April 14, 2006

The "just can't win" scenario

Roger Clegg at The Corner offers:

If schools are not racially balanced enough, then that's racist and we have to mandate racial balance. But if there is too much integration, then we have to step in and mandate separation so that each racial minority group can control its own destiny. (Another example is the war on drugs: Enforce antidrug laws, and it's a racist war on young black men; don't enforce them, and that's a racist abandonment of the inner cities. Zero tolerance policies in schools are racist, but if there is a lack of order in our inner-city schools, that proves that the system is racist, too. The list is endless.)

Indeed it is endless. Like President Bush, for example: he has appointed more African-Americans to the highest posts of government than any predecessor, then these appointees are called "Uncle Toms" and "house negroes"; he reaches out to groups like the NAACP despite being slimed as racist and the usual crap, then when he doesn't appear before the civil rights group he's also condemned; he fights for and wins passage of No Child Left Behind which has focused more than ever before on the progress of the poorest children, many if not most being minorities, yet those "champions" for minorities like the NEA scream about "too much testing," and moonbat academics label NCLB as some devious scheme of racial exclusion.

UPDATE: La Shawn Barber has a post up that further demonstrates this phenomenon.

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