June 17, 2006

Check it: Right-wing PC!

The Miami-Dade School Board recently voted, 6-3, to ban the book Vamos a Cuba and its English-language counterpart "against the recommendation of two review committees and the school system's superintendent."

The cover of the book shows smiling Cuban children in the uniform of the Pioneers, the Communist youth group to which every Cuban student must belong. The 32-page book describes July 26, a Cuban national holiday that celebrates a historic day in Fidel Castro's revolution, as a carnival where people dance and sing. Critics also found misleading a page reading, "People in Cuba eat, work, and go to school like you do."

"This is a very simplistic portrayal of all of the countries in the series because it's intended for our youngest readers," said Joseph Garcia, a spokesman for Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Superintendent Rudy Crew. "Complex subjects like Communism are not addressed."

But Juan Amador, the parent who made the complaint, said the book depicted Cuba as a paradise.

"It portrays a life in Cuba that does not exist and omits a lot of facts," Mr. Amador said. "Such a book should not be accessible to our children."

So what if the book depicts Cuba as a "paradise"? So what if Communism isn't addressed? (It's a kid's book!) So what if the book omits a lot of facts? For this we're supposed to become all Fahrenheit 451-ish and ban books? For goodness sake, as the ACLU points out (getting one right for a change), "the book was optional reading material and not a required textbook." This is a very good point as required school textbooks -- especially in the social studies -- are chock full of factual omissions (and outright errors) and non-coverage of important issues. Should these be banned too?

Just as silly leftist PCers attempt to silence critics of philosophies with which they agree, the Miami-Dade Board is following their piss-poor example. Conservatives and Libertarians should decry this school board just as they blast campus (and lower ed.) radicals.

The best solution would be to purchase some books that counter the scenario presented in Vamos a Cuba.

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What are you talking about Hube? Almost of of the world's ills have been solved by book banning!

Since they took Huckleberry Finn out of school libraries, there has been almost no racism! Open your eyes!


Posted by: RickJ at June 18, 2006 06:53 AM

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