September 30, 2008

Nancy Pelosi: Dunce of the House

If this was Sarah Palin, the MSM would be all over it like flies on dung. Alas, it's only the third most powerful person in our government, Nancy Pelosi:

More fearful though, to me, more scary was the, were the statements of Chairman Bernanke, because Chairman Bernanke is probably one of the foremost authorities in America on the subject of The Great Depression. I don’t know what was so great about the depression, but that’s the name they give it. (Link.)

Yep. This woman is third in line of succession for the presidency and in charge of the House of Representatives.

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Study: Parents must be better role models

Can you believe it took a study to come up with that??

Here's the deal: If we need "studies" to tell the public sh** like this, we're all in a lot deeper trouble than we think. And I'll also tell 'ya -- take it from one who sees the effects every year -- it's getting worse. At my school's open house this year parent behavior was the worse I've ever seen it. In one class, there were two moms who decided to hold a [loud] conversation in the back of the room like it was old home week ... while I was discussing the curriculum. Numerous parents had their cell phones go off (no, they weren't on vibrate) ... and they took the calls -- in class -- while I was talking. Several parents left small messes in my room where they sat.

And I wonder why more and more kids laugh at/sneer at/ignore me when I make a request of them?

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2010 question

Hey folks -- since the MSM ain't even coming close to doing its job in digging up the real story about Obama's radical past, here's a question: If Obama is elected, will the 2010 election make 1994 pale in comparison?

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A reminder of Times past

From a 1999 article in the New York Times:

In a move that could help increase home ownership rates among minorities and low-income consumers, the Fannie Mae Corporation is easing the credit requirements on loans that it will purchase from banks and other lenders.

The action, which will begin as a pilot program involving 24 banks in 15 markets -- including the New York metropolitan region -- will encourage those banks to extend home mortgages to individuals whose credit is generally not good enough to qualify for conventional loans. Fannie Mae officials say they hope to make it a nationwide program by next spring.

Fannie Mae, the nation's biggest underwriter of home mortgages, has been under increasing pressure from the Clinton Administration to expand mortgage loans among low and moderate income people and felt pressure from stock holders to maintain its phenomenal growth in profits.

In addition, banks, thrift institutions and mortgage companies have been pressing Fannie Mae to help them make more loans to so-called subprime borrowers. These borrowers whose incomes, credit ratings and savings are not good enough to qualify for conventional loans, can only get loans from finance companies that charge much higher interest rates -- anywhere from three to four percentage points higher than conventional loans.

Talking points from the usual suspects always point to those nasty 'ol Republicans as the end-all to be-all of the current economic crisis. The FACT is, these points are not even close to being accurate. But you won't hear that, especially from the MSM. If the MSM can't even bring themselves to note how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi couldn't even get her own House majority to vote for the bailout bill yesterday (she could only muster a measly 60%!), then forget it. The MSM is nothing but a sorry sham anymore.

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Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week

Mary Nicklaus of Lewes thinks that Sarah Palin as VP is a scary prospect:

One essential criteria for a vice presidential candidate is readiness to be president.

Sen. John McCain’s choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin proves that politics came before the good of our country. McCain hasn’t released his medical records. What is he hiding? We know he has had four malignant melanomas. He is 72 and has high cholesterol, high blood pressure and arthritis. If elected, he will be the oldest person to become president.

Our country is in grievous trouble. We need the most intelligent, honorable and qualified person to lead us. After seeing Palin’s TV interview with Charlie Gibson, the thought that she would become president terrifies me. Can you picture her being able to negotiate with Russia’s Vladimir Putin or any world leader?

The investigation into abuse of power in Alaska, accusations of fraud and questions about Palin’s husband’s role in her decision making also scare me.

Based on what I highlighted in bold it must be safe to assume Mary is not going to vote for Barack Obama, right?

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That's why they're really MSDNC

Check out the picture that was featured on MSNBC's homepage circa 1:00pm (my screen capture actually shrunk it down a bit):

This coincided with the massive headline (in CAPS) "Anger reaches boiling point on main st." Other sub-headers included "Gut Check: readers slam lack of leadership," "First Read: Blame game zooms into top gear," and "Frustration and confusion reign as the public grapples with the financial crisis and the stumbling attempts to fix it." But MSNBC makes it clear with this sizeable photo who they blame for the mess -- and they want you to, too. And it's a two-fer -- not only does "something need to be done (i.e. the bailout)," but it's President Bush's fault for wanting a bailout bill in the first place ... even though it's the majority of Democrats in Congress who side with him, not Bush's fellow GOP. It's HE who -- yes -- should be thrown in jail for wanting a bailout. Not Nancy Pelosi and Co.

This is what MSDNC wants its readers to keep in their heads -- the image of this sign. What "liberal media" indeed.

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As Bernie Goldberg would say:

"If you think otherwise, you're pretty much delusional." (Attention Mike Matthews -- I love 'ya, but do get a clue in this regard.)

An insider from a major newsroom writes the omnipresent Instapundit:

"Off the record, every suspicion you have about MSM being in the tank for O is true. We have a team of 4 people going thru dumpsters in Alaska and 4 in Arizona. Not a single one looking into Acorn, Ayers or Freddiemac. Editor refuses to publish anything that would jeopardize election for O, and betting you dollars to donuts same is true at NYT, others. People cheer when CNN or NBC run another Palin-mocking but raising any reasonable inquiry into Obama is derided or flat out ignored. The fix is in, and its working."

It's up to the conservative blogosphere to report on ACORN, Bill Ayers and all that. When was the last time you saw CNN, [MS]NBC, CBS etc. do an investigative report on Obama's connections to Ayers? To ACORN?

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September 29, 2008

If you ever needed proof ...

... that these idiots are, well, really idiots, look no further than this historically and politically vacuous post.

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[MS]NBC continues its spiral downward

This time, Chris Matthews fails to disclose that a student he interviewed about the national debt was ... his daughter.

His excuse? "His daughter told him not to mention that she's his daughter."

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Questions for The Messiah

Courtesy Peter Kirsanow who asks the questions the MSM just won't (surprise):

1. Sen. Obama, you dismissed your association with William Ayers by stating that his actions, while "despicable", occurred when you were just eight years old. Ayers was still a fugitive when another terrorist bomber, Ted Kaczynski (the "Unabomber") began his bombing campaign (btw — Senator, you were 20 at the time). Would you have had any reservations working with Kaczynski? Would you have had any reservations launching your political career from Kaczynski's home (prior to his apprehension)? What about from the home of abortion clinic bomber Eric Rudolf? If so, please explain your criteria for working with some terrorists but not others.

2. Did you and Ayers ever discuss his participation in the bombing of the Pentagon? If so, when? How did you respond? Did you continue working with him afterward? Why? Did this discussion occur before or after he hosted your political coming-out party?

3. Did Ayers ever tell you how you were chosen to chair the Chicago Annenberg Challenge ("CAC"), given that at the time there were thousands of more experienced lawyers in Chicago?

4. Did you ever tell Ayers that his actions were "despicable"? If so, did you do so at the time you interviewed to chair the CAC or later? If not, why not?

5. As president, would you appoint any member to your cabinet who had worked with terrorists? Would you appoint any individual whose political career had been launched at the home of a terrorist? If not why not? If you consider an association with terrorists to be a disqualifier for, say, the position of attorney general or national security advisor, why shouldn't it be a disqualifier for president?

6. You had a relationship with an unrepentant terrorist and you've stated that you would meet without precondition with the leaders of terrorist-sponsoring countries. Could you please explain why voters should believe you're serious about the threat of terrorism?

7. What, if any, policy differences do you have with Ayers? Please describe.

Feel free to add any of your own in the comments.

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Can my football team win a single game this season??

The St. Louis Rams, once called "The Greatest Show on Turf," are now the most pathetic team in the entire league. Today, they fired their coach, Scott Linehan, and replaced him with defensive coordinator Jim Haslett. Haslett once coached the Saints and had success, but as defensive chief for the Rams that defense has been abysmal.

Can this team even win a game this year? Let's take a gander at their remaining schedule:

10/5: Mercifully, this is their bye week.
10/12: at Washington. LOSS.
10/19: vs. Dallas. LOSS.
11/2: vs. Arizona. POSSIBLE WIN. The Cards' defense is nearly as bad as the Rams'.
11/9: at NY Jets. LOSS.
11/16: at San Fran. LOSS.
11/23: vs. Chicago. LOSS.
11/30: vs. Miami. POSSIBLE WIN. But unlikely, given how the Dolphins looked against the Pats.
12/7: at Arizona. LOSS.
12/14: vs. Seattle. LOSS.
12/21: vs. San Fran. POSSIBLE WIN. We always play the Niners tough at home. Haslett might have 'em on course by this time.
12/28: at Atlanta. LOSS.

The thing is, those three possible wins -- if the Rams play even close to how they've played their first four games -- will easily turn into losses. So it is entirely possible the Rams could become only the second team ever to go winless in the "merger" (post-AFL/NFL) era. (The only team to do so was the 1976 Tampa Bay Bucs.)

God help us.

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September 28, 2008

Xrlq on Obama's Missouri thug squads

A thorough thrashing, as usual.

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Two great American thinkers

Who is that highly intellectual pundit at right who was fortunate enough to have his picture taken with Hube? Post your answer in the comments!

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Missouri gov. miffed over The Messiah's tactics in the state

From Gov. Matt Blunt:

This abuse of the law for intimidation insults the most sacred principles and ideals of Jefferson. I can think of nothing more offensive to Jefferson’s thinking than using the power of the state to deprive Americans of their civil rights. The only conceivable purpose of Messrs. McCulloch, Obama and the others is to frighten people away from expressing themselves, to chill free and open debate, to suppress support and donations to conservative organizations targeted by this anti-civil rights, to strangle criticism of Mr. Obama, to suppress ads about his support of higher taxes, and to choke out criticism on television, radio, the Internet, blogs, e-mail and daily conversation about the election.

Barack Obama needs to grow up. Leftist blogs and others in the press constantly say false things about me and my family. Usually, we ignore false and scurrilous accusations because the purveyors have no credibility. When necessary, we refute them. Enlisting Missouri law enforcement to intimidate people and kill free debate is reminiscent of the Sedition Acts - not a free society.

Folks, keep in mind that this is the type of president we will face if Obama is elected. The Fairness Doctrine will be reimposed, the FCC will be used as a tool to prosecute political enemies, and one can only imagine how the IRS will be used.

The McCain campaign should jump all these Stalinist tactics immediately.

More from yesterday.

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September 27, 2008

Paul Newman R.I.P.

Dead at age 83.

My fave Newman film:

Newman as "Fast Eddie" Felson
in "The Hustler."

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Wow. Maybe I ought not complain so much

... after reading this:

I thought it was bad enough that I occassionally have to stomp my feet while peeing (to scare the mice away...really). ( I rationalize that it's good for my thighs.)

Then I thought we had hit rock bottom when the administration took no sort of stance after teachers routinely had their personal property stolen out of their locked classrooms.

When I found a dead mouse in the middle of my rug (with several other LIVE mice feasting on the corpse) at 7:30 a.m., I thought, "This is it...this is as low as we can go. What else can be expected of me?"

