August 15, 2006

Christian and Jewish campus groups "subversive"

David French over at Phi Beta Cons notes that the University of Wisconsin -- which seeks to deny various religious groups official [campus] recognition -- is getting its legal advice from a group called the Judicial Equality Foundation. The JEF bases its reasoning on the following:

We object because these groups preach the Torah or the Holy Bible to their followers. That dogma urges violence against those who do not share their beliefs, see particularly Deuteronomy 13:6-11. Groups that advocate violence to others are subversive and should not be permitted to exist, much less claim protection of the First Amendment.

You get that? Campus religious groups are subversive, for heaven's sake (pun intended). "Not permitted to exist"? Islamic groups, based on the JEF's website readings, would likely be as unwelcome as Christian or Jewish, not to mention any group which may have somewhere, deep within the bowels of some old guidebook, something which could be construed as "leading to violence." But religion is the JEF's main target. Their website states

On September 11, 2001, we began to work to eliminate terror committed in the name of religion. We applied the methods used to correct the poor judgment that leads to juvenile crime to analyze the causes of religious motivated violence.

Campus religious groups versus ... worldwide Islamic terrorism? Riiiiight.

What the JEF obviously fails to realize is that the complete literal meaning of these ancient texts is hardly advocated, at least in modern Western societies. As French writes, "Note to self: I need to tell the Christian kids at Wisconsin to avoid stoning heretics until after the controversy is resolved." Indeed. JEF's "legal advice" is laughable, but also sadly bigoted.

UPDATE: Jeff the Baptist discusses some personal experiences regarding college religious groups and universities.

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