered by a so-called "pillar of the community", it comes out in support of keeping the murderers alive, but not THE most innocent amongst us.

The Inquirer: Hypocrisy is the Obvious Choice.

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January 23, 2011

"Falling Skies" trailer

Hopefully, this won't suck like the re-imagined "V" has, not to mention I hope it's a new vision on a very well-established premise -- aliens invading Earth.

But uh-oh -- check out this little tidbit:

But, [lead actor Noah] Wyle said during the panel, “The conflict isn't just between humans and aliens.” He added that the series will also deal with civilian rights and military control in a time of survival: “Not all the humans are altruistic.”

I hope we're not gonna see ridiculously preposterous arguments about "maintaining democracy" (among other things) in the face of species annihilation like we did in the recent "Battlestar Galactica." Let's face it -- if humanity is on the brink of extermination, the last freakin' thing we'll be worried about is making sure there's freedom of the press and that we're able to vote for representatives. That's where "Galactica" really began to lose me as a credible story.

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Championship Weekend football picks

Packers over Bears.

Steelers over Jets.

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January 22, 2011

A word from the Angry Left

Via the Newsbusters tip line (which goes out to many contributors, not just me):

You are all a bunch of assholes. If you want your news spoonfed [sic] to you by the republican party [sic], aka corporate whores who will do anything ANYTHING for money, be my guest. If you think the idiots on fox [sic] show any signs of intelligent thought, then you all deserve each other. Olberman [sic] can run intellectual circles around any of you.

Presented without comment.

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Vision of the Anointed in action

With apologies to Thomas Sowell, of course:

Jim Goodmon, CEO of Capitol Broadcasting, said this week that reporting of the student assignment issue in Wake County had been too balanced. Goodmon, a vocal supporter of Wake schools' long-standing diversity policy, said that reporters typically talked with each side of the debate and then quit reporting. He compared it to a reporter working on a story about whether the Earth is round or flat. The reporter quotes one academic saying the Earth is flat and another saying it's round. "I've done my job. Film at 11," Goodmon said. He believes deeper reporting would show that the diversity policy is the correct course to take.

Goodmon made his comments Monday at the annual Martin Luther King Triangle Interfaith Prayer breakfast. Capitol Broadcasting owns WRAL-TV and its website. He said WRAL reporters are "the best." But he said, "I'm mad at them." (Source.)

The issue at hand shouldn't be unfamiliar to New Castle County, Delaware residents. Wake County, NC, like New Castle, is debating a move to neighborhood schools. Unfortunately, this would pretty much nix a "diversity policy" that has been in place.

And there you have it -- the magic word "diversity." Despite the evidence that the ambiguously nebulous term has no tangible effects on academic achievement, cultural elites like Goodmon and Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert (mentioned in the immediate link above) know that support for anything remotely "diversity" related gets them approving nods from their limousine liberal brethren. I mean, after all, how can one be against diversity, right?? Perhaps when it costs a ton of money, destroys communities and, as noted, provides no tangible benefits, that's how.

But much more disturbing than the predictable Colbert opposition is Goodmon's analogy to Flat-Earthers. Aside from the fact that such a comparison is ridiculously laughable, it's his job position that makes such comments actually dangerous. This isn't a matter of basic, hard scientific facts like the Earth is round; it's a cultural, societal and educational matter with myriad facets that should be debated and discussed as much as possible. Goodmon's position is authoritarian and stifling, and is merely the typical "progressive" penchant for obliterating points of view which dare to challenge their ingrained orthodoxy. And Goodmon could do just that.

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Government healthcare in action

Dutch government defends restraint of disabled:

The Dutch government has defended the physical restraint of mentally disabled patients in the midst of a public outcry over a teenager reportedly harnessed to a wall daily since 2007.

"It may be that some people are so ill that it is necessary to protect them against themselves," deputy health minister Marlies Veldhuijzen van Zanten-Hyllner told journalists after visiting the young man at an institution in Ermelo in the central Netherlands.

"I take my leave of Brandon and his carers with my mind at ease," she said after meeting the 18-year-old identified in the media only by his first name, and who hears a voice telling him to do bad things, according to the minister.

Brandon's story was broadcast into Dutch living rooms this week with images of him chained in a harness to one of the four walls of his room, a practice it said was repeated daily for the last three years.

"My son lives like a caged animal," the boy's mother told the broadcaster. "He feels like a dog on a rope. It hurts to see him like this."

Despite protests by MPs in parliament and widespread condemnation in the media, the deputy minister said on Thursday she was happy with the "professionalism" of the institution.

I'd hate to see what she considers "amateur."

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This has to have something to do ...

... with the NBC-Comcast merger. It just has to.

Nevertheless, don't let the door hit 'ya on the way out, douchebag.

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Watcher's Council results

First place in the Council category was The Noisy Room with The Herding of America – Enlightened Despotism.

First place in the non-Council category was Sense of Events with Seahawks Fall To Climate Of Hate In Chicago.

Full results are here.

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Kindred spirits

Here's none other than Cuba's Fidel Castro sounding exactly like the LGOMB (for the uninitiated, that's the "Local Gaggle of Moonbat Bloggers"), among many others, on the January 8th Arizona shootings:

The congresswoman was seriously wounded by a bullet in the head. Doctors were fighting to save her life.

She is married to NASA astronaut Mark Kelly. She was first elected to Congress in 2006 at the age of 36. “She is a supporter of migrant reform, stem cell research and alternative energy”, measures that are hated by the far right.

She was re-elected as the Democratic representative in the past elections.

When her father was asked whether she had any enemies, he replied: "The entire Tea Party”.

It is known that the former US vice-presidential candidate in the 2008 elections and Tea Party leader, Sarah Palin, published on her website, as the aim for supporters of her party, a map of the congressional districts of 20 of the representatives who had backed President Obama’s proposed health reform bill and she had them marked with the viewfinder of a rifle.

Here's a few samples from the LGOMB on the Giffords' shooting:

Probably just an isolated incident. Not related to the right wing terrorism that Beck and company have been advocating. Not at all related I’m sure.

She just won a close election against a guy who held a “target for victory” shooting event featuring fully automatic M16s to “remove” Giffords – so I’m sure that this guy was just a nut and not influenced by the GOP’s bloodthirsty philosophies regarding “2nd amendment remedies” to election results that they don’t like.

Arizona is starting to resemble Germany in the 20,s and 30,s, economic hardships tend to make the bullies lose control. This is probably the opening salvo in what will become a very ugly decade, the right wing noise machine will insure that violence is a viable option for the stupid to take.

She was on the famous Sarah Palin “Target List” and according to Tucson Citizen, Rep. Giffords was shot “point blank in the head.” That makes it a political assassination. I don’t think that it is hyperbole to say that Democrats are being targeted for murder for being Democrats.

Sarah Palin, mission accomplished.


Now, am I actually comparing the LGOMB to an authoritarian like Castro? You tell me:

Is this comparison unfair? Before you answer, consider whether the LGOMB would ask this very same question about someone in the opposite political direction. Since that answer is highly likely a "no," well, there you go.

Screw them. Hard.

