May 08, 2006

Including Inclusion

Students at the New School in Manhattan are showing the world what "inclusion" means by attempting to revoke the school's invitation for Senator John McCain (R-AZ) to speak at their commencement ceremony.

Harper Keenan, a sophomore, has helped organize the dissent. “In all of our classes we’re taught the value of inclusion of all people,” he said, “and we’re taught to question our leaders.”

Um, Harper? I'm pretty sure "inclusion" would include listening to what John McCain has to say, and questioning him while at the podium after the speech would be highly unusual since most commencement speeches don't have a question and answer period. This could be, Harper, one of those times your parents (or maybe your grandparents) told you about when life sucks and you don't get what you want.

Now, to The New School's credit, former Senator Bob Kerrey, the school's President, is defending the choice of McCain to speak because he doesn't see McCain as "hostile to the gay community" as claimed by a freshman at the school, Anthony Szczurek.

Kerrey added that “John McCain isn’t anti-homosexual.… He has not supported federal legislation” restricting gay marriage, he said. “We have very good policies that make our campus very welcoming.... I don’t think his presence subtracts from that.”

I like the way that Kerrey says that the school has "very good policies that make our campus very welcoming," and he doesn't think that McCain speaking there will screw that up. Good grief. No, Mr. Kerrey, McCain's presence does not "subtract" from your "very welcoming" campus, but the school's faculty and the students do.

And is McCain actually "hostile to the gay community?" That's another interesting issue to explore. McCain is against a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and he believes in a state's right to make their own decision on the issue. That's the same position held by John Kerry and Bill Clinton. I wonder if Anthony Szczurek, freshman at the New School, would be against one of those fine politicians speaking at the ceremony? Bill Clinton even went as far as to sign "The Defense of Marriage Act" which defines marriage as between one man and one woman and made it so Delaware doesn't have to legally recognize a marriage forged in Massachusetts. Now that doesn't smack of gay friendliness, does it?

Frankly, for a school that charges $800.00 a credit and allegedly teaches "inclusion" in "all" classes, I was expecting a little more tolerance.

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