April 29, 2006

"Nothing Gringo"

While some [Hispanics] who advocate amnesty for all illegal immigrants currently residing in the US refer to those who disagree as "racists," it's comical to then see how their Latin American brethren are showing support from the home countries:

Question: Is the Great American Boycott just in the United States?

Answer: "It's grown to be international," said Carlos Alvarez, an organizer with the Answer Coalition in California. He explained that Latin Americans have promised to join the boycott from their homelands. In Mexico, the movement is called "Nothing Gringo."

Oho! "Gringo," eh? "Gringo" has historically been a derogatory term for Americans. It's certainly less so now (I never take offense at the term, but mainly that's because it's never been uttered at me in hostility. At least that I can recall!), but it's hard to believe it has an "endearing" quality when applied to a boycott of anything associated with the United States.

Another racial double standard?

UPDATE (30 April at 7:50am): Wait, I do recall an instance of being on the receiving end of the "gringo" epithet. Can't believe I forgot it. It was when I was a college junior studying in Costa Rica, and several of my buddies and I were walking down a street in central San José, the capital. An old woman street vendor saw us and yelled "Fueran los gringos del Salvador!" ("Gringos/Americans get out of El Salvador!") The best Spanish speaker among us calmly turned to her and said, "No estamos EN El Salvador, Señora." ("We aren't IN El Salvador, ma'am," meaning, of course, specifically us!)

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