June 19, 2006

Man, what is going on??

It's happened yet again: Dover teacher facing multiple sex charges.

On June 7, a school resource officer began investigating the complaint from one of Savage's students.

The student told investigators that sometime in July 2005 he was left alone in Dover High's choral room with Savage, who handed him a box containing trophies. While the boy was holding the box, Savage kissed him on the mouth, police said in court records.

Between July and December, the student frequented Savage's house to practice choral selections, according to court records. While the two were at Savage's home in December, the teacher showed the boy a pornographic TV program called "Pornocopia," police said.

The youth told investigators Savage pinched his nipples at least nine times at Dover High between July 2005 and June 2006 and caressed his buttocks twice, according to court records. Around December or January, Savage offered the boy money if he would let Savage perform oral sex on him, court records said, but the boy refused. Savage also asked for a picture of the boy's genitals, court records said.


What do you think, though -- is there really an epidemic of teachers doing this sort of stuff with students, or it is just being more widely reported?

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Not to stoke the no longer smoldering fires of the PolitaKid vs. Cormier debate, but who thinks the News Journal blog will make a bunch of jokes about this statuatory rape?

Posted by: RickJ at June 19, 2006 09:01 AM

It's reported more. I know several people who were molested by teachers many years ago. While I was not molested, I have had teachers make passes at me and say inappropriate stuff. What seventh grade girl wants to be told daily how sexy she is by some middle-aged man? Gross.

There are two reasons why people want to work with kids. Because they love children and because they really luuuuv children (the latter to be read with lascivious intonations).

Posted by: Anna Venger at June 19, 2006 11:22 AM

I gotta say, I think it's both. We've "defined deviancy down" in America today, most especially in areas of sexuality. It should be no surprise that as the line of what is morally acceptable has moved, more people are engaging in some truly awful activity. And forcing yourself on a teenager and then asking them to prostitute themselves is certainly a shining example of deviancy.

However, the greater openness about sexual matters has a good effect in that this sort of behavior might have been covered up in the past, including by the victim. Now that these issues are more prominent, he and other victims will get the justice and healing he needs and deserves.

Posted by: Paul Smith at June 19, 2006 09:49 PM

Good answer, Paul. For a second, there, I thought you were going to say stuff like this is happening because "we've taken God out of the classrooms!" hehe

Posted by: Mike M. at June 20, 2006 12:32 PM

Good points, Paul.

We have indeed defined deviancy down. With the line bet right and wrong being blurred, people may be treading into territory that before would have been unthinkable.

Posted by: Anna Venger at June 20, 2006 03:10 PM

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