August 14, 2006

Update: Why did the Cape Muslim family continue lawsuit?

After doing a lot of research on the 'net yesterday and today, the only conclusion I can come up with regarding the Muslim family lawsuit against the Cape Henlopen School District is that the family had reached a settlement with the district after the US Dept. of Justice got involved, but later something happened that caused them back out of the settlement and proceed with their lawsuit. I have not been able to find as yet a definitive answer why.

I went ahead and e-mailed (probably futilely) the Delaware ACLU asking them what happened to the settlement. If history is any guide, I won't get a response. I also sent out some other e-mails to those who might have (or be able to get) some info.

But how about this: Why didn't the News Journal (and consequently the NY Times) report on the initial settlement? The only legitimate reason I can think of is because there are two different families involved. But based on what I've seen, the chances of that are extremely remote. The grade of the student involved, the names of those involved, the time-frame ... are point to a single case, not different ones.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: One source has gotten back to me. No word as of yet on the revoked/reneged settlement of March 2005, but some disturbing reports of some of what went on that led to the suit (or threat of suit) in the first place. Apparently the family had three girls at the school, and aside from the "taunts such as 'no loser Muslims allowed'" and "[one of] the girls [being told] she was ugly and had an ugly name" that the News Journal reported, my source stated that one of the Muslim girls had her hair cut by other students and even worse -- one of the family's daughters (possibly the same one who had her hair cut) was at one time urinated on by another student. The school's response to these incidents, according to the source, was virtually non-existent.

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Ugh. That's awful. It's not uncommon for schools not to deal appropriately with bullying situations however.

Posted by: Anna Venger at August 16, 2006 02:08 PM