August 19, 2006

Hey! Angry liberal musicians! Whoa!

From the NY Times:

Sitting at a table in early August, Bobby Braddock, the longtime songwriter, lamented the conservatism of the country music industry that was demonstrated when the lead singer of the Dixie Chicks became a target of fury three years ago after saying she was ashamed that her band and President Bush shared the same home state.

Country music, the genre of lonely hearts and highways, lost jobs and blue-collar woes, has become a cultural battleground. Conservatism is widely seen as having the upper hand, a red-state answer to left-leaning Hollywood.

Democrats on Music Row, the country music capital here, have grown frustrated with that reputation. A group of record-company executives, talent managers and artists has released an online compilation of 20 songs, several directly critical of Mr. Bush and the Iraq war.

The price for the set is $20, with most of the proceeds going to the group, which calls itself Music Row Democrats and is using the money to support local and national candidates who share its values.

Awwww. Sorry folks, but it's really tough to get all teary-eyed about your ... "situation" when, as the article [unbelievably] admits, liberals dominate Hollywood (and, I'll add education and the MSM to that list).

Democratic songwriters say that they have since hesitated to express political views, for fear of being “Dixie Chicked.�

Yawwwn. As we've written numerous times at Colossus, if musicians are too stupid to realize who comprises their core audience, they have no one to blame but themselves. Let's size it up [yet] again: No one is censoring you, and no one is infringing on your freedom of speech. Like too many other idiots, you want freedom of speech to equate to freedom from criticism -- and ultimately, freedom of guaranteed income.

If you want to see real muzzling of freedom of expression, ironically in an atmosphere that should be (above all) designed to support such, check out the myriad anecdotes from across the country regarding the aforementioned (liberal-dominated) education -- especially higher education -- field.

UPDATE: Wow, you gotta it like when an article to bolster your position falls right into your lap via blog surfing -- one using even some of the same words as the subjects of the Times article (like "lament").

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Felix, you were "amazed" when MSNBC covered the Andrew Young thing (ooh! shocking!). And it is "unbelievable" that the New York Times would call Hollywood predominantly liberal. In fact, every time I turn around, one of you folks here or elsewhere is stunned, flabbergasted, or otherwise blown away by the MSM "actually" doing something right.

Ever stop and think that it's your perceptions, attitude, and expectations that are often askew? Or is it just what some call being "dumb on purpose"?

Posted by: dan at August 20, 2006 12:06 PM