And then...they took our parking spaces away.

So far this year my biggest infrastructure complaints are that my classroom is freezing and that the lights are so dull I fear I'll turn into a bat or a mole by June. But I guess that really ain't so bad ...

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Miss the debate (like me)?

Here's the transcript.

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Watcher's Council results

The winning Council entry was The Glittering Eye with Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There.

The winning non-Council entry was The Jawa Report with Hope, Change, & Lies: Orchestrated “Grassroots” Smear Campaigns & the People that Run Them.

Full results of the vote can be seen here.

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Our present econ crisis -- video evidence

The current economic crisis -- lunatics like these will have you believe it's all the GOP's fault. Oh yeah? Take a gander:

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Is this what we're in for if this is a really close election?

Check out this video from Missouri -- Obama "Truth Squads," which are utilizing law enforcement to "crack down" on campaign ads which are "misleading" or are "lying."

Are you freakin' kidding me? Law enforcement?? One wonders if there is a John McCain Truth Squad out there doing same. Certainly, many Obama-oriented ads should be "prosecuted," eh?

Speaking of which, I attended a dinner last evening where the keynote speaker was the Wall St. Journal's John Fund. His new book, Stealing Elections, details how real voter fraud (not the mythical GOP fraud that "occurred" in Florida or Ohio) will threaten [especially] close elections. Fund noted how the fraud-embattled group ACORN is Obama's true background as a "community organizer," and most disturbingly how Obama has thousands of lawyers at the ready -- ready to challenge close voting districts throughout the country (mostly in "battleground" states), mainly by utilizing ACORN-style tactics of using counted provisional ballots -- which may include myriad phony voters. Since it'll take days to verify these provisional ballots, we're facing protracted election litigation that could make the 2000 election look like a well-oiled voting process.

UPDATE: There should be some arrests made from The Messiah's camp -- NOW!!

UPDATE 2: Beware an Obama presidency, conservatives. The Fairness Doctrine will be back, and free speech will be "balanced" between "fairness," "offensiveness" and one's political stripe.

UPDATE 3: ACORN's dream: Non-citizens being able to vote. "Unfortunately," they can't.

UPDATE 4: In the span of 48 hours Obama drops a condition of the banking bailout. The dropped condition benefits ... ACORN.

UPDATE 5: Patterico has still more on the history of Democrat free speech intimidation.

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September 26, 2008


The Chicago Sun-Times: Blame deep-seated racism if Obama loses.

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Berkeley chancellor utilizes lame race card

Remember my post from yesterday? Here's yet another terrific example: The cretinous chancellor of UC Berkeley, Robert Birgeneau, thinks that -- wait for it -- racism -- is behind the motivations of a bunch of "tree sitters" who've been protesting the construction of a gymnasium (h/t to NB):

“[R]acism against our minority student athletes ... underlies much of the opposition to our student athlete high performance center.”

What's the old adage? "Racism is the last refuge of the ... ?" I mean, c'mahn -- tree-huggin' Berkeleyites -- racists?? You really can't get anymore ridiculous than that. And just gander at the stereotype Birgeneau invokes -- minority athletes. After all, those "minorities" probably wouldn't be there if not for athletics, right chancellor? And, of course no white athletes would ever make use of a new gymnasium, correct?

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CNN rips McCain for [possibly] skipping debate; ignores desire for 10 townhall meetings

CNN titles one of its headlines yesterday "McCain's move: Putting priorities or politics first?" The "story highlights" are

  • John McCain suspends campaign, says he won't go to debate without bailout deal
  • Democrats accuse him of looking for a distractions, injecting politics into bailout
  • McCain says most important debate is the one on Capitol Hill
  • Voters tell CNN they want the debate to go on
"I think it shows that John McCain is becoming increasingly desperate in his campaign," said Keith Boykin, a Democratic strategist and host of BET's "My Two Cents."

"It's an indication that John McCain shoots from the hip -- or more likely shoots from the lip -- every time he speaks, and he's not a guy who's got the judgment to make decisions," he said.

Conservative writer Matt Lewis called the notion that McCain is afraid to debate "laughable."

"Everybody knows that John McCain is very, very good at actually taking tough questions. I think what we have seen here today and yesterday, though, is an example of a statesmen," he said. "I think it's ludicrous to say that by wanting to put politics aside, John McCain is somehow injecting politics into the debate."

While I don't think McCain's recent play puts politics aside completely, what Lewis (and CNN) don't mention -- to rebut the numerous Democratic operatives quoted in the article that say McCain "is afraid" to debate and/or "is desperate" -- is that John McCain proposed ten townhall-style debates between himself and Barack Obama back in June. The Obama camp did not agree, obviously.

Who's afraid to debate again ...?

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September 25, 2008

A perfect example of why the "racism will cost Obama the election" canard should be scoffed at

Florida Congressman Alcee Hastings (who's black, by the way) recently said the following about Sarah Palin:

Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through.

"Think this through??" For what -- to consider how freakin' stupid it is? And unbelievably (well, not really), CNN uses the following headline for its article on Hastings' comment: Florida congressman points to Palin to rally Jews to Obama.

As Rob Baker says, "That's like saying white supremacists merely 'point to blacks' to fire up their club members."

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September 24, 2008

Wonder what Al Gore's reaction would back when he was veep ...

... if, say, George Herbert Walker Bush urged civil disobedience if Bill Clinton's impeachment didn't lead to a conviction?

That's what Al "Global Warming Will Kill Us All" Gore is doing now -- urging "young people to "to engage in civil disobedience to stop the construction of coal plants without the ability to store carbon."

The former U.S. vice president, whose climate change documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" won an Academy Award, told a philanthropic meeting in New York City that "the world has lost ground to the climate crisis."

"If you're a young person looking at the future of this planet and looking at what is being done right now, and not done, I believe we have reached the stage where it is time for civil disobedience to prevent the construction of new coal plants that do not have carbon capture and sequestration," Gore told the Clinton Global Initiative gathering to loud applause.

Of course, maybe Big Al was just blustering so that these companies might be pressured to buy carbon offsets from ... Al Gore.

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Wax poetic

"I Am Dimwitty" by dimwitty.

I think I am it,
although I am a dipsh**.

My IQ is pre-teen,
my intellect has anyone seen?

Someone teach me how to spell,
my blogging name myself do tell.

I can't believe I wrote this crap,
as everyone must know, I'm such a sap.

If you wanna laugh your arse off reading more such "poetry," journey over to Delaware Cretin to scope out dimwitty's latest poetic ventures.

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A word from the Angry Left

From the Newsbusters e-mail tipline, which goes to many contributors, not just me:

You douche bags are really retarded and dangerous. One would think after 8 fucked up years with the crazy, murderous republicans [sic], you'd want a change. Get real or your the [sic] US of A is going tt [sic] implode.

Now that's mean. Doesn't this guy know that it's "mentally challenged" and not "retarded?"

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September 23, 2008

A.P. writer rips Palin; didn't do same to Obama and ...

... most notably it's been revealed that she once donated to a far-left 527 organization.

Associated Press reporter Sara Kugler pounded out a 7-paragraph article today on how McCain running mate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R), has "[Banned] reporters from meetings with leaders" from around the world. Palin is in New York City for the open of the United Nations General Assembly. A review of media coverage from Obama's behind-closed-doors chats with European heads of state, however, shows no such complaint by the media about a lack of access.

Kugler complained that Palin "has not held a press conference in nearly four weeks of campaigning, on Tuesday banned reporters from her first meetings with world leaders, allowing access only to photographers and a television crew."

Yet when Sen. Barack Obama went to Europe this summer and met with past and present foreign leaders, print media were similarly on the outside looking in ... yet no complaint was registered in the article about lack of access, and Obama's European tour as a way to "burnish" his foreign policy credentials was recorded matter-of-factly. (Link.)

What a big surprise with the AP, eh? In Kugler's case, there's probably a good reason for her "dismay": She was a donor to a George Soros-funded 527 during the 2004 presidential campaign.

But c'mon. "Progressives" always tell us that the MSM is not liberal. And if its reporters are, they can still maintain their objectivity.

And the Pope is Jewish.

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Guest post: Paul Falkowski on "Same educational arguments coming from Washington DC"

Schools not solely responsible for ills. By Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) (Socialist, actually. -- Hube)

Response to more of the same educational arguments coming from Washington DC by Paul J. Falkowski, B.A. Ed. 1972 Mathematics-Education, UD. (Paul's comments are in bold.)

No one doubts that our education system is in very serious trouble. Too many students are not learning what we expect them to learn [Delaware, took a LEAD in State Standards at every Grade level, outlining, 'What is to be learned. '] , and too many are dropping out [ ASK WHY? ] before they get a high school degree — a catastrophe, [ A catastrophe, but not linked to College jobs. We need more BASIC EMPLOYMENT. Manufacturing, products that we can sell to the world. ] given that more and more of our good-paying [ We need as a basic, jobs that pay something, ] jobs are available only to college graduates. [ Hold that thought on College Students ] [ PS, This country, prospered from 1800 till 1970's without college level jobs, and manufacturing. ]

“On virtually every international assessment of academic proficiency [ That being the case, do away with DSTP and American teste and apply International tests and Grade level proficiencies. ] , American secondary school students’ performance varies from mediocre to poor,” according to the Alliance for Excellent Education. Recently, the United States ranked 15th of 29 countries in reading literacy, 21st in scientific literacy, 25th in mathematics literacy, and 24th in problem solving, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Only 70 percent of high school students in the United States earn a diploma. [ NOW, Just who is going to college with only 70% earning a Diploma. ]

It is easy to blame the schools for these failures, and to be honest, our schools bear some responsibility for what happens within their wall. But the schools are not the whole of it. Education cannot be looked at without paying attention to the context of how we treat our children. When almost 20 percent of our nation’s children live in poverty, [ First place to look is their homes, and their parents, or single parents. Improve the FAMILY, Improve the children, and the children's HOME education. ] the highest rate of childhood poverty in the industrialized world; when millions of babies and young kids are cared for in inadequate childcare facilities by undertrained and underpaid staff; when young Americans watch upwards of 40 hours of television a week, much of it based on violence and selling useless products; when too many of our political leaders categorize intellectual and artistic pursuits as “elitism” and actually make fun of those who attend our best universities [ Where did this come from? ] ; when hundreds of thousands of young people are simply unable to afford higher education [ Hundreds of thousands do not have a Diploma. ] ; we must understand that schools alone are not responsible for all of the problems of education in America. [ PARENTS ARE, first! ]

Part of our educational failure results from distorted national priorities. While schools in Vermont and across this country are laying off language instructors and music teachers because of their dependence on the burdensome and regressive property tax, Congress passes a bloated $532 billion military budget with very little discussion. [ Tax spending is not a zero sum game. Not spending on a war, does not mean spending on Education or Health care. ] While thousands of schools throughout America lack after-school programs or enriched summer schools, President Bush has provided hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks for the wealthiest 1 percent.