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January 20, 2011

The New Age of Political Civility in action

Madison, Wisconsin WTDY morning host John "Sly" Sylvester mocked Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch in a most personal way on January 17:

During the Jan. 17 segment in which Sylvester criticized Kleefisch's cold-calling attempts to try to woo businesses from Illinois to Wisconsin, Sylvester mockingly impersonated Kleefisch and attributed sexual acts as the reason for her election. Sylvester made a later, additional sexual remark about Kleefisch as the on-air discussion turned to high speed trains.

Sylvester's on-air segment also included references to Kleefisch's colon cancer, including discussion of whether Kleefisch uses a wig or has a poor hairstyle.

A statement from the American Cancer Society called the references "disrespectful" and said Sylvester made light of Kleefisch's fight with cancer "under the guise of political discourse."

You can listen to Sylvester's remarks here.

Station chief Rex Charger defended Sylvester saying "It was obvious sarcasm and was not intended to be taken literally." Oh, really? You mean like Sarah Palin's "crosshairs" ad wasn't supposed to be taken literally??

What a joke the Left, and increasingly society as a whole, has become.

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Our constitutional experts

Remember, only Republican elected officials can be stupid and uninformed. Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann two of the current favorite targets (oops, did I say "target?" I apologize). The reason you don't hear about utter morons like Sheila Jackson-Lee and John Lewis (see below) is because 1) they're liberal Democrats, and 2) they're black. Don't wanna be called "racist," after all!

So remember -- the federal government MANDATING you to buy health insurance is because you HAVE to "pursue happiness." According to noted constitutional "scholar" John Lewis. (And by the way -- WTF is the "Preemeh" to Constitution?)

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Tough crowd

10 Killed by mobsters in Mexico: "The norteño band La Excelencia had just finished their performance at the Vida Divina club in the wee hours of Monday when four intoxicated men carrying weapons demanded that the musicians continue playing.

After the group agreed to play two more songs, the club owner called a halt, informing La Excelencia and the remaining patrons that it was closing time.

Minutes later, the four gunmen detonated a grenade inside the bar and opened fire on the band."

Note to Hube: Please cancel the Mexican leg of our Fall tour.

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Song of the day

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January 19, 2011

The New Age of Political Civility in action

A textbook example of why "progressives" never mean what they say. What they actually mean is that only their opponents should heed what they say:

UPDATE: More examples of late:

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Watcher's Council nominations

* The Noisy Room – The Herding of America – Enlightened Despotism
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* Simply Jews – On two kinds of drones
* The Razor – The Final lesson of Tucson
* VA Right - As Obama Reaches the Halfway Mark
* Bookworm Room – Selling atheism — and why it’s a fundamentally nonexistent product at the end of the day
* GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD – Tunisian Squeeze!
* Right Truth – Dark Cloud Over Chris Christie?
* The Glittering Eye - What Is To Be Done? (Federal)
* Snapped Shot – Proper Funeral Attire

Honorable Mentions:

* The Grouch – I Prefer to Stay Away from Numerical Predictions

And the non-Council nominations are here!

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January 18, 2011

Now we know ...

... what (partly) ails the LGOMB -- they talk to themselves.

I can’t stop thinking about the Tucson shooting. I have even started talking to myself as I go about my day. In my one-on-one conversations I always come back to the same point about violence and rhetoric.

Didn't Jared Loughner talk to himself, too?

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Christine O'Donnell finds a new way to pay her rent

Paul Blumenthal over at the Sunlight Foundation wonders:

Less than a month ago word leaked that federal investigators had opened a criminal probe into allegations that three time failed Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell had misused funds during her 2010 campaign for Senate. The allegations come from both former employees, who claim that O'Donnell used campaign funds on personal expenses, such as rent, and from the organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

Despite this investigation O'Donnell is launching a Super PAC, ChristinePAC, to raise unlimited funds from donors and spend money in races across the country. The big problem with this Super PAC is that it looks very similar to the campaign that brought O'Donnell under federal investigation.

The most glaring issue is that, like O'Donnell's campaign, ChristinePAC's office address is O'Donnell's home address (1242 Presidential Dr). One of the central aspects of the federal investigation is that O'Donnell used approximately $20,000 of her campaign funds to pay her home rent, on which she was behind at the time.

If her supposedly budding career in politics disintegrates, maybe Christine can join the crew of "The Jersey Shore" and go by the name "Snookery."

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Tell me why, again, this group is still relevant?

Here's the NAACP in "action" once again -- this time making sure everyone is "safe" from ... a statute of the Father of our Country:

Yep -- they had 'ol George covered by a box so no one would be "offended."

Three words: Get. A. Life.

(h/t: Rhymes With Right.)

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Glad to know it ain't just us down in "lower ed"

A "wow" essay by Peter Sacks about how the entitlement culture is infecting colleges at an alarming rate. Here's a taste:

There's little doubt that postmodern students, confusing engaged learning with entertainment and performance, have come to depend on universities and professors treating them as passive subjects. Some students, apparently from the University of Texas, even have a Facebook page they call Students Against Professors Who Don't Utilize Technology. The students complain: "Don't you hate it when you sign up for a class that SHOULD be really interesting, and it becomes your worst nightmare because your professor lectures the entire hour and a half of class? Some professors need to realize that we live in the 21st Century." The Facebook description goes on, in all earnestness: "We grew up with computers, video games, and cable television. We have short attention spans."

To be sure, technology has a place in the modern -- nay, postmodern -- classroom. Some topics lend themselves to a multimedia presentation or a real-time computerized assessment of student learning. But over-reliance on technology can turn higher education into nothing more than mediocre entertainment, dumbing down ideas and oversimplifying real-world complexities.
Such is the trade-off that the professor now faces: Sing, dance, and entertain at any cost, or else be prepared to deal with "disruptive" students, who chose disruption over hard work because, after all, they have short attention spans.

Engage the cliché and read the whole thing.

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January 17, 2011

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January 16, 2011

Forgive the actual perpetrator; threaten phony ones

It just gets "better": Tucson shooting victim Eric Fuller tried to visit the home of shooter Jared Loughner this past Friday "to forgive them and possibly their son."

So let me get this straight -- Fuller forgives the actual perpetrator of last Saturday's heinous crime ... but he threatens with death those who he thinks (without a scintilla of evidence) are ultimately responsible?

I blame hate sites such as this for egging Fuller on.

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January 15, 2011

More "toning down the rhetoric"

One of shooting victims in Tucson, the previously mentioned Eric Fuller, has made a death threat of his own:

The meeting room at St. Odilia's Catholic Church on the city's northwest side was packed with local dignitaries, witnesses to the mass shooting Jan. 8, some of the witnesses to the shootings and the first responders to the scene for a taping of an ABC-TV special, a town hall event, at 11 a.m. Saturday. Host of the program, This Week, is Christianne Amanpour. The show will air at 7 a.m. Sunday on KGUN9-TV.

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head at close range last Saturday by a lone gunman. She survived. A total of six people were killed. Nineteen were shot.

Jared Loughner, 22, a former Pima Community College student, is the sole suspect in the shootings. He is in FBI custody.

Toward the end of the town hall meeting Saturday morning, one of the shooting victims, J. Eric Fuller, took exception to comments by two of the speakers: Ariz. state Rep. Terri Proud, a Dist. 26 Republican, and Tucson Tea Party spokesman Trent Humphries.

