June 26, 2006

But he served, so don't question him!

Pennsylvania Rep. John Murtha is at it again -- this time claiming that the "American presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran."

Just remember though -- do NOT question Murtha. He served. Therefore, he knows better. (See here, for more on this.)

(h/t: LGF.)

UPDATE (6/28 at 12:56pm): As noted recently in the comments, the quote attributed to Murtha isn't quite accurate. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel's Gail Bulfin "admits the paper’s report was inaccurate and says a correction will be printed tomorrow."

Congressman Murtha's office responded to Bulfin's "Murtha quote" report thusly: "That was in reference to international polls. It was not so much his own conjecture, but a conclusion drawn from polls in various countries.”

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Indeed, the entire righty blogosphere seems to be pointing to this single story from the Sun-Sentinel (which interestingly has no byline). Yet it is impossible thus far to find an actual quote that's even remotely similar to the summation presented in the lead! I'd sure like to see the proof that he actuall said this, including its context.

Posted by: dan at June 26, 2006 03:36 PM

Screw Murtha and screw his service, too. Whatever good he did in the past does not outweigh sedtion today. Military service is not a lifetime pass from scrutiny on defense matters.

If it were, Duke Cunningham would still be in Congress and not in jail -- after all, his service made him infallible and unquestionable on defense matters, so the mere fact he took bribes/kickbacks is irrelvant.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at June 26, 2006 06:45 PM

Sedtion: A term of law to refer to conduct such as speech and organization that is deemed by the legal authority as tending toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often included subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent (or resistance) to lawful authority.

So now people who disagree with the President are guilty of sedition. Well who did not see that comming?

Posted by: jason at June 26, 2006 10:48 PM

Sorry, I was being polite.

I should have called it what it actually is -- treason, for his comments clearly give aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war.

And let's not forget -- Benedict Arnold was a decorated war hero, just like Kerry and Murtha.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at June 27, 2006 01:08 AM

Can we please just give Murtha an open mike? Give him 8 hours of radio time per day.

Posted by: Duffy at June 27, 2006 09:15 AM


so now I expect to see a retraction of your post now that you are the victim of a smear campaign when the alleged comments were never made.....

happy hunting.

Posted by: donviti at June 28, 2006 12:49 PM

RWR....It's amazing how quick you folks are to believe even the most obviously suspicious media reports when they support your view of certain individuals.

You can see that the article raised my suspicions the second I saw it, well before the "error" was noted anywhere else on the web. I even wrote to the reporter myself -- and she didn't write back, further arousing my suspicions. It is proof of your ideological blinders that such a hit-you-in-the-face-obvious (and possible intentional) mischaracterization was invisible to you.

Posted by: dan at July 1, 2006 02:48 PM

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