August 18, 2006

What would they say about this profiling?

Blog Goliard poses the following hypothetical:

“Why is it morally superior to inconvenience old Mormon women of Swedish descent—for no reason at all—as much as young men from Pakistan?” A good question, that becomes an even better one if you switch around a few shoes.

Imagine, for instance, that it was the Ku Klux Klan that was bombing airplanes… and that on his next flight out of D.C., Jesse Jackson’s party got singled out, more or less randomly, for extra screening. What do you think he would say? Do you think he would find this morally superior to focusing the TSA’s attention on white males hailing from Southern and border states?

Perfect! Of course, Jackson would be not concerned in the least about the profiling of Aryan-looking white males, he'd be royally pissed off about being "randomly selected" for a search and scream "racism" as he usually does with anything remotely concerning race (and even not concerning race at all, for that matter). B.G. continues:

And just imagine how some Southern advocacy group would be received if they stepped forward to play the role that CAIR does now. How do you think the government would respond to their calls, in the immediate wake of a 21st-century version of the Birmingham church bombing, to reach out to disaffected white Southerners, to protect them from any hate or discrimination or other unpleasant backlash, to solemnly instruct Americans that the redneck culture is really one of peace and understanding? And don’t forget their demands that the “understandable rage” over this, that or the other thing be understood by everyone…not that any of it justifies terrorism, exactly; but we must always go after the “root causes”, you know…

Somehow I think it would all play out very differently, especially among the politically correct crowd, who would be making very different noises than they do now.

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