According to sheriff's deputies at the scene, Fuller took a photo of Humphries and said, "You're Dead."

Deputies immediately escorted Fuller from the room. Pima County Sheriff's spokesman Jason Ogan said later Saturday that Fuller has been charged with threats and intimidation and he also will be charged with disorderly conduct.

I wonder if Keith Olbermann believes Fuller has a "right" to say that. Nevertheless, I blame the heated rhetoric and goading by people like Olbermann and by sites such as this.

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Weekend NFL picks


Steelers 17 Ravens 14.
Falcons 30 Packers 20.


Bears 31 Seahawks 14.
Patriots 35 Jets 17.

FYI: I could care less who wins the games except the first one. I hope the Ravens prevail (but don't think they will).

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January 14, 2011

"Toning down the rhetoric"

Hey, didn't Keith Olberdouche just recently apologize for any of his past hatred on the air? As could absolutely be predicted, that didn't last long:

I think he of all of us has the right to say this: http://bit.ly/gt430h Democracy Now interview w/Tucson survivor who names names.

As Greg Pollowitz reports,

The “he” referred to above is a Tucson survivor and disabled veteran Eric Fuller who says, “It looks like Palin, Beck, Sharron Angle and the rest got their first target.

Why would Fuller have the "right" to say what he did ... when it's a lie? And why would Olbermann agree with that assessment? Oh, wait ...

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Rational, intelligent people already knew this

Somebody fill in the mental defectives over at places like the LGOMB (oh wait -- they're neither rational nor intelligent ... my bad):

American voters say 52 - 41 percent that "heated political rhetoric drives unstable people to commit violence," the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds. Liberals rather than conservatives are more responsible for such rhetoric, voters say 36 - 32 percent. (Source.)

One word: OOPS.

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It's two newspapers in one!

The Arizona Daily Star can't decide what message to convey to its readers after the tragedy of last Saturday. Here's an editorial from Wednesday:

Much has been made of the atmosphere in Arizona. Our sheriff, Clarence Dupnik, made some comments about the tenor of the political atmosphere that, frankly, many in our community agree with - we've been worried about the damage negative campaigns have done and we're tired of nastiness.

Many Tucsonans don't agree with Dupnik, and that's their right as Americans. We can see their point of view, even if we disagree.

Sorry, but Dupnik didn't just make "some comments about the tenor of the political atmosphere;" he specifically blamed right-wing media for that atmosphere. So, by disagreeing, the Star supports that point of view. (Not surprising for a big city, paper, eh?)

But just a day earlier, the Star had this to say about "blame":

The immediate reaction of some has been to point to the poisonous atmosphere that has engulfed Arizona and the nation.

Gun imagery, talk of "targeting" elected officials and taking out political opponents have become pervasive. The bitter 2010 election turned up the volume. Demonizing people who have different opinions makes for easy media punditry and cheap entertainment.

It needs to stop. Trafficking in violent imagery and treating any person, whether an elected official or someone who supports a particular cause, as objects makes them almost an abstract. It's too easy to hate an abstract.

Whether or not the gunman was motivated by a particular political ideology or pumped up by the trash that passes for discourse is, in the most fundamental way, immaterial.

So, y'see, it doesn't matter that Jared Loughner wasn't "motivated by a particular political ideology or pumped up by the trash that passes for discourse" ... yet, as Sheriff Dupnik has stated -- and with whom the paper agrees -- it does. Even when there isn't one iota of evidence to prove it.

RELATED: The Washington Post shamefully -- shamefully -- grants race hustler Al Sharpton a column in which to pontificate on "reasonable discourse." Hilariously titled "In MLK's honor, let's strive for dialogue that's passionate but not poisonous," Sharpton wants to you feel sorry for him about his being the victim of heated rhetoric -- while at the same time understand that his own rhetoric was "misunderstood" and taken out of context.

Oh, and check out the first accompanying editorial photo situated in Sharpton's article:

Yeah -- nothing like "reasonable discourse" with a guy supposedly representing the Tea Party shooting a gun.

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Late to the party

The Philly Inquirer's idiot Trudy Rubin apparently didn't watch President Obama's speech Wednesday night ... or at least didn't get her editors to pull her oh-so predictable cesspool-ish garbage.

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January 13, 2011

What Worries Me About Tonight's Election Results

At first glance tonight was a smashing victory for the Republicans. For the first time since 1992, a Republican won a county-wide election. And not just won but won by a landslide. In addition, this is good for New Castle County in that there's a check on Paul Clark who's seen a too close to developers even for many who are pro-growth.

So why am I worried?

Let's look at what the Republicans had on their side in this election:

Given all of this and the fact that I didn't speak to a single Democrat voting for Shaledon, I'm worried because Sheldon still got 41% of the vote. Forty-one percent of the electorate in an election skewed somewhat to the Republicans are okay with electing a candidate tied to a one of the most controversial County Executives in a while.

That doesn't bode well for the Republican Party or New Castle County in general.

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Quote of the Day

I too have been a close observer of the doings of the Bank of the United States. I have had men watching you for a long time, and am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the Bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the Bank and annul its charter I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I have determined to rout you out and, by the Eternal, (bringing his fist down on the table) I will rout you out.
From the original minutes of the Philadelphia committee of citizens sent to meet with President Jackson, February 1834, according to Stan V. Henkels, Andrew Jackson and the Bank of the United States, 1928

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January 12, 2011

Ye gad

It seems that everyone (well, mostly everyone) at Arizona State University forgot that this was supposed to be a memorial service.

Who the f*** cheers, hoots and hollers ... at a service for people who were killed by an assassin??

That aside, President Obama's speech was pretty good. Kudos to him.

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Teen academic magazine's "map of hate?"

Hmm, look what I came across at school inside Scholastic Action Magazine's September 20, 2010 edition:

Click on image to enlarge

Should we expect the usual "progressive" idiots to crowd the airwaves with complaints that this map "encourages death" in cities such as Portland, Seattle, and -- GASP! -- Tucson??

And no -- it doesn't matter what the key says. Such things simply do not matter to modern "progressives" when it comes to disseminating -- you guessed it -- THE NARRATIVE TM.

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Heh -- is this why he's been blaming right wingers every chance he gets?

Did Sheriff Dupnik drop the ball?

The police were sent to the home where Jared L. Loughner lived with his family on more than one occasion before the attack here on Saturday that left a congresswoman fighting for her life and six others dead, the Pima County Sheriff's Department said on Tuesday....

The news of police involvement with the Loughners suggests that county sheriff's deputies were at least familiar with the family, even if the reason for their visits was unclear as of Tuesday night.

Unlike the sheriff's totally unsubstantiated claims about "right-wing rhetoric" being somehow responsible for Jared Loughner's actions, his own actions -- or lack thereof -- have a lot more merit, as Jennifer Rubin notes:

A mentally deranged young man was never treated or effectively prevented from buying guns. The sheriff didn't pick up on anything, despite repeated contact with the shooter. Six people then died. Well, that bears some semblance to the facts, and, moreover, explains why the sheriff would rather cast blame elsewhere.

If the political spectrum was reversed in this situation, you'd probably hear a little jingle like "The sheriff chilled, and people were killed."