What should we be doing about our troubled educational system? For a start, we can look at countries that are remarkably successful, like Finland. Finland comes out on top of almost all the international education benchmarks on which we do so badly. As a direct consequence of its strong education system, Finland has the most competitive economy in the world, according to the World Economic Forum. What do the Finns do? They provide high quality and free early childhood education and daycare, from age six months until their kids go to school, to every child in their country. They have small classes. They give fewer tests than we do, and those tests require complex thinking and problem solving [ Many students and parents would revolt otherwise. Test is too hard, I can not take tests and also panic that this one test is so important. ] — they are not just “fill in the box” multiple-choice exams. They understand that education is an investment in their economy, in their healthcare and in their environment, which is why they provide free college and graduate school to all eligible [ ELIGIBLE? How? ] applicants.

What else can we do? We can fully fund federal programs for our public schools, which have been greatly underfunded since the Bush administration took office. We can also fully fund the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which provides only 18 percent of special-ed costs, when 40 percent was what the federal government promised.

We also must go beyond today’s mandates for testing and more testing. Too many schools are not teaching their students how to learn — they are teaching to the test, drilling and drilling and drilling [ Drilling, has always worked. ] . In reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, we should get rid of these failed provisions and instead require programs that will make our schools the source of rich experiences for our children, and no longer prescribe sterile classrooms where nothing matters but the next examination.

Finally, we must once again make college affordable for American families. Too many students do not go to college — or even aspire to college — [ False They do not have the academic background for college. ] because the costs are too great. In the final analysis we must understand that education is the basis on which our future is formed. If we want a strong middle class, [ We need production JOBS. ] if we want young people gainfully employed in the workforce rather than rotting in jails, if we want a society where our citizens live in good health then we must accept the basic principle that education is not an expense but an investment in the future well-being of our nation. [ What is missing are programs to Educate the 30% every year of HS students that did not get their Diploma. There numbers are cumulative. These kids have babies, with out 'Educated parents.' Parents who fail to pass on a respect and the importance of having 'THAT EDUCATION." We do not need more childcare, we need to train More Parents to handle their own childcare, and concurrently parents that get an Education. ]

Sanders is a member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

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I thought the Left wanted to talk about issues?

Newsweek apparently doesn't. The "big" story on their recent radar is that John McCain owns 13 cars, not all of them American-made. The "let's talk about issues" Obama campaign held a conference call about this ... "issue":

Barack Obama's backers Sunday branded Republican John McCain as out of touch and guilty of betraying US workers after it was reported his family owns 13 cars, including several foreign models.

The Republican presidential hopeful and his family have already faced ridicule and criticism from Democrats over a property portfolio which includes seven homes.

The United Auto Workers union (UAW) accused the Arizona senator in a conference call organized by Democrats of not telling the truth about always buying American cars, as the family fleet reportedly includes a Honda and a Volkswagen.

However, only two of the 13 cars is foreign-made, and only one is actually registered to McCain himself -- and that's an American-made Cadillac. The others are registered to McCain's wife who happens to be a drift-racer and car buff. Oh, and since she's rich, it shouldn't be surprising that she owns quite a few cars. Oh, and three of them are GEM electric vehicles.

I like how the Obama camp says (falsely) that McCain is "betraying" US workers by "owning" several foreign-made cars. (Why would car enthusiast Cindy McCain limit her hobby to American cars? That'd be just plain asinine. But that's beside the point.) Of course McCain could never say this, but if you extrapolate the point does it mean any American who buys/owns a foreign car is "guilty" of "betraying" US workers? (And why stop there? What about any foreign product purchased by Americans? Is that "betrayal" too?) I ask for one simple reason: I think American cars suck. And their service sucks.

OK, maybe that's a bit harsh. But I've owned two American vehicles in my life and both of them had major hassles, and the way the companies handled them was awful. The second instance was the worst. I had a 1995 Dodge Stratus whose head gasket blew shortly after the three year warranty. Chrysler knew all about the problem, and agreed to fix the gasket for a mere $100. Or so I thought. The "new" gasket blew after about four months. Any further replacement would cost full price (in other words, over $1,000). The representatives were total a-holes about the whole thing. I vowed "never again" to buy an American car. I shortly thereafter bought a Nissan Altima and have been happy as a clam with it. So, if American car makers want to play the "patriotism" card, how about they manufacture a reliable product and/or back up known problems with a reasonable solution? Dicking over your fellow American consumer doesn't sound that all "patriotic" to me.

Lastly, Greg Pollowitz has more regarding the supposed "imbroglio" over McCain's cars.

Talking about cars, the NY Times had a piece on the taxpayer-financed cars of House members, including Democrat Greg Meeks, who drives a taxpayer-funded Lexus, Democrat Maurice Hinchey, who drives a taxpayer-funded BMW, and Democrat Alcee Hastings, who drives a taxpayer-funded Infiniti. Charles Rangel, who enjoys the use of several rent-controlled apartments in New York City, drives a Cadillac at taxpayers' expense.

Taxpayer expense?? But hey, at least 'ol Chuckie Rangel drives American, though, right? He's "patriotic." Now if he'd just pay his damn mortgages ...

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September 22, 2008

Colleges up to their usual antics

Thankfully, this one clamped down on the stupidity fairly quickly:

University of Massachusetts officials on Monday quashed efforts by an Amherst campus chaplain to offer two college credits to any student willing to campaign in New Hampshire this fall for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Chaplain Kent Higgins told students in a Sept. 18 e-mail, "If you're scared about the prospects for this election, you're not alone. The most important way to make a difference in the outcome is to activate yourself. It would be just fine with (Republican candidate John) McCain if Obama supporters just think about helping, then sleep in and stay home between now and Election Day."

Higgins added that an unnamed "sponsor" in the university's history department would offer a two-credit independent study for students willing to canvass — identify supporters — or volunteer on behalf of the Democratic nominee.

University officials said Higgins originally had arranged for credit for "disaster relief efforts or other humanitarian ventures." They added that "We do not engage in or sponsor partisan political activity." That's hard to believe, but at least they stepped in to squelch this nonsense.

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Who'da 'ya think these folks are voting for?

Really, who'da 'ya think?

Hippies Wail for Dead Trees - Watch more free videos

(h/t to the inalienable Gooch!)

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Surprise from Philly Daily News: White voters "discomfitted" by Obama

What else is new at the Daily News? Last week we saw how the AP sought to blame racism for a potential Obama loss in November; now Dave Davies has "discovered" that -- surprise! -- some whites maintain bigoted attitudes:

WHEN DEMOCRATIC vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden was greeting voters at a Northeast Philadelphia diner recently, he couldn't have expected what he heard when he slid into a corner booth next to Carolyn Bauer.

Bauer told a reporter that she'd told Biden she'd never vote for him or his running mate.

"It'd be disgusting to get a man named Barack Obama as president of the United States," she said. "No way!"

Her view is not unique.

Gee, no s***, Sherlock. But "unique" means one of a kind. The question is, exactly how pervasive is Ms. Bauer's asinine attitude? This is the answer that Davies should have at least tried to discover, though admittedly it'd be very hard to determine precisely. However, a good part of the answer should be fairly obvious: Not very. Why? The mere fact of how Barack Obama is in the position he is.

"I'm hearing a lot of people saying, 'He's too young, he's too inexperienced,' " said Philadelphia AFL-CIO President Pat Eiding. "What they're really saying is, 'He's black.' "

No, when I say that Barack Obama is too young and inexperienced, I mean he is too young and inexperienced. And, using Eiding's "logic," when people question Sarah Palin's age and experience, they must really mean "She's a woman."

I'll spare you the dissection of the entire article because it's much of the same politically correct racial BS. And let me say this: The inundation by the media of these types of stories may well serve to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. That is, whites of good [racial] will may become pretty much fed up with the media "telling them" what their racial attitudes are and/or how "their" racism will ultimately lead to Obama's defeat. Do you think they may go, "F*** it, even if I do vote for Obama, the media will still think me a racist if he loses"? It's the classic "Damned if you do ..." scenario. I dunno.

One thing I want to add is that Mark Sawyer, director of the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity and Politics at UCLA, is mentioned in the article. I first mentioned Mark back in this post, and beyond the comments there we traded a few e-mails. Any misunderstanding we had in that post was pretty much quelled. At any rate, in the Daily News, Mark is quoted as saying "There's evidence that suggests whites perceive black candidates as more liberal than they are really are." Um, 'ya think? Let's see ... blacks vote so overwhelmingly Democratic (around the 90% range) and have candidates who're of that party (possibly greater than 90% -- just look at Congress), so the "evidence" isn't exactly hard to find. That "white perception" is actually based on pretty convincing material, wouldn't 'ya say?

Still, I've seen polls in the past that show that blacks are fairly socially conservative on many issues. Take gay marriage, for instance. A decent segment of black voters share what would be dubbed "right-wing conservative" views on the issue.

At any rate, whether you're planning on voting for Barack Obama or not, please do so on the issues and the candidates' beliefs, not on their freakin' skin color (or age or sex). And if you do just that, don't give a s*** what other people -- especially the cretins in the MSM -- may think of why you voted the way you did.

(h/t to the inevitable Gooch!)

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Hube on DE Talk Radio

Tune in now!!

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September 21, 2008

Breaking: Dem. state rep's son served warrant on Palin hacked e-mail case

I told 'ya daddy's statement was suspicious, right?

The breaking story.

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Best fictional teachers

As a quickly-becoming grizzled veteran teacher, I've seen a lot of teacher movies. Some have been good, some pretty lame. Entertainment Weekly has a list of "24 Cherished TV/Movie Teachers," and here's my take on some of them (h/t to Matthew Tabor):

  • John Keating from "Dead Poets Society." Great movie, great example of a teacher. How do you reach kids? By relating to them, that's how. Keating was outrageous enough to keep his students' attention, and having succeeded in that regard, he could then instill in them inspiration, hard work and creativity.
  • Mr. Hand from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." How many of you have had a teacher like Mr. Hand? I really didn't have one like 'im 'till college, and the results were unintentionally hilarious. The tit-for-tat between Hand and Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn) is gut-bustingly funny ("You DICK!") right down to Hand making Spicoli study at home with him instead of going to the dance.
  • Prof. Diane Turner from "Back to School." Actually, her professor boyfriend Phillip Barbay makes the movie (outside of Rodney Dangerfield's antics, that is) as the stuck-up, holier-than-thou business prof whom Thornton Mellon (Dangerfield) mocks mercilessly. Mellon ends up stealing away Turner (Sally Kellerman) because Barbay, in the words of Mellon, "doesn't know dick."
  • Jaime Escalante from "Stand and Deliver." The best thing about Escalante (played by Edward James Olmos) is that he's a real guy and his story is true. He gives up a well-paying job in industry to teach math at a tough school. He uses his Latino roots to inspire his [Latino] students to succeed, getting all of them to pass the Advanced Placement Calculus Test. When the test gurus think he and his students cheated, he has them take the test again, and they all ace it -- again.
  • Glenn Holland from "Mr. Holland's Opus." Richard Dreyfuss (Holland) is a terrific actor, and here he chronicles the life of a music teacher from green novice to 30+ year vet. Along the way he learns how to best "reach" kids, inspires love of music, falls for a student, and deals with his own deaf son. Perhaps the best part is witnessing the cultural changes that take place over the decades.
  • Louanne Johnson from "Dangerous Minds." Like the reviewer of this ET segment, I found Michelle Pheiffer's role just a tad preachy and unbelievable. Still, I'm sure there are teachers out there like her who sacrifice pretty much everything else in their life for their students, and to them I say "God bless you."

