May 20, 2006

Euro human "rights" include privacy for wanted criminals

"Detectives across the country are refusing to issue 'wanted' posters for [foreign ex-criminals in flight from police] because they do not want to breach human rights laws. Forces said that the offenders had a right to privacy and might sue for defamation if their names and photographs were released." (Link.)

Even notoriously multiculti PC Euros are getting fed up with such nonsense. The Telegraph (UK) reports that Tony Blair's government is under increasing pressure to reform or even ditch the Human Rights Act, especially since it

was blamed last week for a murder by a serial sex attacker and for a court ruling that nine asylum seekers who hijacked an aeroplane cannot be sent home to Afghanistan.

(I like that term -- "aeroplane"!)

Like a true politician, Conservative Party leader David Cameron has said he'll "order a review of the law if he is elected and will consider rewriting the legislation or even abolishing it."

And no wonder -- the Metropolitan Police has said:

"Anyone who is wanted on any offence has the right to privacy." Greater Manchester Police said: "We could not be sure about putting out information now without possibly defaming somebody." The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) says in its guidance to forces: "Article 8 of the Human Rights Act gives everyone the right to respect for their private and family life... and publication of photographs could be a breach of that."

Like a true-blue "I Know Better-Than-You-Liberal," Charles Clarke, who was recently ditched as Home Secretary over the freed foreign prisoners matter, said he "didn't lose any sleep over it."

"My sleeping was completely normal, fortunately I'm not worried by sleepless nights. Sleepless nights occur when there are things which are genuinely exercising your worry."

Of course Clarke probably doesn't have to worry much considering his political and monetary status. And liberals are supposed to worry about the "little guy."


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