June 22, 2006

Ozzie Guillen (hilariously) defends his use of the "F" word

No, not the F-word, the F-word that means "male homosexual." The Chicago White Sox manager called sports columnist Jay Mariotti a "fag" in one of his notable tirades recently. Mariotti, a frequent visitor to ESPN shows, said on that network today that he really didn't care much what Guillen said about him.

But, of course, in today's world there's rarely a greater sin than Guillen's epithet. This incident will garner more self-righteous coverage than Guillen sending to the minors one of his pitchers who failed to hit an opposing batter. Indeed, just check out the Chicago Sun-Times' Roman Modrowski whose headline is "This time, Ozzie HAS gone too far." Modrowski, who defended Guillen when the manager ripped pitcher Tracey, now writes

I defended Ozzie Guillen after the Sean Tracey episode. I don't think he should have been so public about it, but that was a baseball matter and I trust Guillen's baseball instincts. And I love his candor. But this name-calling stuff with Jay Mariotti is classless and out of line.

And Guillen knows better. Saying the connotation of "fag" is different in Venezuela than it is in this country is ridiculous.

The worst thing about this whole matter is I can just see kids calling each other a bleeping fag because that's what their favorite manager said.

Oh, as opposed to a kid beaning an opposing batter and possibly causing serious injury? Riiiiight. Look, I agree that Guillen should be sanctioned, but let's keep our perspective.

At any rate, back to the title of this post: What is hilarious about Guillen's self-defense is this comment:

Guillen also defended himself by saying “that he has gay friends, goes to WNBA games, went to the Madonna concert and plans to attend [next month’s] Gay Games in Chicago.”

He forgot to throw in there that he "likes interior decorating, watches 'Will & Grace' and loved 'Brokeback Mountain!'"


UPDATE (9:21am on 6/23): Guillen has been ordered to take "sensitivity training." Oh brother.

Does anyone recall if Chicago Cubs skipper Dusty Baker had to undergo such "re-education"? I don't think he did.

Posted by Hube at June 22, 2006 10:15 AM | TrackBack

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I was flat out wrong on the CBS/China story.

CBS sucks.

Posted by: jason at June 22, 2006 11:32 AM

I dunno, Hube. Yeah, I actually do think that unintentionally encouraging bigotry (though I think Guillen is far more dopey loudmouth jock than evil fellow) is worse than the beaning thing.

You really think kids out there who love the game of baseball needed the Tracey incident to be let in on that little baseball "secret??" And yeah, I do think they're more likely to call their fellow little leaguers "fag" than to bean them for no reason.

Posted by: dan at June 22, 2006 11:41 AM

Wow, what a surprise, dan.

If beaning is "no secret," certainly neither is teen males calling others "fag." Your thinking the latter is "worse" is just, as I said, PC nonsense.

Let's see ... possible serious physical injury vs. feelings hurt? Hmm ....


Posted by: Hube at June 22, 2006 11:52 AM

I said "more likely!" I think we're dealing with 2 issues here.

Yes, I think it's more likely that the Guillen fag thing would cause kids to say fag than the Guillen beaning thing will cause kids to bean.

I obviously don't think that if all kids started saying "fag" and all kids started throwing baseballs at each other, that the former is worse. Perhaps that's the only point you were trying to make the first place, in which case we agree. But I'm also saying that your scenario is less of a probability.

Posted by: dan at June 22, 2006 12:16 PM

I guess the liberal in me finds it funny when people get all offended by a word.....

aren't you more affended by something if it is something you don't want to be associated with?

Posted by: donviti at June 22, 2006 12:34 PM

Speaking as someone who dislikes both Mariotti and Guillen, I found this kind of funny. Not the initial insult, which is just Guillen's normal moronishness. (I invented a word!!)

The defense, as Hube pointed out, is friggin' hilarious. Could he have been more offensive in trying not to offend?

Posted by: Paul Smith at June 22, 2006 01:40 PM

Did you see his reaction to his fine and being told to go to sensitivity training? He mocked it, and said he wouldn't learn anything and again insulted Mariotti.

It's getting to the point where he must want to be suspended.

Posted by: Paul Smith at June 23, 2006 12:03 PM

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