Inappropriate? Sorry, but it's no more inappropriate than what this a**hole sheriff has been spewing over the last few days.

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Watcher's Council nominations

* The Noisy Room – CPUSA – Laying a Foundation for Revolt
* VA Right - Is Political Correctness to Blame for Arizona Shootings?
* The Colossus of Rhodey – Why do they do it? THE NARRATIVE.
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* Simply Jews – Outsider’s look at the “drama capital of America”
* GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD – Blair Hitch Project
* Bookworm Room – Progressives live in the past when it comes to shaping the message
* Right Truth – Jon Stewart, Voice of Reason for the Left
* The Razor – Gifford Assassination Attempt Politicized by Liberals
* The Glittering Eye - Unemployment: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
* Rhymes With Right – Book ‘Em, Danno!
* Snapped Shot – Perspective

Honorable Mentions:

* The Grouch – Sometimes Knowledge Quells Optimism
* The Pagan Temple – Jared Loughner-Did He Act Alone?
* The Political Commentator – Right-Left debate: Campaign slogans versus death threats

And the non-Council nominations are here!

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Dopey Philly Daily News Letter of the Week

Harriet B. Brown of Philadelphia is obviously a follower of THE NARRATIVE TM:

WELL, someone has gotten hurt because of all the negativity uttered since President Obama was elected.

It was only a matter of time. Has one Tea Party person said this has to stop? It started during the health-care debate and got worse. I saw people walking around with guns every place the president was speaking, I saw Rep. John Lewis spat on and Republicans holding up the "Don't tread on me" flag.

The shooting happened in the most racist part of the country, fueled by people who don't have a clue but are driven by the Tea Party - I always knew they were just a part of the Ku Klux Klan.

They want to repeal the health care bill now - that shows you how much they care. The Republicans were voted into office by people who thought they were hurting the president, but if you think they're going to help you, just take off those rose-colored glasses.

And what's Sarah Palin said about this? They all talk about the Founding Fathers, who were nothing but slave owners. Come to Philadelphia and see the house where Washington lived and where he kept the slaves like animals.

Presented without comment. None is needed.

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January 11, 2011

Armistice Day

Today is Armistice day. Remember the fallen.

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

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Blame global warming

Snow present in 49 of the 50 U.S. states.

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News Journal says "passionate political discourse" should continue, but ...

... everyone needs to keep in mind that conservative rhetoric can still push people over the edge:

This democracy is in jeopardy if Saturday's attack on Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords leads to the death of fervent political discourse.

It is how our fractious Founding Fathers produced a constitution envied around the world some 222 years later. At some point, reason prevailed. They pulled the brakes on those who prefer rancor and continual enmity.

Still, we can't dispense with the reality of opinions at opposite ends of the political spectrum.

It's the important difference between saying the president "doesn't know what he's doing" and Sarah Palin's accusation last week that he's "hell-bent on weakening America."

That lack of distinction is the tinderbox for emotionally damaged individuals, as suggested of the suspect in Saturday's shootings.

"As suggested ..."? By whom, precisely? Only by the usual [left-leaning] pundits, bloggers, and MSM talking heads. There has been nothing -- repeat, nothing -- to suggest Jared Loughner was a victim of such a "tinderbox."

Contrast this to the nebulous "comparison" of rhetoric from the other side of the aisle:

And it leads to inaccurate headlines accusing Giffords and Delaware Sen. Tom Carper of telling "Democrats to stop being Democrats" just because they value the political center.

Oh, wow -- on the one hand we have a politician's words about "weakening America" causing a psycho to shoot a bunch of people. On the other, we have words about "valuing the political center" causing ... inaccurate headlines. This is the best the minions at the News Journal could come up with?

I know, I know ... it's hardly surprising considering the source. After all, remember that this is the publication that purposely refuses to print the race/ethnicity of a criminal suspect because, well, "what does race really mean?"

In other words, our illustrious Wilmington News Journal follows ... THE NARRATIVE TM.

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And this is relevant to the Arizona shooting how ...??

South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn:

“All [of] this stuff taking place in the Chambers the other day, when the Constitution was being read — all that stuff is uncalled for,” Rep. Clyburn (D-SC) told the Ed Schultz radio program.

Clyburn says there may be a “direct link” between Sharron Angle’s “Second Amendment remedies” comment and the reading of the Constitution with the attempted murder of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords over the weekend.

Indeed. The Constitution is known for driving people over the edge, a'ight! I say there may be a "direct link" to microcephaly and the mere fact that Clyburn exists.

Next we have former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey:

Tomorrow they were going to vote to repeal this health care bill — and it’s not going to go anywhere in the Senate — it’s one of the reasons that this guy was angry and pretty obvious that he is, at least from me, where I sit that he’s mentally ill and deeply troubled. I wouldn’t make too much of whatever his political views are.

Does this absolute moron know something which no investigator or reporter has yet determined -- that Jared Loughner was a fanatic about ObamaCare?

Once again, it's all about THE NARRATIVE TM. As previously noted, it makes faux "progressives" feel good about themselves, but ultimately it makes them look as dumb as a box of rocks. (Actually, that's not very fair to the rocks.) After all, just look at the latest, remarkably shown by CBS News:

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Speaking of garbage ...

Michael Yaki, a commissioner on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, offers up this insanity that demonstrates perfectly my post from yesterday:

We don't know for sure what the motives of this particular madman were. There will be many commentaries on the fact that this occurred in Arizona, an "open carry" state for firearms. There will be renewed arguments about the Second Amendment, gun control, etc. There will be a call to ensure that every Member of Congress is protected by local or Capitol police when they go back to their districts. But that is just window dressing for the real issue. And for the other innocent victims of this madman, our nation needs to understand that they are more than victims -- they are martyrs, martyrs to a culture of hate speech and violence we have done little to stop. Because whatever the reason, we cannot ignore the fact that the current political climate is toxic beyond reason.

As we move from grieving to action, this nation's political leaders and the media have to face the fact that giving national prominence to extremist speech is not an extension of liberty. Corporations who advertise on all public media -- whether commercial broadcast, cable, radio, and all aspects of the internet -- need to take a stand. Americans who believe in our Constitution, a Constitution that has stood for the peaceful transition of power for over 200 years, need to take a stand and withdraw support for programs and sites that support hate speech. Now. Because events like today seek to undermine the very republic upon which we stand.

It's a safe bet Yaki doesn't have in mind MSNBC or leftist gabbers like Mike Malloy. But the scary thing is, as fellow UCCR commissioner Peter Kirsanow notes,

This is not simply incoherent and irresponsible, but a monument to self-contradiction.

He states "[we] don't know for sure what the motives of this particular madman were," but then declares that the victims were "martyrs to a culture of hate speech" and that extremists on cable news shows and radio are somehow responsible. Never let the facts (or lack thereof) get in the way of a preferred narrative.

Yep, there it is -- THE NARRATIVE TM. Yaki is the embodiment of it. He's a staunch defender of the Obama administration's handling of the New Black Panther voter intimidation case -- where evidence of wrongdoing is overwhelming -- yet wants curbs on "hate speech" because (supposedly) such speech doesn't "extend liberty" ... even though there's zilch evidence that Jared Loughner, the Arizona assassin, was influenced by any such speech.