Most notable forgotten mention: Alex Jurel from "Teachers." Although this flick is 24 years old, it holds up perfectly. Nick Nolte's portrayal of Jurel is dead-on; he's a history teacher at an urban, ethnically mixed high school. The staff is a mix of all personality types, including the teacher we probably all had at least once, "Ditto" -- the "teacher" who just hands out a worksheet and then sits at his desk reading the newspaper. Jurel deals with reality as he faces it. When his room's heater isn't working one class period, he gets out his tools and tells his class to gather 'round for "a lesson on home heating repair." In order to reach a perpetually failing student (Ralph Macchio), he allows him to take photos for an assignment -- photos that reach that local media. And Jurel takes the heat for it in order to keep the kid's trust.

The film also deals credibly with how teachers' union issues can border on the ridiculous ("We're fighting for an extra three minutes of planning time!"), tenure (how bad and even criminal teachers are virtually impossible to fire), and best of all denotes how teachers have to have at least "one screw loose" to go into the profession as demonstrated by Richard Mulligan's character. He plays a mental patient who inadvertantly takes a phone call for a substitute teacher, and ends up subbing for several days. His inherent nuttiness endears him to his class, and before he's found out he has his students loving history with a passion never before imagined.

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Media keeps "race angle" alive by making things up

The St. Petersburg Times, one of the most liberal papers in the country, is accused of attributing a racist quote to a woman who insists she never even talked to a reporter:

A quote attributed to Sandra Cichon, a private citizen, is spreading across the internet as a living example of White Racism. Did a reporter put words in this woman’s mouth?

An article in the St. Petersberg Times, quotes Cichon as having said, can't imagine having a black president . . .”

In a phone interview Saturday, Sandra Cichon of Spring Hill, Florida denied that she ever spoke with any pollster or reporter concerning Obama or about anything regarding race. Cichon was taken by surprise when phoned by this reporter, and she was not aware that she had been quoted in any newspaper.

The September 15, 2008 article Black ‘issue’ hangs over presidential polls by Adam Smith of the St. Petersburg Times Political states:

A pollster calling Sandra Cichon, a 60-year-old Democrat from Spring Hill, would hear her identify herself as an undecided voter. But is she really?

"I can't imagine having a black president, and I think he's inexperienced," she told a reporter recently, eventually acknowledging she was leaning unenthusiastically toward McCain. "I don't think we (Democrats) have a chance to be in the White House with Obama."

Many analysts wonder how many voters answering polls hide their racial biases or mislead survey-takers about their real preferences.

The article fails to name the pollster who claimed to have called Cichon. When asked during my phone interview, Cichon denied speaking to any pollster on the phone.

We've already seen innumerable instances in the media where the message is that if Obama loses the election -- or even if it's close -- it'll be due to [white] racism. Which is amazing since, y'know, Obama is the nominee of a major party and on the very verge of winning the highest office in the land.

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September 20, 2008

Real music

Gad, this is such a great song. I've seen Yes in concert twice and they were spectacular. From the Drama album this is Yes's "Tempus Fugit." And believe it or not, I actually once knew how to play the bass line of this song. (Um, that was 21 years ago, folks ... please don't ask me to try it today!)

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University of Delaware loses on First Amendment matter

Our own UD had attempted to prevent students from distributing student newspapers on campus "without prior approval."

The administrators told the students that distributing the newspaper counted as "solicitation" and would require a permit from the city of Newark, Delaware. When the students reminded the administrators that students enjoy a constitutional right to distribute materials, one UD administrator responded: "According to policy, they don't." UD policies required "approval" from administrators before published materials could be distributed, and banned distribution of anonymous published materials altogether.

F.I.R.E. got involved and UD backed down.

"Delaware's policies would have banned the distribution of both Thomas Paine's ‘Common Sense' and the Federalist Papers," remarked [FIRE President Greg] Lukianoff. "Is this the lesson about American liberty that UD wants to teach its students?"

This policy reversal marks yet another sorry chapter in UD's politically correct, indoctrination-like campus atmosphere:

Over the past year, the University of Delaware also has had to end a thought-reform program in its residence halls; has had to change a speech code that required immediate notification of the authorities for any "oppressive" speech; has had to change a funding policy that provided only half as much funding to political student groups as to other student groups; and has lost the free-speech part of a lawsuit filed after a student was suspended, pending psychiatric evaluation, because of postings on his personal website.

Man, how 20+ years has changed things at my alma mater. Sad.

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I wonder if we'd see this headline?

The AP wonders if "Racial views steer some white Dems away from Obama."

Imagine if we read "Racial views steer some black Republicans and Independents towards Obama"?

Don't hold your breath.

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September 19, 2008

The Messiah: "Get in their face"

The Messiah "is skinny, but tough":

“I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face,” he said.

Ah, just like a true Chicago politician, eh Messiah? Disagree with you? Get an inch away from their face and scream what a jackass they are!

Too bad he doesn't feel the same about the world's worst dictators, eh?

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Watcher's Council results

First Place in the Council category was Bookworm Room with False Syllogisms.

First Place in the non-Council category was Brits at Their Best with 9-11-1777 What If?

Full results of this week's vote can be found here.

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September 18, 2008

Recall that The Messiah is the candidate that "transcends race"

Cheeyeah, right. Not even close.

This, from the party that brings up the "Willie Horton" ad every four years. So, next time they do, laugh hysterically and point out the above example.

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Son of Democrat state rep. behind Palin e-mail hacking?

Tennessee State Rep. Mike Kernell confirms that his son is the subject of Internet "rumors" surrounding the hacked e-mail account of Sarah Palin:

Asked whether he or his son, a student at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, had been contacted by authorities investigating the break-in of Palin's account, he responded:

"Me, no."

As far as his 20-year-old son, David, he said: "I can't say. That doesn't mean he has or hasn't (been contacted by investigators)."

Kernell, D-Memphis, cited the father-son relationship.

He said he had talked to his son today, but that he talks to his son regularly.

He declined further comment.

WTF is "the father-son relationship?" Will that be now used legally much like "attorney-client privilege?" Cripes.

I believe Shirley was first in the DE blogosphere with this breaking news. Fellow DE blogger Mike Mahaffie isn't happy Shirley posted it, even though she clearly stated she's skeptical of the story. (But she wasn't aware of this state rep.'s recent comments noted above, it seems.)

I simply ask: If authorities did not contact Kernell's son, why not simply say so? It's really an easy thing to do. Therefore, I now suspect something, especially given Kernell's swarmy response to really easy, straightforward questions.

UPDATE: I like this question posed by Glenn Reynolds:

Do journalists care about your privacy if you aren't a terrorist? "Here we have an actual invasion of an American citizen's privacy, and what is the press's attitude? If the AP is representative (and given its organizational structure, it should be), it is to regard 'questions about the propriety' of the victim as more important than the invasion of privacy itself." That depends. Had Obama's email been hacked by a Republican, it would be Watergate all over again. . . .

Got that right. And some folks in the DE blogosphere are parroting the AP's "view."

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Hube's comicbook quirk of the week

Who would have thought this, huh? Check out this advertisement from Avengers #165 from 1977:

Yep, that's an ad for the "All-New" X-Men. "All-new" because in order to boost sales (yes, you read that right) in the mid-70s, writer Len Wein and artist Dave Cockrum revised the original line-up of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's merry mutants that launched in 1963. Included in that line-up was a dude named ... Wolverine. Heard of him? ;-)

But that's only part of the story. Check out what is circled in red from above:

Indeed -- X-Men magazine used to come out once every two months!! Looking back from today this is an astonishing bit of trivia. X-Men was actually almost canceled completely because of poor sales in the early 70s. The book was only comprised of reprints of earlier issues for most of that time period. Then, in 1975, Wein and Cockrum came out with Giant-Size X-Men #1 ...

... and about 20 years later the mutant characters were by far Marvel Comics' greatest creative asset. They pretty much remain so today, too. Wolverine may even be more popular than Marvel's "flagship" character of Spider-Man. There have been three "X-Men" movies, and Wolverine is getting his own solo movie due out sometime next year (starring Hugh Jackman who played the role in the "X-Men" flicks).

By the way, if you're looking for a nice copy of Giant-Size X-Men #1, good luck. That, and make sure your bank account is well padded.

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Just remember though -- he's for "change"

Uh-huh. Fannie Mae and the Democrats ... including (quite significantly, too) Barack Obama?

A must view:

See also here. Oh, and guess who actually proposed supervision of Fannie Mae way back in 2003?? Three letters: GWB. But Fannie Mae a problem? What? Check it:

''These two entities -- Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- are not facing any kind of financial crisis,'' said Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts, the ranking Democrat on the Financial Services Committee. ''The more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing.''

Representative Melvin L. Watt, Democrat of North Carolina, agreed.

''I don't see much other than a shell game going on here, moving something from one agency to another and in the process weakening the bargaining power of poorer families and their ability to get affordable housing,'' Mr. Watt said.

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Joe Biden: "Be patriotic -- pay more taxes"

Yep, that's what he said.

Hey Joe -- I might have given you the benefit of the doubt on this. The problem is that you're a freakin' cheap bastard yourself, so screw you. As I wrote previously, you're just a social engineering lib who wants to spend other people's cash and not your own.

"I pay THIS MUCH to charity."

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CNN again goes for mere headline readers

Yesterday CNN offered a biased headline against the GOP ticket; they do it again to Sarah Palin today. The large main headline reads "Palin's glasses designer likes Obama;" however, said designer in the article says "he shares what he sees as some common political sentiments with Palin" ("I am quite right-wing," said [Kazuo] Kawasaki) ... but "also can't help feeling an affinity with Obama."

So, naturally for CNN, the feeling of "affinity" for The Messiah must be noted in big, bold headline letters above all else.

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September 17, 2008

Al Gore: "I'm still a hypocrite"

Al "The World Will End By Man-Made Global Warming" Gore is caught yet again not doing his very own part to help alleviate the problem that he thinks will kill us all. First (mainly) it was the massive energy use of his mansion. This time, it's his 100-foot houseboat. Of course, Gore claims the yacht is "environmentally friendly." But ... is it?

Let’s not forget: Gore made similar claims about the environmental benefits of the solar panels and other “green” additions he made to his 10,000 square foot home in Belle Meade, a cushy neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee. The environmental savings promised from his “investments” failed to produce the results that he touted. In fact, his “energy efficient” renovations to his home actually INCREASED his electrical consumption by 10% rather than producing the promised reductions. Ultimately, Gore’s water-based excursions on his giant houseboat may prove more environmentally friendly than his fleet of limos, his private jets or his mansion. Perhaps the B.S. One will never live up to its nickname, but the jet ski on the boat is clearly powered by something other than solar or bio-diesel.

