July 14, 2006

Sad "surprise": U.S. alone in supporting Israel

As usual. The U.N. condemns Israel for its actions (the U.S. vetoed the Security Council resolution), Europe calls Israel's response to Hezbollah "disproportionate." I particularly liked this line:

In fact, diplomatic sources tell NBC that Israel has been looking for an excuse to clean out Hezbollah strongholds in Lebanon after weeks of rocket attacks into Israel.

"Looking for an excuse"?? An EXCUSE?? After weeks of rocket attacks??

Be sure to check out Soccer Dad, Daled Amos, Meryl Yourish and Pajamas Media for more.

UPDATE: Benjamin Kerstein, in Israel, has more.

UPDATE 2: Hatemonger's Quarterly offers some insight in their inimitable manner.

UPDATE 3: Andy McCarthy:

Haven't you read Hamdan? Hezbollah cannot be in violation of international law over a little thing like projecting power across sovereign boundaries. After all, they are not a nation. They're just an international terrorist organization which happens to kill across continents ... for about 30 years running.

About two years ago, the so-called "World Court" (the UN's International Court of Justice) held that Israel's security fence was a violation of international law. Israel, a nation, had no right to protect itself from incursions from Palestinians because, the ICJ reasoned, the Palestinians are not a sovereign country, so those incursions were irrelevant.

Al Qaeda? They're not a nation either, so obviously the United States, a nation, should have a legal arrangement whereby al Qaeda commits world-wide mass-homicide, and in return their operatives are swaddled in the protection of international human rights law.

Welcome to the international community. Are we having fun yet?

This, sadly, is the world we get when we decide our national security problems are legal problems, and when we compound the problem by allowing the governing laws to be cooked up by transnational progressives instead of made by ourselves on the basis of what keeping us alive requires.

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Yes, but let's remember that terrorists are now accorded the exact same status as legal combatants when captured by American troops. Tell me again why they should they bother with regular armies?

Posted by: Duffy at July 14, 2006 01:30 PM

Simply put, I do not condone the way in which the Israeli state was formed in 1948. That being said -- and because Muslim crazies haven't gotten over it -- I feel Israel is totally within its rights to do what it's doing.

Posted by: Mike M. at July 14, 2006 04:57 PM

Mike: How would you have settled the British Mandate problem, then? It was an imperfect solution to a delicate matter, yes. But it involved two stateless entities which were granted statehood by the UN. One accepted, one did not -- and sought to destroy the accepting party via force. A method which hasn't changed since 1948, by the way.

Posted by: Hube at July 14, 2006 05:14 PM


Let me first say I had a really lengthy response for you yesterday...but it wouldn't take my comment. The lazy idiot that I am didn't feel like emailing it or anything...so I got over it.

That being said, I'll keep it simple: You're right and I'm wrong. I'll be over later with my bulldozer to raze your house and relocate you to Riverside! Ya dig? ;-)

Posted by: Mike M. at July 16, 2006 08:27 AM

Yeah Mike. It's that "simple."


Posted by: Hube at July 16, 2006 08:54 AM

So Palestinians WEREN'T forcibly removed and their homes razed 50-some years ago? You see, I'm on both sides. The world powers that pulled that crap then should have been castigated just like the Muslims committing these atrocious acts today should be castigated. Can you NOT lend some credence to both sides or has your "Friend of Israel" tag just gone too far? Palestinians and Arabs were REMOVED from thier land to make room for the future Israelis. Note: I didn't say "JEWS." Because, had I said "make room for the Jews," that may have been misconstrued as an anti-semetic statement, right...hehe. Anyhow, it happened. You can't excuse those actions. What we must deal with now are the crazy Muslims who haven't gotten over it. They need to get over their bitterness that their junk was taken. Israel is what it is and will stay that way. They can't do anything about it. Well, except commit acts of brutality. And that's certainly not acceptable.

Posted by: Mike M. at July 16, 2006 03:05 PM

Mike: Palestinans and Jews were both forced to live w/the imperfect solution in 1948. Both, however, were offered statehood then and there on two tracts of land. The latter accepted the deal; the former did not. And, they didn't just not accept it, they wanted the whole f***ing shebang. Then, after the 1948 war, to show what "great" friends of the Palestinians they were, Egypt and Jordan nabbed the Gaza and West Bank for themselves leaving the Palestinians still homeless.

Yeah -- I give some credence to the Palestinians and Arabs on this issue. Very little to none. The Palestinians had a home in 1948 before AND after they and the surrounding Arab states attacked newly-established Israel -- before w/the UN, and after (but Egypt and Jordan took the land). After 1967, Israel was prepared to give back just about everything they took over (Khartoum Resolutions) but again, the Arabs states said "no," on the basis of "the framework of the main principles by which the Arab States abide, namely, no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with it."

There is no need to be "even-handed" on this matter. It's SILLY to claim you're on both sides. We should back the Israelis, bottom line. And no, this doesn't mean we should excuse excesses just as we don't excuse it for our own troops. But just like the US w/regards to al Qaeda, Israelis are expected to "play by the rules" to the letter, while no one gives a shit whether Hizbollah and whoever else does. Israelis pull out of Lebanon. They pull out of Golan. Gaza. The offer Arafat 95% of the "occupied" lands back. The terror continues time and time again. The Palestinians and Arabs do not WANT a two-state solution. They want Israel for themselves, one way or another. Those who bring up mythical Arab League "peace" proposals from the 1980s and point to a 1976 UN Security Council resolution as a "peace offer" when the Palstinian "right of return" is demanded are seriously delusional. You really ought to read David Bernstein's Cult of International Law post.

Newt Gingrich on "Meet the Press" this morning said that 1 Israeli equals 500 Americans based on comparable population. He asked if Cuba launched rockets at Miami and killed 500 Americans, would you expect Americans across the land to call for a "proportionate response," or "not to 'overdo' it"? If you say "yes," you're deluding yourself.

I find your moral equivalence troubling, as well as your historical revisionism. Not to mention the neat little reference to who-know-who. But, then again, how could I forget? Everything is just a big laugh at DWA, where nothing can be discussed seriously, or w/o constant profanity.

Posted by: Hube at July 16, 2006 03:45 PM

Here's what we should have done to those pesky Jews following WWII. We should have just brought them all to the US! I'm having a difficult time finding a good kugel these days, anyhow.

What should be done -- and I've mockingly advocated this in the past -- is everything should be destroyed in the Middle East. Nuke the place. Wait a century and turn it into a tourist attraction. Or a US colony. Either works for me.

And, as for the profanity...don't worry. I'll keep it coming so you can get your fix on a daily basis! ;-)

Posted by: Mike M. at July 16, 2006 03:56 PM