September 09, 2006

Speaking of race ...

... looks like the News Journal agrees with Hube about the Delaware State University athletic director's "racist" comment regarding University of Delaware's refusal to play DSU in football. They say:

We can think of many reasons why UD is reluctant to play DSU, and few of them flatter the Newark school. Among them are snobbery, a belief that UD has nothing to gain, and a desire to remain the big guy on the gridiron.

There are many reasons, but racism is not one of them. Chuck Bell, DSU's athletic director, may be understandably frustrated at UD's snobbery. But his claims of racism come across as schoolyard taunts. He's trying to get a game by, if you'll pardon the expression, calling UD chicken.

DSU is a historically black college. UD once was a segregated school. But a lot has changed in this state and at those schools. Our advice: Forget Chuck Bell's taunts and play football anyway.

Exactly. As I said, Bell is trying embarrass UD by using the most politically charged epithet of modern times against them. He's most probably is full of s***, but PC being what it is (especially on college campuses), it just may work.

Nevertheless, I concur with the Journal: Forget Bell and play the damn game anyway!

PolitaKid has more thoughts on the issue.

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