June 10, 2006

Those "consistent" Dems

Democrats, who recently filed suit to keep Tom DeLay's name on the Texas ballot for the upcoming congressional election, are now attempting to get their candidate off the ballot in Alabama? Why? Because he can't win:

A teacher fired for showing profane videos to his students won a seat on the State Democratic Executive Committee. But party members say Steve White won't serve out his term.

White won the race for State Democratic Executive Committee District 4 Tuesday night.

White is also running in a separate election. White is a democratic candidate for the District 4 seat on the House of Representatives.

Brian Oakes, chairman of the Democratic Party, says White has been asked to step down.

"The Democratic party has asked him to withdraw his name. There's not been a response by him in relation to that request," says Oakes.

Greg at Rhymes With Right sums it up perfectly:

I do wish the Donks would make up their mind about replacing candidates.

Torricelli out, Lautenberg in -- fine, even though the statutory deadline had passed.

DeLay out, someone else in -- go to court to stop it, even though it complies with all aspects of state law.

Steve White not willing to drop out -- throw him off the ballot anyway because he is an embarassment who will lose the election.

There is no principle at work among the Democrats -- simply raw political calculation.

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