Again, THE NARRATIVE TM dictates that evidence doesn't matter. Conservative speech, including metaphors that are used by Democrats/liberals just the same, are inherently bad, evil, and threatening. At the same time, it wouldn't be "just" to prosecute groups like the New Black Panthers because, as a group populated by an aggrieved minority, their anger is "justified." It's a good bet Yaki subscribes to the anti-equal rights "Critical Race Theory," which, among other things, despises a legal system "in which both the white majority and minorities profit from the expansion of rights." In addition, the theory "suggest(s) that the existing precedents are indeterminate, allowing the judiciary wide freedom to interpret them according to prevailing balance of power." In other words, since whites still dominate the United States at present, the courts need to "take that into account" when judging the actions of groups like the Panthers. And when it comes to conservative [supposed] "hate speech," it is then logical to assume that since conservatives/Republicans currently identify more with the majority population (and liberals/Democrats the opposite), the law should take that fact into account when judging said speech.

It's a dangerous idea that, thankfully, hasn't (yet) gained much of a legal foothold. But the current administration, if the New Black Panther case and myriad appointments are any indication, is doing its best to change that.

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And on the other side of nuttery ...

... we find this: Bill Ayers, communist provided Arizona shooter's curriculum?

Jared Lee Loughner, the suspected gunman in Saturday's Arizona shooting, attended a high school that is part of a network in which teachers are trained and provided resources by a liberal group founded by Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers and funded by President Obama, WND has learned.

The group, Small Schools Workshop, has been led by a former top communist activist who is an associate of Ayers.

Obama provided the group with funds in the 1990s when he worked at an education reform group alongside Ayers. (Link.)

This crap is a ridiculous as anything you'll find at the LGOMB. So, what is article author Aaron Klein attempting to do? Connect Jared Loughner, the nutjob who shot several people in Arizona this past Saturday, to ... Barack Obama. This is pure, unadulterated GARBAGE.

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More violent rhetoric

”The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. ... God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion; what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.”
— Thomas Jefferson

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January 10, 2011

What was that about ... THE NARRATIVE?

Far-left Prof. James Loewen connects slavery to ... extension of the George W. Bush tax cuts:

[T]wo ideological factors caused most Southern whites, including those who were not slave-owners, to defend slavery. First, Americans are wondrous optimists, looking to the upper class and expecting to join it someday. In 1860, many subsistence farmers aspired to become large slave-owners. So poor white Southerners supported slavery then, just as many low-income people support the extension of George W. Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy now.

Loewen is perhaps best known for his book Lies My Teacher Told Me. (You can just imagine the "lies" he discusses.) Lesser known is what Loewen believes an "appropriate" (i.e. "not culturally biased") SAT question for African-Americans would be:

Saturday Ajax got an LD:

a) He had smoked too much grass
b) He tripped out on drugs
c) He brought her to his apartment
d) He showed it off to his fox
e) He became wised up

Maybe Loewen's next column will discuss how his sample SAT question is connected to slavery. Nah, doubtful. Remember -- "progressives" such as Loewen believe African-Americans need their enlightened assistance to make it in this "oppressive" United States.

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Why do they do it? (THE NARRATIVE.)

That is the question. Do what, you ask? Who's "they?"

Why do "progressives" insist on trying to link just about any evil occurrence to conservatives and Republicans ... despite virtually no evidence? What purpose does this serve, other than to make them look ridiculously foolish ... and to only galvanize the determination of their political opponents even more?

It's already been stated so here and on many other [right-leaning] sites over the past few days, but the rapidity of the Left in attempting to tie Sarah Palin's "target" graphic of Representative Giffords to her shooting has been nothing less than hideously revolting -- especially since the evidence of such a connection is zilch. This is called "THE NARRATIVE TM," folks. Y'see, the Left doesn't win -- and can't -- in the realm of actual ideas. The American public by and large wants smaller and more efficient government. Groups like the Tea Party came about largely around this philosophy. So what does THE NARRATIVE TM then dictate? Tea Partiers are racists, because our current Chief Executive happens to be a black man. In Arizona and across the country, Americans are fed up with illegal immigration and the federal government's inept response to it. States, like Arizona, take matters into their own hands as a result. The public overwhelmingly supports Arizona's efforts. So what does THE NARRATIVE TM then dictate? The state's governor and its citizens are bigots and xenophobes.

Republican politicians, notably George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Dan Quayle and Ronald Reagan are/were considered "stupid" because they made occasional verbal blunders. Of course, myriad Democratic pols did precisely the same thing, notably Al Gore, Joe Biden and Barack Obama. But THE NARRATIVE TM dictates that the latter are just "Al being Al," "Joe being Joe," and "Barack being Barack." Or, they had hard days when their miscues were recorded. And so on. The former? Stupid.

American universities have had this whole concept down to a science for some time now. They enact "speech codes" and "hate speech" provisions so sweeping and broad -- and nebulous enough -- that just about anything they deem "hateful" or "offensive" will be treated as such. Unfortunately for conservatives, it is their speech that is usually on the receiving end of such specious judgments. Don't want to participate in "Gay Pride Day?" You're a homophobe. Oppose affirmative action (and run a "bake sale" to illustrate why it's wrong)? You're a racist. Support Israel's right to self-defense? You like "apartheid." This is the campus version of THE NARRATIVE TM. And campuses will do what is still as yet unthinkable in general American society: They will prosecute you for such speech that goes against THE NARRATIVE TM, using kangaroo courts, denial of counsel, refusal to face accusers, and forced "re-education" like "diversity" seminars and "sensitivity training" to "alleviate" what ails you. Funny, that, just like what was noted in the second paragraph above , the positions noted in this one (usually by conservatives) are also favored by a majority of the American public. (Thankfully, so far, one outstanding organization battles such inanity -- and usually emerges victorious.)

These type of "progressives" know their ideas are not popular, and they resent it. And they know their ideas aren't likely to become popular anytime soon. So what recourse do they have? Well, at American universities, such "progressives" do what is noted above -- because they have a young, captive audience who they think they can intimidate. It works often enough, but when one student fights back, and makes use of groups like FIRE, the sunlight shone on these "progressives" much more often than not causes them to skitter back into the woodwork.

In the real world, these "progressives" know they can't get away with what their campus brethren can. So they resort to their allies in the mainstream media and attack those whose views they find abhorrent -- and label them "racists," "bigots," and attempt to link any sort of politically oriented violence to them ... despite what the evidence actually proves. Again, this is THE NARRATIVE TM.

And you can tell how pathetically desperate these "progressives" are getting, especially now that the Democrats took a beating last November. If it wasn't pathetic enough when they attempted to create out of whole cloth a story that members of the Congressional Black Caucus were the victims of hollered racial epithets right in front of the Capitol, we're now witness to THE NARRATIVE TM being utilized once again to tie conservative speech and images to the shooting of a congresswoman and federal judge, among others ... Despite. Not. One. Scintilla. Of. Evidence.

