May 03, 2006

"Anti-immigrant" folk place their votes

Who would have thought? Voters exercising their right to be heard:

Herndon (VA) voters yesterday unseated the mayor and Town Council members who supported a bitterly debated day-labor center for immigrant workers in a contest that emerged as a mini-referendum on the turbulent national issue of illegal immigration.

Residents replaced the incumbents with a group of challengers who immediately called for significant changes at the center. Some want to bar public funds from being spent on the facility or restrict it to workers residing in the country legally. Others want it moved to an industrial site away from the residential neighborhood where it is located.

They WHAAAAT?? Residents actually have the unmitigated gall to want to restrict the center to workers who are in the country LEGALLY?? Don't they know that they're not "illegal immigrants" but "free trade refugees"? "Undocumented workers"?

Get it straight you conservatives and others who still think and use the term "illegal immigrant/alien." You need to change your way of thinking -- and do it NOW -- or you are a "racist," "xenophobe" and "ethnocentrist." You must realize that to even consider opposition to what modern leftists believe (on this and other matters) means that you are not a good person. You're evil. You're not worth debating or talking to, at least not in a calm, reasonable discussion, for divergence from the "correct" point of view is utter sacrilege. Or "emotional blackmail." Any acquaintances and friendships must he halted and/or dissolved if any deviation from the "correct" belief is perceived.

It seems the local blogosphere is getting a crash course in said "education."

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