April 19, 2006

Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week

Robert Molaison of Newark is this week's winner with his letter "State could make more money by taxing fast food."

Gov. Minner wants to again raise the tax on cigarettes. Delaware still has bad air pollution from industry here.

Let's work on fixing a bigger problem in Delaware. Obesity contributes to more health problems and death than smoking. If Minner was truly concerned with health, and not just trying to raise money by gouging a group of people, maybe she should levy a tax on fast food. There are more fat people in Delaware than smokers. She could raise more money.

Minner isn't truly concerned with the state's health? Hmm ... the entire state bans smoking in restaurants and bars (whereas Philadelphia cannot get such a measure passed for their city). Yeah, that's "gouging" people alright.

Instead of taxing fast food, maybe Minner could mandate an hour or two of exercise for people ages 7-50 once per day. Or, perhaps fast food restaurants could be allowed to be open for only certain hours of the day. Or ban "super-size" options at all McDonalds. Yeesh. Taxing the burger joints ain't gonna excise the obesity problem. Not unless video games, cable TV and the Internet are banned too. Get it?

It constantly amazes me how short a supply folks possess in common sense. Smoking is bad for you, period. Fast food, in too large quantities, is bad for you. Don't do the former; moderate the latter. Use your friggin' noggin, people.

UPDATE: Leo Terrell is on the Cavuto show (FNC) complaining about how fast food chains advertise more on black TV, and have more restaurants in black neighborhoods. He complained that there isn't a McDonalds in Beverly Hills, but they're all over South Central. Well, duh. What's the median income of Beverly Hills occupants/shoppers?

Of course, if McD's, Burger King and others didn't advertise on black TV and set up operations in black neighborhoods, well, then it's this scenario.

UPDATE 2 (20, April at 11:32am): Paul Smith writes that I should have waited one more day to write my "Dopey Letter" post. He's right, dangit!

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I'm with him actually, assuming he's being ironic and not serious. I hate the state (using "state" in a governmental and not specifically Delawarean sense) trying to legislate healthy behavior. If I want to smoke 8 packs a day and eat nothing but Big Macs, it is none of their business. If I die tomorrow, it is not their problem.

Posted by: The Unabrewer at April 19, 2006 09:41 AM

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