The funny thing is, 'ya think these miscreants would learn, especially in this day and (Internet) age that it won't work. If anything, it'll end up backfiring. The phony story about the CBC and racial epithets didn't stop opposition to ObamaCare, and it didn't prevent the Democrats from getting crushed on Election Day. Perhaps this is why those invoking THE NARRATIVE TM are now so ridiculously transparent in their desperation, not to mention haste, in disseminating it. Unlike 20 years ago, now there is the Internet, Fox News, and myriad conservative radio outlets to counter the previous monopolistic and monolithic MSM. (And I don't know which is more comical -- the increasing desperation of those invoking THE NARRATIVE TM, or their "explanations" as to why Fox News and conservative radio hosts are so damn popular.)

So, in conclusion folks, it's OK to get miffed when these dimwitted "progressives" take advantage of an incident like that which happened on Saturday. But just keep in mind that ultimately it will come back to hurt them -- where it hurts most: in the wallet and at the ballot box. That is the cost to these "progressives" of ... THE NARRATIVE TM.

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Calls for violence are irresponsible

...but only when it's YOU and not ME.

So, violence is the last option but really we don't have any other choice now. Good to know. I anxiously await the sweeping condemnations of MSNBC and Ted Rall.

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Is Obama crazy or lying?

I'm told over and over that tax cuts are somehow "expense" and can lead us to financial ruin or something.

First let's look to JFK:

but maybe that's because the world was different then and now we have new laws of economics or something.

But here's President Obama talking about how the tax cuts, deductions and regulatory easing are spurring the economy:

So liberals? Is he lying or just crazy? I'd love to see Paul Krugman spin this one.

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January 09, 2011

Well, well, well ...

Look who just snuck in an "apology" to this over-two year old post.

Why did it happen now, I wonder? It's how faux "progressives" operate. Remember, Daily Kos yesterday erased a post which said that Rep. Giffords was "dead" to the writer.


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What if ...

... Jared Loughner, the guy who shot Rep. Giffords in Arizona yesterday, was a big fan of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, et. al.? What then?

What would you on the Left suggest?

Meanwhile, for all of you of the mindset of the LGOMB, theblogprof reminds us that it is FAR from just Limbaugh, Beck, Palin and whoever who use such ... "heated rhetoric":

"I think it's tempting not to negotiate with hostage takers, unless the hostage gets harmed. In this case the hostage is the American people and I was not willing to see them get harmed," Barack Obama on keeping taxes from increasing, December 6, 2010

"A Republican majority in Congress would mean 'hand-to-hand combat' on Capitol Hill for the next two years, threatening policies Democrats have enacted to stabilize the economy," Obama, October 6, 2010

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama in July 2008

"Here's the problem: It's almost like they've got -- they've got a bomb strapped to them and they've got their hand on the trigger. You don't want them to blow up. But you've got to kind of talk them, ease that finger off the trigger." Obama on banks, March 2009

"I want you to argue with them and get in their face!" Barack Obama, September 2008

“We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.” Obama to Latinos, October 2010

I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry! Obama on ACORN Mobs, March 2010

“We talk to these folks… so I know whose ass to kick.“ Obama on the private sector, June 2010

Just a few more to add to an already extensive list to show how preposterously ridiculous the moonbats are.

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January 08, 2011

Scoring points

Just keep in mind that even as the execrable Delaware Douche immediately fosters the belief that the shooter of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was "inspired" by the rhetoric of the right-wing, it was he once said this. And waddya know? He mocks that very quote later, in this post, saying that, at least he "apologized." But it will be a long time (never, actually) before people like Sarah Palin apologize, blah blah blah.

Delaware Douche really -- and I mean REALLY -- must be as stupid as he is heinously physically ugly. After all, based on his "logic," we should expect

Pretty exhaustive list, ain't it? And that only scratches the surface. And Delaware Douche, so quick to note that he once "apologized," gets a mental block when it comes to other instances.

"Contemporary Progressivism": Conservative desires for less and limited government are "hate" and must be regulated and/or forcibly stopped.

On the other hand, efforts against (for example) radical Islamic rhetoric and especially actions must be tempered with "tolerance," "respect" and due process. Not to mention that violence in movies, TV and video games are "artistic/creative expressions" that should not be censored in any way, not to mention same with regards to pornography.

Just so you know what these ... "people" are really about.

In related news, uber lefty blog Daily Kos erased an entry from one of its bloggers that said Rep. Giffords "was dead to her." How come, I wonder?

It seems that the Giffords shooter is "just" a garden variety nutjob, with some of his favorite books being both Mein Kampf AND The Communist Manifesto. More updates available here.

UPDATE: Attention Delaware Douche and his a**hole cohorts: “As I knew him he was left wing, quite liberal. & oddly obsessed with the 2012 prophecy.” (Link.)

Now get bent. And good.

UPDATE 2: More oops.

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Watcher's Council results

First place in the Council category was Bookworm Room with What’s the matter with Mexico?

First place in the non-Council category was Victor Davis Hanson with Raging Against ‘Them.’

Full results are here.

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"Don't Sweat" High Gas Prices -- They're a "Good Sign"

You've probably noticed that those prices at the pump have risen considerably over the last month or so. But don't worry! It's not that big a deal! Well, according to Yahoo! Finance's Daniel Gross, that is. Why? Well, Americans are consuming less gas per capita than a few years ago, cars are more fuel efficient, and people are just plain getting weary of more and more traffic (and, hence, are driving less):

There's also evidence that Americans' long-running love affair with the road is beginning to wane a bit. Driving is less fun when you're always stuck in traffic. These statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation show the number of miles driven by buses, trucks, and cars from 1957 to 2008. From 1990 to 2000, total miles driven rose from 2.17 trillion to 2.75 trillion, up about 26 percent. But between 2000 and 2008, total mileage rose less than seven percent, from 2.75 trillion to 2.94 trillion. Miles driven fell in 2008.

Oh ho! So, total miles driven between 2000-2008 dropped substantially when compared to the previous decade. I seem to recall a guy named George W. Bush being in the White House then, and don't recall any such pronouncements of "Relax!" from people like Gross. (Although Gross actually debunked conspiracy theories that G.W. Bush manipulated energy prices to coincide with elections, I wonder if he wrote the headline of this Slate article of his ... especially since it isn't until the very last line of the column that he definitively exonerates the administration.) Gross's declaration isn't stand-alone. WRAL.com in North Carolina recently headlined "Economist: Rising gas prices 'good sign.'"

NC State economist Mike Walden sees a silver lining in higher gas prices, saying it means the US economy has regained its footing and is getting back up to speed. "Gas prices going up is actually a good sign," Walden said. "$3 is normal. When we were down in the $2 (range), that was abnormal due to the recession. "I don't see anything diabolical, mysterious or underhanded here," he continued. "I think it's just a sign that the worldwide economy is better now than it has been over the last three years."

Contrast that to some of these WRAL.com headlines from the previous administration:

These are just further examples of what Newsbusters' Julia A. Seymour wrote about back on December 30th. If you haven't yet read her excellent article, be sure to check out how the MSM portrayed increases in gas prices during 2004-2008.

(Cross-posted at Newsbusters.)

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January 06, 2011

This oughta be interesting

Trial set for firing over use of 'n' word:

A federal jury will be asked to decide whether it is acceptable for an African American person, but not a white person, to use the "n" word in a workplace.

U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick has ruled that former Fox29 reporter-anchor Tom Burlington's lawsuit against the station, claiming a double standard and alleging that he was the victim of racial discrimination, may go to trial. However, Surrick denied Burlington's claim of a hostile work environment.

