May 23, 2006

You are pu**ies

The second largest ego in the Delaware blogosphere, Down With Absolutes' Jaime, writes that her mother once noted that her generation are "all pussies."

So, I'm bitching with Mom on the phone, going off about Iraq and gun control, and the erosion of my civil rights, and she says, "You know what your problem is Jaime?"
"You and your buddies?"
"You're all pussies."
"Look, I gotta go."

Newsflash: Your mom is pretty much on the nose, Jaime. After all, consider what you wrote:

My mom's a cool chick. Catholic, Cuban, strangely Liberal. She's a little on the strict side (the Catholic), but Mom was at Woodstock, marched on Washington, knew Panthers and Peaceniks, and lived down the street from Holly Maddox and that wackjob Ira Einhorn.

There was a war going on then, obviously -- the Vietnam War. It was protested widely -- and with good reason. Y'see, there was a thing called the draft then, and people were highly irritated about being drafted into the army to fight in a far-away land that had really very little to do with United States national security. In addition, that draft did not apply to those who were in college, making Vietnam a true class war: couldn't afford college, you're in the army, like it or not. THAT'S something to be pissed off at.

Second, you mention the Panthers, as in the Black Panthers. The Panthers came into being for another good reason: Black Americans had finally gotten fed up with being second-class citizens. Hence the true Civil Rights Movement came into being, led by icons Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, among others.

So you see, your mother and her generation protested things that directly affected their way of life ... things that were remarkably less nebulous than what we see today. They didn't have to make issues. They were there. Her generation deserves a lot of thanks (not exclusively so, however, but that's another post) in that the draft no longer exists and Black Americans are indeed equal citizens before the law.

Why didn't all those [early] protests about the Iraq War bring about changes like we witnessed about 'Nam in the 60s-70s? The answer is, again: Jaime and her generation 1) aren't threatened by the draft to have to go fight in it, and 2) people recognize (less so now, certainly) that Iraq not only violated its agreements under the UN and the armistice of the 1991 Gulf War, but also that it is connected with the larger "War on Terror." (I happen to be against the war for the reasons stated here.) History is still out on the final judgment re: Iraq, but it surely wasn't the Gucci-leftist protestors that changed the public's mind about the conflict.

Unlike Black Americans' great struggles in the 50s and 60s, Jaime's generation would have you believe that the next "great" civil rights battle is immigration. We've recently witnessed "massive" protests in favor of giving illegal immigrants the right to stay and work here, among other nuggets. And racial preferences are now "civil rights," recently demonstrated in the imbroglio surrounding the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative.

"Protest enough," Jaime? Against what? These? Good luck getting large numbers of people to come out and "change the world" on giving illegal immigrants citizenship rights, and enshrining racial preferences (to "preferred" minorities) as "civil rights." And people aren't lining the streets to protest Iraq as an "illegal war" or "it's a war for oil" premise -- it's because of the way the current administration has botched the job that people are more and more fed up with it. There's a big difference. Gun control? The problem there is that rational thinkers realize that people should have a right to defend themselves, hence little protests. Oh yeah, and there's this thing called the Second Amendment. And then, there's the typical "erosion of civil rights." There's even fewer to protest that inanity, mainly because your generation enjoys more civil rights than any other before it!

Your generation is soft, James dear. You and the Hilfiger-liberal crowd constantly attempt to think up the next big "revolutionary gear" that'll motivate people, all the while sipping your lattes while surfing the 'Net at the nearest café, in between cell calls to plan your weekend. If you have to "think up" the next "movement," that's a problem right there.

Your generation has it the best of any that preceded it in America, James, and it has indeed made you pu**ies. No longer do you walk to school; you get dropped off, even though you live less than a mile away. No longer do you merely play outside; you join an organized sports league. You expect A's for average or poor school work, and if you don't get satisfaction, mommy or daddy will "take care of it." If that doesn't suffice, there's always the lawsuit route. Don't take all this too harshly, though.

Mike driving down to Seaford to take some photos and [hopefully] piss off a bunch of complete loonies in no way even compares to your mother's generation, Jaime (no offense to Mike, especially). It's an insult to it, actually. Again, your mom's generation went after the establishment that directly affected them -- indeed, threatened their lives in many cases. What does your generation go after -- lower gas prices? The "racists" that want to secure the border? C'mon.