"B.S. One," the name of Gore's yacht, stands for "Bio-Solar One." But I think the stand-alone "B.S. One" has a much better connotation.

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CNN's biased headline (what a surprise)

Check out this CNN headline for this article: McCain adviser Fiorina: Palin not ready to run a corporation. The very first "Story Highlight" says "Carly Fiorina also tells MSNBC John McCain isn't ready to run a corporation."

Oh, but get this: Ms. Fiorina also said that Barack Obama and Joe Biden aren't ready to run corporations either! (This "little" factoid gets the final "Story Highlight" with the faint qualifier "also" -- Obama and Biden "also" aren't qualified.) The article's first paragraph:

Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO turned top John McCain aide, said she doesn't think Sarah Palin is qualified to run a major corporation. For that matter, Fiorina said, McCain, Obama and Biden aren't capable of that kind of job either.

But why does Palin get top billing, and McCain secondary billing? Easy: Mere headline readers will see Palin's name in big, bold letters, and McCain's moniker atop the "Story Highlights."

And that's precisely what CNN intended, folks.

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McCain owns seven houses, is "out of touch" ...

... but never doubt for second that The Messiah thinks he's a "regular" American. Cheeyeah, right. Here's what he told a group at Planned Parenthood last year:

The one thing that I want to insist on is that, as I travel around the country, the American people are a decent people. Now they get confused sometimes. You know, they listen to the wrong talk radio shows or watch the wrong TV networks, um, but they’re, they’re basically decent, they’re basically sound.

Get it? You're "confused" if you listen to talk radio and watch Fox. You're still OK, mind you, but you need the guidance of The Messiah, Barack Obama. Only he can peel you from your "clinging" to guns, religion and whatnot.

(Via The Corner.)

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1980's "October Surprise" warrants numerous investigations ...

... but what, The Messiah's dabbling in the Iraq War's foreign policy? Verum Serum notes:

I was surprised yesterday when an AFP story in the Herald Sun appeared to confirm the allegations made by Amir Taheri, i.e. that during his Summer trip to Iraq Barack Obama had asked Iraqi officials not to negotiate with Bush. Why would team Obama just admit something so damning? It didn’t make sense.

The only question left is what, if anything, the MSM will do about this story. For comparison purposes, you might be interested in what happened when a similar claim of interference in US foreign policy in the Middle East was laid against another Presidential candidate.

And that was the so-called "October Surprise" theory that posited that Reagan campaign officials (mainly George H.W. Bush) had persuaded the Iranian government not to release the American hostages from captivity until after the 1980 election. Here's who looked into this theory:

  • PBS Frontline did a film investigating the claim in 1990
  • The US Sentate held an investigation in 1992 which found the allegations not credible
  • The US House of Representatives came to similar conclusions in 1993 after their own investigation
  • Retired CIA analyst investigated the story for the Village Voice and found the witnesses were lying
  • Newsweek investigated the claims and found them lacking
  • The New Republic investigated the claims and also found them lacking.

Yet, here we have The Messiah apparently openly advocating that the Iraqis not negotiate with the Bush Administration on the withdrawal of American troops. Or, at least until the election is over!

Just imagine if candidate John McCain had done something similar while, say, President Bill Clinton was in office. Yes, imagine the howls and screams emanating from MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC ... Alas, we have heard nothing about The Messiah's machinations. Must be because he is, after all, The Messiah.

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September 15, 2008

The Messiah ... inflated his resume?

Screams of "swiftboating" soon to follow ...

The story.

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Yet again -- I thought only Republicans do election fraud!

ACORN at it again, this time in Michigan.

Several municipal clerks across the state are reporting fraudulent and duplicate voter registration applications, most of them from a nationwide community activist group working to help low- and moderate-income families. Advertisement

The majority of the problem applications are coming from the group ACORN, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, which has a large voter registration program among its many social service programs. ACORN's Michigan branch, based in Detroit, has enrolled 200,000 voters statewide in recent months, mostly with the use of paid, part-time employees.

"There appears to be a sizeable number of duplicate and fraudulent applications," said Kelly Chesney, spokeswoman for the Michigan Secretary of State's Office. "And it appears to be widespread."

In recent years, ACORN's voter registration programs have come under investigation in Ohio, Colorado, Missouri and Washington, with some employees convicted of voter fraud.

Barack Obama was a "leadership trainer" for ACORN, by the way.

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September 14, 2008

Anatomy of a really bad team

No, not the dolts at this site.

This NFL team.

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Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week II

I wonder if Marion Derr of Wilmington is an Obama supporter?

Sarah Palin is attractive, witty and energetic, but unprepared for the role of vice president just a heart beat away from a 72-year-old president. Her inconsistencies, lack of experience and knowledge of foreign policy present a picture of a trophy vice president. (Link.)

Based on this, Ms. Derr must be voting for a third party candidate. After all, if she is this concerned about Sarah Palin's "lack of experience" as a vice presidential candidate, she must be spastic about Barack Obama's same ... as a presidential candidate!

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Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week

Blanche P. Messick of Rehoboth thinks that because Sarah Palin has a pregnant daughter, her decision to accept the veep slot on the GOP means she has bad judgment:

Of course, Sarah Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy is off limits. It should be. What is not off limits is Palin’s decision to accept John McCain’s offer to be vice president knowing she would be exposing her child to the world’s scrutiny. I question the wisdom of that decision. No matter what else she has going for her, this decision brings her judgment into question.

Did Bill Clinton's running for the presidency mean he had bad judgment -- because it "expos[ed] h[is] child to the world’s scrutiny"? Chelsea was a very young girl at the time. How 'bout Robert Kennedy running for president in 1968? He had eleven children. What about the "exposure" of that almost-dozen to world scrutiny? Did that say something about RFK's judgment, Ms. Messick?

So much for feminism.

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How Obama supporters have made Palin's "troopergate" matter political

Time has the story.

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September 12, 2008

New belittling Obama ad, um, backfires

The Messiah has a new ad out -- part of his "new get tough" campaign -- about how "out of touch" John McCain is. You can watch the ad here. In the ad, the mocking voice points out that McCain doesn't use the Internet, and can't send an e-mail. Obama spokesman Dan Pfeiffer added today (via the AP) that "It's extraordinary that someone who wants to be our president and our commander in chief doesn't know how to send an e-mail."

There's a legitimate reason for that.

Due to his war injuries -- injuries sustained as a result of being tortured -- McCain can't use a keyboard. He also can't comb his hair or even tie his shoes.

Maybe The Messiah's next "classy" ad can go something like this: "Do we really want a president that can't do what even my four year-old SISTER can?" [Cue to young girl combing her hair and tying her shoes.] "Obama-Biden. The change we need."

(h/t: The Corner.)

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Biden continues the trend: Liberals want to spend your money, not their own

Delaware's own Joe Biden: Not exactly the personification of "charitable."

Despite income ranging from $210,432 - $321,379 over the ten-year period, the Bidens have given only $120 - $995 per year to charity, which amounts to 0.06% - 0.31% of their income.

It is jarring that a couple earning over $200,000 per year would give as little as $2 per week to charity. This giving compares very unfavorably to John McCain, whose tax returns show that he gave 27.3% - 28.6% of his income to charity in 2006-2007. During the same period, the Obamas' tax returns show that they gave 5.8% - 6.1% of their income to charity.

Independent Sector reports that 89% of American households contribute to charity, with an average contribution of $1,620 -- 3.1% of income.
IRS statistics reveal that the average taxpayer with AGI over $200,000 makes over $20,000 of charitable contributions. (Link.)

Joe Biden -- your typical liberal. He wants to be generous ... with YOUR money, not his own. And don't be fooled by his "regular guy" mantra supposedly exemplified by his commute home from D.C. to DE every night. He gets you to pay that too!

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Watcher's Council results

First place in the Council category was Wolf Howling with Standing At The Crossroads - Identity Politics, Multiculturalism & The Melting Pot.

First place in the non-Council category was Beldar Blog with Don’t Confuse Republicans’ thrill over the Palin nomination with the Dems’ worship of Obama: A reply to Paul Mirengoff.

The full tally of this week's vote can be found here.

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September 11, 2008

Today's Mike Protack bumper sticker

Mike Matthews breaks the news ...

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Keith Olbermann names himself "Worst Person"

From Olbermann Watch:

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He had to be joking! Only Republicans do election fraud!

Montana's Democrat governor says he was only "joking" when he

boasted in [the] speech that "he designed a plan to threaten poll watchers on Indian reservations, personally applied pressure to the elections officer in Butte/Silver Bow while the votes were being tabulated and manipulated the media for purposes of diminishing a call for a recount."

He's gotta be joking! Only the GOP does the election fraud bit. I mean, Florida in 2000 with all that systematic "disenfranchisement" of likely Democrat voters, and then 2004 in Ohio with those clandestine GOP operatives hacking into those Diebold voting machines and changing votes ... !!

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Further proof that a PhD doesn't mean you have brains

Wendy Doniger, the Mircea Eliade Distinguished Service Professor of the History of Religions at the University of Chicago’s Divinity School, says that Sarah Palin is not really a woman. And somehow, this "PhD" missed the boat on how all those "facts" about Mrs. Palin have been debunked.

Amazing how young adults have to spend a small fortune to be "educated" by the likes of Ms. Doniger. And "small fortune" isn't an understatement -- if the price of a gallon of milk had risen as much as higher education has since 1980, that gallon would cost $15 now.

How come I never see "progressive" intellectuals demanding that something be done about the insane cost of college? Must be because they feel their "instruction" is well "worth it."

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Obama already learning well from Biden

The Messiah quotes from a cartoon ... and gives no credit.

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And in the wonderful world of edu-babble ...

... ed. blogger supreme Matthew Tabor links to a story which proves Britain is still fast becoming a pitiful shell of the great country it once was:

Thank goodness all those kids are in the United States, because competitive sport in the United Kingdom apparently leads to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and general fat-itude:

“Schools should cut down on competitive sport because it is putting children off exercise and undermining the government’s drive to tackle obesity," researchers warned today.

Last month, the prime minister, Gordon Brown, promised to bring back competitive sport in schools and to extend the range of sports offered to children.

However, a new study by Laura Ward, from Loughborough University, claimed the heavy emphasis on fitness and competitive sport in many secondary schools is doing little or nothing to help curb the UK’s record teenage obesity rates.

Teachers’ own deeply-embedded attitudes are also influential. A teacher who has experienced lifelong success in sport is likely to want to focus upon competitive team games within their lessons. This then presents us with a persistent cycle whereby sport is privileged within PE and health-related exercise is marginalised.”

Only an "academic" in a university could tie in PLAYING COMPETITIVE SPORTS with an INCREASE in child obesity. Matthew says, "If you think some students hate gym class now, turn it into 'Exercise Class' and measure their attitudes again. I wasn’t a class-cutter in high school, but I’d have taken every opportunity to skip that one."