Burlington, who is white, was fired after using the "n" word during a June 2007 staff meeting at which reporters and producers were discussing reporter Robin Taylor's story about the symbolic burial of the word by the Philadelphia Youth Council of the NAACP.

Burlington, who began work at the station in 2004 and is now working as a real estate agent, was suspended within days and fired after an account of the incident was published in the Philadelphia Daily News. He alleges that he "was discriminated against because of his race," according to court documents. He claims in his lawsuit that at least two African American employees at Fox29 had used the word in the workplace and were not disciplined.

While I'm not as ... "hard-assed" as some on demanding that everyone stop using the "N" word whether black or white (let's face it -- the term was used by whites for decades solely for the purpose of denigrating African-Americans), context is highly relevant (and important) in this instance. If indeed Burlington used the term as he claims, then his dismissal is ridiculous. If he used it as the Fox station claims, then it appears the defendants have grounds for firing him -- IF others (blacks) at the station weren't using it similarly.

Consider: If the courts rule that blacks can use the term at a workplace but whites cannot, then this appears to be a violation of equal protection. Imagine what can of worms could be opened ...

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It causes everything! Didn't 'ya know?

Did climate change cause Haiti quake?

After you get done laughing, just remember Chris Rock going off on singer Ricky Martin's greatest hit. It's all you can need to know.

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While I still don't agree with the decision to invade ...

... it is mighty interesting how our MSM doesn't bother bringing up what Wikileaks confirms about Bush and the Iraq War.

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Football and Fiancees

NSFW but hilarious

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January 05, 2011

Delaware landfill murder ... solved?

John P. Wheeler III's murder ... the result of threatening to expose a US poison gas test gone awry?

A shocking report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by the Foreign Military Intelligence Directorate (GRU) states that one of the United States top experts in biological and chemical weapons was brutally murdered after he threatened to expose a US Military test of poison gas that killed hundreds of thousands of animals in Arkansas this past week.

According to this report, John P. Wheeler III, Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force, Washington, D.C. from 2005-2008, when he became the Special Assistant to the Acting Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Logistics and Environment, was found brutally murdered and dumped in a landfill...

To the direct reason for Wheeler’s murder, this report says, was this past week’s transport of Iraqi Phosgene poisonous gas aboard a US Air Force KC-767 tanker aircraft from Little Rock Air Force Base en route to Afghanistan that shortly after takeoff had a ‘critical malfunction’ of its aerial spraying computer directed command and control system over central Arkansas causing the deaths of thousands of red-wing blackbirds.

According to US reports an estimated 4,000 of these birds were killed outright and were quickly removed by US Environmental Services workers wearing hazmat suits and gas masks. Another US report states that cause of death to these thousands of birds was “trauma in the breast tissue, with blood clots in the body cavity and a lot of internal bleeding” which this GRU report states is consistent with Phosgene exposure.

Consider the source, of course (Putin). But anyone else see/hear/read about all those dead birds? I caught a story on "Good Morning America" this morning.

The mystery deepens ...

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Religion of Peace

What about all those moderate Muslims ...? Here we go:

More than 500 Muslim scholars are praising the man suspected of killing a Pakistani governor because the politician opposed blasphemy laws that mandate death for those convicted of insulting Islam.

The group of scholars and clerics known as Jamat Ahle Sunnat is affiliated with a moderate school of Islam and represents the mainstream Barelvi sect.

Good luck to us "winning those hearts and minds," eh?

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Watcher's Council nominations

* The Razor – The Power of Random Events: Coping with Black Swans
* GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD – Forsaken
* Joshuapundit - Why Israel Is Losing The Information War
* Snapped Shot – Literal Symbolism
* Right Truth – The mysterious “silver knight on the white horse”
* The Colossus of Rhodey – It’s comics, after all
* Rhymes With Right – Just As It Has Always Been
* VA Right - Filibuster Change May Put Sarah Palin on Supreme Court
* The Glittering Eye - Declining Home Prices Dampen Year End Spirits
* Bookworm Room - What’s the matter with Mexico?
* Simply Jews – Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Ali Akbar Siadati: reusable villains

Honorable Mentions:

* The Grouch – New Football Rules for 2011
* The Political Commentator – South Korea: Between the DMZ and a hard place

And the non-Council results are here!

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Legacy of our new senator

New Castle County government is basically broke.

Who ran New Castle County for the last few years? You guessed it: Joe Biden's newly-elected replacement, Chris Coons.

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January 04, 2011

Top Ten Science Fiction TV Shows of all-time ... ?

Newsarama has a new list, their Best Scifi TV Shows Ever. Waddya think?

10. Quantum Leap.
9. Firefly.
8. Farscape.
7. The X-Files.
6. The Prisoner.
5. Lost.
4. The Twilight Zone.
3. [Re-imagined] Battlestar Galactica.
2. Star Trek (Original Series).
1. Dr. Who.

I knew I had done/seen similar lists in the past; sure enough there was this from 2005. So, Newsarama -- no "Star Trek: The Next Generation"? "The Outer Limits"? "Sliders"? "Space: 1999"?

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Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week 2

Ann Nolan of Lewes falls for a ridiculous "study" that concludes that watching Fox News makes one "misinformed":

A recent University of Maryland study has discovered that those with the most exposure to Fox News were more likely to be misinformed, and more likely to believe lies and rumors about national and world affairs.

Fox is making us dumber. If people are content to listen to lies, content to listen only to what conforms to their already uninformed positions, they will continue to vote against their own best interests. Fox is not providing news, folks. It is propaganda.

The "study," as a rational person might expect, is total garbage.

Nolan also complains (as does the obviously like-minded LGOMB) that FNC DC bureau chief Bill Sammon had alerted the network's news people "to cast doubt upon climate change" ... except that he didn't. Here's what Sammon wrote, immediately after the "Climategate" scandal:

Given the controversy over the veracity of climate change data, we should refrain from asserting that the planet has warmed (or cooled) in any given period without IMMEDIATELY pointing out that such theories are based upon data that critics have called into question. It is not our place as journalists to assert such notions as facts, especially as this debate intensifies.

Imagine that. Sammon wanted his news people to act like JOURNALISTS.

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WNJ Dopey Letter of the Week

John Dente of Wilmington think that Tea Party "way of thinking" brought us trouble during our recent snow storm:

Well, the anti-government, anti-everything folks who elected Chris Christie had their way, then the snows came and they experienced what they thought they wanted – no government. They should have rejoiced and had a tea party as the snow piled up, the airports closed, and travel became next to impossible.

Let's see:

By Thursday 95 percent of state roads were cleared and the state Department of Transportation received no requests from mayors to help clear local roads.

Christie also noted that it'd be difficult for him to get back to NJ due to major airline delays, and that he was in constant contact via telephone with the appropriate officials during the storm.

In contrast, let's take a gander at what transpired in New York City, the epitome of "big government":

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is facing increasing criticism over the slow pace of cleanup following the sixth-largest snowstorm in New York City history, which has left roads unplowed and public transportation struggling three days after the storm hit. "We're hearing reports from all over of people not even having seen a plow by the afternoon of the day after," [New York City Council speaker Christine Quinn] said. "This is a level of lack of cleanup that I really can't recall."

