August 23, 2006

Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week

This week's winner is Newark's Paul Keffer who writes:

Here we are watching another terroristic plot to destroy our way of life, just in time for the elections. I don't want to feed into conspiracy theory, but doesn't it seem strange that every time we are about to go into an election period, terrorists are going to blow something up in the world?

Here we go. Yeah, "I don't want to feed into conspiracy theory ..." But I'll go ahead and do it anyway! And Paul -- the 2006 election is over two months away. Don'tcha think it would have been much more effective for the "sly" Bush administration to have waited until, say, mid-October to "plan" this latest plot, hmmm?

Here's my recommendation, Paul: Watch "On Native Soil" which revisits the tragedy of 9/11, and then come back and complain that the administration is being needlessly and ridiculously preoccupied by terrorism plots. Watch how preposterously unprepared Americans were for what transpired that awful day, and watch the sad responses the myriad government officials gave to the 9/11 Comission when asked "What happened?" After the imbroglio that was 9/11, wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry, to coin a cliché?

I would think that because no Middle Eastern country likes us very much, especially since Bush has been president, they would want someone else in office in this country who they can work with a little better.

Yes, Paul -- those Middle Eastern countries liked us all so much pre-George Bush era -- especially al Qaeda and like-minded terror networks -- that they attacked many US interests (including the World Trade Center itself) various times during the previous administration alone. Then, look at the two administrations before that, including the Iranian Hostage Crisis during the [Democrat] Carter administration. If Carter couldn't get Middle Easterners to "like him," especially after brokering the landmark Camp David Accords which brought peace between Egypt and Israel, then ...? (Actually, that deal in itself was reason enough for many Middle Easterners to hate him. The deal cost Anwar Sadat his life, after all.) The peace plan that Bill Clinton brokered between the Palestinian Authority and Israel was such a "success" that Palestinian splinter groups still kept up their suicide bomber attacks against the Jewish state, even as Ariel Sharon presided over the unilateral pullout of Gaza. Yeah -- "if only we'd just do more so they'd like us better ..."

Argh. I think I'm gonna spew.

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On a message board I frequent, one of our posters said the phrase "I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but..." After the fourth time, I got the feeling he wasn't being completely honest with himself.

Posted by: The Unabrewer at August 24, 2006 01:58 AM

I always thought that the fundamentalists hated us (the West in general, the US in particular)because we're Godless, corrupt and decadent. Imams in Europe and over here warn their followers not to mix with us to avoid our corrupting influence. Well then, wouldn't the solution be for us to live more faith-filled lives? Funny, you never hear guys like Dean, Kerry and Biden calling for good devout Judeo-Christian behavior as a means to bridge the gap with the Islamic world.

I can see it now; Teddy Kennedy calling for moderation of or even abstinence from alcohol, Bill Clinton preaching monogamy and no sex before marriage, and the ACLU trumpeting that every time a breast is bared on the Super Bowl it offends Muslims and fills them with the urge to wipe our perverse culture from the Earth.

Go to church this Sunday and strike a blow against Islamic fundamentalism! Don't drop the F-bomb while you're walking down the sidewalk! Don't get drunk at the ballgame and urinate in a stairwell! Huh, maybe it's time to put the Ten Commandments in all public buildings, not just courtrooms.

Just a modest proposal.

Posted by: G Rex at August 24, 2006 10:30 AM

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