Got that right. Then what would happen to child obesity, Ms. Ward? I mean, c'mahn -- how in the freakin' world can competitive sports that require constant motion (like basketball, soccer, field hockey) be bad for a kid's cardiovascular system, huh? Wait I got it: It's not the EXERCISE. It's that "C" word -- "COMPETITION." I almost had forgotten how much educationists DESPISE that term. I had myriad books/readings in grad school that discussed how "cooperation is preferred over competition" in the classroom. Of course, in my class whenever I have kids compete (usually during review games prior to a test or quiz) they do so in teams which means -- wait for it -- they have to work together!! But even such as that is frowned upon by too many educationists ... because students will then be instilled with the need "to be better" than their fellow students. Heaven forbid!

And hey -- after all, what economic system relies on competition? Right -- the one too many university academics hate.

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September 10, 2008

Message to Chad Johnson

The Spanish way to say "85" is actually "ochenta y cinco," not "ocho cinco."

That's all.

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And people wonder why we call him The Messiah?

Because [some] people compare him to Jesus. Really.

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Wow! Chris Matthews is really upset!

Got him right now on "Hardball" and he's REALLY miffed that the McCain campaign has put out an ad insinuating that The Messiah actually called Sarah Palin "a pig."

Say whaaaaat?? The same Chris Matthews who saw (and sees) racism in virtually any examination and/or criticism of The Messiah -- no matter HOW ridiculous? Cripes. No wonder MSNBC is so pathetic in the ratings. Virtually no one takes them seriously anymore. Matthews and co-loon Keith Olbermann were recently demoted from election night coverage because of their transparent advocacy on behalf of The Messiah. And not only was it Matthews who just KNEW that Obama didn't mean anything by his "pig" comment, so too did Howard Fineman (a frequent guest on MSNBC) and Andrea Mitchell (MSNBC correspondent). Imagine if these "objective" newsfolk were as vociferous in grilling Obama surrogates about inane racism implications.

That being said, I too don't think The Messiah was overtly referring to Palin when he made the remark. However, when you see and hear the crowd's reaction to Obama's comment, and how Barack kind of plays off of that reaction, that can certainly cause one to wonder -- especially given the amount of coverage to Sarah Palin's "pit bull/lipstick" comment from the RNC convention. But if I were in the McCain camp, I wouldn't have wasted an ad on this "issue." In the end, I think it'll end up hurting McCain more than The Messiah.

UPDATE: Jim Treacher has a different take on this. He feels The Messiah meant his remarks exactly as the crowd took it.

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Is Florida "disenfranchising" voters again??

Oh gosh:

State elections officials will resume enforcement of a controversial state law that requires Floridians to have their identification match up with a state or federal database in order to register to vote.

Secretary of State Kurt Browning sent notice to the state's 67 supervisors of elections on Friday that the 2006 law, which has been on hold for the last year pending court rulings, would take effect again Sept. 8.

The result is that voters whose identification doesn't match with state files on Election Day will be given a provisional ballot and two days to prove their identity for their ballot to count.

The "usual suspects" aren't happy, of course. Hmm. Maybe they can ask the Democrats to design another "butterfly ballot" for them. That'll work ... right??

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New moniker for Mike Protack

He is henceforth known around here as Mike "28%" Protack:

On the Republican side, former Superior Court judge Bill Lee steamrolled perennial candidate Mike Protack with 71.9 percent of the vote. Protack's name still will appear on the general election ballot as the candidate of the Independent Party of Delaware.

Oh goodie! Maybe "28%" Protack can still get Bill Lee on November 4!! LOL!! Check out how many districts "28%" Protack won in yesterday's primary:

What?? What the hell happened, "28%" Protack? A CLEAN SWEEP??


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September 09, 2008

Hypocrite feminists

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A site that could have been created by the loons at Delaware Liberal

... had they not been beaten to the punch.

Prepare your gag reflex before you click here. Possibly the sickest smear site of the 2008 campaign thus far.

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The latest -- and lamest -- charge of racism

Believe only American citizens should be allowed to vote? RACIST!!

In advance of the 2009 citywide elections, a coalition of immigrant and advocacy organizations is reigniting a fight to give noncitizens the right to vote in municipal elections, drawing the ire of opponents who argue that voting is a right for American citizens only.

At a rally outside City Hall yesterday organized by the New York Coalition to Expand Voting Rights, supporters of a City Council bill that would extend voting rights to 1.3 million noncitizen New Yorkers said it's unfair that immigrant residents pay more than $18 billion in state income taxes when they can't vote for their representatives. The group is planning to pressure elected officials to back the legislation, which has been on file for more than two years but hasn't moved forward.

[Council Member Robert Jackson of Harlem] suggested that those opposed to giving noncitizens the right to vote might be motivated by racism, and noted that in the early years of American history noncitizens were allowed to vote. That ended after World War I.

"This was the law in the United States of America for many, many years and why don't they support it now? Is it what somebody said earlier — because if you look at the skin complexion of the immigrants now they are mainly people of color versus 100 years ago, when they mainly were white," he said. "These are questions that people have to start asking." (Link.)

Although this is a typical tactic utilized by [far]-leftists -- calling those who disagree with you a "racist" -- most Americans don't know that part of what Mr. Jackson states is true: That for many decades, non-citizens were permitted to vote in varying degrees. However, Mr. Jackson gets a bit mixed up, especially when looking at the all-important time frame noted by the Sun in the article, World War I. In other words, why would "racism" be the underlying factor of why these voting laws were changed ... when during the time of WW I most immigrants coming to the U.S. were white?? Generalized xenophobia, maybe, but not racism. Ron Hayduk, co-director of the Immigrant Voting Project backs this up by noting that it was an anti-immigrant backlash that led to states changing their non-citizen voting laws. And again, at that time, the vast majority of immigration came from Europe, not Latin America as it does today.

Even so, Steve Cameron, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies, argues that it wasn't an anti-immigrant backlash or xenophobia which led to WW I-era voting changes. He says it was more like electoral reform: "In those decades, the secret ballot was introduced and political parties' influence restrained. 'The elimination of noncitizen voting was done in that context, [as] part of an effort to clean up elections,' he says."

Maybe Mr. Jackson ought to talk to these two gents about his "racism" theory.

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Philly Daily News letter writer nails it

Perfect response to this idiot's opinion column, courtesy of one Howard R. Lurie of King of Prussia:

Ronnie Polaneczky asserts that "Bristol is Exhibit A for why policies like her mom's abstinence-only programs . . . don't work." For years, Washington had a prohibition on gun ownership, yet the killings went on. How many liberal columnists wrote that these killings were proof that banning gun ownership didn't work?

I'll answer that: I bet you can either count them on one hand ... or not at all!

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Obama supporter actively encouraging "tussle" of the Sarah Palin Wikipedia entry

How mature.

Blog P.I. has some interesting information on what's been up with the vandalizing of Sarah Palin's Wikipedia entry.

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Attitude of the Left voiced perfectly

As reported by Media Blog, the lefty site MyDD exemplifies the "progressive" attitude towards American democracy:

For most of us, if the last eight years have taught us anything it's that the American people can not [sic] be trusted to vote in their own self-interest or that of the country. So, personally, I found Barack's cavalier attitude in the [Keith Olbermann] interview quite problematic and while I greatly appreciate Keith's using the platform he has to nudge Obama in the right direction and remind him of what's at stake, again, why was it even necessary?

There you have it, folks! If you voted for George Bush in 2000 and 2004 and plan on voting for John McCain, you didn't and you're not voting "own self-interest or that of the country."

And lefties get all upset when conservatives dub [certain] "progressives" as "elitists?" Like, why??

UPDATE: A supposed "American" (writing in Reuters, naturally) talks about the term "redneck," and after discussing redneck "values" ends with the following: "And that has every thinking person here in the US, except perhaps John McCain and Sarah Palin, worried."

Of course.

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September 07, 2008

Those who live in glass houses ...

The Messiah rips Fox News for "assisting" in spreading rumors that he's a Muslim ... yet at the same time his very own website posts articles by the execrable Andrew Sullivan -- the very putz who helped promulgate the rumors about Bristol and Trig Palin.

(h/t: Media Blog.)

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The difference between the Left and Right in the Delaware blogosphere

Today, as part of the Newsbusters e-mail tipline, I got a tip referring to this video segment from ABC's "This Week" show. In it, Barack Obama appears to slip and refer to "his Muslim faith." Upon receiving the tip, I went to the ABC website and watched the clip in its entirety. In context, host George Stephanopoulis asks Obama about those on the right claiming that he is actually Muslim. George actually chides Obama for [wrongly] claiming the McCain campaign has been a part of that smear effort, and in answer, while acknowledging that Stephy is correct about that, he refers to those talking about "my Muslim faith." Stephanopoulis quickly corrects Obama ("You mean your Christian faith"), and Obama then corrects himself -- but then asserts what should be obvious to any reasonable viewer: That he was referring to those who claim he is a Muslim.

I wrote back to the tipster (and the other NBers) exactly what I wrote above. To have posted a bit on this supposed slip-up of Obama's would have been grossly unfair.

Compare that to the drivel over at DE Liberal. These rejects from the Democrat Underground have, over the past week or so, posted about the supposed "conspiracy" that was Sarah Palin's Down Syndrome child (was it really hers?), about Bristol Palin's pregnancy and the supposed "hypocrisy" of her mom's philosophy, and that Sarah Palin was a member of a secessionist party, etc. etc. etc. DE Libertarian's superb Steve Newton has done a thorough job calling out these cretins for this garbage.

While we've certainly had our fun pointing out the occasional Messiah gaffe or two, we -- and others on the right side of the DE blogosphere -- have refrained from rehashing the most vile and fetid rumors about the Democrat candidates that have been circulating 'round the 'net (like Obama actually being a Muslim).

So ask yourself: Who has actual standards in the DE blogosphere ... ?

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Once again, "ouch."

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The Altar

Wilmington News Journal report about a robbery at a Mexican restaurant on route 40. report of same.

News Journal report about a robbery at Delaware Park. report of same.

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September 06, 2008

The Messiah: fake college football fan


Next up: Barack's visit to my alma mater University of Delaware where he'll give a shout out to the Fightin' "Blue Hands."

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NY Daily News finds dislike for Sarah Palin ...

... at an Obama rally!

But Palin didn't impress voters who spoke to the Daily News at a Barack Obama rally in Ohio, perhaps the most critical swing state of all. "I think McCain is using it as a ploy to sway Hillary voters, but Palin is entirely against everything Hillary stands for, and I think women will find it offensive," said Emily Miller, 25, of Toledo. "It will backfire."

Debra Esthmeyer, 28, of New Knoxville, Ohio, said, "I'm insulted, as a woman. If Sarah Palin were a man with her same credentials, there is no way John McCain would have picked her." Palin's "no Condoleezza Rice. She's no Hillary Clinton," Esthmeyer said. "She's no Michelle Obama, either."

Debra's right -- Palin isn't a Condi Rice. Far from it. And she isn't Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama either -- but because she is much more experienced than both of the latter. Clinton's only "experience" is a brief Senate career and being First Lady for eight years. And Michelle Obama's? HUH??

Next up for the Daily News: A "hard-hitting" article on how members of the Ku Klux Klan aren't impressed with Barack Obama for president.

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Sacrilegious! The Messiah beat in the ratings!

We're all heretics now.

