June 03, 2006

Why they're now a "fave read"

It's because they make strong, logical points, and lace it with sarcasm and humor. Today's case in point:

Imagine the following hypothetical scenario, dear reader. Numerous groups of Mexican terrorists—whom the mainstream media deem "militants"—routinely fire rockets into the southern United States as part of an effort to de-legitimize Texas and compel Americans to give the second-largest state back to Mexico. The Mexican government, meanwhile, is in league with these terrorists, and thus won't stop them.

Now, here's the question: Exactly how long would it take the United States to put a stop to this? In how many minutes would the US Army take to northern Mexico to kill and/or capture these brutes? If you ask us, the answer is: Faster than you can say "burrito."

In addition, we firmly believe that no one in his right mind would consider a targeted strike at such hypothetical Mexican terrorists tantamount to "aggression." But, naturally, no one in his right mind believes that the lovable scamps in Hamas are in their right mind.

Israel, which routinely is the recipient of such rocket strikes -- even now after they've abandoned the formerly occupied Gaza Strip -- has often shown remarkable restraint in dealing with the attacks. (Speaking of "restraint," just recall Israel's reaction to Saddam Hussein launching numerous Scud missiles into the country during the Gulf War.) Of course, Israel normally retaliates in kind when shelled by [Hamas] rockets. But here's the chuckler: Regarding Israel's latest act of retaliation, here's what the Palestinian prime minister, Ismail Haniya, did: he condemned "the Israeli policy of aggression against our people."

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