July 08, 2006

Photo ID = illegal impediment to voting

Jason at Delaware Liberal thinks the 2004 election was stolen. Part of a rational solution would be to require a photo ID before being able to cast a ballot, wouldn't 'ya think? Delaware requires it (I didn't know that). Mexico requires it. Mexico actually requires the following to register to vote: a photo, a signature and a thumbprint. Al Mascitti of WDEL radio vehemently agrees with requiring a photo ID.

But not the state of Georgia:

A Fulton County judge stopped enforcement of the state's photo voter ID law on Friday, declaring it an illegal impediment to the right to vote.

Judge Melvin K. Westmoreland said, "The right to vote is not absolute as the state can impose voter qualifications and regulate access to voting. However, it cannot unduly burden that paramount right to vote. The power to regulate elections does not justify the abridgment of the right to vote."

What's next? Not even requiring registering because using a pencil is an impediment to those with arthritis?

Former (Democratic) Governor Roy Barnes brought the suit. He "accused the Republican party of cooking up the photo ID requirement as a scheme to maintain political control and suppress the votes of poor, elderly and minority voters, who tend to cast Democratic ballots."

The state issues free ID cards to those who cannot afford them. So, how are the poor affected? How many elderly do not possess one form of photo ID? (Or, how much of an "impediment" is it to get someone to assist you in getting an ID?) And how is requiring such an ID relevant to minorities?

La Shawn Barber (a black woman, for those unfamiliar with her) has much more on that last point, including:

Last year, a group of black politicians in Georgia walked out of the Capitol building after the law was passed. Walked out because their colleagues passed a law to protect the integrity of the voting process and to make sure those eligible to vote are voting. And they invoked Jim Crow, that repugnant system of government-mandated segregation based on skin color.

They fought the law, and the law won. For now. Last month the Department of Justice approved the law, but black liberals and their white enablers are still fighting it. What a noble cause!

Such silliness conjures up images of the poor ignorant darky caricature, too unrightously indignant to realize he sounds like a shameless fool, too ignorant to understand simple instructions or ask for help, too lazy to get up and go down to the DMV to get a FREE state-issued ID, too ingratiating and bent low to see all the white folks laughing at his sorry, indignant, ignorant, lazy, unmotivated butt.

Angry. Insulted. Disgusted. These words are too weak to convey how I feel about people (especially whites) who think blacks are too stupid to follow the rules like everybody else.

I’m just…

UPDATE: An amazing bit of hypocrisy here -- the NEA (National Education Association) has come out against requiring photo ID to vote. However, they require it for their own elections! As the Education Intelligence Agency says, "Fraud in a vote for a one-year seat on the NEA Board of Directors is apparently more worrisome than fraud in a vote for President of the United States." (h/t: Right on the Left Coast.)

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