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Palin's husband's DUI from 20 years ago is news ...

... but our own Joe Biden defaming a man who can't defend himself from such a charge -- and worse -- is, well, hey -- at least it made our local paper, right?

Since his vice presidential nomination, Joe Biden's 2007 statement that a "guy who allegedly ... drank his lunch" and drove the truck that struck and killed his first wife and daughter has gained national media traction.

Alcohol didn't play a role in the 1972 crash, investigators found. But as recently as last week, the syndicated TV show Inside Edition aired a clip from 2001 of Biden describing the accident to an audience at the University of Delaware and saying the truck driver "stopped to drink instead of drive."

The senator's statements don't jibe with news and law enforcement reports from the time, which cleared driver Curtis C. Dunn, who died in 1999, of wrongdoing.

Isn't it tragic enough that your wife and daughter were killed, Joe? Why do you feel the need to lie about the incident to make it seem even more tragic?

And it's curious why we haven't seen this story get more attention across the country, eh? Todd Palin's DUI charge from 22 years ago certainly didn't hurt for coverage, and the excuse that Biden is a "known quantity" doesn't work -- because I and many other folks (Delawareans) I know have never heard about this aspect of his wife's and daughter's deaths. It seems it's yet another incident of ridiculous and unnecessary embellishment, akin to Joe's "under fire" claims (aka Hillary Clinton) while visiting Iraq.

But if the MSM isn't interested, the new media is taking a look. Rhymes with Right and Michelle Malkin have posts up about the News Journal's article.

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September 05, 2008 soon to launch! Announces Delaware's First Internet-Only Radio Station

Delaware Talk Radio to Serve Delaware with News, Talk, Blogs from Burris, Nelson, Evans, Matthews

Delaware Talk Radio, LLC today announced the creation of DELAWARETALKRADIO.COM, the first Internet-only news and talk radio station dedicated to covering the First State. In fact, it may be the first dedicated statewide Internet talk radio station serving any state in the nation.

How does it work? Simple. streams live audio over the Internet and can be received by any Internet connection anywhere in the state, nation or the world. Everything else operates just like a traditional radio station.

Randy Nelson and Dave Burris will anchor the station with a daily program, launching the station on Monday, September 15th at 8:00 am. The station will air Monday through Friday from 8:00am through 5:00pm.

Nelson, a former Emmy award-winning television producer and radio talk show host said, “There’s no question media is being integrated into the web. There’s also no question that Delaware has very few statewide news organizations. We will fill that need with a new and innovative product.”

Burris, known statewide for his strong opinions on a variety of issues, is the former Sussex County Republican Chairman and the creator of widely read local web sites and

“This is a fantastic new direction for media in Delaware,” said Burris. “Studies show that half of Americans get their news from the Internet, and we are poised to bring it to them in a variety of ways.”

Also joining are Maria Evans, a former local talk show host and Mike Matthews, the brash, irreverent founder of

Evans, currently serving as the communications director for the Bill Lee for Governor campaign through the primary, will air from 9AM-11AM and serve as Sales manager.

“With the new Internet radio receivers for your home and your car, you don’t need to be sitting at a computer to get Internet radio anymore,” said Evans. “There is a tremendous value for advertisers in a true statewide operation like ours.”

Matthews, also of Wilmington, will offer his unique take on current events from Wilmington every day from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.

“News never stops, so the Internet fills the gap for people who want to be able to get the news and respond to the news immediately. Anyone can get what he or she wants anytime with this.”

In addition to the radio stream, will be the new home to popular Delaware political blogs Down With Absolutes and Delaware Politics, and the new Delaware TalkBlog.

“We invite people to be a part of Delaware Talk Radio, whether it’s calling into the radio station or offering comments on the blogs,” said Nelson. has offices in Wilmington and Milton and plans to open an office in Dover in the next few months.

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A word from the angry (and racist) Left

From the Newsbusters e-mail tipline, which goes to many contributors, not just me:

To all the caucasians [sic] who can't stand Obama,Bush and Chaney [sic] have deaficated [sic] all over you for eight years...Why [sic] not let Mccain [sic] and palin [sic] continue the job...I don't see why Obama should [sic] wipe your asses!!!

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Watcher's Council results

The brand new Watcher's site is up and running and has announced this week's winners.

1st place Council: Palin in Comparison by Wolf Howling. (Colossus's submission finished third.)

1st place non-Council: Obama, McCain, Palin & Generosity by The Anchoress.

The full results can be seen here.

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September 04, 2008

The Palin speech: The numbers

Number of viewers who watched The Messiah's DNC speech: 38.3 million.

Number of viewers who watched Sarah Palin's RNC speech: 37.2 million.

Total networks covering The Messiah's speech: Ten.

Total networks covering Palin's: Six.

So much for that huge outdoor arena, eh Messiah?


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Talk about reaching!

The Detroit News somehow -- incredibly -- makes a comparison between Sarah Palin and disgraced [Democrat] Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick:

The [Palin "troopergate"] case has vague echoes of one more familiar to Michigan voters: that of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. In both cases, public officials are accused of interfering with law enforcement agencies for personal reasons -- the text-message scandal involving Kilpatrick emerged as part of a lawsuit brought by two Detroit officers who sued the city, alleging Kilpatrick had them fired because they alerted other officials to Kilpatrick's wrongdoing.

But ethics experts and even Alaska Democrats argued that Palin's situation, at least so far, is less serious than Kilpatrick's.

"It's hard to imagine what could be as bad as what Kilpatrick has done," said Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

Gee, really?

The article is titled "Scandals different for Palin, Kilpatrick: Though both accused of power abuse, experts agree mayor's case worse." Wow. What journalism!

Stay tuned for this hard-hitting article: "Assassinations different for Wilkes Booth, Hinckley: Though both shot at presidents, experts agree angry Confederate's case worse."

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Two great Palin-Obama comparisons

One by fellow Watcher's Council member Wolf Howling, and the other by the Audacity Of Deception & Hypocrisy.

Great stuff!

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Newt corners MSDNC correspondent who refuses to debate

My colleague Noel Sheppard over at Newsbusters has the take-down:

GINGRICH: It's (Sarah Palin's resume) stronger than Barack Obama's. I don't know why you guys walk around saying this baloney. She has a stronger resume than Obama. She's been a real mayor, he hasn't. She has been a real governor, he hasn't. She's been in charge of the Alaskan National Guard, he hasn't. She was a whistleblower who defeated an incumbent mayor. He has never once shown that kind of courage. She's a whistleblower who turned in the chairman of her own party and got him fined $12,000. I've never seen Obama do one thing like that. She took on the incumbent governor of her own party and beat him, and then she beat a former Democratic governor in the general election. I don't know of a single thing Obama's done except talk and write.

I'd like you to tell me one thing Sen. Obama's done.

MSDNC's Ron Allen's response?

Thanks very much, Mr. Speaker. I'm going to leave it there. I'm not going to argue the case. Thanks very much.
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Mike Protack -- still smearing Bill Lee

Yesterday, Mike "Sock Puppet" Protack unleashed a smear against fellow Marine and gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee ... because Lee likes to go out, meet women and go dancing. ('Ya follow that? Neither do most normal people.)

He's at it again today. Check out this audio where Protack belittles Lee's view on illegal immigration. While it's true that Lee had initially favored granting drivers licenses to illegal residents, he changed his mind when he saw how DE constituents felt about it. "Sock Puppet" Protack wasted no time trashing Lee on the issue; however, at the Latino Forum in Dover about one month ago, Protack is caught on tape saying he has no problem with illegal residents getting in-state college tuition -- yes, "absolutely" they should get it, he says to the questioner (who made it clear he was referring to ILLEGAL residents).

As could be predicted (because "Sock Puppet" Protack is so predictable), Protack claimed the video was "doctored." There was just one problem: A fully unedited video soon appeared of Protack's appearance at the forum, and guess what -- Protack's answer is exactly what it was on the previous video. That is, he says YES to illegal residents getting in-state college tuition.

And in yet another smear call today by "Sock Puppet" Protack, he features a caller to a radio show asking if Bill Lee knows what "e-verify" is. Hmm. Do you know what "e-verify" is? (I do, but only because I have been following the DE governor's race somewhat; you'd probably expect a DE blogger to do that, right?) Well, Lee didn't know the term, and the smear call doesn't feature the radio caller elaborating on what the term means and what it actually does. In other words, we're all supposed to be impressed with "Sock Puppet" Protack's knowledge of the esoteric terminology that investigates a person's residency status and background.

Wow, Mike. Color me "impressed."

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CNN must have been listening to Jesse Ventura

How pathetic is this? Below is a screen capture of the main picture featured on CNN's website at approx. 10am this morning:

Gee ... what does THAT remind people of, hmm?

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September 03, 2008

Has anybody heard about this story recently??

If not, how come?? Via the LA Times, 2002:

The daughter of Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.) was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of obstructing a police officer outside a Chicago bar.

Ashley Blazer Biden, 21, of Wilmington, Del., was with a group of people on a North Side street where several bars are located when someone else threw a bottle at an officer, police said.

When police tried to arrest another person, Biden blocked the officer’s path and made intimidating statements, officer JoAnn Taylor said.

Biden was later released and is scheduled to appear in court Sept. 20.

Sen. Biden’s spokeswoman, Margaret Aitken, declined to comment, calling it a private, family matter.

Now, if we imitated the MSM of the past few days, and had Joe been a Republican, we'd have heard/read the following:

  • Is Biden a good father? Did he fail at parenting?
  • Biden's philosophy of "law and order" is obviously a failure, because his daughter has no respect for the police.
  • How well was Biden vetted by the Obama campaign? Does this show some degree of incompetence on their part?
  • What does this mean for law enforcement if Biden becomes president? Will police departments get the support they need from the federal government?


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9/11 Truther nut Jesse Ventura says GOP reminds him of Nazis

That denizen of high quality punditry, Larry King, had two of the greatest political minds around on his show last night to offer their opinions on the GOP convention. Yep, you guessed it -- Jesse "The Body" Ventura and actor/comedian DL Hughley:

KING: Yes, wasn't that surprising, Jesse, even though you didn't see it, that the theme was "we're the patriots"?

VENTURA: Well, you know, the Republicans have been pushing really Hermann Goering on us, the Nazi, since 2001. I mean, you know...

KING: Hermann Goering?

VENTURA: Yes. He said that it's easy to take a country to war. You have to convince them they're under attack. Denounce the pacifist for being unpatriotic and also for putting the country into danger. And yet, Thomas Jefferson said dissension is the greatest form of patriotism.

I like to follow the teachings of Thomas Jefferson a little bit more than Herman Goering.

KING: D.L., are you...

HUGHLEY: To follow...

KING: I'm sorry.

HUGHLEY: To follow up on what Jesse was saying, it did remind me -- I promise you, the first thing I thought when I saw those "Country First" signs, it reminded me of Nazis. It really -- I mean they just seemed so, you know -- that seemed to be a country that I don't recognize.

