May 11, 2006

File Under: I Have No Life

Michael Cohn was miffed last Mother's Day when he was denied a red tote bag at an Angels game. "Cohn's class-action claim in Orange County Superior Court alleges that thousands of males and fans under 18 were 'treated unequally' at a 'Family Sunday' promotion last May and are entitled to $4,000 each in damages."

Angel officials said Cohn's was the only complaint about the giveaway.

This year's Family Sunday promotion, to be held this weekend, will not specifically cater to women 18 and older. The first 25,000 fans — male or female — 18 or older will be given a red "Mother's Day Ladies Tote Bag."
[Cohn attorney Alfred] Rava said the giveaway still violated some fans' civil rights because those under 18 will be denied a bag based on their age.

The next great civil rights battle: baseball stadium giveaways.

Cohn, who's a psychologist, apparently wasn't satisfied by the four tote bags the Angels sent him after he sent his complaint.

My advice to Cohn: lay down in your own couch, fella.

(h/t: Patterico.)

Posted by Hube at May 11, 2006 08:45 PM | TrackBack

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Did ya ever think that people do dumb shit because it's rewarded by getting them into the "news," and on blogs like this? ;)

He should really be suing about the confusion surrounding his team's damn name. California... Anaheim... Los Angeles Angels "of Anaheim"... who has the energy to keep up!! That's what's got to stop, man.

Posted by: dan at May 11, 2006 09:16 PM

Hey Hube--- is "DUTCH" your wife or a co-worker using your computer, or are you just lamely trying to pretend someone else is pretending to defend you on my site? ;)

I may not be a hacker, but I can certainly match up a couple IP's on my commenting program!

Posted by: dan at May 11, 2006 11:23 PM

dan: Please don't give any more "ammo" to the DE paranoid set! That, I surely don't need! :-)

No, unequivocally, "Dutch" is not me. I've no reason to comment under an assumed name. If you check to see the origin of the IP in question, it covers a very large quantity of people. (I know of "Dutch's" IP# via a past comment -- which was vulgarly funny and sadly had to delete -- as well as via e-mail.)

I like to consider myself fairly web/tech savvy, and I'm not so dense as to not know about IP addies -- especially static vs. flexible!

Posted by: Hube at May 12, 2006 08:30 AM


Haven't you heard? Men who accessorize are SOOOO in right now! This man may indeed have a substantial case against the team. Besides, "girlie-men" are commonplace in California.

Posted by: Mike M. at May 12, 2006 02:36 PM

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