June 15, 2006

That's what we've said

Ezra Levant, writing in the The Calgary Sun (h/t to Overlawyered), nails the problem with "hate crimes" legislation to a tee:

But hate laws aren't really about hate.

They're about abusing and stretching the criminal code to criminalize political dissidents. And, for whatever reason, radical Islam has been granted a special exemption by the arbiters of political correctness.

Levant writes about David Ahenakew, a Native American who made some stupid remarks about Jews and admiration of Adolph Hitler. He was convicted for a "hate crime," but the conviction has been temporarily set aside. This has ticked off "human rights" groups.

Levant finds this sadly humorous:

The proper response by colleagues, the public and the government should have been to rebut his absurd claims or ignore him.

He should have been socially marginalized by polite company, as any bigoted buffoon should be. But to criminalize such harmless dissension is an affront to the Canadian belief in the right to be wrong.

Canada has real hate crimes to worry about, and real anti-Semites to battle who are far more dangerous than an old man in the prairies. We've got 17 or more men arrested in Toronto for allegedly plotting to blow up the CN Tower, storm the CBC and Parliament, and behead the PM, all because of a hateful philosophy of jihadism.

Where are the hate crime charges there?

Why wasn't the head of the Canadian Islamic Congress, Mohamed Elmasry, charged with a hate crime when he went on TV last year, stating that every adult Jew in Israel -- which would include pregnant women, old men, young folks at a pizza parlour or dance club -- are legitimate targets for Palestinian terrorism?

Surely that was a lot more specific than the tired ramblings of old Ahenakew. Ahenakew has some politically correct Teflon -- he is aboriginal -- but Elmasry can trump that poker hand: He's a brown-skinned Muslim from Egypt who speaks with an accent.

I've written about Canada's hate crimes law here. They're incredibly overbroad and just waiting to be abused by the "right" people. But "hate crimes" statutes anywhere are virtually always selectively enforced.

Either enforce them across the board or ditch 'em.

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An honest question here Felix, don't freak out on me.

...radical Islam has been granted a special exemption by the arbiters of political correctness.

Who are these arbiters he talking about ? Any links? And what radicals are being granted this special exemption ? Are we talking Canadian radicals?

Or, does this go back to that U.N.C thing where the prosecutor decided to get the guy on the much more serious charge of attempted murder instead of hate crime.

Posted by: jason at June 16, 2006 04:46 PM

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