August 25, 2006


We've been "tagged" for a couple "memes" over the last week, so I'm going to handle the chores on this. La Shawn Barber tagged us today. First, we thank her for that, since a mention by her guarantees a nice traffic spike to our blog visits! Secondly, on a personal level, La Shawn is definitely one of my favorite bloggers. I became a fan of her writings over two years ago, and was fortunate enough to have met her over my Christmas break 2004 in Washington, DC, at a bloggers get-together she had organized. She has that perfect combination of brains, beauty and talent.

The first question is: What haven’t you done yet in your life that you’d really like to do someday? Why? Will you do any of those things in the near future? Are you making progress toward them?

I am pretty content with my life as it is now. But, much like La Shawn, I'd really like to be able to make a living writing -- either similar to blogging (meaning, of a political/cultural nature), or in the science-fiction field or comicbook fields. I also think it would be most cool to host my own talk radio show.

I've barely begun to use my summers to make more progress in my writing goal. I recently finished another degree, so summers had been used primarily for that. During the school year, all my energy, obviously, is devoted towards teaching. Nevertheless, I have numerous contacts, especially in the comics field, that may be able to assist me and offer needed advice. I made most of these contacts during my tenure first as a writer, then as editor-in-chief, of a comics fan magazine that is devoted to a major Marvel comics character.

2) If you could completely start your life over from scratch, what would you do differently the second time around (if anything)? Why?

Make much more of an effort to stay in the music field. I miss playing music. As noted in my bio, I played the sax in numerous bands, notably in the American Youth Jazz Band during a tour of Europe, and a rock-pop band while in college. I also taught myself bass guitar in college. But since I got married shortly after college, my music at first took a back seat to married life and work, then no seat at all. My sax sits in the basement now, its case gathering dust, and I donated my bass and amplifier to my school's jazz band. Unfortunately, playing music isn't like riding a bike. You either use it or lose it. It's surely my own fault; I made other things a priority. But if I had a chance to do it again, I'd keep music a priority.

3) What do you think you’ll be like when you’re 70, 80, 90, possibly even 100 years old? Where do you think you’ll be living, and what activities do you think you’ll enjoy?

I hopefully will retire to my wife's native land of Costa Rica. I love it there. The climate is to die for, the people are among the friendliest you'll find anywhere, and best of all for American retirees (of which there are many already in CR) the dollar goes a long way. My teacher's pension should be sufficient to grant me a decent living. At that age (70+) I hopefully will still be writing. But I also plan to just do a lot of reading, a bit of traveling, and (hopefully) enjoying my grandchildren!

4) What ages do you think have been the best for you so far? Why? What do you think of your current age…are you enjoying it? Are you looking forward to your next birthday?

I've enjoyed my last 10 years probably the most, thus far. I'm currently in my early 40s. Why the last ten years? I've seen my daughter grow up to an adolescent, my teaching career has blossomed, I've made some great friends while teaching, and I've maintained just about all of my main, close childhood friendships. My three closest friends (since grade school!) and I still get together at least once per year for a weekend pow-wow.

I like my current age. I don't feel 40-ish at all. I exercise and play many sports regularly. With the exception of the increased pain I experience after playing some sports, I feel as I did when I was in my 20s. Teaching also helps me maintain a "youthful" mentality!

And yes, I look forward to my next birthday!

Next, stay tuned for my responses to Greg's (Rhymes With Right) "tag" from about a week ago.

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