June 23, 2006

"BAMN" means what it stands for!

Via the NAS e-mail bag:

Today as a last ditch effort to try to keep the people from voting on the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming that while collecting signatures to get MCRI on the ballot we violated the Voting Rights Act. It's a frivolous claim that is meant to tie up resources and drain our funds. It should be noted that BAMN has brought these allegations to the Secretary of State, Attorney General, Michigan Court of Appeals, and the Michigan Supreme Court -- all have found these allegations to be meritless and we expect the same with the federal court.

At BAMN's press conferences today, Shanta Driver (BAMN co-chair and spokeswoman) made it clear again that when they say "by any means necessary" ... they mean it. Below is an absolutely outrageous quote from Ms. Driver, printed in Gongwer News Service.

Quote from Shanta Driver, Gongwer News Service Thursday, 6.22.06:

However, if the courts do not remove the proposal, Ms. Driver said her organization has already begun talking to city and local clerks to not put the proposal on their ballots (ballots are, in fact, printed at the county level).

Asked how clerks could legally refuse to have the proposal on a ballot, Ms. Driver said they have the "moral authority" to take a stand.

I have to wonder why BAMN is so afraid to let the people debate this issue and vote -- could it be that they know that the people of Michigan believe in fairness and in equal treatment under the law?!

Jennifer Gratz
Executive Director, MCRI
Plaintiff, Gratz v. Bollinger

You have to give to Ms. Driver some credit. Her organization's moniker is a perfect fit for its actions!

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