And now there's an investigation that the Sanitation Union in NYC deliberately stalled the snow cleanup in protest of city budget cuts:

City Councilman Dan Halloran went public with the complaints earlier in the week, telling news outlets that workers in the Sanitation Department told him that supervisors had urged them to slow down the snow removal. "They're saying that the shops that they worked in ... basically had the go ahead to take their time, that they wouldn't be supervised, that if they missed routes it wasn't going to be a problem," Halloran told Fox News.

So there 'ya are, Mr. Dente. A perfect example of unionized big government -- the antithesis of your despised Tea Party -- in action when it's needed most.

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Taking Jump The Shark to a whole new level

From here

Key excerpts:

Dragan Stevic of Serbia is the new Egyptian hero who killed a large shark which had previously terrorized numerous tourists (injured 4 and killed 1) at the famous Egyptian resort Sarm El Sheikh.

All hail the shark killer! How'd he do dat?

The Serbian hero was too drunk to remember what had happened, though one of his friends who witnessed the incident explained it all for the Belgrade based media.

This story just keeps getting awesomer....

Milovan Ubirapa, one of Stevic’s friend who witnessed the incident explained that Dragan had decided to go to the beach for a swim after a long night of drinking.

Swimming in the ocean? At night? In waters where two people have been killed by a shark? After heavy drinking? What could possibly go wrong?

As Dragan and his friends approached the beach, he saw a fairly high positioned jumping board utilized earlier in the day by divers.

“Dragan climbed on the jumping board, told me to hold his beer and simply ran to jump. There was no time for me to react or to try to stop him, he just went for it” says Milovan.
“Dragan jumped high and plunged down to the sea, but didn’t make as much splash as we thought he would”, explained Milovan.

This is sounding like a Wile E. Coyote cartoon....

The reason could be because Dragan Stevic ended up jumping straight on the shark which was lurking near the beach, probably looking for its next victim. Dragan had nailed it right in the head, killing it instantly. The Egyptian police found the shark washed out on the beach that morning.

Sofa King awsome.

Dragan was able to swim to the shore and told his friends he had twisted his ankle, telling them the water was not that soft.

That should be a good indicator of how drunk he was.

At the moment, the fearless hero is in a hospital recovering from alcohol poisoning. After Dragan gets well, he will get a chance to have some more drinks as the resort had awarded the Serb tourist with a free vacation for his heroic deed.

Yes, clearly more drinking is in order.

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Murder in Delaware

This story has been making the rounds here. It is newsworthy because the guy moved in DC insider circles and appears to have been somebody noteworthy. Any time someone of that stature gets killed it's news. I link to the story for one reason; irresponsibility. The NJ story talks about the man, his past, where he lived and where he was last seen. So far, so good. That's what reporters do. Then they mentioned that he was involved in a dispute with a neighbor that ended up in court in 2009. WHY IS THAT RELEVANT? To include that is to hint that maybe the neighbors had something to do with him being killed. That is outrageous. Both the editor and the writer of this story should be calling the Martini family and begging for an apology as well as print a complete retraction/exoneration.

Remember this incident when you hear someone say that blogs are irresponsible and they don't have editors.

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January 03, 2011

Ah, but y'see -- there's a Democrat in the White House now!

WRAL.com in North Carolina: Economist: Rising gas prices 'good sign.'

NC State economist Mike Walden sees a silver lining in higher gas prices, saying it means the US economy has regained its footing and is getting back up to speed.

"Gas prices going up is actually a good sign," Walden said. "$3 is normal. When we were down in the $2 (range), that was abnormal due to the recession.

"I don't see anything diabolical, mysterious or underhanded here," he continued. "I think it's just a sign that the worldwide economy is better now than it has been over the last three years."

What a positive spin on skyrocketing gas costs, eh?

Flashback to June 2007: Poll: Oil Companies Blamed for Gas Prices.

According to Public Policy Polling results released Tuesday, 43 percent of respondents feel big oil companies are driving up gas prices to boost their profits. Another 28 percent feel President George W. Bush and the war in Iraq are driving up the cost at the pump.

Flashback to September 2008: Attorney general to probe gas prices; N.C. average tops $4.

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper said the state will take the first step in investigating claims of price gouging by sending subpoenas to certain gas stations Monday. Companies face a civil penalty of up to $5,000 for each violation of the price-gouging law.

Flashback to February 2006: Political Parties Divided On Gas Price Solution.

Democrats applaud Gov. Mike Easley's letter to President George W. Bush calling for an investigation of gas company profits. Republicans say Easley is shifting the blame from Democratic state lawmakers.

Flashback to August 2008: High gas prices take toll on charity workers.

Flashback to October 2008: N.C. gas prices sit high above national average.

Flashback to May 2009: Gas prices on the rise again.

Most experts have said it is likely that the cost of gasoline will climb a little higher for the summer. They said it is difficult to gauge how much but most don't expect it to be as high as last summer.

The reason for the increase, Denise McCourt with the American Petroleum Institute, said is basic economics.

"It's supply and demand that drives this market place," she said. "It's the global mindset about what's going on out there."

Oh, right! In May 2009 there was a new guy in the White House! That's why we "don't expect [gas prices] to be as high as last summer," and the increase is suddenly "basic economics."

Scratch that last one ... !

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"Settled" science

"The number of skeptical qualified scientists has been growing steadily; I would guess it is about 40% now." -- Atmospheric physicist and founder of the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) S. Fred Singer

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Look on my works, ye Mighty and despair!

The rule of Leftist logic is as follows: Republicans are either dunces (Bush) or evil all powerful geniuses (Rove).

In either case, they are to blame for everything from papercuts to higher gas prices.

Our formerly sane friend Kavips has a new one about
Gasoline Pricing and the Republican Tax Code.

Democrats control both the House and the Senate, oh, and the White House too. This doesn't stop the tax code from being "Republican." No word on how many votes are required to make it either "bipartisan" or "Democrat". I suspect it's based more on the perceived evil or stupidity of the bill. (NB: I'll have to ask for a ruling)

I seem to remember a few posts about oil prices from Kavips so I checked the archives.

In June of 2009 the price of gas was not determined by the tax code (Republican or otherwise) but rather by "artificial financial devices". Interesting. I wonder what, precisely, makes a financial device artificial? Is it based on the arbitrage of Quatloos, gold-pressed Latinum and dollars? Perhaps it's the market rate for Unicorn farts. Who knows? My vote is for Carbon Credits which is suspiciously close to Unicorn farts.

In November of 2007 it was most assuredly "not seasonal". Rather it was "dropped for the election". By whom? Obama? Has to be. After all, didn't help Republicans any.

Earlier that year in June, the cause was not elections or mythical financial instruments or Republican tax codes. No. It was "because republicans controlled all three branches of government. There was no way the people could investigate and determine whether they were paying a fair price, or being gouged."

Earlier still in March of 2007 it wasn't any of those things it was "jitters" by speculators and WHAT'S THIS!? "Gas or coal will be jerked around as demand rises versus the supply."

WHAAAAAAA? Oil and Gas are subject to the laws of supply and demand? That's crazy talk!

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January 01, 2011

Happy New Year


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