Now I know it's inevitable that Jaime and others will scream, "WELL, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE MR. CONSERVATIVE HATER??" The answer is: certainly not protest anything as ridiculous as what I noted above. And, I could bore you with references of what I do and have done regarding things on which I wanted action taken. But to what purpose? The point is that Jaime believes she and her generation aren't pu**ies and my claim is that they are -- especially compared to her mother's generation. My generation (approx. in between Jaime's and her mom's) are pu**ies compared to her mom's generation. It could be considered a natural progression.

Jaime continues:

... when my educated, aware friends and I start thinking that laughing it up at Stephen Colbert at the Corresponadant’s Debacle is protest enough, maybe we’re complicit in this madness more than we realize. Are we relying on John Stewart to change the world? Is MTV ever really going to get a kid to vote? Are we blogging and bitching thinking it’s really going to change anything at all?

Or, perhaps you're going about it all wrong. Maybe your whole premise is erroneous. Perhaps there isn't any -- or much -- "madness" that warrants your and your "educated, aware" friends' attention. Perhaps you make it "madness" to give yourselves some sort of justification.

Here's a hint, James: Don't worry about people's perceptions about what you do or what you are, or what you don't do or what you aren't. If even a fraction of the stuff you claim you do is accurate, you already do more than a whole hell of a lot of regular folk. No need to brag or be concerned with who knows it. Just do it. And realize that many others are also doing it -- they're just not making a big deal out of it, nor pondering why more aren't doing it too.

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Isn't it funny how real wisdom can be distilled down to so few words? No sessions with the shrink, no need for a shelf of self-help books, just a good old-fashioned, succinct, shoprt and sweet sound bite delivered with perfect timing.

Posted by: aj lynch at May 23, 2006 07:46 PM

great comparison of the two wars. You left out the lies that got us into this one. Or did you find the WMD's and Al Qaeda while you were over there?

Posted by: donviti at May 24, 2006 04:34 PM

don: I knew it was only a matter of time before your jason-clone self would weasle back in here.

I'm not about to rehash the whole WMDs and al Qaeda "lie" business. You "know" they were lies. This, despite the reliance on bad intel (WMDs) and an outright falsehood (no connections to al Qaeda). Geez, do you find no solace that a con hater like me is against the war? No -- I have to agree with your reasons for being against it! Man, if we only had listened to the UN! (What, were they too busy getting ready to send peacekeepers to Darfur? Oops, never mind.)

Of course, there was a thing called the Gulf of Tonkin incident back during 'Nam....

Posted by: Hube at May 24, 2006 04:42 PM

You and the Hilfiger-liberal crowd constantly attempt to think up the next big "revolutionary gear" that'll motivate people

Hube, I agree with much of what you write here. But you're dead wrong that there aren't massive things to protest and fight like hell against for the current generation. Folks are simply picking the wrong ones. There is a revolution to be had, but it's a different kind of revolution.

There should be protests in the streets demanding that BOTH parties stop bending over for corporate interests, particularly the oil industry, and start representing the people. Americans should be protesting absurd Executive salaries from the same companies that tell Congress that increasing gas mileage on cars is just too darn expensive. People should be shouting from the rooftops that it's been proven time and time again that happy, insured, reasonably compensated workers are more productive and make more money for their bosses. They ought to be screaming bloody murder about the uninsured, deficit spending, lack of government accountability, voting machines that can be hacked into, and -- yes, sorry -- the environment. I'm among those wacky leftists who wants cleaner air and water, and for companies to go about their perfectly lovely capitalist affairs with a sense of social and environmental responsibility -- as some VERY profitable companies already do.

It's time to stop thinking about the social issues that are chic or "hot-button" -- because in fact, you're right, they're not the same as they were a generation ago. Certainly things have improved.

It's time to start thinking about the shit that actually has the potential to destroy us.

Posted by: dan at May 24, 2006 08:40 PM

You make some good points, dan. However, obviously things aren't that bad. Yet. But they certainly have the potential to be, I agree.

Posted by: Hube at May 24, 2006 08:58 PM

I like to visit the otherside...keeps me honest and it can be said I don't read different opinions.

I don't know about the weasel part....but hey if it fits go with it.

Posted by: donviti at May 25, 2006 11:09 AM

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