July 14, 2006

Heterosexuals = "breeders"

I suppose this post could have been titled "Why Hate Crimes are a Joke, Part 7943," but ...

In Provincetown, MA, a town considered a "model" of "tolerance" and "openness," it seems there have been incidents of, well, I guess you could call it "reverse intolerance":

Town leaders here are holding a public meeting today to air concerns about slurs and bigoted behavior. And this time, they say, it's gay people who are displaying intolerance.

Police say they logged numerous complaints of straight people being called "breeders" by gays over the July Fourth holiday weekend. Jamaican workers reported being the target of racial slurs. And a woman was verbally accosted after signing a petition that opposed same-sex marriage, they said.

The town, which prizes its reputation for openness and tolerance, is taking the concerns seriously, though police say they do not consider the incidents hate crimes.

Oh, but of course! How can you rightfully charge homosexuals with hate crimes? After all, they're supposed to be protected by them!

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