July 20, 2006

An explanation might be nice

Check out this AOL headline:

"About time"? A little context might be nice.

A reader of Michelle Malkin notes that at least this AP story -- unlike the one used by AOL -- notes why the president hasn't addressed the group: "Julian Bond's searing rhetoric and of course the noxious James Byrd ad."

Michelle herself says Bush squandered an opportunity:

Bush could have hit back hard at the race exploiters who shamelessly accused him of hating black people and suppressing black votes and causing Hurricane Katrina.

As for the lingering existence of racism, the President could have used his platform to excoriate NAACP leftists for doing and saying nothing while liberal bigots relentlessly attack minority members of his administration and the Republican Party.

Could have. But didn't. You learn not to expect so much from a White House more concerned with La Raza, CAIR, and the NAACP than with its own base.

Posted by Felix at July 20, 2006 03:37 PM | TrackBack

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That's a quote from Bush himself, not an NAACP person....

And Felix, AOL doesn't do context. Their front page is really silly and simplistic. And, um, not news. They're like a tabloid. I see "headlines" at least once a week that, taken seriously, would be absurdly anti-liberal.

Incidentally, if those darn black groups are so horrible, as you all like to point out, why is Bush going to see them now? Funny that as everything's crumbling around him, he goes.... Way to stand on principle and not look at the polls, eh? ;)

Posted by: dan at July 21, 2006 01:01 PM