August 24, 2006

"The Jewish Problem"

Yesterday, it was the Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week winner who wants us to do something about us being "hated" so much in the Middle East. Now, it's cretinous Charley Reese who writes "Today there is no avoiding stating the plain truth: We have a Jewish problem."

"Jewish problem." How nice. Y'know, the " 'ol all-powerful Jewish Lobby." No, I'm not going to make the fairly obvious comparison -- figure it out for yourself.

Mynym has more on this dangerous line of thinking.

UPDATE: Amnesty International also has a "Jewish problem." They've issued a report accusing Israel of "war crimes;" however, no such accusation has been leveled at Hizbollah. (h/t: Taranto who also discusses Charley Reese today.)

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