June 15, 2006

Dictatorship imminent

Not a surprise, really (except to the usual suspects): Chavez Threatens to Shut Down Venezuelan TV Stations. As Publius Pundit notes, Chavista "logic" is on full display:

“We can’t keep giving concessions to a group of people who use television stations against us,'’ Chavez said in a televised speech in Caracas.

“They hide behind a supposed freedom of speech,'’ said Chavez, who was wearing a green army uniform and red beret. “I don’t care what the oligarchs of the world say. We’ve shown that we aren’t authoritarian or arbitrary.'’

"Not authoritarian," eh? Sounds like Uncle Hugo needs to learn a certain four digit book title, especially one of its more [in]famous terms.

Hugo also seems to be a fan of this movie, with similar sentiment quoting the following: "Soldiers, this rifle is your new girlfriend. A real soldier loves his rifle.''

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