Of course, once people start devolving into any mention of Nazis or Hitler, you ought to just snicker, shake your head, and tell them "You're really f'ed up." Second, Ventura, being so smart that he "knows" what "really" happened on 9/11, is completely clueless on that "dissension is the highest form of patriotism" quote. Thomas Jefferson never said it. In fact, as the link notes, Tom wouldn't even have felt that way:

"Political dissension is doubtless a less evil than the lethargy of despotism: but still it is a great evil, and it would be as worthy the efforts of the patriot as of the philosopher, to exclude it's influence if possible, from social life. The good are rare enough at best. There is no reason to subdivide them by artificial lines. But whether we shall ever be able so far to perfect the principles of society as that political opinions shall, in it's intercourse, be as inoffensive as those of philosophy, mechanics, or any other, may well be doubted." -- TJ to Thomas Pinckney, 29 May 1797.

I mean really -- just consider Ventura's wrongly attributed quote. Why would mere dissension, disagreeing perhaps just for the hell of it, so to speak, be the "highest form" of patriotism? You mean to tell me that if the United States was invaded, major sections of it overrun, and the guy who is in the ridiculously small minority that favored no action at all against the invaders -- he is a greater patriot than all those who wish to fight back against the attackers??

I don't think so, Jess.

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Imagine: "Barack Obama: Radical Black Nationalist or Liberal Politician?"

From the ABC News website circa 10am today:

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Is the Philly Daily News literally going nuts??

Yesterday it was Fatimah Ali's threats of a race and class war if The Messiah isn't elected in November. We also had Ronnie Polaneczky's illogical assertion that because Sarah Palin is for abstinence-only sex education, her 17 year old daughter's pregnancy is "proof" of this philosophy's failure. Today, nutjob Jill Porter picks up on Polaneczky's theme, and takes it much further:

It's about the fact that Gov. Palin's ideology failed, that abstinence-only sex education failed even in her own family. It's about showering Bristol Palin with praise for making the choice to keep her baby, and denying the legitimacy of any other choice.

Once again, if Bristol Palin becoming pregnant is "proof" of abstinence-only sex ed.'s failure, we can also then state that any teenage girl who has attended a comprehensive sex ed. program in school -- but ends up pregnant -- is proof of that philosophy's failure.

We all knew that McCain's campaign was going to be about perpetuating the past, in his pro-Bush stances about the war in Iraq, taxes and other failed policies. And Palin's appointment to the ticket - a cynical, desperate ruse to appeal to women voters - is a vivid reminder of another part of the past that will be resurrected if the GOP wins.

Who's "we all," Jill? You and your granola-munching, Prius-driving coffee clach buddies? There's no better illustration of the contempt urban-dwelling elitists have for middle America than the above statement. "We all," when about ONE HALF of the country is backing John McCain.

Because she's pro-slavery.

She believes that women should be enslaved to their wombs, that they should risk their health rather than end a pregnancy that's unwanted or unwelcome or involves a deformed embryo.

Ah yes. But I seem to remember that slavery was abolished here in the US and elsewhere because it was inherently immoral -- and because it involved treating other human beings as property. The US Supreme Court once even justified slavery on these grounds. Now, granted, an unborn baby is the "property" of the mother (and father, although his rights in this matter are virtually non-existent, but that is another argument) but we are talking about a human life here. Doesn't that fact alone merit special consideration? Heinous multiple murderers get more legal protections from capital punishment than do unborn (innocent) children. And the irony of it all is, people like Porter much more often than not are vehemently against the execution of said heinous murderers, all the while demanding abortion on demand -- because otherwise it puts women into "slavery." Never mind that another human being is involved.

She believes that women should be enslaved by the government, which should dictate the most pivotal decision of her life: whether and when and under what circumstances to have children. The only exception that Palin supports to an abortion ban is "a doctor's determination that the mother's life would end if the pregnancy continued." How compassionate.

"Compassionate?" Whereas Porter would terminate the life of a Down Syndrome baby merely because of that fact? What other "defects" would Porter believe justifies killing an unborn child? How compassionate is THAT? Unbelievable.

And "enslaved by the government?" This is biggest joke of all. Again, it's not as though the government is mandating you do work for no compensation. If the presence of another human being in the equation doesn't merit special consideration -- at least to some degree -- we are nowhere near the "compassionate" society that Porter invokes. Hell, the [better] argument for "slavery" is the fact that the federal government requires employers to do their own work for them -- calculating the amount of taxes their employees owe the government and then collecting it for them. Where's the compensation for this effort? Aren't the 16th and 13th Amendments in conflict here?

If people being forced (via threat of imprisonment) to do the government's job for them is necessary for the "good of society," how is the argument that women need to exert special care for unborn infants any less "logical?" And keep in mind that I say all the above as a pro-choice individual, but a pro-choice individual who believes in sensible, humane restrictions on abortion, and who believes that Roe v. Wade was a terrible decision.

(Once again, h/t to the indefatigable Gooch!)

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Mike Protack smears Bill Lee in phone call

Listen to the following phone call where sock puppet Mike Protack unbelievably continues to yammer about Bill Lee being "creepy" (as noted in this post) -- because Lee occasionally likes to go out and hang out with women.

Click here for the audio.

Once again, according to Mike "Sock Puppet" Protack, Bill Lee "doesn't have the character" to be governor because, as Protack plays in his message, Lee said on the air once that he likes to go out, he likes women, and he likes dancing.

As opposed to Protack, who engages in pathetic, cheap smears? Who makes threats to crash a Lee event and than doesn't show -- all the while insulting Lee's service as a US Marine? Yeah -- now THAT'S "character!"

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September 02, 2008

Leave Maddow alone!

Check out this story:

MSNBC loves the chatter of liberal pundit Rachel Maddow, but not her look. Maddow, who's getting her own show, is being subjected to a net work makeover. A source says an entire "glam squad" has been hired for the openly gay Maddow, and she has been asked not to wear her Drew Carey-esque glasses again. There's even talk of "putting her in a skirt." We're sure that'll do the trick. A rep for the channel didn't return e-mails.

Please -- don't put Maddow in a skirt. That'd be ridiculous. And she's OK-looking enough as it is, not to mention she's smart as a whip (even though she is a lefty). As Kevin Williamson notes in the link, if Maddow gets the same make-up squad as Chris Matthews had (or, if I may add, that did Bob Costas' lame dye job for the Olympics), then just leave Rachel be!!

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Philly Daily News writer warns of race/class war if Obama loses

Unbelievable. Fatimah Ali's money quote:

If McCain wins, look for a full-fledged race and class war, fueled by a deflated and depressed country, soaring crime, homelessness - and hopelessness!

Translation of Ms. Ali's words: "To hell with democracy if I don't get what I want."

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The inanity begins with Bristol Palin

Let's go locally with Ronnie Polaneczky at the Philly Daily News. Her thesis? Abstinence-only sex ed. classes don't work:

Palin, a strong advocate of abstinence-only sex education, didn't address the fact that the just-say-no method of birth control obviously failed for Bristol - the way, studies show, it fails so many teens.

At least Bristol falls into a luckier camp than those other sexually active teens. Her family is well-educated, well-resourced and intact, and they'll provide plenty of help as she learns the ropes of parenthood.

While Bristol has her folks as backup, I can't help thinking of all the other 17-year-olds - teens as sexually active as Bristol obviously is - who deserve to learn about all methods of birth control, not just abstinence.

Let's cut to the chase: Polaneczky's implication is that a comprehensive sex ed. program in schools would have allowed Bristol to escape being pregnant -- and this goes for many other young women (teenage girls) too. In other words, sex education prevents teen pregnancies or, at least, reduces them.

But does it? Has it?

Comprehensive sex ed. programs began in the US as early as 1953. They really began to proliferate in the 1960s and 70s. Yet, a cursory glance at teen pregnancy rates from 1972 to 2002 shows increases in teen pregnancies throughout the 70s and 80s.

How can this be -- just as sex ed. programs were expanding?

Based on the data, I can see partisans from both sides making connections: "The Democrats were in power in the 70s," or "Look at the Reagan years compared to the Clinton years!" This isn't the point. The point is that, while I concur with the larger issue Polaneczky raises -- that abstinence-only sex ed. shouldn't be the only type of sex ed. available in (public) schools -- the fact of the matter is that learning about various contraceptive methods hasn't resulted in a continuing decline of the teen pregnancy rate either.

So what Polaneczky claims in her title -- "Bristol Palin: Proof that abstinence-only education doesn't work" -- is just a cheap political shot for several reasons. One, we don't know if Bristol received abstinence-only sex ed. teaching in the first place. Two, if Bristol had learned about various methods of contraception and still got pregnant, could we then state that this is proof that "contraceptive education doesn't work"? Following Polaneczky's logic, we certainly could!

Does Polaneczky know how many teenage girls abstinence-only education has helped? No, because the results are fairly inconclusive. But again, she doesn't care. She wants to score a cheap point using the conservative GOP veep candidate's daughter.

I wonder if Polaneczky would write a column if, say Joycelyn Elders' (Elders being one of the biggest advocates of comprehensive sex ed. programs in schools) grand-daughter, who had attended a comprehensive sex ed. program in school -- covering all sorts of contraception -- but still got pregnant at age 17. I bet she'd be in her office the very next day to write that column about how sex ed. programs are a failure. Right?

Keep dreaming.

(Story h/t to the irrepressible Gooch!)

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September 01, 2008

Poor baby

From the AP:

Fuel prices have grounded an unexpected frequent-flyer: Diddy.

Sean "Diddy" Combs complained about the "... too high" price of gas and pleaded for free oil from his "Saudi Arabia brothers and sisters" in a YouTube video posted Wednesday. The hip-hop mogul said he is now flying on commercial airlines instead of in private jets, which Combs said had previously cost him $200,000 and up for a roundtrip between New York and Los Angeles.

"I'm actually flying commercial," Diddy said before walking onto an airplane, sitting in a first-class seat and flashing his boarding pass to the camera. "That's how high gas prices are. I'm at the gate right now. This is really happening, proof gas prices are too high. Tell whoever the next president is we need to bring gas prices down."

Everybody, on three: One, two, three -- AWWWWWWWW!!!

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I don't eat much cereal anymore, but if I did ...

... it wouldn't be Kellogg's:

I like this comment made at Jake Tapper's blog: "Sugar coated and with little substance. Yep, makes sense."

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Biden's foot gets closer to mouth

We all knew it was inevitable. He just can't help it. Yesterday, Joe Biden had to be patronizing and resort to commenting on Sarah Palin's looks:

“There’s a gigantic difference between John McCain and Barack Obama and between me and I suspect my vice presidential opponent,” Biden said at an outdoor rally Sunday, getting ready to hit the GOP ticket for their economic policies.

“She’s good-looking,” he quipped.

OK, sure, that's a pretty innocuous quip and sorta meant as a compliment. But would John McCain get away with it in the press? Or would he be scoured as a sexist?

And then there was this ridiculous bit from 'ol Joe:

“John McCain’s new VP nominee seems like a very engaging person, a nice person. But I’ve got to say, she’s opposed - like John McCain is - to equal pay for equal work. That doesn’t make much sense to me.”

I REALLY hope The Messiah and Joe make an issue of this in the weeks to come. Because they'll be made to look like total fools.

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