July 08, 2006

Why some prefer [blogging] anonymity

There has been a slew of posts around the DE blogosphere recently debating blogger anonymity. Some think wanting anonymity is a funny joke.

Maybe those who think it's silly to want anonymity (or at least a degree of anonymity) should read this:

We all know that lefty trolls can be a real inconvenience at times, but a very special troll named Deborah Frisch has taken trolling down a very dark road. Jeff Goldstein is the very insightful conservative blogger who writes at Protein Wisdom and Dr. Frisch (did I mention she's a psych[o] professor at the University of Arizona?) has repeatedly and quite disturbing levied DEATH THREATS against Jeff's 2 year old child.

Here's a sampling of the comments "Dr." Frisch made on Goldstein's site:

[...] as I said elsewhere, if I woke up tomorrow and learned that someone else had shot you and your “tyke” it wouldn’t slow me down one iota. You aren’t “human” to me.
Ooh. Two year old boy. Sounds hot. You live in Colorado, I see. Hope no one Jon-Benets your baby. Are you still married to the woman you humped to produce the toddler?
Give your pathetic progeny (I sure hope that mofo got good genes from his mama!) a big fat tongue-filled kiss from me! LOTS AND LOTS OF SALIVA from Auntie MOONBAT, if you don’t mind! Somehow, Jeffy boy, I think you get off on the possibility of Frenching your pathetic progeny, even if it is a boy. You seem like a VERY, VERY sick mofo to me, bro.

Anna Venger, Patterico and Xrlq have more. Much more via the trackbacks at Blackfive.

UPDATE: The nutty professor has written an apology. And, she's resigned from her adjunct professorship. And, she has the gall to "feel threatened" by some comments made on other blogs about her ... so much so that she says she's contacted the FBI. Now that's chutzpah!

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