June 02, 2006

8 people in 5 years = "problem"

Tim Blair reports on the New York Times' idiocy (ain't too hard to do, actually) regarding a class-action suit by Muslim/Arab-Americans. The Times writes:

A number of American Muslims similarly upset by how federal agents treated them and their families are seeking relief through the courts. About eight men with Muslim or Arab roots are joining a suit already filed last year by the American Civil Liberties Union ... The problem has become such a part of being a Muslim American that some comedians have built routines around it.

Blair responds:

Eight men. Coming up on five years since 9/11, only eight men are pursuing legal action over travel issues. That's how the NYT decides when something qualifies as a problem: comedians build a routine around it. Prepare for a 15-part NYT series on airline food.

Hell, just recall the constant stories the Times ran on Martha Burke's crusade against the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia. The Times is a master at creating controversy and societal "problems" ... where there really ain't none.

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