April 23, 2006

Costa Rica: Top Ten in world eco-tourism

I kind of figured it'd make the cut; I'd be sorely disappointed if it didn't! From the editors of ShermansTravel.com via MSNBC:

Costa Rica’s renowned back-to-nature ethos has helped make the country virtually synonymous with the concept of ecotourism. Adroitly leveraging the extraordinary natural and cultural wealth it packs into its small swath of Central American territory, it’s more than held true to the moniker Christopher Columbus gave it – Costa Rica meaning "Rich Coast." Said riches include four active (but not dangerous) volcanoes; an abundance of fecund rainforests (with some so high up they’re actually wreathed in clouds); thermal hot springs; more than 750 miles of fetching and often-uncrowded beaches; the Amazon-like Tortuguero preserve complete with jungle lodges; and abundant wildlife from monkeys to sea tortoises. Plenty of adventure outfitters will take you whitewater rafting, hiking, scuba diving, rock-climbing, and lots more – with choices like these, you'll need to harness your natural energies, too.

If you ever get a chance to visit CR, do it. You won't be let down!

UPDATE (24 April at 4:10pm): Ego-maniac Jaime has her own post in response to this one over at Down With Absolutes! Just be sure to read my comments in response, which serve to mellow out her radical "goodness."

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Cost Rica does beckon me and it seems, from my research, fairly reasonable cost wise. Certainly the unique natural beauty, that you describe, even for the non adventurous makes it especially appealing.

Posted by: Fred at April 23, 2006 11:40 AM

Uncrowded beaches? I'm in.

Posted by: The Unabrewer at April 23, 2006 07:47 PM

Yeah, Costa Rica is Disneyland! As a matter of fact, I think *everybody* should go there, particularly rich, white, Americans out for a good time, to support unckecked and unregulated tourism practices, and contribute significantly to spoiling an already delicate ecosystem in the name of our God-given right to vacation.

Let's see how fast we can turn pristine natural landscape essential to the function of the world's ecosystem into Atlantic City.

Eco-tourism my ass. Join a conservation group and stop some of the most deregulated and destructive logging practices on the planet that destroy millions of species a year. That'll keep you busy on vacation. And you can look at all the pretty trees, too. Ugh.

Posted by: Jaime Anne Earnest at April 23, 2006 11:37 PM

Rich White Americans? I thought they were all supposed to go vacation in Paris with John Heinz-Kerry and learn how to run a truly enlightened country? Isn't eco-tourism more for granola-crunching types, who are more likely to respect the ecospheres to which they travel? Gosh, I guess I need to update my stereotypes.

"Take only pictures, leave only footprints."
-Boy Scout Handbook

Posted by: G Rex at April 24, 2006 12:05 PM

Well, congrats on buying into the sterotype, G-rex. Why don't you go to your local ravel agent and find out how much a vaca in CR is going to cost you, compared to less "sensitive" destinations like London or Cancun, and get back to me. You're eating the packaging of the tourism industry whole, which is specifically what they want you to do.

Posted by: Jaime Anne at April 24, 2006 01:21 PM

Jaime Anne, please adjust your sarcasm filter, okay? The word "gosh" should have been at least a hint.

Posted by: G Rex at April 24, 2006 04:14 PM

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