July 24, 2006


I take a small little jaunt to the beach (or the "shore" for you Pennsylvanians and Jerseyites) for three days and nothing happens around here? Either the other Colossans (Colossites? Colossoids?) were also away or had nothing to say. Hoo-rah.

I played a round of golf at the Rookery, whose pro was the Senior British Open champion two years ago. Even though it was drizzling most of the day, I carded a tie for my second-best ever score: 83. Amazingly, I was able to card that number with only two or three good drives. But my iron play was uncanny, my chips unreal and I had no three putts the entire round. Sorry if I sound like I'm bragging, but for the occasional golfer like me, an 83 is really special!

I ran into a former student of mine working at a store near the boardwalk in Rehoboth. We recognized each other right away, too! She was one of a cadre of four girls I had many years ago who were some of the best students I ever had. This girl, Lauren, informed me that two of that four had studied abroad in Spanish-speaking countries for a semester (Spain and Chile)! Wow. They're all now done college. Small world, small Delaware.

I had one of the best dishes ever at a restaurant in Lewes Saturday night. The restaurant is La Rosa Negra and the dish was veal medallions with artichoke hearts and lump crabmeat in a lemon wine sauce over angel hair pasta. I was in culinary nirvana.

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Hube, breaking 83 is easy. I was never over that when I played golf all those years ago.

We're talking 9 holes, right?

Posted by: Paul Smith Jr at July 24, 2006 09:05 PM

My grandmother used to have a beach house in Lewes and La Rosa Negra was, indeed, one of my favorite eatieries. A bit upscale, but VERY nice. The dish you had sounds divine.

Posted by: Mike M. at July 24, 2006 09:40 PM