May 31, 2006

Local op-ed on Israel, Palestinians

... that makes a lot of sense. Howard Berlin, originally of Wilmington now living in Jerusalem, writes:

When it comes to Israel, there always seems to be a double standard. Many nations found it morally justified to boycott South Africa about 20 years ago, and businesses involved with it, to force changes in its apartheid laws. But when the United States, Israel and the European Union try to use similar economic leverage to force Hamas to change its policies about wanting to destroy Israel, Palestinians cry foul and blame Israel as the root cause of all their problems.

... What Hamas and especially Fatah don't want the world to remember is their economic troubles go much further back than the January elections and the economic boycott. The trouble, almost all of it self-induced, goes back to the biggest goniff of them all: Yasser Arafat. As chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization and president of the Palestinian Authority, he ran the PA unchallenged from its inception in 1994.

Berlin goes on to note that Arafat's net worth ranged from $200 million to $6 billion. He ends with

And there is a reported allowance of $22 million annually from the Palestinian Authority for the rest of Mrs. Arafat's life, approved by Mahmoud Abbas and then-Prime Minister Ahmed Queria in 2004.

With all this Palestinian money squandered and stolen by one of their own, Palestinian Health Minister Bassem Naim recently had the chutzpah to appeal for $4.3 million for health care in the Palestinian territories to prevent a "humanitarian and health disaster." The United States, European Union, Israel and United Nations should demand guarantees that before one dollar is handed over, Palestinians will apply the same energy and resources they have been using to manipulate world opinion to recover the money Arafat stole from them.

The West should directly provide all humanitarian aid. The PA must terminate payment for Suha Arafat's lavish lifestyle, and stop paying reparations to families of homicide bombers.

When the Palestinian Authority government has shown it can be fiscally responsible, then the world will respond in kind.

Don't make too much sense, Mr. Berlin. You'll really upset the perpetual Israel-blamers!

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This must be to compensate her for having his kid.

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